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2008 News

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Border Tension Grows
Site of Pancho Villa Raid Boils Over

Port of Entry at Puerto Palomas - This is where Pancho Villa invaded the U.S. and burned Columbus, New Mexico.
Feds finish San Pedro fence, push illegals onto ABP's ranch.
Las Cruces News-Sun -- March 23
Tension high in border villages of Columbus and Palomas
    Columbus, NM -- Residents on both sides of the border are nervous after a month of border shootings, disappearances and at least two confirmed murders allegedly sparked by drug-traffickers' turf wars in the Mexican town of Palomas.
    On Thursday, after reporting his two police officers had disappeared, Palomas Chief of Police Emilio Perez fled to Columbus requesting political asylum.
    Perez's flight came just days after Columbus Mayor Eddie Espinoza, in the chair for a root canal, witnessed armed robbers take over Palomas dentist Felipe Salazar's office.

Chattanooga Times                  sc      
Tennessee attorney general’s OK pleases alien check supporters   
A Tennessee attorney general’s opinion should provide a legal boost to proposed legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants arrested for felonies and repeat DUI offenses, a Chattanooga lawmaker said. -- “I’m going to run the bill now,” Rep. Richard Floyd, R-Chattanooga, said. “I think it’ll provide me with a lot of help.” AP Internal Use Only

Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader   
Prosecution of landlords worries "activists," ACLU   
Immigration activists and the ACLU are accusing the federal government of overreaching in the prosecution of two Lexington landlords who had rented to 60 illegal [aliens]. -- The case, possibly the first of its kind in Kentucky, potentially places landlords in the uneasy situation...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
April 5

Cave Creek, Arizona -- 9 AM Pacific | Other Events
Rally to Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio

KNBC-TV -- Los Angeles  
Illegal alien charged in cattle abuse case gets jail time   
Chino, Calif. -- One of the two men shown on undercover videotape abusing cattle -- an action that prompted the largest food recall in American history -- has accepted a plea bargain and will be jailed for six months and then deported. -- Rafael Sanchez Herrera pleaded guilty Friday to three misdemeanor counts of...AP Internal Use Only

New York Times  
Illegal alien referrals by police draw scrutiny   
A green-card holder from Guatemala said he was asked about his immigration status last month when he went to pick up his nephew from the West Deptford, N.J., police station. -- An illegal immigrant from Mexico was arrested March 5 when the car in which he was a passenger was pulled over for rolling through a stop sign in South Harrison Township, N.J... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
Guard presence along Mexican border to end this summer    
A program that has rotated thousands of National Guardsmen along the Mexican border to augment U.S. Border Patrol agents comes to a close in four months, despite calls by at least one border governor to extend the Guard's mission... AP Internal Use Only

United Press International  
California car washes tied to labor violations   
A news report reveals an alleged "dark side" at some Southern California car washes allegedly violating labor laws by using [illegal aliens] paid only through tips. - The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday it conducted an investigation that showed several car washes typically violated labor and immigration regulations... AP Internal Use Only

Jim Capo -- John Birch Society   
House of Representatives meets in rare secret session   
Republic — from Latin respublica, from res thing, + publica, public — the "people's things" --- Unfortunately, even in a Republic sometimes the people's things are kept from them. Last Thursday, members of our House of Representatives yielded to Congressman Blunt of Missouri who invoked a call to hold a secret session of the House for only the fourth time since 1830. AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times Editorial   
Illegal-immigration blues   
As neighboring states like Virginia make it increasingly difficult for illegal aliens to get driver's licenses, Maryland is increasingly becoming an island — a state that stands alone as a weak point when it comes to maintaining the integrity of driver's licenses. Maryland is one of just five states that do not require that... AP Internal Use Only

FoxLA-TV -- Los Angeles    Video Report
Report: L.A. athlete shooting suspect definitely in U.S. illegally   
Los Angeles -- A Fox News report aired March 22 said the 18th Street Gang member charged in the shooting death of a high school football star is in the country illegally and has been for years. It seems there have been several opportunities to deport this guy (LAPD's Special Order 40 comes to mind) but that never happened. Thanks to 'Lone Wolf' for the video clip.

American Border Patrol    
Photo of the day
This photo was taken on March 21, 2008 by American Border Patrol. Location is just east of Naco, Arizona. Two people are seen on south side of border fence. These are apparently lookouts for about six others seen nearby.

Las Cruces (New Mexico) News-Sun   
Palomas, Chihuahua in dire straits   
From more than 100 miles away, and across a national border, it is difficult for us to say exactly what is going on these days in Palomas, Mexico. -- But we can say with a great deal of certainty that it's a mess. -- Escalating violence in recent weeks has led to the town's police chief and other law enforcement officers fleeing for their safety. AP Internal Use Only

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