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Friday, February 8, 2008

Border Enforcement Evaluation First
McCain's Promise Holds Promise

American Border Patrol -- February 8
Hold him to his word
John McCain said as president he would control the border. He said there must be a “broad consensus” that this has been done before a guest worker program can even be discussed. We should hold him to his word. Not only that, we should flesh-out what control of the border means and how we should go about certifying that it is controlled. American Border Patrol is preparing a plan to certify that the border is controlled. It is called “20-20.” The rate of illegal entry must be reduced to no more 20,000 per year and this rate must be demonstrated for twenty months. We hope McCain will sign on to ABP’s plan.

Vail Daily    sc
Cops: Mexican invader planned to rob Edwards bank   
An illegal [alien.... criminal] was arrested after a text message saying the man was planning to rob an Edwards bank was sent to a teller, Sgt. Greg Daly of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office said. -- Francisco Javier Herrera Ochoa, of Eagle-Vail, stole two pistols from an Eagle-Vail home where he was working construction...    AP Internal Use Only

The Local -- Stockholm, Sweden   
New housing and work demands for immigrants   
The government has proposed a new directive requiring immigrants to have a job and housing before sending for relatives. -- The directive was announced jointly by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Migration Minister Tobias Billström. -- According to the Prime Minister, the proposal is a way to strengthen the government’s job creation policy.... AP Internal Use Only

WAPT-TV -- Jackson, Mississippi    
Jackson Country Club fined for employing invaders   
The Country Club of Jackson (Miss.) has been fined $214,000 by the federal government after officials said they knowingly employed illegal [aliens.... criminals]. -- U.S. Attorney Dunn Lampton said his office had filed criminal complaint against the Country Club of Jackson citing immigration and Social Security violations.  AP Internal Use Only

Newsday -- New York   
Brutal Mexican invader pleads guilty to killing 2 boys  
Toms River, NJ -- A man who had been taken in as a boarder by a Stafford Township couple pleaded guilty Friday to brutally killing the couple's two sons. -- Richard Toledo pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. He also pleaded guilty to one count of kidnapping for abducting the boys' mother at knifepoint... [More of Bush's pet fiends] AP Internal Use Only

The State -- Columbia, South Carolina   
Verification plan gets mixed reviews   
If the latest proposal for state immigration law passes, every S.C. business would be required to participate in a federal employee verification database. -- The suggested amendment to a large immigration package was brought up Thursday in the Senate. It comes in response to criticism that current bills would not... AP Internal Use Only

Bob Ellis -- Dakota Voice   
Invasion advocates pleased with remaining GOP candidates   
...McCain has recently tried to change his tune on immigration and border control, but he has a record as an amnesty-proponent. And he's being advised by a former Mexican government official who is an open-borders proponent and illegal alien advocate. -- How long can a nation survive when those leading it are intent on it's dissolution? AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
Krikorian, pro-invader zealot debate invader driver's licenses   
...The second objection to the law's standards comes from those who want to ensure that illegal [aliens.... criminals] are able to continue embedding themselves in American society. Thus, driver's licenses for [invaders] serve as a form of de facto amnesty for illegals, incorporating them into the institutions... AP Internal Use Only

Ron Paul says GOP, McAmnesty too much like Democrats   
Presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) told conservatives gathered here on Thursday that the Republican Party is "acting too much like Democrats," especially the party's frontrunner Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). -- "We have drifted a long way from the positions we used to hold on limited government," said Paul at CPAC...

Los Angeles Daily News   
Cops shot in gun battle with berserk Salvadoran gangster, several dead   
An LAPD SWAT team member was shot to death and another was wounded overnight by a gang member with mental health issues who earlier killed three people inside a home and eventually was shot to death by police, authorities said this morning. AP Internal Use Only

KGO-TV -- San Francisco  
Agents accused of aggressive searches   
...Border security activist Rick Oltman thinks the government should not have to reveal its border policies. -- "Any time we reveal practices and polices we are making it easier for the enemy to develop ways to defeat them," said Rick Oltman from Americans for Population Stabilization. AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times   
Lawsuit calls slaying of illegal alien in '03 unjustified   
The parents of a Mexican teenager who was shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent in El Paso in 2003 will try to convince a federal judge that the shooting was not justified at a civil trial that begins today. -- Cesar Peraza Barraza and his ex-wife, Ramona Irene Quijada Soto... are suing the US seeking unspecified damages. [The same rotten judge who sent Ramos and Compean to prison will decide the case]AP Internal Use Only

Libertarian Party   
Libertarian Party sends condolences to the RNC   
..."Given that it has become readily apparent that Senator McCain will soon be the presidential nominee for the Republican Party," reads a card that accompanied the wreath addressed to RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, "we, the staff of the Libertarian National Committee, send our condolences to you upon the death of small-government principles within the GOP." AP Internal Use Only

WBIR-TV -- Knoxville, Tennessee   
McCain faces tough road in connecting with conservatives   
John McCain moved closer to locking up the Republican nomination for president after his best-financed opponent ended his campaign Thursday, but the Arizona senator still faces the task of winning over skeptical conservative activists... AP Internal Use Only

Pastor Chuck Baldwin  
McCain madness   
A few weeks before Super Tuesday, my friend Howard Phillips asked me who I thought the Republican Presidential nominee would be. I predicted John McCain. With the results of Super Tuesday now history, most political pundits are also predicting that the Arizona senator will gain the Republican nomination for President. AP Internal Use Only

Sara A. Carter -- Washington Times   
U.S. foes target Latin America   
Iran, Cuba and Venezuela are working together against the U.S. by undermining democracy in Latin America, allowing trafficking of illegal drugs and creating safe havens for extremist groups, intelligence officials said. -- Testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Tuesday... AP Internal Use Only

George Putnam -- NewsMax.com
If you want more of George Bush, vote McCain      
It is this reporter’s opinion that Albert Einstein had it right when he said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.” -- Looking at our current presidential candidates, one must question our stupidity. John “McAmnesty’ McCain...

KFSM-TV -- Fort Smith    [Note: KFSM pulled this item. Click here to see text.]
Leprosy outbreak causes concerns in Northwest Arkansas   
The medical community is warning the public: a leprosy outbreak in Springdale [Arkansas] could blossom into an epidemic, if something isn't done soon. -- Doctors say at least nine cases of leprosy have been confirmed in Springdale. Local doctors say they would be shocked by even one case of leprosy in their entire career... [Article is also posted here]AP Internal Use Only

Washington Post  
Globalist Bush tries to rally GOP around CFR minion McCain   
With the race to succeed him reaching a critical juncture, President Bush this morning began rallying the Republican base around its presumptive nominee, John McCain, and in the process tried to define his own legacy for the general election campaign to come... AP Internal Use Only

WTNH-TV -- New Haven, Connecticut   
Invasion debate rages on in Connecticut   
The immigration debate rages on in Connecticut. Hundreds rallied last night in front of Danbury City Hall protesting a new partnership between police and immigration officials. -- The city of Hartford will soon decide their approach to dealing with illegal immigrants. News Channel 8 has heard so many opinions from both side today... AP Internal Use Only

Schoolgirl to aliens: Learn our language   
A Texas schoolgirl has a message for aliens coming into the United States: Learn our language. -- And her mother agrees. "We're not going to turn American into a bilingual country to accommodate you," she said. -- K.C. McAlpin, a spokesman for ProEnglish, a Virginia-based group that is trying to preserve English... AP Internal Use Only

Feds raid Utah County sign company   
Salt Lake City -- Immigration officers raided a Lindon manufacturing company Thursday after a weeks-long investigation and arrested 50 people. -- Each of those arrested at Universal Industrial Sales will have a hearing before a federal immigration judge. AP Internal Use Only

Daily Report -- Atlanta  
Immigration raids keep invader-hiring employers hopping   
A federal crackdown on illegal [aliens.... criminals] in the workplace has triggered a tsunami of work for immigration lawyers, who say fears of getting hit with an immigration raid or audit are at an all-time high among employers. -- In the past year, employers big and small have flooded attorneys with calls for help in immigration compliance matters...AP Internal Use Only

Narco News   
Radical border-busting menace Peter Schey sues Chertoff   
February is not a good month for Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff. He has just been sued by a team of legal experts headed by Peter Schey of the Los Angeles based Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. -- When Chertoff began wielding his power to build a border wall... AP Internal Use Only

WTNH-TV -- New Haven, Connecticut   
Cracking down on invaders   
Danbury, Conn. -- The Danbury Common Council voted Wednesday night 19-2 in favor of letting city officers help enforce immigration laws and now Mayor Mark Boughton is speaking out about the plan. -- Now that the plan has cleared in Danbury, it has to be approved by the federal government since they pay for the training. AP Internal Use Only

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com  
Can we talk.... about population numbers?   
You think immigration gets short shrift in policy discussions? Try getting some attention for population growth. -- The more generic topic ought to be easier to discuss rationally. But it is somehow even more taboo than immigration. America counted resident #300 million in 2006 after reaching 200 million in 1967... AP Internal Use Only

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Georgia   
Thank you calls needed to Georgia sheriff's for implementing 287(g)   
Here in Georgia, the sheriffs in Hall ( Steve Cronic) and Whitfield ( Scott Chitwood ) counties have joined my own Cobb County sheriff, Neil Warren, in taking advantage of federal 287 (g) training for some of their deputies to expand their authority to enforce immigration laws... AP Internal Use Only

Gauntlet News -- Calgary, Alberta  
The Security Prosperity Partnership   
Concern over Canadian sovereignty is growing as New Democratic Party MP Peter Julian lectures citizens on a national tour. -- The disquiet is stemming from a little-known extension of the North American Free Trade Agreement that doesn't require parliamentary approval and whose meetings take place behind closed boardroom doors. AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Senate passes 2 tougher immigration bills   
Two bills that would crack down on illegal [aliens.... criminals] in Georgia passed the state Senate on Thursday. -- A measure to make it a felony on the fourth conviction of driving without a license passed 38-13. -- The bill would affect [invaders] in particular because they are unable to obtain a Georgia driver's license legally. AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Lunacy: Arizona urged to run own 'guest worker' scheme   
Facing a worker shortage, and unwilling to wait for a federal fix, some Southern Arizona lawmakers want the state to run its own temporary foreign worker program. -- The proposal by Sen. Marsha Arzberger, D-Willcox, would let companies that are suffering a "labor shortage" seek permission from... AP Internal Use Only

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle   
Border-control activists bemoan McCain's rise   
...Glenn Spencer, an Arizona rancher who founded the American Border Patrol in 2002, maps the border from a small private plane. He is outraged that the federal government has allowed the border to remain open for so long but says McCain's pledge to get tough may help his cause. -- ''He is much more acceptable now that he's taken this very clear position on the border," Spencer said. ''There's no way he can back out on this." AP Internal Use Only

Baltimore Sun   
Ron Paul: McCain pals with ultra-liberals Feingold, Kennedy   
...[At CPAC, Ron] Paul was playing on the frustrations in this hall, with many voicing worries about McCain, the all-but anointed nominee. -- Now the party has an apparent candidate who is a friend of Sen. Russ Feingold – on campaign finance reform – Paul said. And now the party has an apparent candidate who is a friend of Ted Kennedy... AP Internal Use Only

Denver Post  
Deported Mexican gangster arrested in Greeley   
A member of the violent Sureno 13 street gang was arrested in Greeley by a gang task force as he smoked marijuana while baby-sitting his three-year-old child, law enforcement officials say. -- The man was identified as Renato Rodarte- Bueno of Mexico... AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol   
Virtual volunteer BorderCam beta test   
American Border Patrol is seeking people to test a beta version of its new bordercam system. Those interested will be asked to log on to a special Web site and evaluate the operation of the border camera. E-mail Mike Christie of ABP to participate. ABP pioneered the system in 2005. AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   Audio Report Included   
ICE raids computer supply company in Van Nuys   
More than 100 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided a printer supply manufacturer in the San Fernando Valley on Thursday, taking into custody about 120 employees for being in the country illegally and arresting eight on federal criminal charges, authorities said.... [Click for video provided by 'Lone Wolf']AP Internal Use Only

Californians for Population Stabilization  
Alert! New House bill would mandate border security!   
Representative Walter B. Jones (R-NC) has introduced HR 4987, the Fence by Date Certain Act, legislation that would require construction of a double-layered fence along the U.S.-Mexico border by June 30, 2009....

Dave Stanley -- Op-Ed News   
Frightened to death   
...It is no big secret that America wants to implement the North American Union similar to that of Europe they are dead serious about this, and they won't take no for an answer from the people. They now know they are your masters in America you have let them get away with too much for this you will be receiving your just rewards. AP Internal Use Only

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