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2008 News

Illegals Flooding Into Southeastern Arizona
New Fence Causing Move?

Group of people near the Mexican border in Copper Canyon on 3/2/08
American Border Patrol -- March 9
    A group of private citizens report that illegal aliens are flooding into Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties following a well-known route in Copper Canyon.
    As shown in this video, groups stage along the border, waiting for a signal to cross.
    Sources say the U.S. Border Patrol makes no attempt to stop intruders. Rather, they send out patrols to pick up sign (footprints) that a group has crossed. Then they notify agents further north to be on the lookout.
    While no new fencing is scheduled for this area, recently installed fencing near Naco, Arizona may have resulted in increased traffic in Santa Cruz and Cochise Counties.

Summit Daily News -- Frisco, Colorado   
Human smuggling arrests increasing along Interstate 70   
Recent arrests in Glenwood Springs and Eagle County have proven that human smugglers are using the Interstate 70 corridor to bring illegal immigrants into the United States. -- In 2008, Eagle County has reported three incidents involving human smuggling and have moved to prosecute on two of the cases... AP Internal Use Only

Arizona Republic   
80 suspected illegals found in drop house   
Police discovered 80 suspected illegal immigrants inside an Avondale house Saturday evening when they received a tip about suspicious activity in the area. -- According to police, an anonymous caller reported numerous cars coming and going in the 12600 block of West Earll Drive... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press  
Legislator butts heads with Flagstaff police on immigration   
State Rep. Russell Pearce says the Flagstaff police chief is not honoring his oath of duty because his department doesn't check the immigration status of otherwise law-abiding residents. - The Mesa Republican spoke Saturday at a town-hall forum at the Flagstaff American Legion, an appearance he made... AP Internal Use Only

Seattle Times   
UPS crackdown hits workers, spares business   
A year after one of King County's biggest work-site raids, fully two-thirds of the 51 illegal immigrants arrested have either been deported or told to leave the country. -- But no charges have been brought against Spherion, the employment agency that hired the immigrants, or UPS Supply Chain Solutions, the UPS subsidiary that...AP Internal Use Only

Fort Worth Star-Telegram   
Immigration crackdowns followed rise in Latino students   
The North Texas cities at the epicenter of the local debate about illegal immigration are also home to school districts that in recent years have seen some of the state's sharpest growth of Hispanic students, according to a Star-Telegram analysis of school data... AP Internal Use Only

Delegate Ron George -- The Capital -- Annapolis, Maryland   
Maryland has a duty to offer secure licenses   
The Proof of Legal Presence Act of 2008, of which I am the lead sponsor, requires that any person applying for a driver's license in Maryland show documentation that he or she is a citizen or is here legally. -- Only five states do not have a proof-of-legal-presence requirement. The other four are border states that are now moving toward enacting such a rule. AP Internal Use Only

WJHG-TV -- Panama City, Florida   
More illegal drugs, more illegal aliens   
The Bay County Sheriff’s Office, acting on a tip from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that a quantity of marijuana was about to be delivered, served a search warrant on a Panama City Beach home. They seized eight pounds of marijuana and four illegal aliens... AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times   
3 sentenced under Border Patrol's No Pass program    
Two Mexican brothers and their cousin were the first three migrants to cross the border illegally within El Paso's new zero-tolerance zone and the first to be jailed, prosecuted and sentenced Friday under the new program. -- José de Jesús Gutiérrez Ledezma, his brother Armando Gutiérrez Ledezma, and their cousin...

Woonsocket (Rhode Island) Call   
Bills call for state to get tough on illegal aliens   
Cumberland Rep. Richard Singleton has once again introduced a package of legislation intended to crack down on illegal [aliens], as well as those who hire them or allow them access to government benefits. --- The problem as Singleton sees it is that “we have an invasion of people who don’t belong here. The numbers nationally are outlandish and locally a lot of jobs are being taken away from Rhode Islanders.” AP Internal Use Only

Infowars.com      Videos Included
Lou Dobbs on the Alex Jones Show   
CNN's Lou Dobbs was a guest on the Alex Jones Show out of Austin, Texas on March 6. Here are two YouTube videos of that appearance. Among the subjects discussed were the financial meltdown, the outrageous open borders situation, the SPP, etc..... Part I / Part II AP Internal Use Only

News-Press -- Fort Myers, Florida   
Guided Compassion Bomb: Hispanic exodus is under way   
In this case, cold, hard statistics don't tell the story. -- "I am not aware of anyone who would track that locally," said Glen Solier, business development specialist for the Lee County Department of Economic Development... AP Internal Use Only

Los Angeles Times  
U.N. report criticizes U.S. treatment of "migrants"   
...In the international body's first scrutiny of U.S. treatment of its 37.5 million noncitizen migrants, U.N. investigator Jorge Bustamante took particular aim at what he criticized as the "overuse" of detention for immigrants. Noting that the annual detainee population has tripled in nine years to 230,000... AP Internal Use Only

Charleston (South Carolina) Post and Courier   
Opponents of illegal immigration to rally at Statehouse on Monday   
Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, along with several other state groups, will meet at noon Monday at the Statehouse for a rally against illegal immigration. -- The groups have banded together as the "South Carolina Coalition on Immigration Control" while the Legislature works out the final details of... AP Internal Use Only

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