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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Schwarzenegger's Head In Sand
Pro Amnesty Governor Ignores Cost of Illegal Immigration

Schwarzenegger calls Bush courageous for pushing immigration deal
"Schwarzenegger - an Austrian immigrant and naturalized U.S. citizen - rebuked those he described as partisan critics trying to torpedo the bipartisan immigration deal struck by the Senate. It would allow 12 million illegal [aliens] to remain in the U.S. while they took steps to gain citizenship."
Sacramento Bee -- March 27
Governor refuses to blame illegal aliens for budget problems
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: " ... I don't think that illegal immigration has created the mess that we are in." [...]
   Sen. Gil Cedillo: "The fact of the matter is, immigrants have a positive impact on the economy and the budget, and they're essential to California's prosperity." [...]
    Assembly Republicans on Tuesday said illegal immigrants cost the state $9 billion annually, citing a Federation for American Immigration Reform study released in 2004. The group estimated that California spends an estimated $7.7 billion alone on education for undocumented students.
Red DotSinkhole De Mayo
Nearly two in three Californians (63%) today believe the state is generally headed in the wrong direction

Boston Globe                sc      
Rhode Island governor to target illegals in executive order   
Gov. Don Carcieri has signed an executive order that includes a series of steps to combat illegal immigration. -- The order signed Thursday requires state agencies and companies that do business with the state to verify the legal status of employees... AP Internal Use Only

Paul Weyrich -- National Ledger -- Apache Junction, Arizona   
Illegal Immigration and the BP: Problems and probability of more   
The United States Border Patrol cannot seem to catch a break. Border Patrol agents have to guard both the US-Canadian Border and the nearly 2,000-mile-long US-Mexico Border, the most frequently crossed international border in the world. Traffic across the southern border is both legal and illegal... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times   
Stabbing reveals disparities in illegals laws   
It is a shame that an illegal [alien] charged with stabbing a man in the sternum in Montgomery County last August, one month after he was charged with assaulting a teen there, was released on $2,500 bail until his trial. -- Not surprisingly, Milton Calderon-Melendez, a member of the MS-13 street gang, did not appear at his trial because illegal [aliens] do not have to follow the law.AP Internal Use Only

Council Bluffs (Iowa) Daily Nonpareil   
16 illegals arrested in Council Bluffs raid   
A months-long federal investigation into a Council Bluffs clothing recycling business led Wednesday to the arrests of 16 immigrants believed to be working in the country illegally. -- The 11 women and five men were "rank-and-file" employees of American Clothing Co., said Tim Counts, spokesman for U.S. ICE. AP Internal Use Only

KBMT-TV -- Port Arthur, Texas   
Three dead in wreck involving likely smugglers on border   
Penitas, Texas -- A pickup truck crammed with as many as 25 people crashed into an SUV near the Texas-Mexico border today. -- Three people were killed and at least nine others were hurt in what authorities believe was an illegal immigrant smuggling attempt... AP Internal Use Only

Tom Deweese -- WorldNetDaily.com   
The manipulation of American compassion   
One of the key arguments used by proponents of open borders is that America has always welcomed the downtrodden of the world to join us. Americans are a compassionate people with a strong sense of right and wrong. We believe it is our duty to help those who cannot help themselves... AP Internal Use Only

Washington Times   
Stabbing reveals disparities in illegals laws   
It is a shame that an illegal [alien] charged with stabbing a man in the sternum in Montgomery County last August, one month after he was charged with assaulting a teen there, was released on $2,500 bail until his trial. -- Not surprisingly, Milton Calderon-Melendez, a member of the MS-13 street gang, did not appear at his trial because illegal [aliens] do not have to follow the law.AP Internal Use Only

American Patrol Report   
American Patrol observation   
President Bush and Senator McCain are working to create a sense of national identity in Iraq while at the same time working to destroy it in the United States. AP Internal Use Only

WTOP -- Washington, DC   
Illegal Alien Aide: Terror level 'astronomical' in Prince William   
"The terror is just astronomical." -- That's how Nancy Lyall of Mexicans without Borders describes the atmosphere in Prince William County. -- Lyall says families of those picked up in a big immigration raid are now having trouble finding where the 34 men were taken. Those families can call ICE to find out their status... AP Internal Use Only

Deseret Morning News -- Salt Lake City   
Most Utahns approve of immigration law; panel to give SB81 a closer look   
A majority of Utahns approve of a new state immigration law that takes effect in July 2009, according to a new Deseret Morning News/KSL-TV poll. -- And lawmakers on Wednesday approved an interim committee to study SB81 before its effective date... AP Internal Use Only

Daily Breeze -- Torrance, Calif.   
Anti-illegal immigration bill blasted by L.A. council   
Tapping the hot-button issue of [illegal] immigration in the region, the Los Angeles City Council and a group of community leaders on Wednesday denounced a federal measure that would require employers to verify their workers are in the country legally. AP Internal Use Only

Pardon me: Bush blasted for ignoring Border agents   
President Bush is coming under fire for yesterday's presidential pardons that includes forgiveness for drug smugglers, an embezzler and others, but not for jailed Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. --- Ramos and Compean entered prison in January of 2007 after a controversial ruling on their actions... AP Internal Use Only

Allan Wall -- VDare.com  
One hundred thousand illegal aliens leave Oklahoma   
In November of 2007, Oklahoma’s state law H.B. 1804 took effect. -- The law prohibits illegal aliens from getting driver’s licenses and specific government benefits, it prohibits the sheltering and transport of illegal aliens, and it allows local police to enforce immigration law in the normal course of their duties... AP Internal Use Only

Times-News -- Burlington, North Carolina
Shuler: McCain blocked immigration bill   
U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler says he believes Republican presidential candidate John McCain blocked his immigration bill from getting a vote on the U.S. House floor. McCain's staff denies it. -- The Waynesville Democrat spoke to the Rotary Club of Hendersonville on Tuesday. He said the Republican leadership tried to bring the Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act to the House floor... AP Internal Use Only

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WTOP -- Washington, DC   
Chief, Meddling Mexican consul to talk about illegals   
Manassas, Va. -- Prince William County's police chief meets Thursday night with the Mexican Embassy's consul general and the county's immigrant community. -- They will talk about concerns stemming from the county's new policy on illegal immigration. [More Mexican meddling] AP Internal Use Only

Naples (Florida) News  
Admitted illegal alien arrested after attempted rape   
A Golden Gate man and admitted illegal [alien] was arrested Tuesday after authorities said he attempted to rape a woman inside his home and bit the finger of his brother, who came to the woman’s aid. -- Gabriel Orantes-Cruz was charged with one count of felony battery and one count of misdemeanor battery. [More of Bush's pet fiends] AP Internal Use Only

Californians for Population Stabilization  
CA ALERT! AB 2089 would prohibit state agencies from contracting with companies who hire illegals!
AB 2089 would bar the state from giving contracts to businesses who hire illegal immigrants. The legislation by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) would prohibit state agencies from awarding any contract for the construction of a public works project... 

Willcox (Arizona) Range News   
Bowie man arrested for harboring illegal aliens   
Robert Tapia was arrested last Wednesday on charges of harboring illegal [aliens] at his home in Bowie. -- On Tuesday, March 18, a Border Patrol agent followed footprints to Tapia's home. -- After questioning Tapia and being denied consent to search the home, agents obtained a search warrant for the property. AP Internal Use Only

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas   
Truck drivers, others charged in massive human smuggling scheme   
They are believed to have smuggled hundreds of illegal [aliens] into the United States but now, 41 truck drivers, guides, brokers, recruiters and smuggling leaders are facing criminal charges. -- ICE special agents started the investigation in Laredo but made the arrests across several American cities... AP Internal Use Only

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review   
Fence up, but will it work?   
...Glenn Spencer, who owns 104 acres of property across the river from Ladd and Odle, said the 13-foot fence is simple to cross. For example, he said, people on the Mexican side can park a pickup truck along the border, get on top of the roof, climb a few feet over the fence, drop down onto the posts on the U.S. side and then jump down several feet. AP Internal Use Only

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