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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SPLC / American Border Patrol controversy
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Is Obama Anti-White?
Would He Lead a Brown/Black Coalition?

"Already, we have seen an unacceptable spike in hate crimes aimed at Latinos across America." -- Dallas Morning News
Lawrence Auster -- March 18
Question for Obama
    As we approach Barack Obama's important speech today, here is the question that I've previously suggested ought to be posed to him that cuts through all his evasions:
    "Why have you been following an anti-white, America-hating pastor for the last 20 years?"
    The question cuts though the "I wasn't in church when he said these things" evasion. It cuts through the "This is just the way black people talk among themselves and it doesn't mean anything" evasion It cuts through the "I've denounced his statements and he's retiring anyway" evasion. It cuts through the "He's just an old uncle who has funny ideas from the Sixties" evasion .

Pro Reconquista Obama gets an F- on amnesty.

The Sentinel -- Carlisle, Pennsylvania  sc     
Illegals had counterfeit ID, police say   
Three illegal immigrants from El Salvadoran who tried to use counterfeit Social Security and immigration cards to get jobs at a local hotel were discovered by a sharp-eyed manager, according to Middlesex Township police. -- “The only thing we could get out of them is that they received the cards from a friend,” said Detective Keith Seibert... AP Internal Use Only

Access North Georgia   
Illegal aliens arrested in Gwinnett County   
What began as a routine traffic stop in Gwinnett County Monday, yielded a large group of illegal [aliens] packed in one van. -- Gwinnett Police Corporal Illana Spellman said Gwinnett Police officers stopped the van on Interstate 85 Northbound at Buford Drive for a window tint violation... AP Internal Use Only

Stein Report   
McCain: Amnesty is a political winner    
The hot-button issue of immigration doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon – at least not in Republican circles. On NPR’s 'Morning Edition' today, John McCain suggested that strong anti-[illegal alien] rhetoric contributed to two recent, high-profile GOP Congressional losses.... AP Internal Use Only

KTEN-TV -- Ada, Oklahoma  
Oklahoma lawmaker plans official English legislation   
The author of Oklahoma's sweeping anti-illegal [alien] law plans new legislation that would ask voters to make English the official language of the state. -- Rep. Randy Terrill of Moore said Tuesday he'll propose the "official English" requirements in an amendment he plans to file to a Senate bill...

Kalamazoo (Michigan) Gazette  
Supporters lobby Kalamazoo leaders for illegal aliens   
More than 50 people, many of them Hispanic, lined the walls of the Kalamazoo City Commission chambers Monday as a coalition of social action groups urged city leaders to support more rights for [illegals aliens]. -- Advocates claimed denying driver's licenses to people without proper paperwork forces [illegals] to drive illegally and risk deportation if they are stopped by police. AP Internal Use Only

U.tv -- Belfast, County Antrim (Northern Ireland)  
Limerick TD agrees with Taoiseach over illegal Irish in the USA   
Limerick West TD John Cregan says the Taoiseach is right in his criticism of lobbyists who say Ireland could get an amnesty for illegal Irish [aliens] in the US. -- The Fianna Fail deputy is the chairman of the Dail cross party friends of the [illegal alien] Irish in the US group. [Related item]AP Internal Use Only

Des Moines Register  
20 sentenced on document fraud, identity theft   
Twenty former employees of Iowa Pre-Stressed Concrete in West Burlington, who were working in the country illegally, were sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Davenport to varying prison terms, probation periods and fines. -- The employees were arrested on April 19 after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers... AP Internal Use Only

Centre for Research on Globalization -- Montreal, Quebec   
Security and Prosperity Partnership: Security and prosperity for whom?   
In March of 2005, the leaders of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico signed an agreement called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The SPP is about securing prosperity for a rich elite, while taking what remaining power the people have, through democratic sovereign institutions, and placing that power in a few hands of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats... AP Internal Use Only

KNSD-TV -- San Diego   
12 illegal aliens found in driverless van   
Jacumba, Calif. -- An out-of-control van hauling a suspected load of illegal [aliens] was stopped by Border Patrol agents in East County over the weekend. -- According to officials, Border Patrol agents prevented an accident involving a Chevrolet van on Interstate 8 near Jacumba around 10 p.m.AP Internal Use Only

McCain casts doubt on immigration as issue   
Aside the most obvious case -- his own -- John McCain cited two recent examples of GOP candidates taking a hard-line on immigration to no avail (And note the elbow thrown at a certain former colleague who came after McCain in the primary). -- My colleague Josh Kraushaar writes up McCain's comments... AP Internal Use Only

WTNH-TV -- New Haven, Connecticut   
DMV sets new standards for driver's licenses   
The state Department of Motor Vehicles is imposing tougher standards when checking applications for driver's licenses for immigrants who claim they are in Connecticut for education. -- DMV officials say the stricter rules stem from a department review that uncovered more than 400 abuses of that claim... AP Internal Use Only

Californians for Population Stabilization  
Alert! HR 5630 will double the number of H-1B worker visas! 
At the behest of Microsoft and other large corporations, Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) introduced a bill that would double the number of immigrant worker visas available each year under the H-1B program... 

Lufkin (Texas) Daily News   
Anti-corridor groups apprise locals of ways to 'jut say no to TTC'
Plots by Communists to infiltrate America. The disintegration of borders and rural areas. Citizens mobilizing and rising up against government agencies and big business. -- It all sounds like the plot for a summer blockbuster, but those were some of the topics addressed in a "How to Fight the TTC Workshop" held Monday... AP Internal Use Only

KTAR -- Phoenix  
Money for illegals' care runs out   
Federal money set aside to reimburse hospitals for the care of illegal [aliens] is going to run out at the end of this year. -- For the past four years the federal government has set aside $250 million a year to reimburse border hospitals for the care of illegal [aliens]... AP Internal Use Only

US News & World Report  
Where Clinton, Obama, and McCain stand on immigration   
Clinton: "Let’s deploy more technology and personnel, instead of the physical barrier." -- Clinton voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006, which authorized a fence on the Mexican border, but has softened her support by criticizing the fence’s execution... AP Internal Use Only

Pat Buchanan -- VDare.com  
Jeremiah Wright -- Pastor to the President?   
When the assassination of John F. Kennedy horrified a nation, Black Muslim Minister Malcolm X declared it payback for America's violence in the world, a case of "chickens coming home to roost." -- "Being an old farm boy myself," said Malcolm, "chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad, they've always made me glad." AP Internal Use Only

Vincent Gioia -- Right Side News  
The secret life of the SPP   
...Thanks to Jerome Corsi and WorldNet Daily we now know an unreported meeting was held recently at the State Department for the purpose of discussing "integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union"... AP Internal Use Only

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... AP Internal Use Only

WHAS-TV -- Louisville     Video Included
Illegal alien faces child molestation charges   
A man accused of molesting a 7-year-old girl faced an Oldham county judge. Jorge Avila, 21, is charged with two counts of child molestation for a crime that dates back to 2005. He was arraigned in court on those charges Monday... [More of Bush's pet fiends] AP Internal Use Only

Mark Cromer -- Californians for Population Stabilization   
The Number’s Game -- What happens when 12 million people become 40 million?
Conventional wisdom has held that legislation offering mass legalization to immigrants in the United States illegally would have to wait until 2009, at the earliest, to have any hope of passing, given the successive defeats last year of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty plan and the DREAM Act.

Northern Star -- DeKalb, Illinois   
City unsure of illegal alien population   
Across the nation, roughly 11 million illegal immigrants live and work in the shadow of a complex debate over their futures. -- With no explicit rights and no guarantees of success, nearly 500,000 undocumented immigrants have carved out a niche in Illinois alone, according to a report by the Pew Hispanic Center... AP Internal Use Only

Suspected illegal alien hits, injures Prince William officer   
A lieutenant with the Prince William County Police Department is in serious condition after a pickup truck collided with his motorcycle head-on Saturday afternoon, authorities said. -- According to police, Lt. Phillip E. Harrover Jr., who was off-duty at the time, was driving his 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle north on Nokesville Road near Piper Lane in the Manassas area...AP Internal Use Only

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