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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Big Lie Spreads
New York Times Falls in Line - Spencer Calls for Action

Top: Fence as specified by law
Bottom: "Fence" as built by DHS
American Patrol -- February 24
Public Must Demand the Truth
    Yesterday, when the New York Times reported : "Bush administration officials said Friday that they would begin using new technology to create a virtual fence along sections of the border with Mexico, and that construction had been completed on 302 miles of physical fence," Glenn Spencer had had enough.
    "I have been quiet up to now, but no longer," Spencer said he had presented air-tight proof to The Lou Dobbs Show and the Washington Times that DHS Secretary Chertoff was lying about the fence however they failed in their duty to inform the public. "Now I am asking the public to demand that these media outlets live up to their billing as protectors of America and tell the damn truth about the fence," Spencer said.
Red DotContact Lou Dobbs
Red DotContact The Washington Times
Demand that they report the truth about the border fence and Operation B.E.E.F.
As I See It
A Call for Public Action - by Glenn Spencer

Red DotSee PowerPoint presentation by ABP

Wichita (Kansas) Eagle   sc   
Five immigration bills on the slate   
Almost halfway through the session, lawmakers in both chambers will begin hearing testimony on what many called a top priority: illegal immigration. -- Both the House and Senate Federal and State Affairs committees are set to hear testimony on five proposals targeting various aspects of the issue this week. AP Internal Use Only

Michelle Malkin   
Norquist, the California GOP, and an open-borders debacle continued   
Last June, I noted the mortifying open-borders debacle in the California Republican Party. Michael Kamburowski, an Australian immigrant who served as the California Republican Party’s chief operating officer, resigned last summer after the SFChron reported that he had been “ordered deported in 2001... AP Internal Use Only

Denver Post   
Activist says gangs are battling for turf   
Aurora, Colo. -- A gang battle that ended in gunfire Tuesday and put two people in the hospital was the result of a national Latino gang trying to claim local turf, said an anti-gang activist. -- The Rev. Leon Kelly, who runs the Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives program, said tensions between the Sureños 13 and local gangs... AP Internal Use Only

A Minnesota reader coins a slogan: “Contain McCain”; etc.   
...Conservatives should insist that McCain first, name Mitt Romney as his Vice President and second, demand any and all reconquistas on his staff (like Juan Hernandez) be fired immediately. -- Concurrently, we should start an impeachment committee to hit the ground running when and if McCain decides to... AP Internal Use Only

Daily Record -- Parsippany, New Jersey   
Cresitello: Local immigration enforcement plan not dead yet   
Morristown, NJ -- Morris County's refusal to sign off on Mayor Donald Cresitello's controversial immigration enforcement plan makes it unlikely that it will move forward, but the mayor is vowing to fight on. -- "I don't think it's dead yet," Cresitello said in a brief phone interview on Friday... AP Internal Use Only

The Post-Journal -- Jamestown, New York   
County’s immigration issues   
When naming the population centers for [illegal aliens] in the United States, Chautauqua County is pretty far down the list. -- But officials point out that illegal [aliens] can be found anywhere in the country, and Chautauqua County is no exception... AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times   
Juárez violence affects El Paso   
The violence in Juárez used to be, for most El Pasoans, a case of "not my problem." -- But a recent El Paso Times/News Channel 9 Poll suggests that might no longer be so. -- The poll found that 62 percent of El Paso voters believed violence in Juárez was spilling over into El Paso and... AP Internal Use Only

The State -- Columbia, South Carolina   
Illegal immigration an important issue; how to curb it unclear   
...Jeanne Sanders of Greenville is one of the poll respondents who said illegal immigrants should be immediately deported. She said she will not vote for [invader amnesty zealot Sen. Lindsey] Graham in November. -- Sanders, who owns a hearing aid business, said illegal immigrants are taking over the country... AP Internal Use Only

Alan Caruba -- American Daily   
Democrats demagogue poverty. Again.    
...The government, of course, plays a role when it raises the minimum wage requirements for small businesses and large. The utter indifference to the annual flow of a million illegal immigrants taking jobs that would otherwise be available to low income Americans is yet another factor for any rise in poverty. AP Internal Use Only

The Morning News -- Springdale, Arkansas   
Guatemalan consulate doles out sham IDs   
Rogers, Ark. -- The Guatemalan consulate came to Northwest Arkansas on Saturday to provide passports and identification to Guatemalans who live in the area. -- Guatemalan Consul Jose Barillas said he came to provide passports, matriculas consulares, visas, permits to travel and to authorize other documents. AP Internal Use Only

Collier County Sheriff's Office -- Naples (Florida) News   
ICE partnership is paying 2 ways for local taxpayers   
It always sounded good. It always made sense that federal law-enforcement agencies should share illegal immigration and other crime data with local agencies, and vice versa. -- As soon as Collier County Sheriff Don Hunter brought to light after Sept. 11 that a huge gap existed... AP Internal Use Only

Salt Lake Tribune  
Latinos rally against state legislation hurtful to illegal aliens   
...Of concern to many [illegal aliens] in Utah is SB81, which among other things would enlist state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration laws, force public employers and their contractors to verify the legal status of workers and make it a class A misdemeanor to transport or shelter [illegal aliens].

John Keitel -- Digital Press   
Ritter refuses to enforce Colorado’s illegal immigration law   
Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is refusing to enforce Colorado 2006 HB 1023. This bill requires government agency workers to check an applicants immigrations status with the federal online system called SAVE (systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements). This is a big issue for Coloradans who understand..AP Internal Use Only

Boston Globe  
Man charged with bringing illegal aliens to Maine for licenses   
Bangor, Maine -- A New Jersey faces charges following his arrest for allegedly bringing illegal aliens to Maine to get driver's licenses. -- Anderson Dos Santos, of Newark, appeared in U.S. District Court on Thursday after being charged with harboring or transporting illegal aliens...AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle  
Truck driver charged in wreck that killed deputy   
A truck driver [of questionable immigration status] was charged with criminally negligent homicide this morning in connection with a collision that killed a Harris County sheriff's deputy. -- Jose Jesus Vieyra was being booked into the County Jail and was to be held in lieu of $35,000 bail... AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times   
Villaraigosa's cousin vies for Assembly seat   
A labor organizer who is also Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's cousin said Friday that he is running in the June 3 election for the legislative seat being vacated by state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez. -- John Perez described his plans a day after stepping down from the board of the... AP Internal Use Only

West Central Tribune -- Wilmer, Minnesota  
Likely Mexican illegal alien charged with vehicular manslaughter   
Minneapolis - A woman who authorities say did not have a driver’s license and was using a false identity was charged Friday with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide in a school bus crash that killed four children. -- The woman, who identified herself as Alianiss Nunez Morales... [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Arrested illegals urged to be silent   
Community groups are responding to a controversial crackdown on illegal [aliens] with a controversial plan of their own: They are giving [illegal aliens] advice on how to avoid being deported. -- Immigration advocates say they are simply trying to protect the rights of illegal [aliens], not teach them how to beat the system. AP Internal Use Only

WTHR-TV -- Indianapolis   
Ghost drivers   
For years, Indiana's Bureau of Motor Vehicles was a quick stop to fast licenses and IDs for those with fake documents. -- The governor vowed to clean it up. New systems and more sophisticated licenses are now in place. -- But 13 Investigates has found one avenue with little or no enforcement and hundreds of suspected fraud cases are slipping by... AP Internal Use Only

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