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Friday, September 18, 2009

Attacking the Messenger
Last Gasp of the Liberal Media
This shouldn't have been the cover of Time – This should have been.
Glenn Beck Show -- Fox News -- September 17
    Glenn Beck: It's funny because I read this stuff and I read about what the fringe media says about me, and really, you. This article says about how I am stoking fear and anger and profiting off of fear and anger. -- (Points to story leads at top of front cover of Time)
    This story says "How virus fear goes viral and what you can do" and "The meltdown, one year later, and why the system is still broken." Panic everybody!! (laughs) Do they see it? I don't think they do.
    You and I are apparently just mindless rednecks and you do whatever I tell you to do.
    This should not have been the cover of Time... this should have been.
Video Watch Beck / O'Reilly / Dobbs

Doug Bandow -- CATO Institute       sc      
When stimulus is no stimulus   
The Obama administration has been touting its wasteful "stimulus" package as the answer to the recession. Now that Uncle Sam has started his spending binge, John Cogan, John Taylor, and Volker Wieland assess the result. Their conclusion: for all of the money spent, the effort wasn't much of a stimulus...

New Mexico Independent     
Napolitano admits White House working on another amnesty scheme   
U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano reiterated the president’s stated commitment to immigration reform during a speech at New Mexico State University on Wednesday. Although she could not say when such a proposal will come to the forefront, Napolitano said the groundwork is already being laid behind the scenes for an immigration reform bill...

Judge Andrew Napolitano -- Fox News     
Was Joe Wilson right?   
There is no question that under the present law, Congress simply cannot pick and choose which “persons” to whom it will afford social benefits and to which "persons" it will not. How could the president not have known that?

Phyllis Schlafly -- Eagle Forum     
Who lied?   
The sanctimonious shock at Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) calling out "You lie" when Barack Obama said the health care bill will not insure illegal aliens reminds me of the Casablanca police chief saying he was "shocked, shocked" to learn that gambling was taking place in the saloon. Barack Obama's congressional pals...

Numbers USA     
Here's Your 'Change': 42 states lost jobs in August   
Nearly all 50 states experienced increased unemployment in the month of August, up significantly from July. According to data from the Labor Department report, 42 states lost more jobs than they gained last month with Texas, Michigan, Georgia, and Ohio taking the biggest hits...

Austin American-Statesman     
Texas ACLU supports licenses for illegals, among other things   
The ACLU of Texas issued a response to a story in today's American-Statesman about the criminal history of Jaime Alvarado, a Honduran [illegal alien] facing a murder charge in the death of Robert Benn. -- Benn died as a result of a traffic collision in which Austin police have said Alvarado ran a red light while driving drunk and being pursued by police...

Robert H. Knight -- Human Events    
ACORN -- A nut they won't crack   
I’ve been bashing the Washington Post lately and am starting to feel bad about it. So maybe if I do it a bit more, I'll feel better. -- If you were an editor, how and where would you play a story with these elements? -- On Friday, Sept. 11, the U.S. Census Bureau announces that the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now...

Russia Today           sc   
Repressive 'Patriot Act': Meet the new boss, same as the old boss   
Eight years after the Patriot Act became law in the United States, President Obama has told lawmakers that he wants to reauthorize three parts of the act that were set to expire later this year. Many people have said that the Patriot Act is an invasion of privacy and opens the door for abuses of power, so why would Obama extend one of former President Bush's policies?

Nashville City Paper     
Sheriff says 287(g) immigration enforcement will continue   
Sheriff Daron Hall is confident the 287(g) program will continue to be administered in Nashville, despite his contention that a revision — one which renders detainee records inaccessible absent a FOIA request — runs afoul of state law...

U.S.. Customs and Border Protection   
Latest news releases from CBP   
Brownsville -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the Brownsville, Texas port of entry at Veteran’s Bridge yesterday discovered a female passenger in a Chevrolet Lumina did not have proper documents to legally enter the country. The driver was arrested on felony alien smuggling charges...

San Francisco Chronicle    
State jobless rate jumps to 12.2 percent   
California's unemployment rate jumped to 12.2 percent in August, up from 11.9 percent in July, as nearly 2.25 million state residents looked for work in vain last month. -- But a report issued Friday by the state Employment Development Department also showed fewer payroll job losses and a drop in new claims for unemployment...

Queens (NY) Chronicle     
Gillibrand calls for amnesty   
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) stopped by the Emerald Isle Immigration Center in Woodside on Monday, where she advocated comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty] and touted the healthcare bills that are being debated in Congress... [This loser also voted against de-funding ACORN]

Congressional Quarterly     
Democrats run away from ACORN   
Democrats in Congress are abandoning an embattled community organizing group after Republicans stepped up attacks on the liberal-leaning ACORN and the federal funding it receives. -- Majorities of Senate and House Democrats voted Thursday in favor of separate Republican proposals to block federal funding...

American Border Patrol  
Beware Brickhousesecurity.com
American Border Patrol reports that it ordered a digital video recorder from brickhousesecurity.com. It arrived defective. After spending a week on online and on the phone with them, they finally agreed the product was defective and for us to submit an RMA e-mail. That was four days ago and no RMA number was given, despite repeated attempts to get one. This is a very bad online store.

Dr. Alan Bates -- Family Security Matters  
Selling socialism to the masses   
In the presence of union leaders to whom Obama partially owes his election, BHO says "Big Brother" will take care of workers, implying a false assumption and a false solution. The false assumption is that union workers carry inadequate or no healthcare...

US Newswire     
Pelosi remarks at ethnic soiree   
..."With their determination to build a better future and their commitment to faith, family, and community, all are making America more American. This is the essence of our history. To honor the character of America, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty].... [More on radical leftist snob Pelosi]

Latin American Herald-Tribune -- Caracas     
Chicago open-borders fanatics demand amnesty   
Pro-[illegal alien] groups in Chicago are marking U.S. Citizenship Day with a call to local Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez to assume leadership of fair, humane and sensible immigration reform. -- At the headquarters of the Unite Here union hundreds of people were waiting for the "Party of the "Illegals..."" [See Amnesty Watch]

Connie Hair -- Human Events     
Republicans de-fund ACORN   
The House yesterday by a vote of 345-75 denied all federal funding for ACORN, the beleaguered community organizing group at the center of yet another series of scandals. All 75 votes against stripping ACORN funding were from Democrats, with two Democrats voting "present." The full vote breakdown is at the link...

Cato Institute     
More evidence on America's socialism   
KPMG has released its annual survey of personal income tax rates around the world. The survey covers 86 countries, including all the high-income nations and many middle- and lower-income nations, such as Brazil, China, and India. -- The chart shows the top personal income tax rates in 2009 for national governments, per the KPMG study... [See Obama Watch]

Ernest Istook -- Human Events     
Obama is blitzing American TV   
While the left celebrates President Barack Obama's full-court press for health care, the right feels differently about "all-Obama, all-the-time" network TV schedules. -- To the right, it feels like having a pesky salesman shadow us through the store, constantly pestering us to buy something we don’t want...

Washington Times     
Obama: Legalize illegals to get them health care   
President Obama said this week that his health care plan won't cover illegal immigrants, but argued that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage. -- He also staked out a position that anyone in the country legally should be covered - a major break with the 1996 welfare reform bill...

Charles Krauthammer -- Human Events     
Does he lie?   
You lie? No. Barack Obama doesn't lie. He's too subtle for that. He... well, you judge. -- Herewith three examples within a single speech -- the now-famous Obama-Wilson "you lie" address to Congress on health care -- of Obama's relationship with truth...

Hannity's America -- Fox News        
Worthless feds pick fish over working families   
During the worst recession in decades, environmental wackos in our government are implementing the "hope and change" promise. -- Water is going to the ocean, in the interest of the Delta smelt, and farms are drying up, being destroyed, families left without work, income and FOOD. Watch segments: 1 / 2 / 3 -- [Thanks to 'Lone Wolf' for uploading the video to YouTube]

San Francisco Chronicle     
Newsom supports DA's controversial Edwin Ramos decision   
...[We at long last got to ask him [arrogant crackpot mayor Gavin Newsom] about District Attorney Kamala Harris' controversial decision last week to not seek the death penalty in the trial of Edwin Ramos, the alleged killer of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16... [See Frisco Watch]

Glenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol                  
If you can't measure it you can't improve it
Five years ago I said that U.S. Border Patrol was "designed to fail." As an old systems engineer I knew - "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." (In March of 2005 I recommended an approach to the problem). Now comes the GOA saying the same thing. -- I am reminded of the old saying; "time wounds all heels."

New York Times     
Scathing report on border security is issued    
Government auditors reported Thursday that the effort to secure the Mexican border with technology and fences has fallen years behind schedule, will cost billions of dollars extra in maintenance costs and has no clear means of gauging whether illegal crossings have been curtailed...

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix     
MCSO: 5 arrested at Peoria business for alleged ID theft   
Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies arrested five [illegal aliens] for identity theft at a Peoria business Thursday morning and one of the managers says she has some questions for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. -- Kelli Bungert arrived at Berardi Enterprises... to find helicopters hovering above...

Connie Hair -- Human Events     
Obamacare special report   
If there's one thing the Obama administration knows, it's how to exploit a good crisis or -- if none is handy -- to manufacture one to suit the moment. But sometimes, as in the "global-warming crisis" that generated the Waxman-Markey "cap-and-tax" bill for the President -- a manufactured crisis can well be the political equivalent of New Coke: The public just doesn't buy it.... [See Obama Watch]

Numbers USA    
ACORN accused of using federal money for immigration battle   
Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is subpoenaing financial data from ACORN saying that the group has used federal funds to campaign against his immigration enforcement efforts. He says the money was supposed to be used for housing and social services... [Related item] [Related video]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update -- Foreigners demand benefits for scofflaws   
The leaders of MIGUA, the Guatemalan Immigrant Movement in the United States, declare the following in reply to the speech by President Barack Obama about the urgency of reforming the healthcare system and in reply to the controversy which has arisen about this issue... [More meddling by foreigners]

Michelle Malkin -- VDare.com     
ACORN's illegal alien home loan racket   
There's one thing more shocking than the illegal alien smuggling advice that an ACORN official in San Diego gave undercover journalists James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles. It's the illegal alien home loan racket that ACORN has already been operating with the full knowledge of the U.S. government...

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