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Saturday, December 13, 2008

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Independent Political Report   sc
Constitution Party to Barack Obama: Got birth certificate?   
Lancaster, PA, The country’s fastest-growing third party (Ballot Access News 12/08) challenged Barack Obama to release his birth certificate and dispel the grave concerns that he is ineligible to assume office as president of the United States...

Devvy Kidd -- NewsWithViews.com   
Listen and Learn: Your survival depends on it   
...There are many columnists out there who support Comrade Obama and are going to extraordinary lengths to discredit and excoriate anyone who still believes in the U. S. Constitution. I know, as I am named by a media air head in her ridiculous column. -- Ms. Salter knows nothing about the process of the Supreme Court and twists the truth like a contortionist...

Arizona Daily Sun -- Flagstaff   
Suspected illegals flee traffic stop   
Officers with the highway patrol spent Thursday afternoon looking for suspected [illegal aliens] who bailed from a van during a traffic stop near Parks. -- An officer noticed an equipment violation on a gray Chevy van traveling eastbound registered out of California and attempted a traffic stop, said Sgt. Gary Phelps...

Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Georgia   
Winning the Border Battle: New fencing turning the tide    
Yesterday American Border Patrol performed an aerial survey of the border between Naco Arizona and the Pacific Ocean. According to Glenn Spencer, head of ABP and pilot of the survey airplane, DHS is making impressive progress. "We have seen more real progress in the past six months than in the entire 18 months that preceded it," Spencer said...

KETV -- Omaha   
Lawmakers pitch crackdown on illegals   
Lincoln, Neb. -- Some Nebraska lawmakers said the state can no longer ignore the issue of illegal immigration and are considering a plan that would require all businesses to verify the immigration status of anyone they hire. -- A report by the Legislature's Judiciary Committee said Nebraska is quickly becoming divided into two groups...

Thousands advise electors to check Obama's eligibility   
If documents some day prove Barack Obama is not eligible to be president under the U.S. Constitution, none of the 538 Electoral College members who vote him into office Monday will be able to claim ignorance. -- That's after 3,653 citizens had enough concern over the allegations, they participated in a WND effort...

Greeley (Colorado) Tribune   
Judge halts immigration cases   
A Weld District Court judge is questioning the legality of search warrants issued in the cases against 1,300 suspected illegal immigrants using fake identification. -- Weld District Court Judge James Hartmann this week put a halt to further arrests in Operation Number Games — if the arrests are based on information found in the suspects’ federal tax returns...

South County Spotlight -- Scappoose, Oregon   
ACLU, activists sue Columbia County over illegal workers measure   
The American Civil Liberties Union joined with state and local worker activists Thursday to jointly file a lawsuit in Columbia County Circuit Court aimed at scuttling a measure passed in November that penalizes employers inside the county who hire illegal aliens....

Los Angeles Times   
SEIU-founded nonprofit spent zero on its charitable purpose in two years   
A nonprofit organization founded by California's largest union local [Service Employees International Union] reported spending nothing on its charitable purpose -- to develop housing for low-income workers -- during at least two of the four years it has been operating, federal records show...

Christopher Adamo -- Family Security Matters   
Blagojevich, Fitzgerald, and real political corruption   
For the moment, the abhorrent actions of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich are admittedly making almost as many waves among the media elite as Idaho Sen. Larry Craig playing “footsie” with an undercover agent in a Minneapolis Airport restroom. But while Craig’s behavior was reprehensible...

Lexington (Kentucky) Herald-Leader   
Judge dismisses immigration suit   
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit aimed at compelling some Lexington government agencies to curtail public benefits offered to residents who are undocumented immigrants. -- The lawsuit, filed by David Duncan against the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers        
Today's NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The “sub-commander” of police of Rosarito, Baja Calif., (19 mi. so. of TJ) was assassinated before dawn Thursday while aboard a patrol unit; the vehicle showed at least twenty bullet impacts. -- Last Sept. 25 another sub-commander of the Rosarito Police was also murdered in similar fashion...

Washington Post   
New rule expands DNA collection to all people arrested   
Immigration and civil liberties groups condemned a new U.S. government policy to collect DNA samples from all noncitizens detained by authorities and all people arrested for federal crimes. -- The new Justice Department rule, published Wednesday and effective Jan. 9, dramatically expands a federal law enforcement database of genetic identifiers...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix   
Human-smuggling ring broken up by investigators   
Investigators have broken up a Phoenix smuggling ring that transported as many as 10,000 illegal [aliens] in two years around the country, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard announced Friday. -- Goddard called the network "the Greyhound bus lines of human smuggling" because the smugglers hauled [aliens] in as many as 10 vans from Phoenix-area drophouses to 22 other states...

Mark Krikorian -- Center for Immigration Studies   
Security is indivisible   
We all got a chuckle from the story that the Secret Service let illegal aliens in to clean Chertoff's house. But the take-home point is this, from today's Washington Times editorial: "if the system can be fooled by a house cleaner, it can be fooled by a terrorist." As the original Washington Post story noted...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Construction crews finish installation of Normandy-style vehicle barriers along the banks of the San Pedro River on the border in Southeastern Arizona. "The San Pedro has been used by smugglers for many years," said Glenn Spencer...

Outrageous! -- U.S. troops' new mission: America's 'special events'   
New rules published in the Federal Register would allow certain civilians to call American soldiers into action inside the U.S. to prevent environmental damage or respond to "special events" and "other domestic activities." -- The alarming warning is contained in proposed rules published last week for the Department of Defense's "Defense Support of Civil Authorities" plan...

Pam Meister -- Family Security Matters  
Media suddenly discovers Obama's case of SCS (shady crony syndrome)   
An AP story on Wednesday carried some shocking information to those of you who get your news from the "mainstream" media. It lists "notable figures who have drawn scorn and scrutiny" who have crossed paths with our President-elect, including Tony "Convicted of Fraud" Rezko; Rev. Jeremiah "G** d*** America" Wright; William "Blow Up the Capitol" Ayers...

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