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Friday, April 18, 2008

Do As You Say
Pope Should Remember Words of Christmas 2005

Benedictus XVI
Joseph Ratzinger

Encyclical Letter
- 12/25/05
    "Fundamental to Christianity is the distinction between what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God."
    "The just ordering of society and the State is a central responsibility of politics."
    "The Church cannot and must not take upon herself the political battle to bring about the most just society possible."
    "The direct duty to work for a just ordering of society, on the other hand, is proper to the lay faithful. As citizens of the State, they are called to take part in public life in a personal capacity."

Video  Rep. Tancredo Blasts Pope on Illegal Immigration -- House Floor, April 17, 2008 -- Related Story

Douglas (Arizona) Daily Dispatch     sc          
Hearing waived for man charged in crash that killed illegals   
A Mexican national accused of transporting illegal [aliens] for profit resulting in death had his preliminary hearing waived Wednesday in federal court. -- Francisco Javier Morquecho-Valdez, 19, is still being detained because he has no legal U.S. immigration status, and the dates for depositions... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

The Hill      
Democrat leadership wants to give illegal aliens tax breaks   
...A measure that would have killed the Taxpayer Assistance and Simplification Act of 2008 failed on a 210-210 tie vote, despite vote-shifting after the clock ran out. Twenty-one Democrats voted for the measure, which also would have changed the tax bill to prevent illegal [aliens] from getting tax breaks. [Related forum for comments]~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

WKRC-TV -- Cincinnati, Ohio        
Man arrested in Butler County for selling fake ID's   
The more you pay, the better the fake ID's and social security cards you get. One man is accused of selling the documents right out of his truck. -- Local 12's Rich Jaffe was with undercover deputies this afternoon as they moved in to shut down a man selling new identities to illegal immigrants... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer        
Restaurant smuggled, exploited workers, agents say   
Owners and managers of a popular Mexican restaurant in Mentor smuggled workers north from Mexico, charged them high fees for the crossing and demanded they work long hours to pay off the debt, according to federal authorities... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~


Russell Pearce for US Congress
Click Here to Help Russell Pearce

News Channel 9 -- Chattanooga, Tennessee       
Atlanta illegal alien aid includes Cleveland restaurant   
An illegal [alien] investigation involving smuggling is underway in Atlanta and it involves at least one business in Cleveland. The federal government has indicted seven people and more could be coming. -- The government indicted the people who supplied what it calls an illegal labor pool... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Denver Post       
Dean urges McCain to repudiate Tancredo   
Rep. Tom Tancredo's verbal attack on Pope Benedict XVI triggered a word battle today with Democratic Party Chair Howard Dean. -- Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., Dean called on presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain to denounce the Colorado congressman... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Myrtle Beach (South Carolina) Sun-News        
Panel backs immigration rules   
Columbia, SC -- House negotiators on Wednesday agreed to Senate demands that private employers be held accountable in a proposed immigration bill. -- Rep. Thad Viers, R-Myrtle Beach, said sentiment has changed since the House passed its version of the bill two months ago. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Tyler (Texas) Morning Telegraph        
Hispanic lawyers claim raids violated civil rights (LULAC involved)   
Hispanic attorneys claimed that the civil rights of dozens of Pilgrim's Pride workers were violated and asked the federal authorities to reconsider whether it was the right way to handle the situation. They were arrested in an illegal immigrants raid. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

WBZ -- Boston        
Town restricts beach to local residents   
Merrimack, NH -- The town council in Merrimack, New Hampshire has voted to ban non-residents from the town beach, after complaints last year about Spanish-speaking visitors. -- The ordinance approved Thursday says non-residents can use the beach if they are with a resident. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Barbara Anderson -- WebCommentary.com        
The political pope   
An appearance by the leader of millions of Roman Catholics on our own soil is rare. The pageantry connected with such a visit is always wonderful to see. -- The pope addressed different groups and spoke of the lofty aspirations of all human beings: freedom and dignity. On those aspirations almost all could agree. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Walter Moore for Mayor of Los Angeles      
Outnumbered: Jamiel's Law can even the odds
According toe the LAPD's website, our city has 41,000 gang members, and only 9,630 police officers. -- Translation: our police are outnumbered by a ratio of more than four-to-one. That's like fielding a football team with just three players on it~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-Journal        
Tech says students had right to play 'illegal immigrant' game   
"ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT" read the T-shirt's front. "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN" read the back. -- Students in the Texas Tech chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas wore the T-shirt on campus one day as part of a game, "Catch the Illegal Immigrant." ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com       
Bratton, MEChA-boy mayor play for time in wake of Jamiel Shaw murder   
If there is anything that reveals America's moral rot stemming from the loss of law and borders, it is the protection of criminals to the endangerment of the public. -- Among the violent crimes that devastate American families, there is a category that is completely preventable... those committed by illegal aliens. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Los Angeles Daily News       
Vehement Mexican Reconquista politician barks demands at Chertoff   
State Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez and 22 other state lawmakers blasted DHS Thursday, calling for the federal agency to halt immigration raids at the workplace. -- The California legislators, in a terse letter to DHS secretary Michael Chertoff, asked for a moratorium on the raids by ICE agents until they can have a "frank exchange" over their methods. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

San Francisco Examiner         sc    
Leading illegal-alien critics to join forces, regional founders say   
Washington, DC -- Critics of illegal immigration across the region are forming a new organization today to take up the cause. -- The Capital Area Coalition Against Illegal Immigration brings together the leaders of groups that have pushed for a crackdown in Prince William County, opposed a day-labor center... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Los Angeles Times        
Researcher: Santa Barbara County economy threatened by gangs  
Researchers say rising gang activity and violent crime are threatening Santa Barbara County's economy, which is driven by tourism and retirees. -- UCSB Economic Forecast Project executive director Bill Watkins says crime and gangs could "dramatically impact the quality of life for all Santa Barbara County residents." ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

WTAE-TV -- Pittsburgh        
Suspected illegals arrested during traffic stop   
Washington Co., Pa. -- Fallowfield Township police made an unexpected discovery during a traffic stop on Friday morning. -- Police said they found three suspected illegal [aliens] from Mexico inside a sport utility vehicle that had been stopped for speeding. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Legal Newswire        
AG's refusal to take illegal aliens' case threatens federal funding   
Lincoln, Neb. -- Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning's failure to prosecute a case on behalf of two illegal [aliens] could cost the state federal funding aimed at fighting discrimination. -- Earlier this month, after the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission forwarded him the latest case involving the illegal [aliens]... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

9/11 Families for a Secure America       
Seminar set for Saturday on New York 287(g) proposal   
NY Assemblyman Greg Ball just introduced A-10593, a Bill to require 287(g) protection in New York State, ban sanctuary cities within the state, deport criminal aliens in our prisons, and require vendors who do business with New York to use the E-verify system. -- This Saturday 9/11 Families for a Secure America... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KTVK-TV -- Phoenix        
MCSO arrests 30 illegal aliens near Wickenburg   
Moving from the streets of Guadalupe and Phoenix into the desert, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Human Smuggling Unit intercepted three separate load vehicles in a two hour span last night in the vicinity of Wickenburg, Arizona, resulting in the arrests of 30 illegal aliens... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers        
Chihuahua governor bewails U. S. travel warning for Mexico    
The governor of the state of Chihuahua, Jose Reyes Baeza Terrazas, considers the decision of the U.S. yesterday to issue the strongly worded travel alert regarding violence and narcotraffic problems along the border to have little basis and not in keeping with the good relations between Mexico and the U.S. .. [Other news included in this report]~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

United for a Secure America -- Phoenix        
Arpaio posse member files complaint against 'Sanctuary Phil' Gordon   
A Scottsdale fitness guru and member of the sheriff’s posse filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s Office Tuesday accusing Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon of trying to stop Joe Arpaio from enforcing federal immigration law. Bill Crawford, who owns Basic Fitness gym in Scottsdale, said he is acting as private citizen and not on Arpaio’s behalf. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Dump the Mexican Reconquista L. A. mayor
Los Angeles can and should be the envy of the world. Instead, our city is a mess, and it gets worse each month. We can't afford four more years of a mayor who spends all his time running for the next office, staging photo-ops and going on out- of- town trips. We need a competent, full-time working mayor... AP Internal Use Only

Isanti County News -- Cambridge, Minnesota       
Deployment to send Guard troops to Mexican border   
Approximately 40 Minnesota Army National Guard soldiers, including those from the Cambridge-based 850th Engineer Company, will conduct their scheduled annual training in support of “Operation Jump Start.” -- This federal initiative uses National Guard soldiers from across the nation to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border against illegal immigration and drug trafficking. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix        
Hispanic lawmakers join call for Arpaio investigation   
Showing a unified front, Latino state lawmakers said Thursday they are backing Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's call for a federal probe into Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's recent crime sweeps in Hispanic neighborhoods. -- Lawmakers said the sheriff's tactics are tantamount to racial profiling and reflect poorly on all Arizonans, regardless of their ethnic heritage. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Detroit News       
Coast Guard officer indicted for accepting bribes from family of illegal alien   
A U.S. Coast Guard petty officer has been indicted on bribery charges, accused of accepting more than $35,000 in bribes from the family of an illegal alien seeking to avoid deportation, the U.S. Attorney's Office announced Thursday... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

American Border Patrol      
Texan guards Arizona border  
Last night a man from Canyon Lakes, Texas, was watching the border using an American Border Patrol Virtual Vigilance camera when he spotted suspicious activity. About 15 people got out of an SUV and headed for the border. He called the Border Patrol and they stopped the group at the border. According to ABP the system is being watched only about 5% of the time so far and already they are getting results....

Phyllis Schlafly -- WorldNetDaily.com        
Immigration breaks backs of taxpaying U.S. citizens   
Are you having a hard time paying your bills, making your mortgage payments or putting your kids through college? You need to know how much of your hard-earned income the government is skimming off and diverting into handouts to immigrants and illegal [aliens]. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Houston Chronicle        
Drunken crash nets illegal alien 10-year sentence   
A woman injured so badly in a car crash that police thought she was dead was wheeled into court this morning to watch the illegal immigrant who hit her plead guilty to intoxication assault. -- Jorge Balderas was sentenced to the maximum punishment of 10 years in prison for crashing into Crystal Gaskin's pickup... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Phyllis Schlafly -- Eagle Forum        
North American Union: Conspiracy or coverup?   
Ever since Hillary proclaimed the Clintons as the victims of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," conspiracy has been the hot word used to ridicule your opponents. When President Bush wanted to avoid answering questions about whether the Security and Prosperity Partnership is the prelude to a North American Union...

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