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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stonewalling the Fence
Dobbs Ignores Fence Dispute

American Patrol -- February 26
Dobbs Ignores Fence Deception
    Despite having airtight proof that DHS Secretary Chertoff is engaging in a disinformation campaign about the border fence, and despite e-mails and calls from outraged Americans, Lou Dobbs Tonight continues to refuse to cover the story. "Lou Dobbs has done a wonderful job in bringing the illegal immigration issue to the American people, but we cannot sit idly by and watch a wholesale deception taking place with his complicity," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.
    Spencer said there is a plan being developed to address the border issue on national scale in a way that cannot be ignored.

Tom Fitton -- The Conservative Voice   
Judicial Watch Amicus Brief in support of Hazleton   
You may recall that in July of 2007, a federal judge ruled against two City of Hazleton, PA, ordinances dealing with the employment and harboring of illegal aliens. But that was not the end of the story. The lawsuit is now on appeal. And, on February 14, 2008, we filed an amicus curiae brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit... AP Internal Use Only

KSWO-TV -- Lawton, Oklahoma   sc
Some illegals in Oklahoma feel heat from new laws   
Stronger state laws against them are making some illegal [aliens] leave one area city behind. One area young man is fighting the pressure he feels to leave what he considers his hometown. -- For 'Jose,' there is no place like the Oklahoma panhandle. This is home for me because I have never been back, he says. AP Internal Use Only

WTHI-TV -- Terre Haute, Indiana   
ICE arrests 30 illegal aliens in Chicago as part of 6-state operation   
Federal immigration officials in Chicago say they've arrested 30 illegal [aliens] in Illinois with outstanding deportation orders as part of a six-state operation. -- U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says there were a total of 225 arrests in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana and Missouri... AP Internal Use Only

Fort Worth Star Telegram   
Democrats' racial divide becoming ever more evident   
Democrats have long depended on a rainbow-like racial coalition to win races against Republicans, but the fight between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has revealed an increasingly common and sometimes bitter split between blacks and Hispanics... AP Internal Use Only

Houston Chronicle  
Lawyers see bail policy as 'burden'   
A policy that recommends a high bail bond for felony suspects with immigration problems has sparked a debate between judges, who say it reduces the likelihood suspected offenders will flee, and defense lawyers, who say it unfairly targets Hispanics... AP Internal Use Only

Orlando Sentinel   
Study: "Immigrants" keeping American Catholic Church afloat   
The infusion of newcomers, especially Spanish-speaking immigrants, has kept the American Catholic Church from joining other mainline denominations in dramatic decline, according to a study released today by the Pew Forum on Religion & American Life... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
Pelosi's amnesty scheme   
For months, leading Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chief Rahm Emanuel have tried to talk tough on illegal immigration. Mr. Emanuel told The Washington Post last year that immigration is "the third rail of American politics," adding that... AP Internal Use Only

Baltimore Sun   
Illegal immigration backers rally near State House   
Chanting "Yes, we can!" in English, Spanish and French, a crowd of mostly Hispanic men and women gathered near Maryland's State House last night in hopes of stemming what they say is a growing backlash in the legislature over illegal immigration... AP Internal Use Only

Fairfax County (Virginia) Times  
171 criminal illegal aliens to be deported from Virginia   
Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell has announced a major law enforcement action that will remove 171 convicted criminal alien sex offenders from Virginia. -- Bill Reid, director of ICE's Virginia bureau, called the effort Operation Cold Play, and said it was a component of Operation Predator... AP Internal Use Only

The Post-Star -- Glens Falls, New York   
Police arrest nine illegal aliens in Argyle   
Washington County sheriff's officers discovered nine illegal immigrants in two vans that were stopped at a traffic safety check Monday night on Route 197. -- Washington County Sheriff Roger Leclaire said a van being driven by one of the nine men was stopped because the driver was not wearing a seat belt... AP Internal Use Only

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.  
Schwarzenegger wants to keep National Guard at the border   
On the same day that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called on President Bush to extend the assignment of California National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, he criticized the president for not doing more to replace the state's military equipment drained by multiple deployments to Iraq. AP Internal Use Only

Daily Journal -- Vineland, New Jersey   
Lawmaker draws ire of "Latino leadership"   
...It is in this atmosphere that Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney, D-3, has drawn the ire of some Latino leaders by introducing a bill that would penalize firms that knowingly hire immigrants in the country illegally. -- This idea set off a sharp protest from Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey President Martin Perez...

KNSD -TV -- San Diego   
Border Patrol arrests man in traffic jam   
Federal agents said they arrested a man on suspicion of human smuggling after he got stuck in a traffic jam. -- U.S. Border Patrol agents said they tried to stop a Dodge Stratus going north on Interstate 15 near Highway 76. The driver did not stop, and agents in an unmarked car followed the vehicle, the Border Patrol said... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
No Bush, but no Clinton either   
"How concerned are you that just two families — the Bush family and the Clinton family — have controlled the White House over the past 20 years?" the latest Fox 5/The Washington Times/Rasmussen Reports poll asked recently. Well, just 15 percent of respondents said they are "not at all concerned." But 28 percent...

Mexican prez: Closing border a 'mistake'   
The White House believes the president of Mexico is "making very good efforts in trying to help secure the border," even though Felipe Calderon has described the two nations' economies as "complementary" and has warned anyone believing closing the border between the two will solve the "lack of competitiveness" in the U.S. is "making a very, very big mistake." AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune  
U.S. citizen arrested, suspected of smuggling illegals    
A 24-year-old U.S. citizen suspected of smuggling two illegal [aliens] was arrested at the San Ysidro port of entry Saturday, officials said. -- The woman, a San Diego resident, was registered in the SENTRI frequent traveler program and was using one of the program's exclusive travel lanes at the time of her arrest. AP Internal Use Only

Badger Herald   
Hearing unleashes "immigrant" rights debate   
Residents across Dane County used the Immigrant Workers Union’s public information hearing Monday evening to voice opinions about the deportations of dozens of [illegal aliens] from the Dane County Jail over the past year. -- When a person is arrested and brought into the Dane County Jail, he or she goes through a questioning process... AP Internal Use Only

Provo (Utah) Daily Herald   
Reconquistas call for immigration omnibus bill veto   
Hispanic activists are urging citizens to call Utah's governor asking for a veto of an omnibus immigration bill that would create obstacles for [illegal aliens.... criminals] looking for housing and jobs. -- SB 81, sponsored by Sen. Bill Hickman, R-St. George, is awaiting final passage in the Senate.AP Internal Use Only

Free Lance-Star -- Fredricksburg, Virginia 
Citizens drive to end illegal immigration   
As a Stafford County task force tries to assess the effects of illegal immigration, some of its residents have started tackling the issue themselves. -- Save Stafford is a group of about 90 residents who are exerting pressure on the state and county to crack down on illegal immigration. AP Internal Use Only

Daily Mail -- London   
Judge: 'We've lost control of our borders for the first time since 1066'   
A judge listening to graphic details of an immigration centre riot yesterday warned that Britain had lost control of its borders "for the first time since 1066". -- Christopher Elwen gave the dramatic assessment after four foreign nationals were cleared of masterminding the "rampage" at Harmondsworth removal centre. AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial / Californians for Population Stabilization  
Documenting illegals   
Those who bristle at the American people's refusal to support yet another mass amnesty for illegal immigrants frequently cite the need to bring them into the sunshine of the system in order to determine the true identities of the millions who, as the cliche has it, live in the shadows....

KTVZ--TV -- Bend, Oregon  
Traffic stop heads off Redmond meth delivery   
Two men allegedly delivering a quarter-pound of methamphetamine worth almost $12,000 to Redmond were arrested on the north side of town by drug agents who'd been watching for their car, officials said Monday. The pair remained in the Deschutes County jail, being held for federal immigration officials. AP Internal Use Only

Christian Science Monitor  
The end of multiculturalism   
Vineyard Haven, Mass. -- Future generations may look back on Iraq and immigration as the two great disasters of the Bush presidency. Ironically, for a conservative administration, both of these policy initiatives were rooted in a multicultural view of the world... AP Internal Use Only

WFAA -- Dallas / Fort Worth   
Arrests of illegal aliens in airport lines criticized   
Public defenders in Houston are criticizing the recent arrests of illegal immigrants who were pulled out of airplane lines when attempting to fly home to their native countries. -- Since July, at least five people have been arrested at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport while trying to board planes headed to Mexico, Honduras or El Salvador... AP Internal Use Only

WJLA-TV -- Washington   
Hundreds of invaders and their supporters protest proposed bills   
Hundreds of [suspected illegals] protested Monday night for equal rights in front of the Maryland State House, as lawmakers are considering dozens of bills that would crack down on those in the state illegally. ---From Mexico, El Salvador and beyond, Maryland's Latino community wants equal rights for all [illegal aliens.... criminals].AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Texas primary thrusts border fence issue into national debate   
Brownsville, Texas -- Plans to build a massive border fence along the Texas-Mexico border sparked complaints for months from environmental activists, farmers and local elected officials, but their pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. -- Until now.... AP Internal Use Only

PEJ News -- Victoria, British Columbia   
Did Harper commit treason? Gov't authorizes US troops to occupy Canada    
For all those who have been warning us about the Integration of Canada, United States and Mexico with the emergence of the North American Union, this latest agreement between Canada and the United States confirms what everyone feared... [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review   
Sides ready to battle in court over Corbett case   
...The Border Action Network, a Southern Arizona human rights organization, plans a weeklong memorial outside the federal courthouse “to demand policy changes to prevent further death and injustice along the border.” AP Internal Use Only

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