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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WXIA-TV -- Atlanta   sc 
County proposes illegal alien renter measure   
...As Cherokee County commissioners consider a new ordinance to crack down on illegal immigrants working and living in the area, Billy and Cathy Inman sat solemnly in the back row. Many say it is their story that prompted these very discussions. -- "I lost my son to an illegal alien on Father's Day 2000," said Billy Inman...

Los Angeles Times  
500 cops replaced in Tijuana   
Tijuana, BCN, Mex. -- Mexican federal agents and army troops fanned out across this besieged border city Tuesday to replace 500 police officers, the latest move by the government to purge the troubled force of corrupt and incompetent cops...

Cherokee Tribune -- Canton, Georgia   
Public provides input on illegal alien ordinance    
Illegal immigration could be one of the first issues the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners will tackle in the new year. -- The board at a public hearing Monday night on its newly proposed ordinance to prevent renting residential space or hiring illegal immigrants heard from more people in favor of the measure than against...

Los Angeles Daily News   
Mexican charged in baby's killing caught sneaking into U.S.   
A Mexican national charged in the shooting death of a 3-week-old baby in 2007 was in custody Tuesday after being caught sneaking into the United States, law enforcement authorities said. -- Guadalupe Torres-Rangel, 41, was taken into custody Sunday near the San Diego County community of Dulzura...

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New York Times   
California universities will cut enrollment unless state increases money    
Hard hit by budget cuts, the California State University system is planning to cut its enrollment by 10,000 students for the 2009-10 academic year, unless state lawmakers provide more money. -- "We can't continue to admit more and more students without receiving adequate funding," Chancellor Charles B. Reed said Monday... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Head of Interpol Mexico arrested for drug ties   
Mexico arrested its head of Interpol on Tuesday for allegedly working for a powerful drug cartel and sent the military to take over police duties in the city of Tijuana in another step to flush out corrupt law enforcement. -- Ricardo Gutierrez was Mexico's representative to Interpol, the world's largest international police force...

Raleigh News & Observer   
Sheriffs line up 3,100 to deport   
More than 3,100 people from seven counties were placed in deportation proceedings this year as a result of a program that allows sheriffs to enforce federal immigration laws. -- The people were flagged for deportation proceedings after being taken to jail on charges ranging from a traffic violation to murder...

San Antonio Express-News   
Perry outraged that criminal illegals aren't being deported   
Gov. Rick Perry demanded Tuesday that the federal government take steps to help state and local officials ensure that unauthorized immigrants who commit crimes in Texas remain in custody until they are deported. -- In a strongly worded letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Perry said...

Virginia AG credits local, state officials with capturing illegal alien fiends   
Violent sex offenders who are also illegal aliens in Virginia were identified, located, and deported thanks to a well-coordinated joint operation earlier this year involving both state and federal officials. -- The effort should serve as a model for immigration enforcement throughout the United States... [More 'family values']

New York Post  
Killer illegal alien was target of feds for years   
The feds wanted him out of the country from the minute he got here. -- But thanks to a 20-year tangle of red tape that stretched from New York to Washington, DC, to Afghanistan, they couldn't get illegal [alien] and trouble-prone Daryush Omar deported...

Associated Press    
Panel considering training Colorado jail deputies to spot illegals    
A state government panel in Colorado says it may ask the federal government to expand its capacity to jail illegal [aliens] in that state and in Wyoming. -- The panel includes Colorado state legislators and law enforcement officials. It's reviewing immigration enforcement in Colorado...

Seattle Post-Intelligencer   
Salons were brothels, Feds say   
...Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and IRS agents, along with Seattle police and the King County Sheriff's Office raided five homes or businesses in Seattle, Kent and Renton and also searched three vehicles including a boat, the Island Girl, moored at the Westlake Marina on Lake Union, according to Woo and court records...

Booze Bust: SJ City Council addresses high arrest rate (57% are Hispanics)   
So many sparks flew at Tuesday night's San Jose city council meeting, it took until early Wednesday morning before the council members could take a vote. Community groups spent hour speaking out against the city's high number of arrests for being drunk in public...

Austin (Minnesota) Post-Bulletin  
Two illegals charged with sexual assault of Austin woman    
Two brothers face felony charges stemming from an alleged sexual assault of a woman last week in Austin. A third brother also has been charged with an unrelated felony. -- Oscar Barrera Sanchez, 27, and Pablo Barrera Sanchez, 24, each face a single felony count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct... [More of Bush's pet fiends]

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson  
Pilot of pot-loaded ultralight killed in crash near Arizona-Mexico border   
San Luis, Az. -- A pilot killed when his marijuana-laden ultralight plane crashed in a field in San Luis has been identified as a Mexican man. -- Field workers found the plane in a lettuce field early Monday. San Luis police Lt. Blanca Silva identified him Wednesday as 34-year-old Juan Gabriel Hernandez Torres of San Luis, Mexico...

Statesman-Journal -- Salem, Oregon   
Feds revive amnesty of 1986   
The federal government plans to give legal status to certain [illegal aliens] who applied for a 1986 amnesty program but were either unfairly excluded or never received a response to their request. -- U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials said the period to re-apply will be open for one year beginning Feb. 1.

Lake Sun Leader -- Camdenton, Missouri   
Drunken illegal alien driver passes out, car crashes into church   
Osage Beach, Mo. -- The driver of a car that crashed into a church after reportedly passing out behind the wheel faces charges of driving while intoxicated and careless and imprudent driving. -- When officers arrived on the scene, they found the driver passed out with his foot still on the accelerator...

Paul Nachman -- VDare.com   
Hot times for Arizona's Chief Justice Ruth McGregor?   
Last week Arizona State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor made the immigration news with reports of her partial capitulation to the Phoenix-based Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association's September 12 request that she forbid the use of terms such as "illegals,"" "aliens," and "illegal immigrants" in Arizona courtrooms.

Houston Chronicle   
Cornyn wants investigation into illegal alien inmates   
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn has called for an investigation into how immigration officials screen inmates in Harris County Jail, after a series of reports this week by the Houston Chronicle. -- The Chronicle investigation found federal immigration officials allowed scores of violent criminals, including some ordered deported decades ago...

Associated Press   
Cheney, Gonzales indicted in South Texas county   
Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have been indicted on state charges involving federal prisons in a South Texas county that has been a source of bizarre legal and political battles under the outgoing prosecutor....

WXIA-TV -- Atlanta   
County proposes illegal alien renter measure   
...As Cherokee County commissioners consider a new ordinance to crack down on illegal immigrants working and living in the area, Billy and Kathy Inman sat solemnly in the back row. Many say it is their story that prompted these very discussions. -- "I lost my son to an illegal alien on Father's Day 2000," said Billy Inman...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers        
Latest news from south of the border   
Police of the state of Mexico arrested eight members of the municipal police force of Teoloyucan for their alleged involvement in thefts of merchandise from freight trains that pass through the area. The group, including one female, is also being held for investigation of their possible part in the murders...

WAGT-TV -- Augusta, Georgia   
Former Obama opponent now suing to prove his citizenship   
Sacramento -- A former opponent of Barack Obama's has come back to haunt him over questions regarding Obama's citizenship. -- According to a press release from the American Independent Party, former presidential candidate Alan Keyes and other members of the party have filed suit in California Superior Court...

Allan Wall -- VDare.com  
Mexicans get it -- even if the GOP doesn't.... 
You can't tell from the MSM, but the best way to look at the recent election is from a demographic point of view. McCain won the white vote, but not by a big margin. At 96%, Obama carried the black vote. In both the Asian-American vote and the Hispanic vote, Obama beat McCain 2 to ...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Cherokee puts off vote on renter law targeting illegals  
The Cherokee County Commission decided Monday night to wait until at least mid-January to consider passing an ordinance that would require all renters to pay a $5 fee and subject themselves to verification that they are in the country legally...

St. George (Utah) Spectrum & Daily News   
Spencer: Government skimping on border fence   
Some Southern Utah residents discuss, on a daily basis, how local leaders should deal with illegal immigration, but Tuesday they heard some stories straight from the southern U.S. border. -- Glenn Spencer, long an outspoken crusader against illegal immigration and what he calls Mexico's "reconquista" of the American Southwest, was greeted with kudos and applause...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Man killed after fleeing Border Patrol checkpoint near Benson   
The driver of a car carrying a load of marijuana died Monday afternoon southwest of Benson when it hit another vehicle head on while being pursued by U.S. Border Patrol agents. -- At about 1 p.m. Monday, Border Patrol agents instructed two men inside a 2001 Saturn to pull over for secondary inspection at a checkpoint...

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