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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fence Inflation
ABP Challenges DHS Numbers

Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review -- December 28
Short vehicle barriers A and B are used all along the border -- See Sasabe / See Lukeville -- Taller fencing now being installed (C) is more effective

Watch group questions latest border fence tally
    ...However, Glenn Spencer, president of American Border Patrol, a non-government and nonprofit organization based in Hereford that performs aerial surveys of fence construction, said the figures provided by the Department of Homeland Security are misleading.
    "DHS implies that it has built 278 miles of pedestrian fence. However, it is including in this figure 76 miles of old pedestrian fence that had been completed long before 2007. The number of miles of pedestrian fencing that had been built by the Secure Border Initiative in compliance with the Congressional mandate is 202 miles, not 278 miles as they reported," he said.
    American Border Patrol conducted a survey of the border on Dec. 10 from Naco to the Pacific Coast, and then on Dec. 19 from Naco to 20 miles east of Douglas. The group last surveyed New Mexico and Texas on Oct. 2 and will conduct an update there beginning Jan. 4. [...]
    [Spencer] pointed out [that] government officials are misleading the public by counting vehicle barrier mileage toward the Secure Fence Act's mandate of 670 miles of double-layer fencing.
    "It is very unlikely that the 'reasonable person' or members of Congress would agree with this definition of a fence. They would say that a fence is not something that people can step through, step over or duck under, as is the case with the vehicle barriers installed by DHS," he said.
    "As evidenced by recent reports, smugglers are using portable ramps to drive over these vehicle barriers and even old 10-foot fences. It appears, therefore, that these vehicle barriers may not even meet the definition of a 'vehicle fence,' i.e., they may not 'restrict or prevent movement across a boundary,'" he added.

Green Valley (Arizona) News & Sun     sc 
Illegal immigration hitting the heart of Green Valley   
The U.S. Border Patrol has reportedly apprehended nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants in Green Valley since October of 2007, down from nearly 8,000 in the previous fiscal year. -- "Green Valley is much better than it was a year ago," said Mario Escalante, a Border Patrol spokesman who explained that the numbers reflect increased enforcement in the area....

El Paso Times  
Suspected operative for al-Qaida held at center in El Paso   
A Lebanese man who was part of a complex federal investigation into a suspected U.S. terrorist network with ties to al-Qaida is in custody at the El Paso immigration detention center facing deportation, officials have confirmed...

Belfast (Northern Ireland) Telegraph   
New administration may bring hope to Irish illegals in the US   
The Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform in the United States said it is hopeful the change of US President next month will be good news for [illegal aliens] from this country. -- Democratic President-elect Barack Obama will succeed Republican President George W. Bush on January 20th...

Glenn Spencer -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Georgia  
The Border Fence -- Will Obama tear it down?   
The New Mexico State University online newspaper Frontera NorteSur reports that construction of the fence on the Mexican border is the target of "reinvigorated opposition from border residents, elected officials, indigenous communities, human rights activists, and environmentalists."

Martinsville (Virginia) Bulletin  
Goode reflects on 35 years in public service    
Lawmakers should be independent thinkers and not merely follow a leader, according to 5th District U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode Jr. -- “I never was a big follower,” said Goode, R-Rocky Mount. Having been both a Democrat and a Republican, he noted that he was not afraid to voice opinions that differed...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix  
Employers busted by hiring law so far: 0   
When the state's employer-sanctions law took effect nearly a year ago, it threatened to shut down businesses that hired illegal workers. -- But not a single employer has been taken to court in Arizona, mainly because the landmark law is too difficult to enforce, authorities say...

Ira Mehlman -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Georgia   
DREAM Over: Illegal alien student amnesty awakens to fiscal reality    
Even as the illegal alien advocacy lobby is frantically trying to spin the election of Barack Obama as a mandate for a sweeping amnesty, they have all but conceded that the economic crisis and worsening unemployment have probably doomed their efforts. They've set their sights on the more modest goals of achieving amnesty...

The Oklahoman Editorial 
California illegal alien case being watched closely   
The future of Oklahoma’s law allowing undocumented students to attend college at in-state tuition rates may rest in unlikely hands: the California Supreme Court. -- Advocates and opponents of California’s law expect to know within the next several weeks if that state’s high court will take up the issue...

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