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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hasta la Vista, Baby
El Burro Sabe Mas Que Tu (You are really stupid)

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- July 9  
"I wanna cut his nuts off." --Jesse Jackson

Bill Tucker, CNN: It's a simple, straight-forward statement from the campaign trail in Powder Springs, Georgia. When it comes to getting along in America, presidential candidate Barack Obama has these thoughts on immigration and English.
Obama: I agree with that, but, understand this, instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English -- they'll learn English -- you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish. You should be thinking about how can your child become bilingual.
Tucker: Critics of the senator's statement point out the real problem isn't Americans learning another language... In fact, America's the most multilingual country in the world. Literally hundreds of languages are spoken here, and the linguistic diversity is not limited to urban areas. It's geographically widespread, which is why proponents of making English the official language argue it's important that one language be the official language of communication.
Jim Boulet, English First: It appears from Barack's statement that the only people expected to learn another language are English- speaking children. They're to be required to learn Spanish.
Video Watch Spanish / US English / Drug War Transcript

One News Now   
McCain, Obama, and La Raza   
...San Diego will host La Raza's national convention July 12-15. Senator Obama is scheduled to address the group on July 13, with Senator McCain on tap the next day. Rick Oltman, national spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, doubts either candidate will say anything against La Raza's agenda that favors illegal immigration.... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Dana Gabriel -- OpEdNews.com  
NAFTA and SPP, securing U.S. access to Canadian resources   
Part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) objectives include further removing barriers and securing access and control to Canadian resources. NAFTA has already seemingly granted the U.S. unlimited access to Canadian energy. The SPP will bring about the further deregulation and privatization of Canadian institutions. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Feds place order for mobile radar systems for use on border   
The federal government has placed a $4 million order for unmanned mobile surveillance system units with ICx Technologies to be deployed along the southern border of the United States. -- ICx Technologies' Cerberus unit is a fully integrated mobile surveillance tower that combines advanced, high-resolution radars with thermal and imaging cameras... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Sacramento Bee   
California state worker probed in ID security breach   
A state worker recently married to a member of the Mexican Mafia who is in Corcoran State Prison for a gang murder is herself under investigation for downloading more than 5,000 names, addresses and Social Security numbers belonging to Department of Consumer Affairs staff, The Bee has learned... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

San Diego Union-Tribune   
39 congressmen ask accounting in agent's death    
Tucson, Az. -- Thirty-nine congressmen wrote President Bush and Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Thursday asking if the government had asked Mexico to extradite a now-freed suspect in a U.S. Border Patrol agent's death. -- Justice Department officials have refused to say what steps they may have taken to have Jesus Navarro Montes returned to this country... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

American Border Patrol    
Photo of the day
Mike Christie of American Border Patrol checks performance of "sundog" camera - part of Virtual Vigilance border surveillance system.

Coming Up
July 18
Tulsa, Oklahoma -- Outraged Patriots
Come and Meet State Rep. Randy Terrill

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson     sc     
Border agent pleads guilty to smuggling illegals   
El Paso -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent pleaded guilty Wednesday to his role in an [illegal alien] smuggling conspiracy, the U.S. Attorney's Office said. -- Jesus M. Huizar pleaded guilty to conspiracy to smuggle, transport and harbor illegal [aliens] and conspiracy to commit money laundering. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Argus Leader -- Sioux Falls, South Dakota 
Illegal immigrant indicted for return   
A Honduran man who has been deported four times in 10 years was indicted Tuesday in U.S. District Court for illegally re-entering the country. -- Victor Manuel Reyes-Chavez, 52, was arrested June 24 outside the Dakota Beef processing plant in Howard... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

The Hill -- Washington   
Giuliani: Obama capturing 'an anti-American feeling'   
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-N.Y.) said Thursday that Barack Obama is capturing 'an anti-American feeling' responding to Obama telling a town hall audience in Georgia that their children should learn to speak Spanish. -- "Well this is why he is a popular candidate in Europe, because there is such an anti-American feeling and he is sort of capturing that," Giuliani said... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

El Paso Times   
Buried body, 8 new slayings add to rising toll in Juárez   
Street shootings, a buried body and a narco-message were parts of at least eight homicides Tuesday and Wednesday in Juárez, Chihuahua state police said. -- The decomposing body of an unidentified man, whose hands were bound behind his back, was found Tuesday buried in the Senderos de San Isidro area, police said. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Northwest Arkansas Times   
Mexico? Really?   
Studies like the one performed last year by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation - it found that about half the state's Hispanic population is here illegally - is exactly the sort of thing that has turned scores of residents into activists scouring the countryside for registered voters to sign onto a petition supported by Secure Arkansas... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

"Couch Patrol" launches booking system   
Users of American Border Patrol's Virtual Vigilance system can now schedule cameras online. Custom software developed by ABP allows those in the system to enter their user name and password and book time on the camera systems without going through ABP. "This camera booking management system completes the circle of a total system for citizen border surveillance," said Glenn Spencer, head of ABP.

Associated Press      Video Included  
Commission refuses to issue names of New Haven ID holders   
Hartford, Conn. — The state Freedom of Information Commission rejected Wednesday a request by a newspaper editor and a community group to release the names of people who have been issued New Haven resident ID cards... [Related story with video from WTNH-TV]~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KOVR-TV -- West Sacramento   
Anti-illegal immigration sign irks some   
Sacramento, Calif. -- A local man is drawing criticism after driving around town with an anti-illegal immigration sign mounted on a trailer. -- The sign reads "Build the wall, deport them all," and Davi Rodriguez says it's part of an attempt to educate residents on illegal immigration... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest news from south of the border   
In an interview by regional correspondent Jonathán Tapia with Nuevo León ex-gubernatorial candidate Mauricio Fernández Garza, the National Action Party (PAN) member assured that drug cartels offer financing to all gubernatorial candidates in all states....

Associated Press   
Poultry plant manager charged in immigration probe   
Columbia, SC -- A manager at a Greenville poultry factory under federal investigation was arrested Wednesday and charged with telling employees to use falsified immigration documents, according to court filings. -- Elaine Crump, listed as personnel manager for House of Raeford Farms, was arrested a day after she was indicted... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KOLD-TV -- Tucson   
Deputies: Bomb detonated; suspected illegal aliens flee   
An unexploded shell led to the evacuation of a south Phoenix recycling plant Wednesday. -- Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene yesterday afternoon after receiving a tip about a potential hostage situation at All Products Recycling Center... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KPHO-TV -- Phoenix   
Reconquistas plan to disrupt Arpaio broadcast   
Open border activists are encouraging protestors to disrupt Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's live radio broadcast from Tucson on Thursday. -- Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, a grassroots organization that opposes the "militarization" of the southern U.S. border, has demanded that Arpaio stay out of Pima County. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Boulder (Colorado) Daily Camera   
Deranged illegal alien sentenced to prison   
A Boulder man arrested in April after police said he crashed a memorial gathering, grabbed the breast of a deceased woman's sister and showed her grieving mother pornographic pictures was sentenced today to one year in prison... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KOLD-TV -- Tucson   
Stash house busted in Tucson   
Two suspects are behind bars after Counter Narcotics Alliance detectives confiscated four thousand pounds of marijuana during a drug bust on Tucson's west side Tuesday night. -- The whole crime unraveled Tuesday afternoon when narcotics detectives pulled over a suspicious looking 2008, white Chevy Avalanche... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

We Get E-Mail   
More Beltway shenanigans exposed   
As I write this alert, the U.S. Senate is preparing to reauthorize legislation that has had a ticking time bomb secretly added to the bill. -- What is it? Its a new section of the bill that would rescind the current ban on allowing visitors into the United States who are infected with the deadly AIDS virus...

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com   
Is San Francisco at the tipping point?   
an Francisco has recently gotten overdue censure for being the nation's biggest psych ward masquerading as a city, showing what happens when left-wing border anarchists are allowed to run a major metropolis. -- The event which dismayed even the mainstream media: an expensive city program that protected illegal alien Honduran crack dealers... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

El Paso Times   
Border Patrol agent pleads guilty to illegal alien smuggling   
U.S. Border Patrol agent Jesus Miguel Huizar faces five years in federal prison after pleading guilty Wednesday morning to conspiracy to smuggle, transport and harbor [illegal aliens] and conspiracy to commit money laundering, United States Attorney Johnny Sutton announced... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Benton County (Arkansas) Daily Record   
Secure Arkansas group to plan strategies   
A proposed initiated act that would have prohibited illegal aliens from getting some services from the state of Arkansas failed to make it to the state ballot in 2008. But that doesn't mean the group that supported the proposal is disbanding, a Secure Arkansas official said Tuesday... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

San Antonio Express-News   
Group suing U.S. Border Patrol over document checks in an evacuation   
A group of Rio Grande Valley nonprofit agencies announced Wednesday they were suing the U.S. Border Patrol to get clear answers on whether there would be document checks of Rio Grande Valley residents fleeing a hurricane... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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