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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Country First? Yes, If It's Mexico
Is McCain Insane?

American Patrol Report
Crazy McCain Puts Mexico Before the U.S.

    If McCain loses the presidential race to Obama, it will be because of his insane loyalty to Mexican illegal aliens. He puts them before Americans. He proved this in 8 years ago, and we warned you.
From American Patrol Report – May 23, 2001
O'Reilly Factor -- Memo Segment
 O'Reilly: In Arizona you have the highest drop out rate in the country, all right? -- You have and educational system in dire trouble. You have about a million arrests on the border, the jails are overflowing. Now, you've got to put the American people ahead of the Mexican people because this is the USA, am I wrong? -- Loud applause, cheers and whistles from audience.....
Well, Bill there's many Hispanic citizens of my state of Arizona who are proud of their culture and their heritage, and I'm not sure they would exactly agree with you.

Shelby County (Alabama) Reporter   
Police move in on illegal aliens   
Alabaster Police, in cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, served a warrant Friday in connection with a two-year investigation into businesses and individuals employing illegal [aliens]. -- The warrant was served at Rodriguez Construction on Elder Drive as officers moved in... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Cliff Kinkaid -- NewsWithViews.com  
Bush embraces Obama's Socialism   
AIn one of the few tough media interviews of the Democratic ticket, veteran WFTV-Channel 9 (Orlando, Florida) anchor-reporter Barbara West grilled Joe Biden about Barack Obama’s “Marxist” views on the economy. West, who compared Obama’s "spread the wealth around" comment to the ideology of Karl Marx...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson  
For smugglers, tunnels remain a part of underground strategy   
Nogales, Az. -- The soft rumble of putrid water is pierced by squeals of bats hidden within the cracks of graffiti-covered concrete walls. -- Foul-smelling clothes, garbage and wire intertwine, clinging to the bottom of an access ladder, still damp from the summer's high water levels... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Group protests city's migrant policies   
About a dozen members of an anti-illegal [alien] group protested peacefully Sunday outside Mayor Phil Gordon's Phoenix home after learning a suspected drunk driver who collided with Officer Shane Figueroa's patrol car was in the country illegally... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Freedom Folks -- Chicago        sc     
Bloggers ejected from Reconquista zealot soiree   
The Blogs 4 Borders folks, MJ and Jake, were in attendance of an event in Chicago last night. The ICIRR and the Teamsters gave them the boot from the immigration related GOTV rally at Teamster City...

One News Now   
Amnesty inevitable, says immigration group   
The head of an immigration reform organization argues grassroots America will have to mobilize if it hopes to prevent the next president and Congress from giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. -- Numbers USA president Roy Beck explains he does not want people to feel a sense of desperation, but at the same time... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Joan Swirsky -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Georgia   
Did the "Chicago way" work for Obama in Hawai'i?   
As I speculated in a recent article, Obama had a dual purpose in leaving his campaign for Hawaii. And whaddaya know? His plane had barely touched down from his trip to Honolulu - ostensibly to visit his ailing granny - when the Republican governor of the Aloha State, Linda Lingle, placed his birth certificate under seal...

Appeals court rules against San Francisco sanctuary policy   
Judicial Watch's nationwide campaign to abolish illegal alien sanctuary policies got a huge boost last week thanks to a landmark decision by a California appellate court. -- On October 22, the First District Court of Appeal for the State of California ruled in our taxpayer lawsuit that the SFPD must comply with a state law... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
From left to right, Mike Christie of American Border Patrol, and Caroline Mier and Marjorie Paillon of BFMTV, the French News Network. Glenn Spencer of ABP piloted the plane as the journalists got an aerial tour of the border near Douglas, Arizona....

Walter Moore, Candidate For Mayor of Los Angeles     
L A. City Council's pretend hearing on Jamiel's Law
On March 2, 2008, Jamiel Shaw, II, an outstanding young man destined for college, was murdered two doors down from his own home. -- On March 22, 2008, Fox News broke the story that Jamiel's murderer was a gang member and illegal alien... AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King -- The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Georgia   
"Un-enforcement un-award" to be presented today   
The Gwinnett County (Georgia) Commission Chairman has set a policy that rewards illegal aliens with business licenses - in direct violation not only of federal law, but also state law. -- I ordered the plaque [on October 22] to present to Chairman Bannister [tonight] at the Gwinnett Commissioners meeting... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest news from south of the border   
At least 1,500 immigrants of Mexican origin return to Mexico from the US each day into the state of Sonora because of the economic situation in the US. The director of a state immigrant agency said some 700 of them return through Nogales daily...

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com   
Mexico meltdown approaches warp speed  
Watching the Presidential candidates perform their stump speeches, you would have no idea that America's worst security threat is not halfway round the world but right next door. -- Day by day, the bodies pile higher in Mexico as Presidente Felipe Calderon's military crackdown on drug cartels shows no sign of working... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Pam Geller -- Atlas Shrugs   
Final report on Obama birth certificate forgery   
Techdude delivers a final report that exceeds my wildest expectations. It is irrefutable, empirical evidence - Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. Why? Why a COLB (certificate of live birth) forgery? That is the question. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Obama courts illegal aliens   
Sen. Barack Obama is competing for the Latino votes by offering a wide range of government benefits -- even to admitted illegal aliens. -- During the Oct. 30, 2007, Democratic Party debate at Drexel University, Hillary Clinton ventured into a minefield by suggesting illegal aliens should be issued driver's licenses... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KSBW-TV -- Salinas, Calif.        sc      
Ad says immigration, pollution linked   
A California political action group is spending thousands of dollars on a commercial aimed at curbing immigration by linking the population influx to the rising carbon footprint of the country. -- The ad is funded by a nonprofit group called Californians For Population Stabilization.... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KABC-TV -- Los Angeles   
Outrageous 'Special Order 40' subject of City Council hearing   
Many gathered at a Los Angeles City Council hearing on Monday to speak about a 29-year-old police policy. Special Order 40 has long prohibited officers from inquiring of a person's immigration status. -- Some of the comments stemmed from the recent killing of young athlete Jamiel Shaw this past summer...

Patrick J. Buchanan -- VDare.com             sc    
Obama's First 100 Days: Amnesty will just be the start   
Undeniably, a powerful tide is running for the Democratic Party, with one week left to Election Day. -- Bush's approval rating is 27 percent, just above Richard Nixon's Watergate nadir and almost down to Carter-Truman lows. After each of those presidents reached their floors -- in 1952, 1974, 1980 -- the opposition party captured the White House. ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

KTAR -- Phoenix  
Court docs detail history of illegal alien accused in officer's death   
Court documents reveal more about the suspected drunk driver who allegedly killed a Phoenix police officer over the weekend. -- Suspected illegal immigrant Salvador Vivas-Diaz has had several brushes with the law for DUI. Court documents also show Vivas-Diaz admitted to drinking prior to the accident... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

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