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Monday, April 7, 2008

Big Fences Make Good Neighbors
Differing Heights

Fence near Columbus, New Mexico. -- See larger photo
American Border Patrol -- April 7
Tall vs Short Fences
    The border fence being installed near Columbus, NM is more than sixteen feet high and recent reports suggest it is working.
    On the other hand, the fence near Naco, AZ is only thirteen feet high and reports suggest it is not working.
    "The American People need to know just how the DHS makes decisions that on the surface seem totally wrong," said Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol.
    Spencer said later today ABP will release a video report on its aerial survey of the El Paso Sector performed last Friday.

The Times -- Liberal, Kansas          sc       
Former border patrol agent speaks on immigration   
Zack Taylor was a border patrol agent and a supervisory border patrol agent for 26 years. Though he retired in 2003, he still lives in the same house in Arizona where he has only to look to the south to see the Mexican border... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

One News Now  
Activist fears building of border fence may be delayed   
Immigration reform activist Rick Oltman is blasting two environmental groups for asking the Supreme Court to review some congressional waivers aimed at breaking through the red tape of building a border fence. -- The Bush administration has announced that it has congressional approval to waive more than... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

CBS News     Video Included 
CBS Discovers Scam: Anchor baby births -- at your expense   
It was 5 a.m. and CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts is with a woman who is nine months pregnant. She's rushed to a south Texas hospital to undergo a C-section - a $4,700 medical procedure that won't cost her a dime. She qualifies for emergency Medicaid... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Illegal Alien Watch: Immigration screening OK'd in Gwinnett County   
The Gwinnett County Commission agreed Tuesday to fund a program to screen jail inmates for immigration violations. Supporters say the program, known as 287(g), could result in the deportation of thousands of undocumented immigrants from Gwinnett County. Here's a look at what residents can expect when the program begins this fall... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Illegal alien arrested for firing AK-47   
Maricopa County sheriff's deputies arrested an illegal immigrant after he was suspected of firing an AK-47 while roaming the streets of East Mesa, officials said. -- Abraham Duarte, 20, was first seen in an unincorporated area east of Apache Trail and Ellsworth Road, said Deputy Doug Matteson... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

El Paso Times   
Brothers indicted in alleged immigration scheme   
A federal grand jury has returned a 19-count indictment against twin brothers Alberto and Bernardo Peña, and three others on charges of obtaining fraudulent work visas for more than 80 Indian nationals. -- The Peña brothers, both 38, face charges of obtaining fraudulent H-2B visas... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Boston Globe 
Governor asks religious leaders to appeal for calm on illegals  
Providence, RI -- Gov. Don Carcieri called on religious leaders Friday to appeal for calm following protests and controversy over an executive order he signed last week cracking down on illegal immigration. -- The latest reaction to his order was a rowdy protest Thursday, when dozens of protesters filled his policy office chanting slogans... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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Nashua (New Hampshire) Telegraph   
Arizona is at forefront of illegal immigration crackdown   
As it has become the favorite entry point for undocumented migrants trying to sneak into the United States, Arizona has become a laboratory for whether a state can single-handedly combat illegal immigration. -- In recent years it has barred illegal immigrants from receiving government services... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Memphis Commercial Appeal   
Realtor stops illegal alien loans   
Su Casa Realty, one of the biggest real estate agencies catering to Hispanic immigrants in Memphis, has largely stopped selling homes to people without Social Security numbers, often a sign that they are here illegally. -- Juan Romo, part owner of the Century 21 franchise, said mortgage programs for people who lack Social Security numbers aren't likely to come back... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Stockton (Calif.) Record   
Day laborer numbers soar in San Joaquin County   
....The housing boom made construction one of San Joaquin County's fastest-growing industries from 2002 to 2005, according to a 2006 California Employment Development Department report. -- It's a different story now. The residential building halt and mounting foreclosure crisis, the latter of which has displaced many San Joaquin County families, also have left a shortage of work... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Badger Herald -- University of Wisconsin   
Columnist pushes hard line in immigration   
Conservative columnist and FOX News Channel contributor Michelle Malkin told a group of University of Wisconsin students Friday the nation needs to enforce its immigration laws more strictly. -- The UW College Republicans hosted Malkin’s lecture at Ingraham Hall... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KTAR -- Phoenix   
Arpaio: No racial profiling, 'I lock up everybody'   
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's crackdown on illegal immigration may have only just begun in the East Valley, with last week's patrols in the town of Guadalupe. -- State lawmakers from the East Valley, led by Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, have sent the sheriff a letter inviting him to their district, and Arpaio said Mesa might be next on his list. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Freedom Folks   
Blogs 4 Borders video update   
Our weekly blog podcast on illegal immigration and border security issues. In this weeks edition: Importing Mexico? Where is the roughest neighborhood in Mexico? LA! -- Reconquista the musical! Mexican rapper demands amnesty makes threats!... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Zero tolerance working, says Border Patrol   
Most illegal [aliens] selected for prosecution under a new zero-tolerance initiative are getting little jail time, but the program still might be producing the deterrent officials desired. -- The U.S. Border Patrol-led program, which started in January and prosecutes as many as 60 illegal [aliens] a day... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Leaders fear Arpaio sweep disrupting Palomino   
For more than 10 years, Phoenix police, neighborhood residents and area businesses have been working together to turn around north Phoenix's Palomino neighborhood. -- The neighborhood for years was known for its gangs, drug dealers, blighted buildings and crowded conditions. It was home to illegal [aliens]... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KVOA-TV -- Tucson  
Guadalupe patrols net 47 arrests; 9 illegal aliens   
Maricopa County sheriff's deputies and volunteers arrested 47 people during its latest "saturation patrol" in the town of Guadalupe. -- Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Paul Chagolla says 9 of those arrested were of illegal [aliens]. -- The sheriff's office conducted the patrols despite opposition from Guadalupe Mayor Bernadette Jimenez...~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Ross Kaminsky -- Human Events   
Bank on the SAVE Act for immigration reform   
The flavor-of-the-month immigration bill comes from a Democrat, North Carolina’s Heath Shuler and his bill, HR 4088, entitled the “Secure America Through Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007” or “SAVE Act.” ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

WHEC-TV - Rochester, New York        sc       
Illegal alien escapes Sheriff's custody   
A manhunt is on after a man escaped from Monroe County Sheriffs early Sunday morning. -- Sheriff’s officials say Efron Lopez is still on the run. -- Lopez was pulled over by deputies around 3:00 Sunday morning and taken into custody, but he escaped when he was transferred to another police car. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Barbara Simpson -- WorldNetDaily.com   
$elling America behind our backs   
How would you feel if your local airport was leased and operated by foreign companies? -- I know – you think there's enough to worry about. -- But that's because you're being distracted from a growing movement to sell the country right out from under you. You probably never heard about it. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Edmond (Oklahoma) Sun   
English-only bill advances in House amid controversy   
Oklahoma voters soon may decide whether to make English the state’s official language. -- A bill amendment that would establish the official language passed out of a House committee Wednesday and soon will be heard by the full House... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Mattlogelin -- Shield of Achilles   
Los Angeles is lost   
Just when I think I've seen every outrage there is, along comes another one to surprise me. Maria "Chata" Leon is an illegal immigrant who has lived on Drew Street in Glassell park, Los Angeles for 23 years. During that time, she led a family-based drug ring that included many of her 13 children (by five different men)... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Sampson Independent -- Clinton, North Carolina  
Illegal alien jailed for kidnapping of mother, child   
Roseboro (NC) Police, the State Bureau of Investigations and the Federal Bureau of Investigations came together Thursday to solve a kidnapping that ended in a car chase and put an illegal alien behind bars under a million dollar bond and awaiting deportation. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) News Sun    
Research looks at costs, resources for educating 'immigrants' in Carolinas   
Are illegal immigrants' children draining educational resources? -- Much depends on individuals' attitudes toward educating all children and the best allocation of tax dollars. -- In the study "Breaking the Piggy Bank: How Illegal Immigration Is Sending Schools Into the Red," the Federation for American Immigration Reform... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Capitol Hill Coffee House   
America's Fifth Column   
America has a growing enemy within. This enemy is referred to by experts as America’s Fifth Column. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the term Fifth Column refers to “A clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity [unity] by any means at their disposal.” ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Update on deadly crash of suspected load vehicle in Arizona  
At least one person was killed and more than a dozen were injured when a van loaded with suspected illegals rolled on Interstate 10 near Benson. -- The van was westbound on I-10 when it rolled just after 5 a.m. near Empirita Road at milepost 292, about 15 miles west of Benson, said Officer Quent Mehr...~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KOLD-TV -- Tucson   
Deadly accident near Benson, Arizona (illegals possibly involved)  
7:05 am PDT -- Crews are on the scene of a major accident southeast of Tucson. -- Department of Public Safety officials say the crash happened along westbound Interstate-10 near milepost 292, just before 5 a.m. That's between Vail and Benson... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

The Scotsman -- Edinburgh   
Vodka firm 'sorry' over Mexico advert   
The Absolut vodka company has apologised for an advertising campaign depicting the south-western United States as part of Mexico, amid angry calls for a consumer boycott. -- The campaign, which promotes ideal scenarios under the slogan "In an Absolut World…", depicted a map from the 1830s, when Mexico included California, Texas and other south-western states... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Immigration Watchdog  
Special Order 40 is to blame for Jamiel Shaw’s death   
On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, at 10:00 a.m., The Shaw Family will be going to City Hall to speak to the Council Members about ‘JamielsLaw’. -- We are asking you to please visit the website, ‘JamielsLaw.com’. If you agree with JamielsLaw, we are asking you to support us and join us!! ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Rich Campbell -- Treasure Coast Newspapers -- Stuart, Florida   
Why should state defer to criminal aliens?   
I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. -- Why Florida lawmakers refuse to tackle illegal immigration — in a meaningful way — is “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” to quote Winston Churchill. -- The 2008 Legislature has taken a few tentative steps in the right direction.... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Austin American-Statesman   
Trans-Texas Corridor foes march on Capitol   
For Peyton Gilbert, the battle over the Trans-Texas Corridor is reminiscent of the moment in 1836 when Lt. Col. William Travis drew a line in the sand at the Alamo and invited those willing to fight thousands of Mexican soldiers to step across. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

San Bernardino County (Calif.) Sun   
Economy hard on "immigrants"   
... The new dynamic recently has been seen in mass demonstrations and Latino voter registration drives in response to proposed immigration legislation. -- At the same time, the economic slowdown and fear of terrorism have fused with concerns about a porous southern border seen increasingly as a gateway not only for illegal [aliens] but also terrorists, said Armando Navarro...~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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