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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nation in Mortal Danger
Evidence of Widespread Obama Fraud Mounts

Devvy Kidd -- NewsWithViews.com -- December 12
"Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a law breaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy." --Justice Louis D. Brandeis, Olmstead v. U.S.

Listen and Learn: Your survival depends on it
If Obama is ineligible, which I believe he is and he certainly knew when he ran, then his entire campaign was a fraud. Because it was fraud perpetrated upon the American people, Obama's selection of a VP candidate would be meaningless as it was an element of the fraud. This is all new territory for our nation and has to be taken one step at a time."
Glenn Spencer -- December 3
Letter to Supreme Court Justices
    "...If Mr. Obama is not qualified to be President, then he is engaged in a fraudulent act to conceal the truth from the American People. The thought that a man could assume power over the nuclear arsenal of the United States by fraud should bring us to our knees.
    "I urge you and the Justices of the Supreme Court to pursue the truth in this matter. I do so for myself and for all of humanity."
Globe Tabloid Ends Media Silence -- December 14
Obama Election ILLEGAL!
Red DotReport: Obama to Offer Israel 'Nuclear Umbrella' Against Iran

Associated Press      sc
Likely load vehicle crashes; 2 dead, 10 injured   
Eloy, Ariz. -- A stolen truck carrying suspected illegal [aliens] crashed Sunday morning in Eloy, killing two and injuring 10 others. -- Three medical helicopters were dispatched for trauma patients...

The Examiner -- Denver  
Some Mexicans leaving US, planning never to return   
After going months without a full-time job, Daniel Ramirez has decided it's time to return to family in Mexico. -- Vicenta Rodriguez Lopez says she can't afford to live in Colorado any more because her husband was deported...

Rampant fraud puts stop to U.S. refugee program   
State Department officials have suspended a program that allows refugees in the U.S. to bring family members into the country after an investigation revealed widespread fraud in the system. -- Since the 1980's, the State Department has granted refugee family members who are left behind in war-torn countries...

Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle Gazette  
Illegal aliens complicate job market in tough economy   
IF Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano becomes secretary of Homeland Security next year, she'll need to scramble to secure the nation's southern border. Not from terrorists, but from illegal [aliens]. -- Since the construction industry began hemorrhaging jobs this past year, many undocumented workers who helped to build houses...

American Border Patrol       
Photo of the day   
Photo shows construction crews erecting a barrier on the west bank of the San Pedro River in Southeastern Arizona this morning. This is where American Border Patrol smuggled simulated WMD's into the U.S....

KTAR -- Phoenix  
Official: Local police can help confront illegal immigration   
Arizona taxpayers shouldn't expect local and state police to cure all the state's immigration ills, but local police can assist federal agents in confronting the problem, the head of the Department of Public Safety said Tuesday...

The Examiner -- Denver   
Washington a hot spot in Border Patrol's expansion   
Seattle -- The note from U.S. Attorney Jeff Sullivan to the U.S. Border Patrol was short and to the point: Stop sending petty marijuana cases to his office. -- "It is our long-standing policy to use limited federal resources to pursue the sophisticated criminal organizations who smuggle millions of dollars of drugs, guns and other contraband across our borders," Sullivan wrote in November.

Philip Bobbitt -- New York Times  
'Terror' is the enemy   
...Mexico is potentially our Pakistan — a failing state on our border that can provide haven for our adversaries, at least some of whom will be privatized terrorists. Imagine a poorer, less-democratic Mexico; then imagine it harboring extortionists with a small arsenal of deliverable nuclear or biological weapons... [See this American Patrol Report feature]

El Paso Times   
Hundreds stage protest against Juarez violence   
Cd. Juarez, Chih., Mex. -- Hundreds of medical professionals met Friday morning at the Juarez mega flag pole in the Chamizal Park to protest the extortion, threats and kidnappings they are enduring amid the violence that plagues the city. ..

Associated Press   
El Paso crime dips as crime across border mounts    
As the bloody struggle for control of Ciudad Juarez continues just across the Rio Grande, police in neighboring El Paso are boasting yet another year of lower violent crime rates. Overall, reports of violent crime are down about 4 percent compared to 2007, El Paso Police spokesman Darrel Petry said. --

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