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2008 News

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Border Consensus Plan Proposed
Measuring for Success

Plan calls for reduction of illegal immigration to levels last seen during Eisenhower administration -- and a way to verify that goal has been reached.
American Patrol -- March 1
    American Patrol has learned that a plan is being circulated amongst immigration reform groups to define what border security means and establish a way of measuring it. According to the plan, a new organization based in Tucson, Arizona, would call for a 98% reduction in illegal immigration and ask candidates to agree to the goal.
    The next step would be to use a variety of sources, including technology and volunteers such as Minutemen, to check the border to see if the goal is being achieved. "I have seen the plan and it makes a lot of sense," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.
    Spencer said the plan should be welcomed by John McCain who called for border enforcement before immigration reform. "This plan adds flesh to the border enforcement first philosophy," Spencer added.

Mobile (Alabama) Press-Register  
Defendants sentenced in scam of licenses   
...On Friday, a federal judge in Mobile sentenced [Melissa] Marizette-Green to a year and a day in prison and Marcos Martinez, an illegal immigrant who was employed at Bender Shipbuilding & Repair Co. in Mobile, to 10 months. Martinez referred other illegal aliens to Marizette-Green. AP Internal Use Only

Digger's Realm   
ACLU refuses to meet with American day laborers   
A group of American Day Laborers went to discuss a recent day laborer "teach in" with the head of the Orange County ACLU Hector Villagra. Unfortunately, unlike the illegal alien day laborers, the ACLU threatened to call the police on these American "day laborers." AP Internal Use Only

Times Colonist -- Victoria, British Columbia   
Time to turn the tables with U.S. in NAFTA debate   
...We haven't heard much recently about the proposed Security and Prosperity Partnership to harmonize regulations under which businesses and industries operate in both countries -- probably because security has become a divisive fixation and prosperity seems a little less assured than it has been... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson    sc   
62 illegal aliens found in Rio Rico   
U.S. Border Patrol agents raided a Rio Rico drop house Thursday and detained 62 illegal entrants. -- And in separate incidents since Wednesday evening, Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector seized more than 4 tons of marijuana, according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection press release... AP Internal Use Only

Mid Hudson News   
Mexican illegal alien charged with knife attack   
A Brewster (New York) teen, who was arrested on criminal mischief charges stemming from him breaking a front window of a Main Street, Brewster store in January, has been charged with a stabbing in Brewster in July 2007. -- Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith said Marcos Antonio-Guerra, an [illegal alien] from Mexico, is responsible for the stabbing and beating of a 53-year-old Brewster man...AP Internal Use Only

WBTV -- Charlotte, North Carolina   
Newton baby beaten to death   
A man in Newton has been charged with felony child abuse after a little boy who was left in his care suffered fatal injuries. -- The Newton Police Department charged Armando Martinez who is an illegal [alien] from El Salvador. [More 'family values' that should have stopped at the Rio Bravo]AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times    
Crews try to coax illegal alien out of tunnel   
An [illegal alien] allegedly jumped into a canal and hid from agents in a canal tunnel near the Asarco plant on Paisano Drive early Friday, prompting an hours-long water rescue effort with an inflatable boat that continued late into the morning. AP Internal Use Only

Fox News     
Illegal alien in fatal bus school crash charged with identity theft   
Federal prosecutors filed identity theft charges on Friday against the woman accused in a school bus crash that killed four students. -- Olga Marina Franco del Cid was already charged in state court with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide. AP Internal Use Only

Nightline -- ABC News     Video Report 
Clash on the border   
Video report showing huge increase in violence against Border Patrol agents by illegals and smugglers in the San Diego area. AP Internal Use Only

WTNH-TV -- New Haven, Connecticut  
Mexican illegal alien gets 8 years in drunken fatal crash   
A woman who killed a man in a drunken driving crash in Waterbury has been sentenced to eight years in prison. -- Saraha Maldonado pleaded guilty in December to first-degree manslaughter. -- The prosecutor says Maldonado, who entered the United States illegally, will be deported to Mexico after finishing her prison sentence. AP Internal Use Only

Digger's Realm   
ACLU refuses to meet with American day laborers   
A group of American Day Laborers went to discuss a recent day laborer "teach in" with the head of the Orange County ACLU Hector Villagra. Unfortunately, unlike the illegal alien day laborers, the ACLU threatened to call the police on these American "day laborers." AP Internal Use Only

Dave Gibson -- American Daily  
Our open-borders pols have more children's blood on their hands   
...How many more of our children will have to be killed by illegal aliens so that greedy businesses can enjoy the use of cheap labor? This is no longer a nation of laws. We have become a banana republic fueled by the labor of Third World invaders. -- May the ghosts of these children haunt President Bush and his fellow traitors until the day they die! AP Internal Use Only

Ron Bass -- Morris County (New Jersey) Daily Record   
Government makes excuses   
The Morris County sheriff, Edward V. Rochford, has raised concerns in a recent report over an estimated $1.5 million in start-up costs for housing immigration detainees in the county jail. -- This concern is just a poor excuse so he can make his case. If he needed $1.5 million to lock up American citizens he would find that money in a "New York minute." AP Internal Use Only

KTWX-TV -- Waco, Texas       
Border fence plan laid out at public meeting   
Homeland Security officials met Thursday with El Paso-area residents to hear what they think about the placement of 57 miles of border fencing. -- Residents and property owners along the U.S. border with Mexico have complained loudly about construction of the fence...AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
9th Circuit lets sanctions stand   
A federal appeals court refused Thursday to bar prosecutors from enforcing Arizona's new employer-sanctions law while they hear arguments on its legality. -- The judges of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected arguments by lawyers for business groups and their allies that they should not let prosecutors investigate... AP Internal Use Only

KOAT-TV -- Albuquerque   
State Police increase presence at Mexican border   
The New Mexico State Police has beefed up the number of officers along the state's border with Mexico because of a recent spike in violence. -- The Las Cruces and Deming state police offices specifically assign officers to work on crimes along the border. AP Internal Use Only

Californians for Population Stabilization  
Nuclear Family Priority Act would end chain migration!   
Chain migration, the entitlement of adult relatives outside the immigrant's immediate family to come to the U.S., is the driving force behind our record levels of legal immigration. -- HR 938, the Nuclear Family Priority Act would eliminate chain migration...

Alan Stang -- Border Fire Report   
Trans-Texas treason   
I wish I did not believe this, but I do. At some point now coming fast, the battle for America will metastasize beyond politics. Yes, it would be nice, so wholesome, so American, if voting and elections were sufficient, but more and more in recent years it becomes clear that those things are fraudulent charades...AP Internal Use Only

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