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Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Amnesty for McCain
Boot Him Out of the Senate

American Patrol Report Commentary-- November 29 
Get the Hell Out of Here McCain – See poster

    John McCain lost the election to a left-wing radical who may not even be eligible to be president. He even lost his own precinct in Arizona.
Over and over again we called on McCain to get tough on Obama. He didn't. We called on him to reject amnesty in light of growing unemployment. He wouldn't.
    John McCain has turned America's nuclear arsenal over to a man Americans know little about. He has put the interests of Mexico and Mexicans before America and Americans.
    McCain has betrayed us over and over again. It is time to reward his loyalty to America.
    Every Republican in Arizona should rise up and kick McCain out of the Senate. They should work now to deliver John McCain an overwhelming defeat in the 2010 primary. Someone with stature such as John Shaddeg should step forward and enter race now.
Red DotHelp Wanted

El Paso Times   
8 are slain in Juárez restaurant   
Cd. Juarez, Chih, Mex. -- A mob-style shooting Friday night in an upscale seafood restaurant in Juárez left eight people dead in the latest string of violent encounters in the troubled city. -- The total number of victims was unconfirmed, but reports were that eight people had been fatally shot inside the Mariscos Del Mar restaurant... [Related item]

Pat Boone -- WorldNetDaily.com            sc  
A fair solution to illegal 'immigration'   
As I think back over the last 18 months leading up to the election, replaying many of the statements and promises and debates, a glaring omission becomes obvious. -- Did either of the last two candidates ever say anything at all about one of the most alarming and unprecedented catastrophes ever to happen to our country?

Pat Buchanan -- Human Events  
Socialist Republic   
Barack Obama and George W. Bush seem to have come away from their study of the Great Depression with similar conclusions: To wit: After the Crash of 1929, the Federal Reserve did not move fast enough to save the banks and inject cash into the economy...

We the People Foundation   
Mr. Obama: Don't miss next week's Chicago Tribune   
Our full-page Open Letter to Mr. Obama will be published in the Chicago Tribune on both Monday, December 1, 2008 and Wednesday, December 3, 2008. It will appear in the main news section (link to ad included in story). -- Chicago is Mr. Obama's hometown. His transition team is operating out of the Kluczynskii Federal Building in downtown Chicago...

London Telegraph          
Vicious drug turf war turns Tijuana into a killing zone     
The four men in bulletproof vests, Kalashnikovs held casually at their sides, crossed the street to Tijuana's Crazy Banana pool hall so calmly that onlookers presumed they were undercover police officers – until they heard the gunfire and screams...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Today's NAFBPO update from south of the border   
49.4% of the 56,065 city and state police officers, as well as the new entrants to the Federal Preventive Police who were evaluated this year turned out "not recommended." (The evaluations are in essence individual background examinations.) Breaking that into separate data, the President said that 26,163 members of city police agencies were examined and 61.5% resulted in being "not recommended."

ATLAH World Ministries    
Show me the doggone license!   
Hon. James David Manning tells people to support Alan Keyes and others who are demanding to see if Barack Hussein Obama is eligible to be President. Message was preached on Saturday, 15 November, 2008.

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix   
Border Patrol arrests 14 Chinese illegals in S. Arizona   
On Thanksgiving Day, Border Patrol agents arrested six [illegal Chinese aliens] after finding eight more being driven into the U.S. near Sasabe two days earlier. -- November 24, agents stopped a van and discovered eight Chinese with five Mexican [illegal aliens] inside...

Coming Up
December 6
La Canada Flintridge, Calif. -- 1 PM 
Memorial for Veteran Broadcaster George Putnam

Mountain View (Calif) Voice  
Spanish-language signs defaced    
Elementary school district officials are angry over the act of a vandal or vandals who stole some of the district's Spanish-language signs and re-posted them on Shoreline Boulevard last month with the words "No More Aliens" spray-painted in red...

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