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Monday, February 4, 2008

Least Favorite Son
To Know Him Is To Oppose Him

" "I will not support a candidate, I don't care how many medals he has on his chest, when he won't do the right thing for America." -- Russell Pearce
Los Angeles Times -- February 4   
McCain has fences to mend in home state
    Phoenix -- Sen. John McCain's run for the presidency is gaining momentum across the nation, but the campaign is meeting disapproval in one of the most unlikely places: his home turf in Arizona.
    In a straw poll vote two weeks ago of 721 Republican leaders in Maricopa County, the major population center of the state, a majority ranked McCain as the least acceptable Republican candidate for president.
    The reason, Republicans say, is his record on illegal immigration.
    "We feel betrayed and let down by our senior senator," said Russell Pearce, a Republican representative in the statehouse who has written a number of tough laws against illegal immigrants.

James R. Fulford -- VDare.com       sc   
Ron Paul signs NumbersUSA Immigration Enforcement pledge   
Ron Paul has signed the NumbersUSA Immigration Enforcement Pledge, the same pledge signed earlier, (and much less credibly) by Mike Huckabee. The pledge says: “I pledge to oppose amnesty or any other special path to citizenship for the millions of foreign nationals unlawfully present in the United States..." [Powerful YouTube video supporting Rep. Ron Paul for President] AP Internal Use Only

Myron Magnet -- The American Spectator   
Immigration reversals   
I'm embarrassed it took me so long to grasp the phoniness of the charge that it's "anti-immigration" to oppose current U.S. immigration policy and the even worse "comprehensive reform" bill, which thankfully failed. I can only plead blind piety. After all, I live in the great immigrant metropolis.... AP Internal Use Only

Patriots for Ron Paul  
40 anti-illegal immigration groups and leaders endorse Ron Paul   
Lupe Moreno of Latino Americans for Immigration Reform, Russell Landry of Citizens Against Illegal Aliens of Southwest Florida, Ernie Kubr and Jon Healy of Techno Patriots, and Tony Dolz of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps are the latest leaders in the patriot movement to endorse Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul for president... [Powerful YouTube video supporting Rep. Ron Paul for President]AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
American 'neighbors' would like some attention   
...President Felipe Calderon complained recently that the candidates have competed to be "the most loudmouth, the most macho and the most anti-Mexican." -- The next U.S. president could champion changes in immigration affecting, for better or worse, the lives of millions of apprehensive Mexicans...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press  
Invaders and pals rally as new license rules begin   
Salem, Ore. -- About 500 "Hispanics" marched around the state Capitol Monday to protest tighter rules for getting driver's licenses as sign-bearing advocates for even tighter rules watched from the Capitol steps. --The Legislature is considering a bill that would codify an executive order issued last month by Gov. Ted Kulongoski that requires proof of legal residence... AP Internal Use Only

Allan Wall -- VDare.com
Redstate lays down the law on nicknames for RINOs McCain and Bush 
Over at “Redstate” website, a ruling has been laid down to regulate the use of nicknames for open borders zealots such as John McCain and George W. Bush. -- In an edict entitled “And Now a Word for our Commenters” (subtitled “Racism is not Welcome at Redstate”), Leon H. Wolf solemnly pontificates:.. AP Internal Use Only

Lars Larson - Human Events   
John McCain for president?   
John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” appears to have developed a wicked shimmy that should concern even his most ardent supporters. In the space of just four days, the man anointed by many in the mainstream media (since when did Republicans take their view as gospel?) as the presumptive GOP nominee... AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol   
Virtual volunteer BorderCam beta test   
American Border Patrol is seeking people to test a beta version of its new bordercam system. Those interested will be asked to log on to a special Web site and evaluate the operation of the border camera. E-mail Mike Christie of ABP to participate. ABP pioneered the system in 2005. AP Internal Use Only

Melanie Morgan -- Human Events    
The problem with RINO McCain   
Many of my fellow talk-show hosts and conservative friends such as Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin are deeply disturbed by the possibility that Senator John McCain may become the next presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Our dislike of Senator McCain’s positions is real and visceral... [Video: Dems' Favorite Republican: John 'McAmnesty' McCain] AP Internal Use Only

Palm Beach Post   
Most Cuban exiles loop through Mexico, not straits to Florida   
...During the past three fiscal years, 27,393 of the 32,251 Cubans who arrived in the United States seeking political asylum without prior permission crossed the border at Mexico, according to the Department of Homeland Security. That amounts to 85 percent... AP Internal Use Only

Philip V. Brennan -- NewsMax.com   
Ann Coulter vows to stop 'President McCain'   
Some Republicans may be rallying around Sen. John McCain as the GOP’s best hope of winning in November, but best-selling author and conservative firebrand Ann Coulter would rather stick to her principles and give up the White House to Hillary than to see the Arizona senator as the White House’s new resident... AP Internal Use Only

American Free Press   
McCain aide is a dual citizen (Mexico and U. S.)   
...And why does McCain need a Hispanic outreach director, unless it is to lure the Hispanic vote? The association alone trumpets again McCain’s favorable tilt toward the NWO’s North American Union and the Super Highway from Mexico to Canada through the heart of America. [Video: Who is this 'think Mexico first' kook Juan Hernandez?] AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol          
Download sample of Operation B.E.E.F. Google Earth file
American Border Patrol has released a two-set DVD report on the border. Now you can download a free sample of the Google Earth border tour. Go to ABP and scroll down to "Download Google Earth Photo Earth Preview" (Windows only) 

Elise Marciano -- Danbury (Connecticut) News-Times   
Illegal aliens place huge burden on taxpayers   
We Americans have a very serious problem - in Danbury and throughout our country. Twenty million-plus illegal aliens are running amok and most of our state and federal elected officials refuse to enforce federal immigration laws. -- Members of Congress just cut the planned double border fence to 300 miles, but...AP Internal Use Only

Brenham (Texas) Banner-Press   
Officials call for 2nd Trans Texas Corridor meeting   
Waller County officials are calling for the Texas Department of Transportation to hold another public meeting in their county on a proposed “superhighway,” after a Jan. 22 meeting was so packed that some people couldn’t squeeze into the meeting hall... AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol   
DHS slashes plans for border fence
The Department of Homeland Security has slashed plans to build a fence along the Mexican border in Arizona. According to a recently released environmental report, new fencing will be limited to 7 miles in the Tucson Sector and 14 miles in the Yuma Sector. "First the DHS lied to get control over the fence and now they are using their new power to stop the project entirely," said Glenn Spencer...

Associated Press   
House OKs bill banning illegals from public colleges   
The House passed a bill to ban illegal [aliens] from attending public colleges and universities. -- Republican Delegate Christopher Peace's bill passed 73-26 on Monday and now heads to the Democrat-controlled Senate, where efforts to crack down on illegal [aliens] rarely succeed.    AP Internal Use Only

Bliss W. Tew -- The Spectrum -- Saint George, Utah   
NAU alliance intended   
Months ago, a Seattle associate showed me a video by a group in Great Britain concerned about the loss of their national independence. The video included testimony by many individuals, including a member of Parliament, concerning the overriding domination of England by the European Union in all matters of law... AP Internal Use Only

Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk  
Paving paradise   
The Constitution guarantees Americans the right to be secure against all unreasonable seizures. My home state of Texas is unfortunately planning on some very unreasonable seizures of land with the monstrous Trans Texas Corridor highway project. The TTC plans call for a highway to cut through... AP Internal Use Only

The Nation   
Obama and Latinos: Invader-bloated Santa Ana ground zero   
The Obama campaign, intent on taking some of the crucial Latino vote in California away from Hillary Clinton, organized a daylong door-to-door canvas on Saturday in the region's most Spanish-speaking city just south of Disneyland. -- 200 volunteers showed up for a morning rally in Santa Ana... AP Internal Use Only

Angela S. Young -- Helium.com   
Should Sutton be forced to testify in the case of Ramos and Compean?   
In a recent press release, Representative Dana Rohrabacher issued a challenge to Sutton to either "testify or resign" in the case of Ramos an Compean, border agents who are spending 10 12 years in prison for shooting an illegal drug runner who refused to stop when asked... AP Internal Use Only

Charleston (South Carolina) Post and Courier Editorial   
Commendable speed on immigration   
The relatively easy passage of the state's get-tough bill on illegal immigration in the House last week is expected to be followed fairly quickly by action in the Senate. Anyone who seriously questions whether a state law will have any real effect should read this quote from an "undocumented immigrant"... AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Tribune   
3-year-old incident in Texas remains a hot immigration issue   
...It all began three years ago, when U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio "Nacho" Ramos and Jose Compean chased a van driven by Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, a Mexican national. Davila ditched the van about 100 yards from the border and sprinted across the Rio Grande toward Mexico, but not before... AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News    
Texas school district teaching English to 'immigrant' parents, kids   
... In Arizona, the crackdown on illegal immigrants has made it harder for them to enroll in English language courses. In 2006, voters there approved Proposition 300, which requires that students enrolling in adult education prove they are in the country legally. -- Such measures have not hit Texas, but... AP Internal Use Only

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC   
Invasion fans, amnesty boosters favor RINO McCain   
...Geraldo Rivera and Juan Hernandez, two of the most flagrant supporters of illegal immigration and amnesty in the media, have both announced their support for McCain. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) also known as the Council of the (Hispanic) Race has announced their positive feelings for McCain... AP Internal Use Only

Federal judge: Law penalizing businesses that hire invaders OK   
The right of a small town in Missouri to deal with the cost and crime caused by the influx of illegal aliens has been upheld by a federal judge who ruled the community's ordinance penalizing local companies that hire undocumented workers is not pre-empted by federal law... AP Internal Use Only

Jan Herron -- Magic City Morning Star -- Millinocket, Maine   
Thank you, ICE Agent Cory Voorhis   
...The Cory Voorhis case is like an octopus, it goes in many directions but what it all boils down to is that he's being railroaded by those in power who have connections. Governor Ritter's Ag-trespass plea-bargain gimmick is what should be being discussed nationally and in our courtrooms...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Daily News   
Immigration hard-liners fear RINO "McAmnesty" presidency   
As Arizona Sen. John McCain rides a wave of momentum leading up to Super Tuesday, immigration hard-liners are grappling with the real possibility that the man they call "Mr. Amnesty" will be the Republican presidential nominee. AP Internal Use Only

Steve Helms -- News-Leader -- Springfield, Missouri   
Strong border is strongest answer   
...McCain, Obama and Clinton want to tie strengthening our border with making a new path to citizenship. If we did that and created a new "pathway to citizenship" (amnesty) for these 12 to 20 million people, what will we do in another 20 years when we have millions more who decide that they don't like that path to America? AP Internal Use Only

Open Source Activist   
Obama joined McCain; Hillary didn't   
John McCain , a world-class nutcake, and Barack Obama sponsored S.1033. Do not forget what this piece of legislation would have done. -- Let’s not forget the disaster this nutcake tried to saddle this country with... AP Internal Use Only

Star-Exponent --  Culpeper, Virginia  
Reported but not deported   
Culpeper County Commonwealth’s Attorney Gary Close gave a lesson on how the courts work at last week’s Help Protect Culpeper meeting. He also provided some interesting figures on illegal immigrants in the local court system... AP Internal Use Only

Mark Andrew Dwyer -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto   
Loser McCain   
I feel violated. It appears that GOP has been hijacked by the neocons, liberals, and the so-called “mainstream” media. -- Plotting together, they managed to manipulate the presidential nomination process to the point where an irrelevant loser with little money left, once slipping into political oblivion after angering American voters with his stubborn push for an amnesty for illegal aliens...AP Internal Use Only

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