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Monday, February 18, 2008

Reconquista Union Backs Obama
A Step Closer to Conquest of Aztlan

Will Southern California Become Our Kosovo? Reconquista Labor Unions Run It
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- February 15
Pilgrim: Jessica, the Service Workers Union is well known for its support of illegal alien amnesty and open borders. Now are they choosing to endorse Obama because they feel he's most aligned with their position?
Yellin: They are saying that Senator Obama is aligned with their position on this issue as well on others. In a statement to CNN about his immigration position, they say, we support Barack Obama because he supports a comprehensive solution that provides an earned pass to citizenship. That's from the SEIU -- Kitty?
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WAVY-TV -- Portsmouth, Virginia    sc
Anti-illegal alien bills meet resistance in Senate   
Senators began chipping away Monday at anti-illegal [alien] legislation passed in the House, but voted in favor of a measure aimed at cracking down on [illegal] aliens who commit crimes. -- The Senate voted 35-5 in favor of Republican Del. David Albo's bill to require jail officers to check the immigration status of... AP Internal Use Only

WVLT-TV -- Knoxville, Tennessee  
Hamblen County feels brunt of illegal alien boom   
East Tennessee's immigrant population is growing and some say Hamblen County may be feeling it the most. -- That’s why Morristown has become a meeting place for one organization trying to curb illegal immigration. -- On Saturday, a crowd numbering well over 100 met at the town’s VFW post...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Shooting reported at Border Patrol's Tucson headquarters   
Tucson Police are responding to Border Patrol headquarters where a Customs officer reportedly accidentally shot a civilian contract worker in the stomach, an official said. -- Shortly after 3 p.m., Tucson Police received a call from the headquarters regarding an accidental discharge of a firearm... AP Internal Use Only

San Jose Mercury News   
Illegal emigres defy the image   
The Bay Area has a piece of the nation's fastest growing group of illegal [aliens]. But don't assume you know who they are. -- Turning stereotypes on their head, a recent federal analysis of unauthorized immigration says the most rapidly growing source of illegal immigration is India - the same country whose engineers... AP Internal Use Only

WGCL-TV -- Atlanta  
Ad: Illegal immigration costs blacks jobs   
Atlanta -- A provocative new immigration advertisement just hit Atlanta’s airwaves. -- The ad links black unemployment with the rise in illegal immigration. The Coalition for the Future American Worker paid for the spots. -- Latino advocates like the MALDEF’s Elise Shore are concerned that making a direct link between [illegals] and black unemployment is stoking the fire of racial divide. AP Internal Use Only

Homeland Defense Journal   
Threat Convergence: MS-13 and al-Qaeda's deadly potential to attack US again   
The above link will take you to the current issue of Homeland Defense Journal. It doesn't get any worse than this. If you have trouble linking, here are two pages from the Web site [ Page 1 and Page 2] AP Internal Use Only

Duane Lester -- All American Blogger  
Illegal immigration and national security.... it's worse than you know   
It is estimated there are currently anywhere from 12 to 20 million illegal [aliens] in America. While the millions of illegal Mexicans in America may not be a national security threat, they help create a need for false documentation and identities. This underground network is a great asset to those who are threats to us... AP Internal Use Only

The Oklahoman   
The changing face of the heartland   
...Dan Howard is president and founder of Tulsa-based Outraged Patriots, an anti-illegal immigration grass roots group. -- "They might not be armed, but we have the biggest invasion in U.S. history going on right now,” Howard said, adding that the backlash against illegal immigration is not about xenophobia... AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
Immigration measures on Texas Republicans' primary ballot   
Republican voters statewide can sound off on illegal immigration in the March 4 primary election. -- Besides choosing state and local candidates, voters will cast ballots on three nonbinding resolutions. Early voting begins Tuesday. -- The first measure asks if local, state and federal officials should be required to enforce U.S. immigration laws "to secure our borders."AP Internal Use Only

Tulsa World   
Employer: 1804 leads to federal violation   
Oklahoma's new law against hiring illegal workers will devastate businesses, which could be forced to break a federal law to comply with the state statute, one employer claims. -- Michael Webb, president of Muskogee Bridge Co., said his company will be forced to curtail jobs and spend thousands of dollars... AP Internal Use Only

Fox News   
Wanted for Murder: Jorge Lopez-Orozco   
Jorge Lopez-Orozco, an illegal [alien] living with his wife and children in Idaho, called up his ex-girlfriend in the summer of 2002 and pleaded with her to get back with him. -- But Rebecca Ramirez was hiding from him with her two young children at her father's home in Nyssa, Oregon, nearly 100 miles away... AP Internal Use Only

American Border Patrol
Photo of the day
Mike Christie of American Border Patrol, shows scale of fence on border west of Naco, Arizona. Christie is 6'3". Posts are flat on top, making it possible to drop down from the top of the fence onto a point six feet above the surface...

New York Post 
"Hate mail" unleashed on judge   
A Westbury Village justice wants courtroom security beefed up because of the hate mail and "crazy" e-mails he has received since he dismissed a driving without a license charge against an [illegal alien]. --    "I have gotten some bizarre communication," said Justice Thomas Liotti, who in a written decision last week...AP Internal Use Only

Salt Lake Tribune  
Arizona crackdown could add to Utah's invasion woes   
As Utah debates how to treat undocumented immigrants, Arizona is watching new laws and an economic downturn drive away those workers, likely sending many to Utah. -- No one knows how many people have left Arizona since that state's latest immigration law, which penalizes employers for hiring [illegal aliens]... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Senator vows to target N.J. businesses hiring illegals   
A New Jersey legislator says he will push legislation to punish businesses who knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. -- Oklahoma's legislature passed a similar bill last year and Governor Brad Henry signed it into law. -- New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney says his decision comes after... AP Internal Use Only

Stephen Dinan -- Washington Times   
Dems could see immigration silver lining in McCain   
Could McCain's nomination mean an immigration deal this year? -- Greg Siskind has come up with a scenario that argues Democrats should be tempted, now that John McCain is the likely Republican nominee, is to rush an immigration bill through this year... AP Internal Use Only

Indianapolis Star   
Illegal immigration bill moves forward   
The Indiana House Public Policy Committee voted this morning to approve one of the nation's toughest illegal immigration bills, but only after making a number of changes to the legislation. -- The committee voted 7-4 to pass SB 335, which would punish employers for knowingly hiring illegal [aliens]... AP Internal Use Only

Renee E. Taylor -- Family Security Matters   
Leprosy in Arkansas... brought here by whom?   
In an emergency room in Arkansas, the patient exhibits dark red boils, her skin numb. Another case of leprosy in America. Not far away, a tuberculosis-infected illegal [alien] coughs while on break at the local chicken processing plant – spreading his infectious germs across the break room table... AP Internal Use Only

Carlos Luken -- MexiData.info   
Is immigration genuinely a presidential campaign issue?   
...It is not surprising that Mexican President Felipe Calderon decided to make his first official tour of the United States last week, when party campaigns are gearing up to their final candidate selection, and with the immigration issue weighing heavily in delegate rich Texas and the industrial states. His timing was impeccable. AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times 
Student's deportation roils New Mexico town   
Roswell -- This conservative city on the barren eastern plains of New Mexico long had been spared the acrimonious debates over illegal immigration that have racked so much of the Southwest. -- That is, until December, when immigration enforcement entered the murky terrain of the local high school... AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Calls Needed!: House may be working on amnesty scheme NOW!
Capitol Hill news sources have been buzzing for the past 48 hours about backroom negotiations in the House of Representatives that may bring comprehensive immigration reform "lite" to the floor. -- Congressional Quarterly reports that Congressman Joe Baca...

Former President Bush endorses McCain   
Former President George H.W. Bush endorsed John McCain on Monday, another sign that the Republican Party is coalescing around the Arizona senator's presumptive nomination. [Note: In a Q and A after the endorsement, McCain stated that he wanted to 'strengthen ties' with Mexico, among other things.     AP Internal Use Only

Richard Poe -- Tehran Times   
Hillary, Obama and the cult of Alinsky   
Most Americans never heard of Saul Alinsky. Yet his shadow darkens our coming election. Democrat frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both worship at the altar of Alinskyism. -- In a 1971 book called Rules for Radicals, Alinsky scolded the Sixties Left for scaring off potential converts in Middle America. [Also see: IAF's Active Citizenship Campaign Memo] [Related Info from Wikipedia] AP Internal Use Only

Nashville Tennessean  
Nashville may get new wave of refugees   
By the time the notice arrived, Sadia Yalahow and her family had been living in a state of limbo for nearly nine years. -- In 1991, the family fled civil war in Somalia for a refugee community in Egypt. Once there, they found that the languid pace of international refugee resettlement and Egyptian law left them barred from work... AP Internal Use Only

Eagle Forum  
Senate works toward LOST and global tax!   
Last week, leaders of the United States Senate signaled that they are intent on giving more power to the United Nations, including the power to impose taxes, paving the way for ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty. Wednesday, February 13....

Peter Brimelow -- VDare.com  
Was Romney “an amateur”? Will the immigration issue rise again in 2008?   
Of course, no-one who actually believed the things Mitt Romney claimed to believe would have folded his campaign and endorsed John McCain, even if beguiled by hints of the vice-presidential nomination. -- GOP managers obviously think they’ve been very clever by front-end loading the primaries... AP Internal Use Only

Steven Greenhut -- Appeal-Democrat -- Marysville, Calif.  
McCain will terminate GOP’s conservative wing   
One of the funniest scenes in television history comes from the old sitcom, "Taxi," when Jim Ignatowski, the dimwitted, drug-addled character played by Christopher Lloyd, is taking his driver's test. He is having trouble answering the questions, so he asks his nearby friends for answers... AP Internal Use Only

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