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Saturday, November 14, 2009

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The American Patrol Report
How We Got Our Name 
American Patrol Report -- November 14
"Remember your regiment" – 2nd Dragoons attack Mexicans following the slaughter of an American Patrol. See larger image.

    In his review of A "Country of Vast Designs: James K. Polk, the Mexican War, and the Conquest of the American Continent" by Robert Merry, Pat Buchanan links to our Web page. The link comes when Buchanan describes the ambush of an American Patrol by Mexican troops. While Pat may not have realized it at the time, the naming of the American Patrol Report was based on that historic event.
    As Pat points out, following the Battle of San Jacinto, Santa Anna, the butcher of the Alamo and Goliad, signed a treaty establishing the southern boundary of Texas at the Rio Grande River. On April 25, 1846, 500 Mexicans troops ambushed and slaughtered an American Patrol of 60 men north of the river. This attack led to the Mexican war and this Web page is named for that American Patrol.
    Today the United States of America is facing another aggressive attack by Mexico. In "The Great Invasion: Mexico Recovers Its Own," Carlos Loret de Mola, describes border crossers this way:
    "A peaceful mass of people, hardworking, carries out slowly and patiently an unstoppable invasion, the most important in human history... it (the American Southwest) seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without the firing of a single shot..."
    The original American Patrol was attacked for defending its nation. Nothing has changed.

David Forsmark -- NewsReal Blog            sc            
Obama's Ft. Hood Speech: A "shout out" to General Casey?   
President Obama belatedly hauled his teleprompter down to Fort Hood this week, ostensibly to comfort the families of the victims of Nidal Malik Hasan. But the person who would have drawn the most comfort from Commander-in-Chief's bloodless and perfunctory address is General George "Diversity" Casey...

CAIR boasts of influence on media after Fort Hood   
Despite recent reports of new evidence of its ties to terrorism, the Council on American-Islamic Relations is boasting of its success in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre as a spokesman in numerous major media outlets for a religious community "shocked" by the attack and incensed that anyone would associate them with it...

London Telegraph     
Barack Obama bows to emperor of Japan - absolutely incredible photo   
There was talk of green tea ice cream, memories of a childhood visit to Japan and even a reference to the remote fishing town Obama as the US President set out his vision for US relations with Asia in a keynote speech. -- He later bowed deeply to Japanese Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko... [Related LA Times item] [President O-bow-ma]

Obama scheme makes illegal aliens legal   
...Any system for making illegals legal should start with deportation. Allowing illegals to stay in the country rewards illegal behavior. They broke the law by entering the country illegally and we're going to pat them on the back and say, "Don't worry about it. We'll expedite your citizenship." A form of vote buying, maybe?

Reuters     sc        
California braces for new state budget gap   
California's fiscal watchdog will soon release a report pointing to yet another massive state budget deficit sure to trigger weeks if not months of angst in the state capital of Sacramento. -- Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger expects as much as he has repeatedly been snared in heated debates with and among lawmakers... [See Cal Meltdown Watch]

San Antonio Express-News     
Barack Hussein Obama urges Congress to put off Fort Hood probe    
President Barack Obama called Saturday for a comprehensive review of the events leading to the tragedy at Fort Hood to "prevent a similar breach from happening again," and he urged Congress to hold off on hearings until an official investigation is complete...

David Horowitz -- NewsReal Blog     
Giuliani on Civilian Trial: Unbelievable incompetence. Invites a terrorist attack.   
On Cavuto [last] evening, Rudy Giuliani underscored the obvious. We tried prosecuting terrorists as criminals after the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. It got us the second attack. What is it that the Obama doesn't understand about the word "war?" How can he wish to inflict this nightmare on the families of 9/11 and the City of New York?

FAIR via Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga.   FAIR podcast included  
Napolitano remarks show Obama committed to amnesty despite the facts   
The Center for American Progress, a liberal organization with close ties to the Obama Administration recently hosted DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. The Secretary took this opportunity to spin the Administration's three new arguments for why they believe amnesty is now urgently needed for all that ails America...

Wall Street Journal     
Mukasey fears attacks on New York during trial of 9/11 defendants    
Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said the decision to try the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in criminal court represented a turn from the Bush administration's war footing to a "Sept. 10, 2001" mentality. -- "The plan seems to abandon the view that we are involved in a war," Mr. Mukasey said in remarks to the Federalist Society... [See AG Watch and Obama Watch]

Donald A. Collins -- VDare.com     
Why take the risk of Muslim immigration?   
As the news stories accumulate on the Fort Hood tragedy, it is now possible to "jump to conclusions" and at least suggest that the shooter acted from a deep fervor based on his reading of Islam. -- Recently, I had a conversation with my friend, Peter Gadiel, who lost his 23-year old son...

Tom Tancredo -- WorldNetDaily.com     
Political correctness kills 14 at Fort Hood   
By now we have all heard the reports of the Fort Hood shooter's radical Islamic tirades, his attempted communications with foreign terrorists, his Internet postings defending suicide bombings by Taliban fighters, and his public criticisms of America's role in Iraq and Afghanistan. We also know of his shout of "Allahu akbar!" as he opened fire on unarmed soldiers...

Dakota Voice     
Survivor of socialism has warning for America   
...The woman told her they would do this by getting massive numbers of illegals into the U.S. and pushing the sanctuary movement. [Kitty] Werthmann [of Eagle Forum] said when she saw illegal [alien] marches in California carrying the Mexican flag and trampling the American flag, she knew this was actually happening. [See Amnesty Watch and Obama Watch]

Dallas Morning News     
Deportation lets hundreds in Dallas County avoid prosecution   
Hundreds of defendants awaiting trial for violent crimes in Dallas County have been deported by federal immigration officials and then set free in their home countries. -- The practice goes back to at least 1991 and includes the release of murder, kidnapping and child rape suspects. ICE officials say they're required to deport illegal [aliens] quickly...

The Reality Check     
Obama's ACORN connection can't survive inspection   
Media Matters continues to try to provide cover for the public flogging ACORN has received as a result of investigative videos which showed ACORN employees giving advice on a number of illegal activities including human trafficking, child prostitution, bank fraud, illegal immigration and tax evasion...

Washington Times Editorial     
Running away from terrorism   
The Fort Hood, Texas, massacre was the worst domestic terrorist incident since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, but the government refuses to admit it. The latest act of denial is procedural. The accused shooter, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, reportedly has been charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder...

Obama birth certificate snit led to Lou Dobbs' resignation   
Lou Dobbs' refusal to drop "birther" stories about challenges to President Obama's constitutional eligibility to hold office was a major source of contention with CNN management, leading the unconventional anchor to walk away from the network and more than $9 million... [Obama has yet to produce an original birth certificate]

Greenville (SC) News     
South Carolina law working   
Nearly every business that's been audited so far is complying with South Carolina's new requirement to verify the immigration status of its employees using, among other options, the federal E-Verify system. The data, from about 600 businesses so far, is proof that the state's new immigration law is working...

New York Times    
U.S. identifies 111,000 'immigrants' with criminal records   
Federal authorities have identified more than 111,000 immigrants with criminal records being held in local jails, during the first year of a program that seeks to deport immigrants who have committed serious crimes. -- Among the immigrants identified through the program, known as Secure Communities, more than 11,000 had been charged with...

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