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Sunday, January 24, 2010

J.D. Hayworth on the Mike Rosen Show
with Guest Host Tom Tancredo -- 8 to 11 AM PT Monday 
KOA AM 850 - Denver Click Here for Information and 'Listen' Link
Beck, Blacks and Borders
Black Leaders Speak Out On Illegal Immigration
Glenn Beck Program -- January 21

Audience Member: I just moved out of a building where there was nothing but illegals. You get rid of one group and another will come in and they stay to theyselves, they refuse to learn our language. All the schools now in that particular town have to learn Spanish in order to communicate with these people and I think it's very, very wrong. It shouldn't be that way. Come here the right way, learn the language – embrace us and we will embrace you back. But you come here sneaking behind the back door; we're not going to welcome you with open arms.
Panelist: They're going to be the next round of victims.
Panelist: You hear a lot about jobs – illegal immigrants do the jobs that Americans won't do. I challenge anyone to watch one episode of Dirty Jobs and you tell me that Americans won't do anything for a paycheck. We will walk chest deep in feces for a paycheck.
Panelist: In terms of immigration, the first thing that has to happen that for some reason has not happened to date is that it has to be controlled. If you think of immigration as you would think of as a faucet that's leaking currently. It's impossible to fix or repair that faucet while the water's running. The first thing you have to do is control the flow. Remember, in business, controlled growth is the best growth.

Video Watch   
American Patrol Report -- January 24
    1) There is no assimilation;
    2) Illegals take jobs Americans want and need, and
    3) We must control our borders before anything else.
Despite all this, our government continues to ignore us. No wonder Americans are angry.

Donald A. Collins -- VDare.com            sc     
Haiti -- The ultimate symbol of planet Earth's headlong plunge to disaster   
When asked about the level of violent disruption now going on in Haiti, one military man on NBC's Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Today Show said something like "Well, it's now at a lower level than before the quake." Today's Matt Lauer then reported that the estimated death toll could reach 200,000...

Christian Science Monitor     
Gubernatorial hopefuls spar over border policies   
In a series of ads that ran during his 2006 campaign, Gov. Rick Perry swaggered down the banks of the Rio Grande dressed in tight jeans and cowboy boots with border sheriffs by his side. -- The incumbent's pledge to 'increase patrols and use technology to stop terrorists from crossing our border' ran over a montage of arrest and drug seizure footage...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Branding Americans "racists" to further their agenda    
In 2007, former Bush nominee and columnist Linda Chavez published an article in which she accused Americans who stood in opposition to the Bush/McCain/Kennedy Amnesty Bill as racists. Alleging racism is the favorite tactic of the open borders crowd, as it is often used by those who find themselves on the wrong side of the argument...

Tom Tancredo -- WorldNetDaily.com     
Time now for real immigration reform   
The Senate health-care bill is not the only monstrosity that died in Massachusetts on Jan. 19. -- Two days after the Massachusetts victory of Republican Scott Brown, Speaker Pelosi announced that she does not have the votes to push the Senate health-care bill through the House...

Phoenix Business Journal           
Bill would expand MCSO policies toward illegal aliens statewide   
A bill before the Arizona Legislature would expand a controversial immigration enforcement program in use by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio statewide. -- Republicans in the Legislature want to pass HB2384, which would allow 287(g) agreements that allow local police to enforce federal immigration laws throughout the state...

Irish Central -- New York     
Irish immigration center takes Murphy to task over 'No amnesty for illegals'   
The Irish Immigration Center in Philadelphia is urging those who support the [illegal alien.... criminal] Irish to call their Congressman, Patrick Murphy, to say they oppose his stance on comprehensive immigration reform [read: amnesty]. -- The center says that Murphy joined nine other Democrats in the House... [More meddlesome foreigners] [See Amnesty Watch]

Glenn Greenwald -- Salon     
Obama confidant's spine-chilling proposal   
Cass Sunstein has long been one of Barack Obama's closest confidants. Often mentioned as a likely Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, Sunstein is currently Obama's head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where, among other things, he is responsible for "overseeing policies relating to privacy, information quality, and statistical programs." [See Czar Watch]

McAllen (Texas) Monitor     
Gubernatorial hopefuls spar over border policies   
In a series of ads that ran during his 2006 campaign, Gov. Rick Perry swaggered down the banks of the Rio Grande dressed in tight jeans and cowboy boots with border sheriffs by his side. -- The incumbent's pledge to "increase patrols and use technology to stop terrorists from crossing our border"... [Perry is a fraud who's been to Bilderberg and is deeply involved in the NAFTA superhighway, toll roads, etc.]

Zbigniew Mazurak -- The Reality Check    
Yes, Sarah Palin is a RINO   
Paul Streitz has decided to call Sarah Palin by her real name, because she endorsed John McCain (who is trying to win a fifth term as Senator) and said she will campaign for him. Fanatic Palinites, such as the editors of the misnamed "conservatives4palin.com" website (they should rename it "liberals4palin.com”), lambasted him and called him a "backstabber."

American Border Patrol    
Photo of the day    
The web site whos.among.us.com shows where people visiting a particular site are located. This map shows where visitors to americanpatrol.com were located this morning...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.     
Wanna see what the open borders lobby is talking about on amnesty in 2010?   
Amnesty, illegal immigration and the Massachusetts election discussed by the now somewhat nervous open borders/anti-enforcement lobby. This is posted on the GALEO site. Thanks Jerry! Cecilia Munoz is a former La Raza goonette and now works in the Obama administration.

San Bernardino County (Calif.) Sun     
PC BS Alert!: Words become touchy subject in war over illegals  
Are they illegal aliens or undocumented workers? Illegal immigrants or unauthorized entrants? -- In the raging debate over illegal immigration, words carry loaded meanings. -- People on opposite sides of the issue insist on their own terms to describe people in the country illegally...

Californians for Population Stabilization       
Alert! Support the new ANTI-Amnesty effort in Congress!  
A new bipartisan resolution in the House opposes efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Introduced by Representatives Chaffetz (R-UT), Kratovil (D-MD), Hunter (R-CA), and Nye (D-VA), H. Res. 1026 asserts that Congress should "reject amnesty... 

Tyler Durden -- Zero Hedge     
Scandal: Albert Edwards alleges central banks were complicit in robbing the middle classes   
We apologize in advance for the NY Magazine-style headline, but this is a report that has to be read by all Senators who are preparing to reconfirm Bernanke for a second term. When voting for the Chairman, be aware that all of America will now look at you as the perpetrators...

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com     
Unintended mirth from a Mexican Consul   
In Dallas, the official Mexi-booster decided to pursue a contrarian marketing scheme by naming a few tiny defects in his countrymen's national character. -- Editorial: Mexican migrants due for image makeover, Dallas Morning News, January 22, 2010:........

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