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Monday, March 3, 2008

Lou Dobbs on Radio - Is He Going Along With La Raza's Censorship?
If you want an answer send Dobbs an e-mail or call him.

Phone in 3-6 pm ET (877) 55-DOBBS
E-mail lou@loudobbsradio.com
Ask him to report on what is going on with the border fence. What about Chertoff's lies? What about the virtual fence failure? Is he censoring immigration reform groups?

A "grave danger to our country's stability"
American Legion Calls For Immediate Action

American Patrol -- March 3
    The National Executive Committee of the 2.7 million member American Legion has issue a document calling for the strong enforcement of America's borders and laws against illegal immigration.
    "American Legion members have served in the U.S. Armed Forces throughout the world so that Americans can feel safe at home. ....And, today, they see the threat that open borders present to their homeland."
    The plan calls for five steps, including securing the border, eliminating job magnets and services to illegals, no amnesty, reducing the number of illegals in the U.S., and screening and tracking foreign visitors.
    The plan also calls on all candidates for public office to express their solutions to "this grave danger to our country's stability."
    Copies of the plan as well as mp3 files of Public Service Announcements currently being run nationwide can be found at legion.org/whatsnew/bulletins.

One News Now   sc
Mississippi Senate passes five bills to curb illegal immigration   
A Mississippi-based immigration reform organization is hopeful that the Mississippi House of Representatives will approve five bills overwhelmingly passed by the State Senate that are aimed at curbing illegal immigration in the state. -- Dr. Rodney Hunt heads up the Mississippi Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (MFIRE)... AP Internal Use Only

KMBC-TV -- Kansas City   
Illegal immigration ad draws fire   
A local civil rights leader said some anti-illegal immigration commercials on TV are trying to stir up trouble. -- The ads have been airing in Kansas City and on KMBC-TV for several weeks. The commercial comes from a group called the Coalition for the Future American Worker... AP Internal Use Only

Minneapolis Star-Tribune   
Officials arrest 36 for immigration violations in Minnesota and S.D.   
Dozens of "fugitive aliens and immigration violators" were arrested in southwestern Minnesota and South Dakota in a three-day sweep last week, federal officials announced Monday. -- Guatemalans accounted for 31 of the 36 people apprehended in Worthington and Pipestone, Minn... AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune       
Mexico police battle drug gang in 5-hour shootout    
Tijuana, BC, Mex. -- Mexican police and soldiers traded gunfire with suspected drug gang members Monday in a five-hour battle near the U.S. border that left a police officer and one of the suspected criminals dead. -- The shootout began at a house in a residential neighborhood of Tijuana, a drug smuggling hot spot... AP Internal Use Only

Freedom Folks -- Chicago    
Blogs4Borders weekly video report   
Reconquista: what is it? Who's behind it? Should you be worried? First in a three part series. -- New media: let's get to work! --100% Preventable! Americans continue to suffer and die at the hands of illegal aliens, when will the madness end? AP Internal Use Only

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Amnesty proponents launch campaign to shut down debate!
Having lost last year's epic legislative battle over the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill, pro-amnesty forces are regrouping and launching an all-out campaign to censor the media and stop the debate over true immigration reform. This attack on the media should not come as a surprise.

Associated Press  
McCain calls virtual border fence in Arizona a 'disgrace'   
Republican presidential candidate John McCain has called a "virtual fence" meant to secure Arizona's border against illegal immigration a "disgrace." -- The Arizona senator told reporters in Phoenix on Monday that not enough research had been done on the 28-mile array of radars and surveillance cameras. AP Internal Use Only

Clay Waters -- Newsbusters.org   
NYT ties today's illegal immigration foes to past violent racists   
The front of the New York Times Week in Review is dominated by business columnist-reporter David Leonhardt's "The Border And The Ballot Box," his slanted essay on anti-immigration crusades then and now. The accompanying drawings give the debate the feel of a prison camp, with Americans as prison guards... AP Internal Use Only

Geraldo Rivera: Rush Limbaugh 'Dean' of 'nativist reaction'   
According to Geraldo Rivera, Rush Limbaugh is "the dean of the academy" of a "nativist reaction" and "the most savage talk radio campaign every in history." Appearing on the March 3 edition of "The View," the Fox News correspondent promoted to his book, "His Panic: Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S."... AP Internal Use Only

InsideNoVa.com -- Richmond, Virginia   
New illegal immigration enforcement policy in effect today   
The Prince William County Police Department activated its new policy regarding illegal immigration enforcement today. -- As part of the new policy, police officers will inquire into the citizenship or immigration status of persons who are lawfully detained for a violation of state or local law if probable cause exists to.... AP Internal Use Only

Chertoff and Gutierrez -- Mexidata.info   
The US-Mexico-Canada Security and Prosperity Partnership   
Three years ago, the United States, Mexico and Canada launched a landmark partnership to promote the security and well-being of our sovereign nations. -- The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) builds on our successful NAFTA partnership. NAFTA helped create jobs, spur growth.... AP Internal Use Only

Gwinnett Daily Post -- Lawrenceville, Georgia   
Residents troubled by unlicensed motorists   
Norcross, Ga. -- Gari Thomas avoids Jimmy Carter Boulevard like the plague. -- The south Gwinnettian lives a stone's throw from the ever-busy thoroughfare, but she won't touch it, she says. -- When directing friends to her home in tucked-away Brookwood Park, she gives looping, inconvenient routes that rack up miles...AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times  
NAFTA has had its trade-offs for the U.S.   
Four campaign seasons have come and gone since presidential hopeful H. Ross Perot warned that NAFTA would create a "giant sucking sound" of jobs going to Mexico, and the trade pact is still generating plenty of noise. Calls to renegotiate the 14-year-old deal are rising from both sides of the border. AP Internal Use Only

Chicago Sun-Times   
Oberweis, Foster debate as vote nears   
Republican businessman Jim Oberweis ripped his scientist opponent Bill Foster as a man who understands the atom but not economics while debating a final time before a March 8 election to fill Dennis Hastert's congressional seat. AP Internal Use Only

Salt Lake Tribune   
Border Patrol ranks swell in fight against terror, illegal immigration   
The United States is breeding a new generation of border enforcers, and Utah natives like Brandon Carson are among the offspring. -- Raised in Lindon, Carson left Utah law enforcement and joined Border Patrol in the midst of the agency's expansion. He has worked the international boundary with Mexico... AP Internal Use Only

Despite fences, illegals still broach U.S. border   
"...Local rancher John Ladd said some 300 to 400 illegal [aliens] continue to clamber over the new steel barrier flanking the southern reach of his farm for some 10 miles each day, as an effective combination of technologies and manpower remains elusive. -- "It's so easy to climb that I've seen two women that were pregnant, I've seen several women in their sixties and all kinds of kids between five and ten years old climb over it," Ladd said... (See ABP photo of fence)AP Internal Use Only

Santa Cruz (Calif.) Sentinel   
Lawmaker attacked over Gestapo remark   
Rep. Sam Farr was put on the defensive last week after conservative talk-show hosts and bloggers condemned a comparison the central coast lawmaker drew between U.S. immigration agents and Nazi Germany's secret police, the Gestapo. AP Internal Use Only

Gwinnett Daily Post -- Lawrenceville, Georgia   
Grand jury takes on immigration costs   
Not only are the people uncounted, but the cost of illegal immigration hasn't been tallied, a Gwinnett grand jury complained last week. -- In the presentments issued at the end of the grand jury's term in office, the group of citizens recommended county commissioners and state legislators try to track the fiscal impact of [illegal aliens]. AP Internal Use Only

Culpeper (Virginia) Star-Exponent   
Estimated cost of crackdown on illegals doubles   
Manassas, Va. -- Prince William County’s illegal immigration crackdown is going to cost far more than originally expected. --The new policies go into force on Monday. They require county police to check the immigration status of anyone arrested, even for minor offenses... AP Internal Use Only

Courier-Journal -- Louisville, Kentucky   
Day laborers left idle   
...The more than 100,000 day laborers looking for work on any given day -- many of them illegal [aliens] -- are struggling as never before. Without the proper documents, their work options are limited to odd jobs for cash. But many can barely feed themselves, let alone provide for their families. AP Internal Use Only

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