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2008 News

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Operation 20-20
Presidential Candidates Should Sign On

American Patrol -- February 17
Border Enforcement Defined
    Speaking before CPAC, John McCain said, "I accept that, and have pledged that it would be among my highest priorities to secure our borders first, and only after we achieved widespread consensus that our borders are secure, would we address other aspects of the problem in a way that defends the rule of law and does not encourage another wave of illegal immigration."
    Following "Operation Wetback," apprehensions of illegal aliens was reduced to less than 33,000 and held there for five years. Today we have more fences, more agents and more and better technology. We should be able to do better!
    American Border Patrol's Operation 20-20 proposes that all presidential candidates, including John McCain, agree that a secure border would mean that illegal immigration across the border be reduced to less than 20,000 per year and that rate be maintained for at least 20 months.
    "Advances in technology now allow us to verify that the goal of a rate of less than 20,000 illegal crossings per year has been achieved," said Glenn Spencer of ABP.

Phil Valentine -- Nashville Tennessean    sc      
Stop banks' catering to illegal aliens and aid economy   
When President Bush announced that he had persuaded a group of lenders to allow homeowners facing foreclosure to stave off losing their homes for 30 days, an alarm bell went off in my mind. -- Not that there's anything wrong with helping people keep their homes. That's in the best interest of all involved...    AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald   
A Mexican view of U.S. immigration debate   
Former Mexican Foreign Minister (and vehement reconquista zealot) Jorge Castañeda shares his perspectives on U.S. immigration policy -- what works, what doesn't and what people ignore: Q. Why did you write `Ex-Mex'? -- A. I thought it was important that there be a Mexican viewpoint in the U.S. immigration debate... AP Internal Use Only

Green Valley (Arizona) News and Sun   
Border Patrol warns residents to be wary of illegals   
Thousands of illegal aliens cross Southern Arizona every day, and some are probably violent criminals, a high-ranking Tucson area Border Patrol agent told a Green Valley audience Friday. -- Roger San Martin, chief of the Tucson station, Darcy Olmos, head of training operations, and Lisa Reed, community relations director... AP Internal Use Only

February 18

Los Angeles -- 11 AM to 2 PM -- Save Our State | Other Events
Protest at CNN Building - Hollywood

El Paso Times        
"Immigration reform" high on Clinton's to-do list   
'...But then we have to bring people out of the shadows. If they've committed a crime here or in the country they came from, they will be deported, but that is a very small number. Otherwise, the vast majority will be asked to meet certain conditions......But then, as long as they are working and law-abiding, they are going to have an earned path to citizenship.' [THIS IS AMNESTY!]

Minneapolis Star-Tribune   
Marchers protest policy on illegal aliens   
Chanting and jumping up and down in the cold, almost 200 demonstrators marched down Lake Street in Minneapolis Saturday to protest immigration policies that they say are unfair and to urge politicians to stop using immigrants as scapegoats in an election year. -- The crowd, mostly Hispanic, moved slowly... AP Internal Use Only

Bridgeton (New Jersey) News  
Legislators to combat hiring of illegal aliens   
A top state Democrat said Friday he will introduce legislation to penalize New Jersey businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. -- Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney said his proposal aims to "put up a stop sign for illegals who undermine family, educational and health care support systems." AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol
Photo of the day
Makeshift ladder on Mexico side of fence near Yuma, Arizona. Obelisk is a survey monument marking the border. Photo was taken October 15, 2007.

J. B. Williams -- New Media Journal   
McCain works well across aisle, but can he work with Republicans?   
Being best buds with the likes of Teddy Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama might buy you a few Independent votes, but it won’t do much for your core conservative constituents. McCain’s buds think Joe Lieberman is a right-wing extremist and worked to defeat his re-election… AP Internal Use Only

McClatchy Newspapers  
DHS easing immigrant background checks   
In a major policy shift aimed at reducing a ballooning immigration backlog, the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to grant permanent residency to tens of thousands of applicants before the FBI completes a required background check. -- Those eligible are immigrants whose fingerprints have... AP Internal Use Only

Wilkes-Barre (Pennsylvania) Times-Leader   
Suspected illegal alien arrested in burglary case   
A man suspected of being an illegal [alien] from Mexico was arrested Friday in connection to a burglary at a tile ceramic business in December. -- Jose Lima, who had no permanent address and resided in the Wilkes-Barre area, was arrested on burglary and theft charges, according to court records. AP Internal Use Only

Amy Chua -- Buffalo (New York) News  
Is our national identity in danger?   
If you don’t speak Spanish, Miami really can feel like a foreign country. In any restaurant, the conversation at the next table is more likely to be Spanish than English. And Miami’s population is only 65 percent Hispanic. El Paso, Texas, is 76 percent Latino. Flushing is 60 percent immigrant, mainly Chinese... AP Internal Use Only

KTAR -- Phoenix   
Reconquista calls Phoenix illegal alien policy change 'politics'   
Some in the Hispanic community are taking a wait and see attitude toward the recommendations of a panel looking into a Phoenix police immigration policy. -- [Illegal alien] rights activist Salvador Reza says he doesn't know enough about the new policy yet, but "I think its politics. That's all it is. It's just politics." AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
Calderon returns to Mexico with much to do   
...Calderon spoke at a banquet attended by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel downtown. Outside, Minutemen protesters waved signs urging the United States to "adopt Mexico's immigration policies," which are far stricter. -- Other signs called on Calderon to "fix Mexico." AP Internal Use Only

Tulsa World  
Business leaders seek to have HB 1804 revisited   
Key business leaders in Oklahoma are preparing efforts, including a possible public information campaign, to revisit what one called the Draconian and insidious aspects of the state's landmark immigration law. -- Despite the heavy hitters from the business world and the amount of money that could be involved in the efforts... AP Internal Use Only

Green Valley (Arizona) News and Sun   
Special unit tries to plug drug corridors   
...The unit, made up of two sergeants and 14 deputies, patrols the desert regions near Green Valley, Tubac, Ajo and Arivaca. --- Coalicion de Derechos Humanos (“The Human Rights Group”) argued that it would promote racial profiling and “criminalize” [illegal aliens]....    AP Internal Use Only

Ted Nugent -- Waco Tribune  
McCain has two battles he must win   
...McCain faces a distrustful, dissatisfied, frustrated, and in some cases, downright angry conservative base. Conservatives are not happy with McCain. He has not always carried the conservative torch on immigration, taxes, First and Second Amendment rights, abortion and more. [Visit TedNugent.com] AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King -- Gwinnett Daily Post -- Lawrenceville, Georgia  
When it comes to immigration laws, enforcement works   
...Illegal immigration, like employing illegals, is a crime. As is manufacturing false IDs or stealing the identity of Americans to obtain a driver's license or working illegally in the U.S. -- Pendergraph is something of a hero to those who study the organized crime of illegal immigration. Before retiring as a sheriff... AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times  
Tijuana tourism plunges amid drug violence   
Marcos Rojas, a waiter at Mr. Tequila Restaurant, roams the Plaza Viva Tijuana, eager to pour double shots for partying tourists. This downtown gateway used to be crowded with Southern California day-trippers, Midwestern families and busloads of German and Japanese tourists... AP Internal Use Only

Winnipeg (Manitoba) Sun  
Trilateral dealings dissed   
Protesters marched through downtown Winnipeg yesterday to draw attention to a trilateral agreement they feel could be harmful to Canadians. -- "We think there should be greater openness," said Michael Welch, one of the local organizers of the rally against the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). AP Internal Use Only

Capistrano Dispatch -- San Juan Capistrano, Calif.   
A Minuteman fracas in Capistrano   
Members of the immigration-watchdog group the Minutemen descended on the Capistrano Unified School District headquarters Monday to protest an incident that happened on district property in December. -- Then, a group of Minutemen members gathered at a school district facility being used by a Latino-support group... AP Internal Use Only

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