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Monday, November 17, 2008

Glenn Spencer is flying the Border Hawk M today on a special mission.
His daily feature will return on Tuesday.

Chicago Tribune          sc
Chicago petition drive aims to make amnesty a priority for Obama   
..."The real question, in my mind, is not whether the new administration is going to be willing to take the initiative, it's going to be whether the Democratic members of Congress are going to have the backbone" to push through reforms, said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice, [a bunch of America-hating ethnic hustlers] in Washington...

Flush with money, eager Chinese students flock to U.S.    
Columbus, Ohio -- Chinese students are enrolling in U.S. universities in record numbers, encouraged by aggressive recruiting combined with China's booming economy and growing middle class. -- Their enrollment grew by 8 percent in the fall of 2006 and by 20 percent last year...

Boston Globe  
Hussein Obama faces pressure on "immigration reform"   
Before a huge crowd in San Diego last summer, Barack Obama vowed to make fixing illegal immigration a top priority as president, and Latinos nationwide responded with massive support for him on Election Day. Now, they are pressing him to keep his promise... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

National Center for Public Policy Research  
Black Leader to Bush: Commute sentences of jailed border agents   
After a federal judge last week refused to reduce the sentences of incarcerated U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, Mychal Massie - chairman of the Project 21 black leadership network - is calling on President George W. Bush to use his executive power to similarly commute the agents' sentences before leaving office in January... ~Visit AmericanPatrol.com~

Devvy Kidd -- NewsWithViews.com   
What Congress and the media won't tell you   
This is the latest on the Obama citizenship crisis and then some research resources for you on major issues. -- In my last column, Part II, was devoted to the growing crisis over Barack Hussein Obama refusing to prove he is a natural born citizen...

J. Jesús Esquivel -- Mexidata.info -- San Diego   
What Obama wants in the U.S. relationship with Mexico   
...Regarding migration, [Hussein Obama advisor Dan] Restrepo recalls that Obama "is committed to working on the subject of an integral migratory reform during his first year in office." He maintains that the president "will seek an agreement with Congress in order to approve the reform which he wants: modern, that works, that has meaning, that respects the laws and rights of the people."

Joseph Farah -- WorldNetDaily.com   
Where's the birth certificate?   
Incredibly, we are just nine weeks away from inaugurating the next president of the United States and millions of Americans still have citizenship eligibility questions that have never been addressed by Barack Obama and his entourage...

Savannah Morning News   
Avarice unchecked   
Federal authorities should throw the book at those who hire illegal [aliens]. -- When job markets look grim, hiring illegal [aliens] is especially egregious. -- That's why the federal government should throw the book at restaurant owners Guo Hua Jiang and Jian Chun Liu if the latest charges against them prove true...

Los Angeles Times  
Facing deficits, states get out sharper knives    
Two short months ago lawmakers in California struggled to close a $15 billion hole in the state budget. It was among the biggest deficits in state history. Now the state faces an additional $11 billion shortfall and may be unable to pay its bills this spring....[See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Frontera NorteSur -- New Mexico State University -- Las Cruces, New Mexico   
Will the Latino vote spur amnesty scheme in 2009?   
..."I think they [Republicans] are in a tough spot", said Frank Sharry, executive director of America's Voice. "It's not clear to me the Republicans have gotten the message." -- In Sharry's view Republicans will have to disassociate themselves from "anti-immigrant extremists that have hijacked most of the party," while Democrats will have to deliver immigration and other reforms...

Associated Press  
Warning!: Obama and McCain say they'll work together to 'fix up the country'   
The bitter general election campaign behind them, President-elect Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain met Monday to discuss ways to reduce government waste, promote bipartisanship and find other ways to improve government....

Steve Sailer -- VDare.com   
We've got Karl Rove to kick around some more!   
You might think that Karl Rove would be taking a bit of a break. After guiding the GOP to its disastrous 2006 campaign, and having his protégé Steve Schmidt run John McCain’s clueless 2008 campaign into the ground, doesn't he want to think things over to lie low until he figures out where he went so terribly wrong?

Sunlit Uplands  
Illegals prepare to toss tantrum in D. C.   
...The groups are calling on Obama for "just and humane immigration reform" and "a pathway to legalization." Rick Oltman, the national spokesman for Californians for Population Stabilization, says the bigger the crowd, the better. -- "I can only hope that it will be a fantastic success in terms of organizing and people showing up because every time we have seen a bunch of ungrateful, whining illegal aliens marching in the streets...

Washington Times   
When one job, one pay isn't enough   
More people are turning to second jobs to make ends meet as the economy falls behind but the bills keep arriving right on schedule. -- The growing unemployment rate has left many jobless, but the economic downturn has also forced some to take on second jobs for supplemental income...

Associated Press  
Both lose in aborted illegal alien-citizen home sale   
Roswell, Ga. -- Like all illegal immigrants, Lorenzo Jimenez knew the knock on the door from immigration agents could come at any time. -- Still, he had enough faith in the American dream to buy a house in this Atlanta suburb, even though signing the papers meant raising the risk...

Patrick Corcoran -- Mexidata.info -- San Diego   
Will President Obama in fact have an Interest in Mexico?   
Issue by issue, U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s positions could leave Mexicans underwhelmed, even worried. The biggest bilateral issue south of the border is immigration, and despite coming from the more migrant-friendly party and enjoying overwhelming Latino support, Obama has not made reform legislation a major part of his domestic agenda...

Cliff Kinkaid -- GOPUSA.com  
Global socialists toast victory over America    
The American people may be losing their jobs and savings, but on Friday night, on the eve of the international financial summit, they provided President Bush and other G20 leaders a lavish banquet that included $300-a-bottle wine, Vermont Brie, eggplant fondue, and rack of lamb. Details of the "culinary delights" and "sumptuous feast..."

Houston Chronicle   
Criminal Invaders: An abuse of freedom   
The bailiff called the murder suspect's name for the second time, scanning the courtroom. "Juan Sanchez?" -- It was June 30, the day Sanchez's trial was scheduled to start in Harris County District Court in the killing of Gregorio Diaz, a 25-year-old paramedic and U.S. Navy veteran...

Paul Craig Roberts -- VDare.com   
The crisis has hardly begun   
...Wow! The entire country is steamed up over the Republicans bailing out a bunch of financial crooks who have paid themselves fortunes in bonuses for destroying America’s pensions. Why do Democrats want to protect Republicans from further ignominy by not giving them the opportunity to vote down a bailout for workers? Quick, someone enroll the Democratic Party in Politics 101.

Los Angeles Times
Immigration and Obama      
Starting Jan. 20, Barack Obama should be the president of all Americans -- and should not enact policies for the good of only a particular racial or ethnic group. Granting amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants could increase the U.S. population by far more than that in the next 20 years...

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review   
Jurors saw 'gaping holes' in case against Border Patrol agent   
Bisbee -- A sloppy investigation by the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office was a significant factor that led a majority of the jurors to feel Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Corbett was not guilty of a crime, according to two of the jurors. -- Corbett was charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide...

Montgomery County (Maryland) Sentinel   
Hector Mauricio Hernandez, illegal alien, charged with murder   
...According to police, Hernandez was previously arrested on Oct. 3 and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a switch blade knife. "He was taken before the commissioner's office, and the commissioner released him on personal recognizance," Manger said.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel   
Economic crisis, illegal immigration crackdown spurs exodus   
Pompano Beach -- Every morning, Vanderlei stands for five hours outside a Brazilian bakery waiting for construction work. It's slim pickings these days. Just last week, he went four days without one offer. -- During the real estate boom, Vanderlei, and nearly 100 other Brazilian day laborers like him, could count on contractors picking them up for work on a daily basis.

Houston Chronicle  
In killing blamed on criminal illegal alien, woman's kin want answers   
On a cloudy Monday afternoon in April, Tina Davila was buried according to her wishes: dressed in her favorite Dallas Cowboys jersey, with a photo of all five of her children tucked inside her coffin. In the picture, Kaylynn, the baby girl Davila died trying to protect, looks fussy, her chubby cheeks puckered into a pout...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Glenn Spencer came up with the bright idea of using photos of ABP's seven German Shepherds wearing antlers on a Christmas card. He started with the smallest, Heidi, but she wasn't buying any of it. ..

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix  
McCain defeated in home precinct   
John McCain may have won Arizona by nine points over Barack Obama, but he lost his home precinct. Election data from Maricopa County shows that the state's very own presidential nominee lost to Obama by 13 points in McCain's Colonnade precinct: 42 percent for McCain, 55 percent for Obama...

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.   
Protest held against driver's license checkpoints   
About 200 people attended a candlelight vigil Saturday at Grape Day Park to protest the Escondido Police Department's use of driver's license checkpoints. -- Rights activists, many from the [illegal alien.... criminal] community, spoke out against the checkpoints, which they called unjust and a ploy to check immigration status...

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