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2008 News

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Arizona Gov. Demands Border Enforcement
Calls For More National Guard (ABP found none)

Vehicle tracks across Colorado River near Yuma, January 18, 2008. (See story about proposed moat) -- American Border Patrol reports that during its most recent aerial survey it could find no National Guard lookout stations along border in Arizona. "All of the National Guard stations along the Colorado River had been removed," said Glenn Spencer of ABP.
Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- March 13
Napolitano says U.S. needs to offset border fence delay
    In light of news that the "virtual" fence along Arizona's southern border won't be operational until 2011, Gov. Janet Napolitano has asked Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to deploy National Guard troops there in the meantime.
    Those troops, stationed along the border since June 2006 as part of Operation Jump Start, are being drawn down as the operation nears its expiration July 15. At its peak, the operation brought 6,000 troops to the border states, including 2,400 to Arizona. That has been reduced by half, with roughly 1,200 troops now stationed along the Arizona border. [...]
    "Real solutions to fix our broken borders cannot wait that long," Napolitano wrote Chertoff.

Landline Magazine       sc     
Spanish firm using loan from U.S. to build segments of Texas toll road   
Officials with the Spanish toll road operator Cintra have announced that the company has secured $430 million in loans from the U.S. government to build and operate two segments of a toll road in central Texas. -- Cintra officials announced the company’s financial plan for the $1.36 billion Highway 130 segments on Monday, March 10. AP Internal Use Only

San Diego Union-Tribune   
Eight arraigned on human smuggling, financial charges    
San Diego -- Eight people who authorities said operated a lucrative human smuggling ring since 2001 were arraigned Thursday in federal court on an array of smuggling and financial crimes charges. -- A federal grand jury indicted members of the ring March 7, capping a three-month investigation by ICE and CBP... AP Internal Use Only

KVOA-TV -- Tucson   
Hundreds people needed to clean up border ranches   
On King's Anvil Ranch along Highway 286 there's a spot of desert littered with trash left behind by illegal immigrants. The mess is repeated in multiple areas of the 50,000 acre ranch. It's a problem for the owners and lately an issue for Arizona Game and Fish... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press  
3rd man arrested in San Diego offshore smuggling case   
Three of the 15 people who were stranded on a boat for three days off the Pacific Coast have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling illegal [aliens]. -- Others aboard the rickety vessel told investigators they had agreed to pay $4,000 each for the illegal trip from Mexico to California, said Lauren Mack... AP Internal Use Only

Bellingham (Washington) Herald   
Legal immigrants describe hostility   
Natives of Mexico often feel hostility even after they have legalized their residency here, a group of immigrants and activists said Wednesday at a panel discussion at Western Washington University. -- They also expressed concern about the way that U.S. immigration laws can separate families... AP Internal Use Only

Mark Andrew Dwyer - The Conservative Voice 
California population displacement   
In California, the successful high earners are being displaced by the needy low earners, most of whom are Mexican migrants and their descendents. While mostly white American rich are fleeing the Golden State in droves, hundreds of thousands of Mexican Latinos with substandard education levels and job skills...

El Paso Times   
Military near El Paso will be 'on call' to protect border   
Military power being concentrated in El Paso and Southern New Mexico will be "on call" for use against terrorist threats on the nation's Southwest border and local disasters, said Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr., commander of United States Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command... AP Internal Use Only

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin -- Ontario, Calif.   
Illegal arrested for lewd act at school   
Police arrested a San Bernardino man Wednesday after a teenage girl allegedly saw him masturbating in front of a middle school. -- The suspect, Chavez Moreno, was booked into West Valley Detention Center on suspicion of indecent exposure, annoying a minor and on a warrant for driving without a license... [More "family values"] AP Internal Use Only

New Haven (Connecticut) Independent   
ICE Raids: Almost like waterboarding?   
New Haven’s mayor said they’re “a short step” away as he squared off against his dramatic foil, Danbury’s immigration-battling mayor, at a forum in Hartford. -- New Haven Mayor John DeStefano was describing a June 6 raid by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials of undocumented workers 36 hours after... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review        
Volunteers sought to use high-tech border cameras over Internet   
...American Border Patrol developed software that lets people control the cameras via the Internet. The group is accepting applications from members of the general public who want to watch out for human smugglers and drug smugglers during 30-minute intervals. If someone sees something, the person would contact American Border Patrol and that group would in turn report it to U.S. Border Patrol officials. (See Operation Virtual Vigilance) AP Internal Use Only

Jerome R. Corsi -- WorldNetDaily.com   
Inside the hush-hush North American Union confab   
A largely unreported meeting held at the State Department discussed integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union. -- The meeting was held Monday under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
Latin 'migration'   
...The Latin immigration phenomenon, for example, is writ large in a small way here. Even as Haitians slip across the border to seek a better life in the Dominican Republic, many Dominicans are leaving to search for better times in the United States, legal or not. AP Internal Use Only

Sports Illustrated   
Five Cuban players missing   
Tampa -- Five Cuban soccer players went missing Tuesday night after the under-23 team played a key match against the United States, a team official said Wednesday. -- The missing men had not yet reported to authorities. -- Zachary Mann, a spokesman for Customs and Border Protection, said... AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
Illegal alien program stretches U.S. marshals to the limit   
Richard Tracy used to help ensure that Southwest Airlines Co. planes stayed on schedule. Nowadays, he's directing traffic of a different sort: a surge of illegal immigrants into the criminal justice system. -- Mr. Tracy supervises 21 deputy marshals in the federal courthouse in Tucson, Ariz., where they guard.... AP Internal Use Only

Yuma Sun   
Panel OKs bill aimed at renting to illegals   
Phoenix - A House panel approved legislation Wednesday night designed to hit illegal [aliens] where they live - literally. -- On a 10-6 margin the Appropriations Committee voted to make it illegal for landlords to rent to those who do not present certain documents that show they have the right to be in the United States...

Associated Press   
McCain scolds Obama, Clinton Over NAFTA   
Sen. John McCain said Tuesday that proposals by Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton to use pressure tactics to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement could undermine U.S. trade relationships with other nations... AP Internal Use Only

Lynne Glasner -- OpEdNews.com   
Geraldo blows in the wind   
You say Rivera, I say Riviera; you say Gerald, I say Geraldo. -- The wonder boy who has never resolved his identity crisis appeared on The Colbert Show Tuesday night to tout his new book His panics. With one foot on the “his” and the other on the “panics” Geraldo seemed not to get how much the title defines his own dilemma. AP Internal Use Only

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix   
Tucson Border Patrol makes big drug and immigration bust   
Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Tucson area seized over 200 bales of marijuana and arrested dozens of Mexican Nationals who illegally entered the country in a 24-hour period this week. -- Border Patrol agents found 60 Mexican Nationals hiding in a small Rio Rico home, south of Tucson, Monday night. AP Internal Use Only

Columbia (South Carolina) Free Times   
Illegal immigration backlash reaches vitriolic level   
Their signs were tame: “Hire American Taxpayers,” “Join State Legislators for Legal Immigration,” “Prosecute the Employers.” -- But their words were anything but tame: “criminals,” “diseases,” “terrorists”. -- Such was the tenor of an anti-illegal immigration rally March 10 at the State House... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times  
Virginia county: Tough laws repelling illegals   
Months after Prince William County began one of the country's strongest crackdowns on illegal [aliens], some officials and residents say illegals and other residents appear to be leaving. -- Dave Whitlow, town manager of Dumfries, said officials started noticing the change a few months ago when...

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