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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Calderon to Visit Mexican Colony
Reconquista Villaraigosa to Host Mexican President

Remember When? Villaraigosa meets with Mexican president Zedillo to applaud killing of Proposition 187.
American Patrol Commentary
Victory Tour?
    Today Mexican President Calderon will meet with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. They will have dinner at Getty House, the official mayoral residence. Nearly ten years after joining with Mexican President Zedillo and California Governor Davis to kill Proposition 187, Villaraigosa will no doubt bask in the glory of his victory over the United States in favor of Mexico.
    Governor Davis was recalled after trying to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. But his successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, forgot this and is now aligned with the Mexicans and opposes the border fence.
    "I have watched this Mexican Reconquista for seventeen years," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol, "and I am convinced the American people have no idea what is really going on."

Reno Gazette-Journal           sc
Despite praise, Gibbons won't endorse McCain   
...McCain authored the failed comprehensive immigration reform bill, which would create a pathway to citizenship for an estimated 12 million illegal [aliens.... criminals] already in the country. More recently, McCain has stressed border security as a necessary prelude to immigration reform... AP Internal Use Only

Suffolk Life --  Riverhead, New York  
Documented worker bill sparks debate   
County officials have expressed mixed views on a proposal by Legislator Brian Beedenbender that would require certain businesses to declare that they employ only documented workers, a move Beedenbender says would guarantee honest tax payment. However, some believe the legislation could be problematic. AP Internal Use Only

The Monitor -- McAllen, Texas   
Man killed after crashing load vehicle into brush   
A man died early this morning when a truck full of illegal [aliens] fled U.S. Border Patrol agents and crashed into the brush. -- Authorities believe the car was carrying at least 16 passengers and trying to find a way around the Falfurrias checkpoint, when the driver allegedly panicked at the site of Border Patrol agents... AP Internal Use Only

Kris Kobach -- New York Post   
The immigration answer   
On Jan. 1, Arizona became the first state to require all employers to confirm workers' legal status via the federal "E-Verify" system. Having survived a federal court challenge last Thursday, the law promises to transform the immigration crisis in America. AP Internal Use Only

IllegalProtest.com / San Diego Minutemen   
Booted church-squatter denied entry to Canada for Morones tantrum   
The government of Canada denied entrance to their country to the Mexican activist [and convicted felon] Elvira Arellano, who last Sunday arrived at the Vancouver airport to participate in a demonstration. -- By Telephone from Michoacán, where she already had returned, Elvira did not want to comment... AP Internal Use Only

Mexican subversive makes more absurd statements in California   
Mexican headache Felipe Calderon spewed: ..."The choice is not between migration and security or between migration and prosperity," he said. "The choice is between a future of integration and success for both or a future of distrust and resentment between us." ['Integration?' With Mexico?] AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City  
Invader tuition repeal removed from bill   
A proposed repeal of in-state tuition for [illegal aliens.... criminals] may have been removed from an omnibus immigration bill under consideration in the Senate, but the proposal remains alive as a stand-alone measure. -- HB231 would repeal a 2002 law that allows [invaders] pay the lower in-state tuition rate AP Internal Use Only

WGCL-TV -- Atlanta   
Lawmaker: Invaders' cars should be seized   
Immigrant groups are pouncing on a bill that’s gaining steam at the state Capitol to allow the seizure of cars belonging to illegal [aliens.... criminals]. -- On any given day in Georgia, thousands of illegal immigrants are driving on the roadways, many of them uninsured... AP Internal Use Only

Michelle Malkin -- VDare.com  
Conservative talk radio attacked by pro-McCain, pro-invasion right   
The most anti-conservative rhetoric against conservative talk radio these days is coming from supposedly free-market conservatives. It's disgusting. -- Author Mark Helprin's grenade in The Wall Street Journal stands out... AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times   
Agent shooting case postponed   
The lawsuit by the parents of a Mexican teenager who was shot and killed by an El Paso Border Patrol agent in 2003 was postponed, court documents showed. -- The civil trial in the suit filed by Cesar Peraza Barraza and Ramona Irene Quijada Soto, parents of Juan Patricio Peraza, against the U.S. government was to...AP Internal Use Only

KTVU -- Oakland, Calif.   
Mexican gasbag says U. S. shouldn't close door to "migrants"   
Sacramento -- Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Wednesday acknowledged tensions between the U.S. and Mexico over illegal immigration but stressed that both countries have an interest in ensuring their citizens can cross the border legally and safely. -- Addressing a joint session of the California Legislature... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Woman gets prison for trying to sneak illegal alien into U. S.   
A U.S. citizen living in Nogales, Sonora, was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months in federal prison after she tried to a smuggle 6-year-old Mexican girl into the United States. -- Elvira Belen Madrid pleaded guilty Nov. 30 to conspiracy to transport an illegal entrant for profit, according to a press release...AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Court hears lawsuit on program allowing Mexican trucks into U.S.   
San Francisco -- A federal appeals court considered Tuesday whether the Bush administration can go ahead with a pilot program that allows a small number of Mexican trucks to travel freely on U.S. highways, despite a new law by Congress against it. -- Members of the Teamsters Union and their supporters packed a courtroom at 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Texan sentenced for harboring invaders   
A Texas man has been sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to forfeit $45,450 for hiring illegal [aliens.... criminals] at a construction site in Grand Forks. -- The U.S. attorney's office said Michael Byrd and his company, B&B Masonry Inc., of Tyler, Texas, pleaded guilty to the charge in October... AP Internal Use Only

KOLD-TV -- Tucson   
Mexican gets life for holding invaders hostage in Phoenix   
A Mexican man who held a group of illegal immigrants hostage and sexually assaulted 2 of the women in 2005 has been sentenced to life in federal prison. -- The U.S. Attorney's Office in Phoenix says a jury in August found Bernardo Mancinas-Flores guilty of hostage taking, harboring illegal aliens... AP Internal Use Only

National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents  
Cruelty and death in Tijuana   
Five executions took place in Tijuana overnight. Three bodies were found, dumped on a sidewalk next to a highway ramp but not one of the these three had been shot; instead, they had been tied, strangled and beaten to death. Their fingers had been cut off. Slangy, threatening, profanity-laden signs were left on the bodies... AP Internal Use Only

Donald Hank -- RenewAmerica.us   
Conservatives' pledge to John McCain   
...Senator McCain says he is the candidate best positioned to protect America from its foreign enemies, but like his fellow neocon, George W. Bush, refuses to support closing the border or deporting illegal immigrants, none of whom are required to show any evidence that they are not enemies of the US, thanks to the lax policies in place due to politicians like McCain. AP Internal Use Only

Northwest Florida Daily News   
Illegal alien task force arrests nine in Okaloosa   
Nine people were arrested Tuesday at restaurants in Okaloosa County as lawmen searched for illegal aliens. -- The arrests included one restaurant owner who ran from a task force. -- Most of the charges fell on Los Rancheros on Eglin Parkway in Fort Walton Beach, where seven employees were charged with...AP Internal Use Only

Times Daily -- Florence, Alabama   
Alabama immigration commission recommends ways to curb illegals   
A commission created by the Alabama Legislature to review illegal immigration has recommended tougher enforcement against violators, more help for businesses to identify legal workers, and congressional action on a comprehensive guest worker program. AP Internal Use Only

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen   
Smugglers arrested after chase near elementary school   
Two brothers remain in federal custody after they allegedly crashed a truck filled with illegal [aliens.... criminals] during a chase near a Brownsville elementary school. -- Court documents obtained Monday show that Abraham Tinajero Martinez and Fidel Tinajero Martinez smuggled a group of [invaders]...   AP Internal Use Only

KNSD-TV -- San Diego   
Border Patrol: Smugglers planting booby traps   
Smugglers of drugs and illegal immigrants are using booby traps to try and harm Border Patrol agents, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. -- Authorities released photos Tuesday of what agents said they found east of the San Ysidro Port of Entry: a thick metal wire... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Mexican cop arrested on drug charges in Texas   
A Mexican police officer has been arrested on drug charges after authorities found 5 kilograms of cocaine in the vehicle he was driving, police said. -- The officer's name was not released, but San Antonio police say he worked for the Tamaulipas State Police... AP Internal Use Only

Council of the Americas    
Arrogant Mexican's invasion advocacy on American soil   
...Calderón views his visit as a chance to advocate for Mexicans migrants living in the United States. “The fundamental message is that we are with them, that the Mexican government is paying attention to Mexicans here in Mexico and in whatever other part of the world,” said Calderón during a recent interview... [More Mexican meddling]AP Internal Use Only

Citizens Voice -- Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania   
Senate committee approves ban on state benefits for invaders   
A bill aimed at preventing illegal [aliens.... criminals] from getting state benefits was approved Tuesday by a Senate committee along a party-line vote. -- The measure sponsored by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson, tackles the immigration issue by requiring individuals applying for benefits... AP Internal Use Only

English First   
McCain must fire Mexican Reconquista menace Juan Hernandez   
Executive Director Jim Boulet, Jr., today called upon Senator John McCain to prove he really "got the message" on immigration by firing his presidential campaign's director of Hispanic Outreach, Juan Hernandez. -- Hernandez's 2006 book, The New American Pioneers: Why Are We Afraid of Mexican Immigrants?, called for amnesty for all illegal aliens...

San Francisco Chronicle   
Arrogant Mexican windbag spouts off at Harvard   
..."The worst thing that happened in this country is this anti-Mexican or anti-immigrant perception of people," he [rabid Mexican Reconquista Felipe Calderon] said Monday, after giving a speech at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. "We need to contain this." [More Mexican meddling] AP Internal Use Only

Jerome R. Corsi -- WorldNetDaily.com    
John McCain funded by Soros since 2001   
As Sen. John McCain assumes the GOP front-runner mantle, his long-standing, but little-noticed association with left-wing donors such as George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry is receiving new attention among his Republican critics. -- In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va.-based Reform Institute as a vehicle to... AP Internal Use Only

New York Times   
Arizona sees signs of flight by invaders   
The signs of flight among Latino immigrants here are multiple: families moving out of apartment complexes, schools reporting enrollment drops, business owners complaining about fewer clients. -- While it is too early to know for certain, a consensus is developing among economists, business people and... AP Internal Use Only

Charlotte Observer   
Some say plant preferred hiring invaders   
Illegal [aliens.... criminals] say it’s easy to get a job at House of Raeford Farms. -- Of 52 current and former Hispanic workers at House of Raeford who spoke to The Charlotte Observer about their legal status, 42 said they were in the country illegally.   AP Internal Use Only

California Political News   
Feds to run camp with 6,000 invaders   
In a stroke of genius, a Federal Judge has given the Federal government control over a trailer park that houses over 6,000 illegal aliens. By terms of the Federal law, the government has no choice but to make the lives of honest citizens in need of housing better... AP Internal Use Only

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