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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pulling the Plug
I Will Vote "Against John McCain"

American Patrol Report Commentary -- October 20  

    Seven years ago I produced a video entitled "The Conquest of Aztlan" in which I made the case that Mexico is invading the United States with the intent of placing the Southwest under its jurisdiction. After spending six years on the border I haven't changed my mind.
To grant any form of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens would hand Mexico a victory in this demographic war. It would also doom us to become a Third-World nation of haves and have-nots, rather than a meritocracy.
    John McCain once said he would rather lose and election than lose a war. I feel the same way. I would rather have John McCain lose the election than sacrifice my fundamental beliefs and vote for a man whose position on illegal immigration I believe to be ultimately fatal to the United States of America. ...Continued Here....

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix      sc      
Mesa mayor eases attacks on Arpaio   
Mesa Mayor Scott Smith turned down the volume Friday in the dispute over Sheriff Joe Arpaio's raid this week on three city buildings. -- Smith, who used a news conference Thursday to condemn Arpaio's tactics, had planned another media session Friday afternoon "to clarify facts and provide new information" about the raid... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Barbara Comstock & Lanny J. Davis -- National Review             sc    
What's Fair Is Fair.... and fair is not the "Fairness Doctrine"    
A recent Rasmussen poll reported that nearly half of Americans (47 percent) believe the government should mandate political balance on radio and TV airwaves. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also indicated that she would like to reinstate the so-called "Fairness Doctrine." [Related: Dems get set to muzzle the right]

Steve Beckow -- OpEdNews.com  
A Canadian responds to the NAU   
...Let us start with what you call "North American Union" [the one Hussein Obama denies exists], following on from the so-called "Security and Prosperity Plan." -- The provision of the SPP that will sink the Canadian ship and allow your leaders to take this country over, as I believe they wish to do, is the provision that troops on both sides of the border can enter the other country in the event of a terrorist incident....

American Border Patrol    
Mexican Federal Police overfly border     
American Border Patrol took this photograph early this afternoon of a Mexican Federal Judicial Police Cessna 206 flying just north of the border near the ABP ranch. The aircraft number, XC-AA2, can be seen on the side of the airplane...

Associated Press  
Homeland Security: Cubans head for Mexico to dodge U.S. sea patrols   
Isla Mujeres, QRO, Mex. -- On the night Lazaro Mendez got an alert that his boat had been stolen from the Florida Keys, he was swept up in a new chapter of the Cuban boat people drama. -- Grabbing a laptop computer that tracked the fishing boat's position by satellite, he watched as it stopped for refueling at sea... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Mexico's drug war veers toward terrorism amid anger over U.S.    
...As cartels gain power and the death toll mounts to a record 3,800 this year, Mexico increasingly blames the U.S. for the carnage, which is having a negative impact on the economy. The Bush administration has pledged but not yet delivered $400 million in aid, and critics say the U.S. has done little to stop the flow of arms into Mexico...

One News Now   
Pardon sought for imprisoned agents   
A grassroots border security organization is encouraging citizens to continue to call the White House and demand that the president pardon two former Border Patrol agents who are serving long sentences for their actions in the non-lethal shooting of Mexican drug smuggler... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Associated Press   
Court to decide if illegals' use of social security numbers is ID theft   
The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether people picked up on immigration violations also can face charges of identity theft if they use Social Security and other identification numbers that belong to others. -- Federal appeals courts have split over whether the defendant must know that the phony ID numbers belong to a real person... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KTAR - Phoenix  
MALDEF menace claims Arizona is an "anti-immigrant" state   
A prominent civil rights attorney [and rabid Mexican Reconquista zealot] says Arizona is now one of the top three anti-immigrant states in the nation. John Trasvina [watch him lie to Lou Dobbs] with MALDEF continues to challenge the state's requirement that voters provide certain ID to prove citizenship and cast a ballot....~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Coming Up
October 22
California Coalition for Immigration Reform Meeting -- Garden Grove, Calif.
Come and Meet Rep. Dana Rohrabacher

American Patrol Report -- July 24, 2001   
Colin Powell: One reason America is in trouble   
"Our common border is no longer a line that divides us, but a region that unites our nations, reflecting our common aspirations, values and culture," said Colin Powell last Tuesday in Washington at his first news conference as secretary of state, held jointly with the new Mexican foreign minister, Jorge Casteneda... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Jake Jacobsen -- Federal Observer   
Civil rights for illegal aliens?   
A recent decision in Federal Immigration court made me wonder: who exactly is entitled to the protections of our constitution? -- Judge Michael W. Straus found that the "constitutional rights of sixteen illegal aliens had been violated and that they would be allowed to proceed with their civil rights case... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Coming Up
October 27
National Veterans Coalition -- Phoenix -- 11 AM to 2 PM 
Rally to Support Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Washington Post 
Justices may take immigration cases   
As hundreds of immigration agents raided a kosher meatpacking plant in rural Iowa in May, prosecutors summoned defense lawyers to the federal courthouse in Cedar Rapids. -- Their message was blunt: The illegal immigrants arrested must plead guilty to lesser counts or face indictment on charges of aggravated identity theft...

Freedom Folks -- Chicago      
Latest V-burst from Blogs 4 Borders   
Our weekly vlog/podcast on illegal immigration and border security. In this weeks edition... Illegal aliens & voter fraud? How many illegal aliens are registered to vote? We take a look...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Video crew from British Sky Broadcasting's Five News after a flight in American Border Patrol's Border Hawk M yesterday. Jonathan Samuels at left is the correspondent. His interview with Glenn Spencer will air in Britain before the U.S. Election....

The Citizen -- Auburn, New York   
'Willing worker' charged with rape   
An Auburn man who authorities said is in the country illegally was arrested by the Auburn Police Department Sunday morning after he was accused of raping a 27-year-old woman in her sleep, police said. -- Officers accused Arturo Juan Bautista of raping the victim during a social gathering in her Osborne Street home... [More of Bush's pet fiends]~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix            sc    
U.S. border agent faces new trial in slaying   
This week federal prosecutors will open a murder trial against an Arizona border agent. But for many people, the case also will put on trial the nation's border security strategy. -- The retrial of U.S. Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett in Tucson is inflaming the divided passions about immigration and border security... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

PAHomePage.com -- Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania   
Illegal immigration rally in Schuylkill County   
Shenandoah, Pa. -- Illegal immigration and crime concerns brought dozens of people out Saturday afternoon in Schuylkill County. A picnic and protest rally was held Saturday afternoon at Bicentennial Park in Shenandoah. People say they're upset by the problems illegal immigrants cause in their community...

News Channel 8 -- Arlington, Virginia   
Illegal alien arrested in deadly home invasion robberies   
Rockville, Md. -- Montgomery County police say they have DNA evidence linking a suspect to the murder of a Bethesda woman who was killed in what police have called a series of home-invasion robberies targeting elderly residents who were tied up... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

The Morning News -- Fayetteville, Arkansas   
Feds still tight-lipped on 287(g) information   
Most of the illegal immigrants being arrested by a local immigration task force are being deported in civil proceedings, it appears based on federal criminal court records. -- Shortly after the local immigration task force was formed, federal officials provided at least two news releases about arrests... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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