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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Immigration -- The Elephant in the Room
America's Future - Too Important for a Public Discussion?

Washington Post -- September 6  

Tide of immigrants could one day overwhelm us
    ...An increase of 135 million people by 2050 is equivalent to the entire populations of Mexico and Canada moving here. Assuming the same ratio of population to infrastructure that exists today, the United States would need to build and pay for 36,000 schools. We would need to develop enough land to accommodate 52 million new housing units, along with places for the people who lived in them to shop and work. We would also have to construct enough roads to handle 106 million more vehicles.
    Of course, our country can "fit" more people. But such a dramatic increase would affect many issues about which Americans are concerned, including the environment, traffic, congestion, sprawl and the loss of open spaces. Technology and planning could help manage this situation, but there is no way they could offset all of the impact of 135 million more people. This massive increase also would have implications for the size and scope of government; more densely settled societies almost always are more heavily regulated societies. [Not to mention the erasure of the American culture.]
American Patrol Comment: The challenge is to get the immigration issue, especially illegal immigration, into the presidential race. Go to small town presidential campaign meetings and ask questions! Go to FAIR's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" event. 

James McCusker -- Everett (Washington) Herald         sc          
Absurd case shows mess caused by illegal hirings   
...Agriprocessors is the largest kosher meat-processing company in the United States. Its plant in Postville, Iowa, has for some time been the scene of conflict with the federal government, primarily over the hiring of illegal immigrants, but also violations of child labor laws. .. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Peninsula Daily News -- Port Angeles, Washington   
Border Patrol crackdown on West End pleases some, disturbs some in Forks   
A trip down Forks Avenue at lunchtime provides a fast tour of this town's tossed salad of cultures. -- There's the Tienda Latina grocery store, packed with Boing! fruit drinks from Mexico, sweet Mexican cakes, hot chiles from Los Angeles and a row of rose-colored and royal-blue guitars... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Providence (Rhode Island) Journal 
Panel upholds firing of Westerly officer   
A three-member Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights panel has upheld the firing of a Westerly police officer, according to a prepared statement from Police Chief Edward A. Mello. -- Jorge Alves, 34, was found guilty of violating 11 department rules and regulations related to reporting for duty, truthfulness, duty to obey orders and competence... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KTIV-TV -- Sioux City, Iowa  
County considering housing more immigration law violators   
Juveniles picked up by police in Dakota County will continue to be sent to Woodbury County, at least for the time being. -- Officials are still mulling over a proposed contract with Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Services out of Madison. -- The jail board hopes to clarify the contract in a way to save tax payer dollars... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Victorville (Calif.) Daily Press  
Immigration screenings at local detention center net more criminal aliens   
The immigration screening operation at West Valley Detention Center has marked nearly as many criminal aliens for deportation during the first quarter of 2007 as the federal program did in all of 2005, according to officials... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Phillip Matier & Andrew Ross -- San Francisco Chronicle 
Schwarzenegger could soon face recall   
As if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't have enough troubles with the state's $17.2 billion budget mess, now comes word that there may be a move afoot to recall him. -- Well-placed Sacramento sources tell us the state's politically powerful and well-financed prison guards union has lawyers drawing up language for a recall initiative... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Peter Brimelow -- VDare.com  
Will Obama checkmate McCain by calling on him to pledge a "bipartisan" amnesty?   
It's obvious from our email that a lot of people desperately want a reason to vote against Barack Obama - as Ryan Kennedy put it: "Sarah Barracuda. All our hopes rest on thee." -- But Obama and the Democrats can easily break this momentum. All Obama has to do is ask John McCain...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest news from south of the border   
There is evidence that drug cartels are moving their operations to Argentina. Because of tougher enforcement measures in Mexico and Colombia, the “capos” are forced to seek countries with laws and enforcement more lax. Argentina has been considered only a “port of transit” for drugs until recently...

Alan Caruba -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto   
The GOP morning after   
Republicans woke up on Saturday morning with the realization they have nominated one of the most liberal candidates for President in decades. After eight years of George W. Bush who didn’t veto a single spending bill until after the GOP lost control of Congress in 2006, and after ballooning budgets and deficits, Republicans in Washington, D.C. have become Democrats....

Houston Chronicle  
Bars that were bases for sex ring still open for business   
For years, Gerardo Salazar played the Romeo in dusty Mexican villages, trolling town squares and schoolyards for women and girls he could seduce with declarations of love and, ultimately, sell in seedy Houston cantinas. -- Salazar, who called himself El Gallo — the Rooster — could have been arrested three years ago... [More "family values"~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Jan Herron -- Magic City Morning Star -- Millinocket, Maine  
Mrs. Palin goes to Washington   
Prior to Sen. John McCain's announcement of his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, I had decided not to cast my presidential vote for this election cycle. I'm reconsidering. -- I like her spunk and admire her determination, not to mention her demonstrated drive for smaller government and her implied willingness to go after political corruption in Washington... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Denver Post  
ICE checks out suspect in deadly ice cream shop crash  
A man held for suspicion of vehicular homicide in the deaths of a 3-year-old child and two women is now being detained by federal immigration officials. -- ICE sent a faxed a detainer on Francis Hernandez indicating his U.S. citizenship is under question. -- Hernandez has been arrested 16 times in five years in Colorado but apparently has never been deported...[More info on crash here]

Associated Press   
Job applicant is busted by U.S. Border Patrol   
Detroit -- The U.S. Border Patrol didn't have to go far to make this bust: a man who applied to become a border agent. -- Jugert Haxhiu, 26, lied about U.S. citizenship on his application and during a job interview in August, the Border Patrol said... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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