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Sunday, March 30, 2008

America Defends Herself 
Local Governments Fill Federal Gap

"...we have another tool on our belts"
Associated Press
Locals Crack Down on Illegal Immigration
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- March 28
Dobbs: ...In Suffern, New York, the mayor has announced that he will seek the same authority to identify illegal aliens among criminal suspects in his jails, turning those identified over to federal authorities. That authority is known as 287-G (ph).
Mayor Keegan: We're not doing this politically, for any political reason. We're doing this to have a tool for our police force to use so that being a pro-active police force so that they can keep the community safer.
Tucker: Advocates for illegal aliens are not happy about the mayor's decision. At a town meeting Thursday night, the mayor explained it's not his intention to deport every illegal alien in Suffern, only those who commit serious crimes. The police chief agrees.
Chief Osborn: The only difference is we now have another tool on our belts to go out there and get rid of the ones that are not only victimizing the legal residents but they're also victimizing the illegals, as well.

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Tucson Citizen          sc     
Feds: Deport migrant prisoners   
Programs in Arizona and New York aimed at cutting the prison sentences of certain immigrant inmates so they can be deported faster have federal officials urging other states to adopt similar policies. -- Officials in the two states say they have saved millions by turning over for early deportation... AP Internal Use Only

San Francisco Chronicle   
ICE raid snags twice-deported convict   
Manassas, Va. -- A twice-deported gang member and illegal [alien] who had been convicted of attempted murder in New York was among the 34 workers arrested Monday during federal raids in Manassas. -- Carlos Moran-Bravo, of Mexico, now faces federal charges for re-entering the country... AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Police: Gwinnett mom encouraged man to move in with her teen daughter   
A Gwinnett County magistrate on Friday set bond at $5,000 for a mother charged in connection with the alleged statutory rape of her 14-year-old daughter. -- Lawrenceville police said the woman allowed Lucio Gomez-Gonzalez, 20, to stay in a room in her home for about a month with her daughter... [More "family values"] AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
ICE raids Latino night clubs in Dallas   
A task force led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided more than two dozen mostly Latino night clubs, restaurants, pool halls and other businesses Saturday night, arresting 49 [illegal aliens] employed as security guards, officials said.... AP Internal Use Only

KWTX-TV -- Waco 
Honduran babysitter sought in death of Texas toddler   
Berny Figueroa of Brenham is wanted for capital murder in the death of a 2-year-old Central Texas girl. -- KBTX –TV reports that the girl was short of breath when her parents picked her up at Figueroa’s home, where the Honduran woman was babysitting the toddler... [More "family values"AP Internal Use Only

Clarion Ledger -- Jackson, Mississippi    
SB 2988 will work, must not be weakened   
The Mississippi Employment Protection Act, SB 2988, became law on Monday, March 17. SB 2988 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. African-American, white, Republican and Democratic legislators voted for this measure. It passed the Senate 52-0 and the House 112-8. Mississippi citizens should thank our leaders... AP Internal Use Only

Associated Press   
U.S. Embassy says CU student killed in robbery attempt in Mexico   
Boulder, Colo. -- The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City says a University of Colorado student was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. -- Embassy spokeswoman Judith Bryan says 21-year-old David Parrish of Boulder was shot when he resisted the robbery attempt on Wednesday. AP Internal Use Only

Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World   
Dispute intensifies over illegal aliens   
Two days of debate in the Kansas Legislature showed the wide range of opinion and emotion on the issue of illegal immigration both in the Capitol and across the state as e-mails flooded the inboxes of legislators. -- Many of the e-mails accused lawmakers of supporting bills that were too weak, some calling legislators traitors and idiots and referring to some as “Amigo Senator.” AP Internal Use Only

Jeffrey Schmidt - The American Thinker   
Another unconservative moment from John McCain   
John McCain's unconservativism was on display this past Wednesday in Los Angeles. Perhaps not in all ways, but in one telling way. Before a gathering of the World Affairs Council, the Arizona senator outlined his thinking on national security and foreign policy. The speech's larger elements have received plenty of coverage. One element did not. AP Internal Use Only

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Rally to Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Associated Press   
9 arrested by Customs in raid on Flowood restaurant   
Flowood, Miss. -- Federal agents arrested eight people they suspect to be illegal immigrants in a raid that closed a Flowood restaurant. -- Agents closed Stix, a Japanese chain restaurant, during the raid Friday. It is unclear what the nationality is of the eight people arrested. A ninth person was arrested later in the day.AP Internal Use Only

Seeing Red AZ  
Sheriff Arpaio doing the job he was elected to do   
A couple of days ago we read that Phoenix Mayor, “Sanctuary City” Phil Gordon, was ”disappointed” that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t coordinating his law enforcement efforts with Gordon’s onetime chief of police, Jack Harris. After retiring, Harris was rehired and gifted by Gordon with the new civilian job title, Phoenix Public Safety Manager. AP Internal Use Only

Santa Rosa (Calif.) Press-Democrat   
Eagle Forum: Stop illegal immigration flood   
Nearly 200 people attended a Rohnert Park conference Saturday about maintaining American sovereignty in the face of rising globalism, and stemming the tide of illegal immigration from Mexico. -- Speakers played to the fears of a receptive audience, espousing views that warned of a possible merger of the United States with Mexico and Canada into a North American Union, and denouncing "anchor babies..." AP Internal Use Only

The Star Beacon -- Ashtabula, Ohio  
14 illegals turned over to border patrol after routine traffic stop   
Saybrook Twp. -- Fourteen illegal [aliens] were turned over to U.S. Border Patrol Thursday after a routine traffic stop. -- Just before 4 p.m. Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers stopped a 2000 Chevrolet van for following too close on Interstate 90...AP Internal Use Only

Joe Guzzardi -- VDare.com  
Leisure industry considers new idea (for it).... hiring Americans!   
For most Americans, cherry blossoms, warmer days and longer nights mark spring’s arrival. -- In the patriotic immigration reform movement, however, we know spring is here when the Chamber of Commerce and small businesses start to whine about the lack of seasonal workers and the urgent need to issue more H-2B visas. AP Internal Use Only

Frederick News-Post -- Frederick County, Maryland   
"Immigrants" speak out at community workshop   
For Frederick's immigrants, acclimating to U.S. culture is no easy task. From different customs to strange foods, the journey of an immigrant doesn't end with a new address. -- Friday, more than 70 people from local advocacy and civic groups met at Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church's community center building... AP Internal Use Only

Dallas Morning News   
Drug cartels operate training camps near Texas border just inside Mexico   
Cd. Camargo, Tamps., Mex. -- The ranch near this border community is isolated, desolate and laced by arroyos – an ideal place, experts say, for training drug cartel assassins. -- Mexican drug cartels have conducted military-style training camps in at least six such locations in northern Tamaulipas and Nuevo León states... AP Internal Use Only

Cliff Kincaid -- News with Views   
McCain's incoherent New World Order   
In his March 26 speech to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, McCain never mentioned the need to preserve American sovereignty. He could have reassured conservatives by stating his forthright opposition to Senate ratification of the U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty, which provides for international control over billions of dollars worth of oil... AP Internal Use Only

Providence (Rhode Island) Journal   
Immigration order draws praise, ire   
Governor Carcieri’s executive order cracking down on illegal immigration met with backlash yesterday — from Rhode Island Democratic Party leaders who accused him of “mandating racial profiling” and from immigrant advocates who accused him of scapegoating and inflaming the debate. It was the talk of talk radio, positive and negative. AP Internal Use Only

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