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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winning the Border Battle
New Fencing Turning the Tide

American Border Patrol -- December 11
Working on fence near San Diego

    Yesterday American Border Patrol performed an aerial survey of the border between Naco Arizona and the Pacific Ocean. According to Glenn Spencer, head of ABP and pilot of the survey airplane, DHS is making impressive progress. "We have seen more real progress in the past six months than in the entire 18 months that preceded it," Spencer said.
    ABP reports that new, more robust fencing has been built all along the border, including a large section east of Nogales and a long stretch from Yuma to Calexico.
    ABP reports seeing construction crews all along the border, including parts of California that had been neglected for years. "They are working to plug most of the major smuggling routes, although much more needs to be done," Spencer said.
    Spencer ran into a Border Patrol agent at the Yuma airport who told him that apprehensions at Yuma were down to about ten per day, or a 98 percent reduction. "The result are coming in and they show that property designed fencing can help win the battle on the border," Spencer said.
    ABP will present the results of its two-year-long study of the border at the National Press Club on January 15th.

Brownsville Herald           sc     
Customs agent pleads guilty to trafficking charges   
A federal officer pleaded guilty Friday to two federal charges of trafficking undocumented immigrants and is slated for sentencing after the New Year. -- Guadalupe Garza, 64, an officer with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, initially faced 13 counts of conspiring to transport aliens...

Los Angeles Times   
Jamiel's Law fails to qualify for ballot   
Supporters of a proposed Los Angeles voter initiative that would allow police to arrest illegal-immigrant gang members solely for being in the country illegally failed to collect enough petition signatures to qualify the measure for the May ballot, officials said today...

Kristin Bricker -- Narcosphere.com  
Why plan Mexico will crash and burn   
Plan Mexico, the US military and police aid package to the Mexican government, is based on a failed “war on drugs” model. This model prioritizes criminalizing the drug trade at the expense of focusing on the harmful effects of drug abuse and addiction as a public health problem. The result has been a blood-soaked disaster...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Arizona's population growth now at a crawl   
Arizona's population is expanding at the slowest rate since the last real-estate-led recession in 1990, new figures show. -- Arizona grew by 1.6 percent, or about 100,000 residents, during the past year, according to U.S. Census data analyzed by University of Arizona economist Marshall Vest. That's less than half the growth rate of just two years ago...

Californians for Population Stabilization     
ALERT! Ask your Senators to pass E-Verify this week!   
The E-Verify program will expire in March if the Senate does not reauthorize it. Congress is in session this week to consider the auto bailout so we must use the opportunity to attach E- verify to the bailout bill....

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
No new trial for Border Patrol agent who shot illegal alien   
The Cochise County Attorney's office won't try U.S. Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett for a third time in the shooting death of an illegal [alien]. -- Chief Criminal Deputy County Attorney Doyle Johnstun says his office will be moving to dismiss charges against agent Nicholas Corbett without prejudice...

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas  
DEA agent busted   
El Paso -- A DEA agent in El Paso is under arrest. George Brunner is facing charges of bribery and fraud. Prosecutors say he accepted money and gifts from two Mexican nationals to help them get non-immigrant visas and enter the U.S. illegally....

KTVK-TV -- Phoenix  
MCSO busts coyote, 11 illegal aliens   
(MCSO Press Release) -- The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Human Smuggling Unit stopped another load vehicle late yesterday, this one with 12 people inside a Chevy Astro, including the coyote. -- The stop was made on I-17 near Anthem Way after deputies spotted the vehicle travelling with a rear brake light out...

Associated Press   
Tunnel discovered on TJ-San Diego border   
U.S. authorities say they discovered an incomplete tunnel that originates in Tijuana, Mexico and stretches about 10 feet into San Diego. -- U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lauren Mack says the tunnel found Wednesday near the San Ysidro border crossing was about 5 feet deep and 3 feet wide....

Jackson (Mississippi) Free Press  
Illegals and pals toss baby-waving tantrum over Senate Bill 2988   
Protestors, some of them children, marched on the state Capitol last Thursday, holding signs reading "Working should not be a crime" "Raids tear families apart," and "Si se pueda" ("Yes we can"). About 50 [illegal aliens] and [illegal alien "rights"] advocates protested recent raids on [illegal aliens]...

KGAN-TV -- Cedar Rapids, Iowa   
Agriprocessors human resource worker pleads guilty   
A former human resources employee at a northeast Iowa kosher slaughterhouse has pleaded guilty to a federal charge for helping hire illegal immigrants to work at the plant. -- Karina Pilar Freund, who worked in the human resources department at Agriprocessors Inc. in Postville, had faced charges of conspiracy to harbor [illegal aliens] ...

Frontera NorteSur -- New Mexico State University -- Las Cruces 
Report: Mexican police massacred prisoners   
An official report from the Baja California Attorney General for Human Rights has blamed state police for killing the majority of at least two dozen prisoners slain during uprisings at Tijuana's La Mesa prison last September. Among the 22 findings made in the report were "observations" that state lawmakers and prosecutors...   

Charles Cooper -- Cnet News  
Hardly a great time to talk H-1Bs. Still, it's time   
What with pink slips being handed out all over this country, now is probably the worst time for any political leader to urge a rethinking of our H-1B policy to lift the 65,000 annual limits on foreign guest workers in specialty occupations. It's not the sort of political stance that will play well in Peoria - or in many other places in the U.S. these days.

"U. S. citizen" and "natural born citizen" are not interchangeable   
...It is true that December 8th, the Supreme Court of the United States denied Donofrio v. Wells without comment however, that very same day the Honorable Justice Antonin Scalia submitted Wrontowski v Bysiewicz to be Distributed for Conference this Friday, December 12, 2008. Mr. Donofrio worked with Mr. Wrotnowski and authored the formal filing with SCOTUS.

Sacramento Bee  
California nears 'financial Armageddon,' governor warns   
Saying California is "headed toward a financial Armageddon," Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger blistered lawmakers on Wednesday as administration officials said the state's two-year budget hole has grown to about $40 billion. -- With the economy reeling and revenues plummeting, previous projections of $11.2 billion in red ink during the current year have risen to $14.8 billion... [Related item] [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise   
Census data indicate Latino, Asian population growth in Inland area   
In cities large and small, the Inland region continues to become more diverse as Latino and Asian residents move into the area, new census data show. -- Moreno Valley is now majority Latino, while in cities such as Norco, Hemet and Yucaipa, Latinos made large gains during the first half of the decade.

Michael Cutler -- NewsWithViews.com    sc       
Homeland security? What homeland security?   
...In the wake of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 the administration which had just taken office began to implement the biggest re-organization of the federal government in many decades. The creation of the Department of Homeland Security was supposed to protect our nation from the continuing threat of future terrorist attacks...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Judge agrees to hear anti-Prop. 100 suit   
A U.S. District judge decided Monday to hear a lawsuit seeking to strike down an Arizona law that denies bail to [illegal aliens] charged with a serious felony. -- Proposition 100, also called the Bailable Offenses Act, passed in 2006 with almost 78 percent of the vote. The law restricts judges from granting bail to any [illegal alien] facing a class 4 or higher felony...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Today's NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Edgar Olvera Higuera, chairman of the Committee on Public Security of Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies, said that the purges that are being applied to police agencies in Mexico will result in only 20% of the current number of policemen remaining afterward [read: 80% of these cops were found to be corrupt].

Washington Post   
Cleaning firm used illegal workers at Chertoff home   
Every few weeks for nearly four years, the Secret Service screened the IDs of employees for a Maryland cleaning company before they entered the house of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, the nation's top immigration official...

Grand Island (Nebraska) Independent  
Employer of illegals gets 30-month sentence   
The owner of Cloudburst Lawn and Sprinkler Systems was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in prison on federal charges of hiring illegal immigrant workers. -- David E. Wortman, 50, of Grand Island pleaded guilty in October 2007 in U.S. District Court to harboring illegal [aliens] for commercial advantage...

American Border Patrol    
Border Fence Survey Report    
The U.S.-Mexico border has been under private aerial surveillance for the past two years. Every sixty days a specially equipped aircraft has flown along the border from Texas to the Pacific Ocean, documenting the construction of the border fence and vehicle barriers...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   
Businessmen indicted in illegal worker scheme   
Six people, including two previously from Pittsburgh, have been indicted by a federal grand jury for money laundering and harboring illegal aliens. -- Unsealed today but handed up Nov. 19, the indictment alleges that the men ran businesses in Ohio and Pennsylvania in which they provided workers for various client businesses...

McClatchy Newspapers    
Bush considering easing rules on foreign farm workers   
Farmers would have an easier and cheaper time securing foreign guest workers under pending Bush administration rules. -- The controversial changes to the so-called H-2A guest-worker program could cut wages and speed worker recruitment. They also would relax requirements for providing foreign workers with housing and transportation.

Rochester (New York) Democrat and Chronicle   
Dozens rally at Border Patrol post in Irondequoit to support illegals   
Nearly 60 people from organizations across the state rallied Wednesday in front of the U.S. Border Patrol Station in Irondequoit against laws affecting migrant farm workers. -- The rally was held to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights...

KTEN-TV -- Ardmore, Oklahoma  
Rep. Tom Cole requests pardon for 2 border agents   
Congressman Tom Cole is asking President Bush to issue pardons for two border patrol agents who were convicted of shooting an illegal [alien]. -- Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos were both sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for the shooting of admitted drug dealer Osvaldo Aldrete Davila in the buttocks...

Palm Beach Post  
Alcee Hastings up in arms over deportation of Haitians   
Rep. Alcee Hastings dialed up his opposition to the renewed deportations of Haitian nationals in a letter sent Tuesday evening, blasting both the policy and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for waiting four days to inform his office of the decision...

Los Angeles Times  
State budget gap could reach $41.8 billion by 2010   
California now faces an unprecedented $41.8-billion budget gap by July 2010, with the cascading economic crisis forcing state economists to increase the already dismal projections they made just a few weeks ago, according to documents obtained by The Times... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Associated Press   
Texas county files appeal to stop border fence   
A county in Texas filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court this week in the latest bid to stop construction of hundreds of miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border. -- In asking the court to review a lawsuit previously dismissed by a federal court judge, lawyers for El Paso County contend that Michael Chertoff overstepped his legal authority...

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