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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Border Weakness Exposed
DHS Didn't Finish the Job

Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- December 17

    Dobbs: Well, new evidence tonight of the Mexican drug cartels increasingly brazen tactics, and this occurred right on the border near Douglas, Arizona. All of it caught on tape by the U.S. Border Patrol. In the video, smugglers in one of two trucks, there you see them, use a ramp not to drive through a border fence but over it. Watch, this is amazing. This is -- talk about brazen.
And then the trucks were stopped by a spike strip that had been laid down. One of the drug smugglers then started shooting. Fortunately, they didn't hit any of our Border Patrol agents, and others began throwing the bails of pot they had aboard back across the border into Mexico. All of this as the Border Patrol was moving in. Then the men, seeing the Border Patrol, set fire to one truck and fled in another truck. Agents found a half-ton of marijuana valued at a million dollars. No arrests were made.
Video Watch Border / Amnesty / ACORN  
American Patrol Report -- December 17
Job Half Done
    As shown in the photo above, smugglers were able to ramp over a part of the fence at Douglas because it is only ten feet high. New fencing is 18 feet high, but DHS didn't replace the old ten-foot mat fence when building new fencing, thus inviting things like ramps. (Try throwing a bale of pot over an 18-foot fence.) Why didn't they replace the old fence?
    Contact your representative and demand that DHS finish the job. Click here.

Newsbusters.com   Audio Clip Included     sc     
Solis teamed up with the 'Tan Klan,' Baca to whine about Dobbs, others   
Barack Obama picked Rep. Hilda Solis (D-CA) as his Labor Secretary today. While groups like La Raza, N.O.W., and NARAL are likely to be pleased, Solis is also likely to please the liberal watchdog group Media Matters. -- In late May of this year she teamed up with Media Matters to present a report that said cable news shows hosted by Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Lou Dobbs..."

James Carafano, Ph. D. -- Family Security Matters   
Fixing Border Security and Immigration: A memo to Obama   
President-elect Obama, we applaud your commitment to secure our nation's borders, but securing our borders is simply one step toward protecting America and fixing our broken immigration system. Your statement acknowledges that those who come into our country illegally have broken the law, so you should ensure that [illegal aliens] brought "out of the shadows" are not granted amnesty...

U. S. Customs and Border Protection   
Border Patrol seizes 2 tons of marijuana   
Rio Grande City, Texas - Border Patrol agents assigned to the Rio Grande City, Texas station seized more than 4,700 pounds of marijuana in four separate encounters during a 24-hour period Monday into Tuesday. The largest seizure, more than 3,300 pounds, occurred yesterday shortly before dawn...

Phoenix Business Journal   
Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama, Holder won't dissuade immigration raids   
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says scrutiny of racial and ethnic profiling by incoming President Barack Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will not deter his get-tough approach to illegal immigration. -- "I'm not stopping," said Arpaio. The Republican sheriff said he plans to continue crime sweeps and raids...

Elgin (Illinois) Daily Herald   
Elgin finds prosecution one way to deter illegal aliens   
Since March 1, Elgin police have arrested 20 illegal [aliens] that will be deported if they are convicted of the felony drug charges, gang activity or sex crimes they are accused of. -- Another 233 have been reported to the U.S. Immigrations Customs and Enforcement Agency, or ICE, but the status of these arrestees is unknown...

Capitol Media Services  
Meltdown: Arizona shed 83,100 jobs since November 2007   
Arizona lost a bigger percentage of jobs in the last 12 months than any similar period since before most Arizonans were born. -- New figures today from the state Department of Commerce show the state has shed 83,100 jobs between November 2007 and November 2008...

Bangor (Maine) Daily News   
5 illegal aliens charged in plan to get to Canada   
One of five Mexican nationals taken into custody Monday at a Houlton motel has been charged with being in the country illegally. -- Israel Cervantes-Medina, 26, whose hometown did not appear in court documents, was charged Tuesday in U.S. District Court with re-entry after deportation. He was ordered removed in September 2007...

Legal Times   
Leading conservative activist dies   
Paul Weyrich, conservative leader and co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, has died. He was 66. -- Weyrich was a leading player in conservative circles for several decades. In 1973, he co-founded the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think-tank with an anti-tax, anti-regulation agenda that grew to become one of the most influential in the world...

American Border Patrol    
Fence progress report    
American Border Patrol reports that a preliminary analysis of its most recent aerial surveys of the border shows that there are approximately 245 miles of fencing in place along the Mexican border...

San Jose Mercury News   
California population growth driven by immigrants   
..."Lots of births and lots of people coming from other countries," said Linda Gage, a demographer with the California Department of Finance, which produced new population estimates for the state's 58 counties as of July 1. -- The data also shows that Santa Clara County, the state's sixth largest with 1.85 million people, gained about 32,000 people...

In-Forum -- Fargo, North Dakota   
14 of ‘Cass 23’ plead guilty to charges   
Pleas of different kinds crisscrossed Wednesday in the saga of 23 workers from India who have been jailed in Fargo on illegal immigration charges. -- Two groups of the defendants, seven at a time, pleaded guilty to charge of possessing counterfeit documents that they used to obtain employment as welders and pipe fitters...

Marcus Epstein -- VDare.com   
Immigration and the Pro-Life movement   
When Tom Tancredo first ran for president, the American Spectator’s anonymous "Prowler" blog wrote: "It's not clear Tancredo is in line with the mainstream, social conservative wing of the GOP he seeks to align himself with."

Associated Press   
Obama picks another Mexican Reconquista, this one for Labor   
A labor official says Rep. Hilda Solis of California will be nominated as labor secretary by President-elect Barack Obama. -- The Democratic congresswoman was just elected to her fifth term representing heavily Hispanic portions of eastern Los Angeles County and east L.A. She is the daughter of Mexican and Nicaraguan immigrants... [Open-borders fanatic Frank Sharry is elated]

Associated Press   
Gunmen attack prosecutor's office in Tijuana   
Tijuana, BCN, Mex. -- Gunmen opened fire in the state attorney general's office in Tijuana today, wounding three agents, police said. -- One of the state officers was in serious condition after the 1:30 a.m. attack, a news release from the Tijuana police department said...

Amnesty-seekers must prove illegal status   
...How to do that has been tricky, said attorney Peter Schey, who filed the class-action lawsuit on behalf of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. Schey has successfully argued that the government knew many immigrants had violated their status because they failed to furnish address reports and also because schools failed to update the government on the status of student visas...

San Jose Mercury News Editorial  
California leaders deepen the economic disaster   
It's been maddening to watch the Legislature make a bigger mess of the California economy. -- Having done nothing to fix the state budget, lawmakers were largely to blame Wednesday when a state board shut down $4 billion worth of approved public works projects for lack of cash... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

U. S. Customs and Border Protection   
El Paso CBP officers thwart flood of marijuana smuggling attempts    
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers performing anti-terrorism inspections at the port of El Paso seized 713 pounds of marijuana in three different drug busts involving mini vans on Tuesday. CBP officers located drugs in four additional vehicles as well. The seized marijuana weighed 372 pounds...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Border agents on horseback arrest 8, seize 1,384 lbs. of pot   
U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback discovered more than 1,300 pounds of marijuana after apprehending eight illegal [aliens] Tuesday in the desert near Arivaca. -- Agents operating a Mobile Surveillance System, a vehicle equipped with a telescoping tower mounted with a camera and radar unit...

WLS-TV -- Chicago      
Blagojevich was bookie, says federal informant   
The ABC7 I-Team has learned that an attorney who went undercover for the FBI in the late 1980's says he told federal authorities years ago about wrongdoing by Blagojevich. -- His name is Robert Cooley. -- Cooley was a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago in the late 1980's who became one of the most potent witnesses against Chicago corruption...

Minneapolis Star Tribune     sc     
Minnesota Catholics to observe 'Immigration Sunday'   
Calling for "compassionate dialogue" on immigration reform, the Minnesota Catholic Conference announced that Jan. 4 will be "Immigration Sunday" in the state's parishes. -- The conference, the public policy voice of the Roman Catholic Church in Minnesota, made the announcement Tuesday...

Janice Kephart -- Center for Immigration Studies   
Ohio driver's licenses hit by four-year ID theft scam    
On January 11, 2008, Ohio became the first state to agree to comply with the REAL ID law. Under REAL ID, states will conduct more thorough identity verification, including review of source documents provided by the applicant. That Ohio is moving in the direction of more-secure ID issuance is a good thing...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Today's NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The government of the state of Michoacan has not established clear measures for migrants returning home from the US, according to the president of the state’s congressional committee on migration issues. In a press release, he said the legislature should define recourses to deal with returning migrants “exiled” because of the economic crisis in the US...

New York Times  
Facing budget gap, California cuts infrastructure projects   
In another sign of California’s fiscal morass, a state board charged with backing infrastructure projects voted Wednesday to halt some $3.8 billion in financing until a yawning budget gap is addressed. -- The vote, by the three-person Pooled Money Investment Board, came even as state legislators mulled over another budget proposal in the face of a $14.8 billion deficit for the current year. [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

Walter Moore, Candidate For Mayor of Los Angeles   
The $24 Million Question: Whom is Villaraigosa hiding?
The L.A. Weekly reports that Mayor Villaraigosa appointed 50 people to decide how to dole out $24 million per year of our tax money for "anti-gang" programs. -- Who was on this "blue ribbon" panel, you ask? Good question. Villaraigosa refuses to say...AP Internal Use Only

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix   
McCain unsure of immigration priority from Obama   
Arizona Sen. John McCain, back in his home state, said Tuesday he's not sure where immigration reform falls among President-elect Barack Obama's priorities. -- Speaking with the Tucson Citizen's editorial board, McCain, who lost the election to Obama last month and will be returning to the Senate...

Arizona Daily Star -- Tucson   
Border Patrol hits goal of 6,000 new agents    
U.S. Customs and Border Protection met its goal of hiring 6,000 new Border Patrol agents by the end of the year, now employing more than 18,000 agents across the United States. -- The goal of increasing the Border Patrol's numbers by 50 percent was made in May 2006 by President Bush, looking to expand upon the then-12,000 agents employed by the Border Patrol...

CNS News   
Border fence progressing but it's not the one 'Congress had in mind'   
The $2.7 billion border “fence” authorized by Congress to be built along stretches of the U.S.-Mexico border is just over two-thirds finished -- and should be mostly complete by the end of the year. But not everyone is happy with it... [Depend on American Border Patrol to tell you what's really happening with this fence.]

East Valley Tribune -- Phoenix   
MCSO makes more arrests at Golfland   
The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office continued its employer’s sanction investigation into Mesa’s Golfland Sunsplash by netting at least two arrests.... -- Detectives, who were conducting follow-up surveillance on seven homes in Mesa, arrested the two people on suspicion of identity theft and forgery charges. Other illegal [aliens] also were found inside the homes...

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