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Monday, March 31, 2008

Amnesty Trail Remains Open 
Citizens Document Border Patrol Failure

Group of thirty-one suspected border intruders ten miles north of Arizona State Highway 86. Just one of three groups seen (see video).
American Patrol Report -- March 31
    It was tagged "Amnesty Trail." Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens followed it to "amnesty" in the United States. The Strategic Border Initiative was supposed to plug the hole at the border. Just as we predicted, it failed.
    Now citizens are documenting just how bad things really are.
    On Friday, March 28, these brave citizens used a thermal camera to document the flood of invaders. See this video (video now converted to Windows Media format).
    Their report not only shows the flood of probable illegal aliens, it documents how negligent the Border Patrol is in apprehending these people.
    "The degree of betrayal of the people of the United States has never seen an historic equal," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.

Washington Times      sc      
Cuccinelli running for attorney general   
State Sen. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli says he will run for Virginia attorney general in 2009. -- The Republican is one of the Senate's most forceful opponents of abortion rights, gun control, homosexual rights and no-fault divorce. -- He is an advocate for classroom prayer in public schools and crackdowns on [illegal aliens.... criminals]. AP Internal Use Only

Vail (Colorado) Daily   
$16,000 in electronics stolen, illegal alien arrested   
Avon, Colo. -- Police found $16,000 in stolen electronics in the rental car of a man falsely accused of stealing a $2 pie, said Detective Paul Arnold of the Avon Police Department. -- A sales clerk reported that Fernando Ruiz-Huerta stole a $2 pie from Phillips 66 on March 19. Ruiz-Huerta denied stealing the pie...AP Internal Use Only

NBC5-TV -- Dallas     Video Included 
Lewisville undercover operation targets day laborers   
Undercover Lewisville police officers are posing as contractors and cite workers who step off curbs to meet them in the street. -- Local worker Jaime Carrera said out of the day laborers at Huffines Plaza, "probably everybody" will run to a truck that pulls up "just to see what's going on." AP Internal Use Only

San Francisco Chronicle  
Mexican drug cartels move into human smuggling   
Agua Prieta, Son., Mex. -- At the Center to Aid Migrants in Exodus shelter, would-be [illegal aliens in] the United States shared stories of violence at the hands of human smugglers working for drug cartels. -- "You used to be able to walk across" the border, said Javier Corazon, who says he lived in Tucson for decades... AP Internal Use Only

Promoting the North American Union   
Paving the road to the North American Union is something several companies hope to profit from, and at least two vendors at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., are openly promoting the benefits of NAFTA. -- National Distributors Leasing, Inc., promotes itself as "The International Connection."

News Channel 5 -- Nashville   
Illegal alien to be tried as adult in murder case   
A teenager, illegally in the country, accused of killing a mother and her daughter was scheduled to go on trial Monday. -- Jose Sosa was just 16-years-old when he allegedly stabbed Lori and Adrian Roundtree to death in April 2006. -- At the time of the murders Sosa lived next door to the Roundtrees with his three brothers. AP Internal Use Only

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas   
Last suspect in deadly smuggling act to plead guilty   
The last of 14 people indicted for their alleged roles in the nation's deadliest human smuggling attempt are expected to plead guilty next month. -- Octavio Ortega is accused of leading an alleged smuggling ring that led to the deaths of 19 illegal immigrants packed in a sweltering tractor-trailer outside Victoria, Texas five years ago. AP Internal Use Only

Tom Kovach -- RenewAmerica.us   
My "dream team" for the White House   
Recently, I was invited to join the Save America Summit — an informal affiliation of conservative leaders and commentators. The group's goal is to provide an alternative to the presidential candidates put forth by the Big Two political parties in America. When the public's choices are only "Left and Lefter," then that is no choice at all... AP Internal Use Only

Miami Herald   
Anti-illegal immigration groups grow in Florida   
World War II veteran Enos Schera monitors ''the invasion'' from his Miami home in the predominantly Cuban-American suburb of Westchester. Information is the former Marine's weapon. -- Surrounded by stacks of paper, old televisions, VCRs and radios, Florida's ''grandfather of immigration reform'' -- as other activists have dubbed him -- tracks crimes committed by immigrants... AP Internal Use Only

Inside Northern Virginia   
Board to get update on immigration   
Tuesday's Prince William supervisors' meeting will include a presentation of the latest facts and figures on the county's immigration policy, as compiled by police Chief Charlie T. Deane. -- This is the first detailed and formal presentation to the board since the policy allowing police to check immigration status of... AP Internal Use Only

China advances on U.S. trucking   
Louisville, Ky. -- China is advancing quickly on the U.S. trucking industry with its dominating presence at the world's largest trucking trade show, held here this weekend. -- Signs were posted identifying exhibits run by between 120 and 140 individuals as representatives of some 40 Chinese companies at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show. AP Internal Use Only

El Paso Times  
Retaliation by drug gangs feared   
Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mex. - While hundreds of Mexican soldiers armed with automatic rifles arrived in C-130 Hercules aircraft Friday to overpower warring drug gangs, the U.S. State Department reiterated its earlier advice that travelers should be careful when visiting Mexico... [Also see: U.S. placed Mexico under a travel alert] AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
April 5

Cave Creek, Arizona -- 9 AM Pacific | Other Events
Rally to Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Diggers Realm   
McCain protested in Newport Beach over illegal immigration   
On March 25, 2008 members of the Minuteman Project and other patriots protested Senator John McCain and his stance on amnesty for illegal aliens at a fund-raiser he attended in Newport Beach, California. -- Reader Robin sends in this report detailing the events that day and sending in these great pictures... AP Internal Use Only

Santa Rosa (Calif.) Press-Democrat   
Marchers press for illegal alien "rights"   
A smaller than expected but boisterous crowd staged a peaceful march from Roseland to downtown Santa Rosa Sunday, invoking Cesar Chavez’s name in demands for changes in immigration laws. -- An estimated 1,500 demonstrators waved “Si Se Puede” signs and carried banners saying “Stop immigration raids.” AP Internal Use Only

Rob Sanchez -- VDare.com  
John McCain: “I support increases in H-1b visas”   
“There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.” Carly Fiorina, CEO of Hewlett-Packard (HP). January 7, 2004. -- On March 7 Carly Fiorina joined the Republican National Committee as Victory Chairman. A week later Meg Whitman, the outgoing CEO of Ebay, became McCain’s campaign co-chair. AP Internal Use Only

My Fox Colorado   Video Report 
Trial stemming from confidential Ritter info leak begins Monday   
The "Immigration and Customs" agent [Cory Voorhis] accused of leaking confidential information to Republicans during Colorado's last gubernatorial race goes on trial Monday. FOX 31's investigative reporter Julie Hayden looks at the case. AP Internal Use Only

Redding (Calif.) Record-Searchlight   
Illegal alien's crimes earned his time in prison  
Several weeks ago, a Mexican citizen who was illegally in this country accidentally ran over a 3-year-old in the Anderson area. The case was very tragic, but it was clear that the incident was unintentional and not criminal. -- However, the driver, later identified as Jose Alcantar-Ruiz was found to be in our country illegally...AP Internal Use Only

Local News 8-TV -- Idaho Fallss   
Newspaper: Illegal alien lawsuits cost Canyon County $61,000   
Caldwell, Idaho -- Canyon County has paid more than $61,000 in it's efforts to sue businesses that employed undocumented workers for the added costs of government. -- That's according to the Idaho Press-Tribune, which used a public records request to tally the legal bills. AP Internal Use Only

San Francisco Examiner   
Debate focuses on $2M in tax money going to aid reconquistas   
Baltimore, Md. -- Walter Abbott lost his house, his drywall company – twice – and now his freedom. -- When he discovered Maryland funds pro-immigration group CASA de Maryland, he fired off an angry letter to Gov. Martin O’Malley containing a threat on the governor’s life. AP Internal Use Only

Walter Moore -- MooreIsBetter.com     
L.A. should adopt "Jamiel's Law"
Mayor Villaraigosa has delivered on his promise, from his 2005 mayoral campaign, to uphold Special Order 40, the policy that makes Los Angeles a sanctuary for illegal aliens. -- As a result, Jamiel Shaw, Jr. is dead, and his parents' hearts are broken.... AP Internal Use Only

Pacific News Center -- Hagatna, Guam   
Suspected illegals face charges, deportation   
A United States attorney assured that charges will be filed against nine suspected illegal [aliens] who were captured on Guam. -- U.S. Attorney Lenny Rapadas said they are still investigating the case, but said the illegal immigrants could be charged and may be deported... AP Internal Use Only

Scoping out Pepe   
Gringos here in Mexico talk endlessly about how they love and admire the Mexican people, how friendly the natives are, how wonderful the culture is and, by strong implication, how wonderful the gringos are for appreciating Mexico. Actually they don’t. They live in gated communities in the hills... AP Internal Use Only

Marshall (Texas) News Messenger    
Local Republicans oppose national superhighway at county convention   
The Republican Party of Harrison County Convention played to a full house Saturday as delegates, alternates and guests crowded into a first-floor courtroom at the Harrison County Courthouse. -- Chad Sims, conducting his first convention since being elected local party chairman, said the meeting represented politics at "a grassroots" level. AP Internal Use Only

State Journal -- Charleston, West Virginia  
Mexican illegals arrested during traffic stop   
Troopers arrest four [illegal aliens] from Mexico after a traffic stop early Sunday morning. -- South Charleston State Police stopped a green Toyota pick-up truck on Oakwood Road after it failed to stop at a stop sign. The driver, Carlo Ortiz, of Mexico, did not have a driver's license... AP Internal Use Only

New York Sun   
Illegal alien sues NYPD, saying they called in feds   
An unlicensed cab driver will seek to show a federal jury this week that the police department is failing to abide by Mayor Bloomberg's pledge that the city won't alert immigration authorities to illegal aliens who otherwise obey the law. -- The case of the cab driver, Waheed Saleh of Jenin in the West Bank, indicates that... AP Internal Use Only

Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Sun-News 
S.C. bills rely on sending criminals to homeland   
In the summer of 2005, a young man from Mexico was shot to death after an alcohol-fueled argument in a Green Sea house full of migrant workers. -- The others were quick to name two shooters, who were arrested, said Scott Hixson, the prosecutor who worked on the case... AP Internal Use Only

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