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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Raising False Hopes?
Gov. Perry wants drones -- but do they work?
Dallas Morning News -- February 9  

Gov. Rick Perry calls for tighter border security measures  
    Irving -- Gov. Rick Perry tried to shore up his border security credentials Monday as he campaigned for re-election by calling for a Predator drone at the Texas-Mexico border and highlighting a transnational gang initiative.
    Perry, a Republican seeking his third full term as governor, said he has asked the Defense Department to deploy an unarmed drone to the Texas border to assist in border security and provide "real-time" data. "Why not fly them from Brownsville to El Paso?" Perry said in remarks at the Irving Police Association Hall.  [...]
    Perry's chief Republican opponent, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, was quick to issue a news release criticizing Perry's border security initiatives, especially a border camera program that she called a "boondoggle" that led to few arrests.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Analysis   
    Rick Perry is not serious about controlling the border. He is opposed to a border fence, even though there are hundreds of miles of the Texas / Mexico border where such a fence would be effective.
    His border camera system, fashioned after an idea launched by American Border Patrol, was poorly designed and implemented.
    Perry's suggestion that Predator drones could help solve the problem ignores the fact that there is no evidence that they work on the Arizona border.
    Texas Governor Perry pretends he is for controlling the border, but evidence shows he is not.

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers        sc        
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
A likely candidate for successor to recently-arrested drug boss, Teodoro “El Teo” Garcia Simental has been arrested. Raydel Lopez Uriarte, ”El Maletas,” was arrested in La Paz, Baja California Sur, by federal agents Monday morning. The operation took place in the same residential area of La Paz where El Teo was arrested last month...

Federation for American Immigration Reform  
Latest FAIR Legislative Update   
On February 1, President Obama released the details of his Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 Budget Request, which seeks to cut funding for important immigration enforcement programs. (See The President's Budget Message, February 1, 2010). Specifically, the president's budget would slash funding for the Secure Border Initiative...

Chicago Tribune     
Here's Your "Change": Recession pushes teens, young adults to the edge   
On one of the coldest days of the new year, Antonio Larkin found himself without a place to stay -- again. -- So the 22-year-old called a familiar number and was greeted by a familiar voice: "You wait there. We'll be there to get you." -- When outreach manager Stephanie Taylor and other staffers from Covenant House Michigan pulled up... [See "Change" Watch]

Center for Immigration Studies       
Latest news headlines from CIS   
State officials are mulling their options after a federal appeals court pruned two key provisions of an immigration law aimed to reduce the number of [illegal aliens] and families across Oklahoma. -- The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver upheld an injunction Tuesday against employer provisions of the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizens Protection Act of 2007...   

Arpaio blasts open-borders RINO McCain, endorses J.D. Hayworth    
Maricopa Co. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is urging GOPers to shelve Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in favor of ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R), a challenger attacking from the right, in a new letter sent to primary voters. -- "Senator McCain has served this country admirably but it's time to replace his moderate or even liberal positions on taxes, the border, social causes and big bank bailouts..."

Imperial Valley News -- Holtville, Calif.     
Lying windbag Morones spews more pro-amnesty balderdash   
An immigration reform [read: amnesty] for the United States was the subject of discussion last week at the SDSU Calexico campus were pro-immigration groups highlighted the importance of this reform. -- A forum on immigration took place last Wednesday sponsored by the Committee on Diversity and Equity and spoke in length...

The Editors -- Family Security Matters     
Do we finally have proof that global warming by CO2 emissions is a hoax?   
Recently, NASA Director James Hansen was challenged by Hungarian Physicist Dr. Miklos Zagoni and Dianna Cotter, a Contributing Editor to FamilySecurityMatters.org, to release the raw numbers data Hansen used to report that 2009 was the warmest year on record... [See Obama Watch]

Washington Times     
Illegal immigration fell sharply in '08 (according to the incompetent DHS)   
The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. dropped by nearly 1 million from 2007 to 2009 as the Bush administration ramped up enforcement efforts and the economy took a dive, according to figures the Homeland Security Department released Tuesday...

American Border Patrol    
Spencer to speak to Concerned Women for America   
Glenn Spencer - Publisher of the American Patrol Report and founder of the American Border Patrol, will be a featured speaker at a meeting of Concerned Women for America on April 10, 2010 in San Diego. Glenn will present facts about the border that are blacked out by the mainstream media. Don't miss this -- go here to register.

Warning: NeoCon Palin's tea party takeover will facilitate Obama reelection    
In an urgent message on the systematic betrayal of the tea party, Alex Jones warns against the turncoats and deceivers flocking from the weakened GOP and FOX News wings to harness the populist uprising that briefly found life outside of the traditional two-party system...

Firedog Lake    
Latino vote could hinge on illegal alien amnesty efforts   
...On a conference call yesterday put together by America's Voice [a project of the notorious "progressive" and cheap labor pimp Frank Sharry], immigration reform advocates released a study called "The Power of the Latino Vote," looking at this constituency and their impact on the 2010 midterms. Despite having swung to Democrats decidedly in 2008... [SEIU goon Eliseo Medina also chimes in]

Eric Margolis -- LewRockwell.com     
Spending America into ruin   
One of history's most important lessons is that politicians should never be given a free hand to borrow money to cover the costs of wars, overseas adventures, or military spending. -- More empires have been brought down by reckless spending than by invaders. The late Soviet Union, which wrecked its economy by buying too many tanks, is the most recent example... [See Obama Watch]

Edwin S. Rubenstein -- VDare.com     
Jobs jumped in January... but American job displacement soars   
U.S. payrolls shrank by 20,000 jobs in January, deepening concern that relief from the deepest employment fall since the Great Depression would be slow to come. -- But even as the economy floundered in its struggle to start creating jobs again, the unemployment rate fell, to 9.7 percent from 10 percent in December... [See "Change" Watch]

Los Angeles Times     
L.A. County facing growing poverty, erosion of middle class, report says   
Los Angeles County faces a poverty crisis and an erosion of the middle class that could worsen under the current economic downturn, according to a report by the United Way. -- The county's poverty rate is now higher than the rest of the nation's, according to the report, which surveyed the county's economic situation in 2009... [See Cal Meltdown Watch & "Change" Watch]

The Hill -- Washington     
Here's Your "Change": Poll says 75% of voters are 'angry'   
Three-quarters of voters are at least somewhat angry at the government's policies, according to a new Rasmussen poll. -- A full 75% of respondents said they were angry at Washington, a nine point jump from September, with 45% calling themselves "very angry." [See Obama Watch]

Will baby boomers bankrupt Social Security?    
As the record federal budget deficit draws increasing scrutiny from Washington to Wall Street to Main Street, deficit hawks may take aim at entitlement programs including Social Security. -- And, the nearly 80 million Baby Boomers phasing into retirement will set in motion a dynamic that -- if not addressed by Congress -- could result in the next generation getting fewer benefits...

Agence France-Presse    
Scam Watch!: U.S. plans new "climate service" agency   
US President Barack Obama's administration announced plans Monday for a new office handling climate change, aiming to help businesses chart future plans as the nation shifts to a greener economy [whatever that is]. -- The first practical effect was the creation of a website, www.climate.gov, which came online Monday...

Kathleen Baker -- The Examiner         sc 
Tancredo states civics literacy test not racially biased    
Former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo is asking Colorado House Speaker Terrance Carroll to retract his statements to the Denver Post he made on February 6 and to "speak honestly about the genuine problem of civic illiteracy" in the United States. Carroll made the statements after Tancredo's speech at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville this past week...

Prison Planet -- Austin, Texas     
McCain's Daughter: Tea Party movement is "racist"    
According to Meghan McCain, daughter of John McCain, the Tea Party is chock full of racists. Once again appearing on the View, McCain slammed the Tea Party movement, said young people are "turned off" by its "innate racism," and attacked Sarah Palin, the washed up former vice presidential candidate...

Paul Craig Roberts -- VDare.com     
It Is Now Official: The U.S. is a police state   
Americans have been losing the protection of law for years. In the 21st century the loss of legal protections accelerated with the Bush administration's "war on terror," which continues under the Obama administration and is essentially a war on the Constitution and U.S. civil liberties... [See Obama Watch]

Trans World News     
Investigators declare, "Obama never attended Columbia University"   
New evidence has come to light whereby Dr. James Manning has declared that Obama never attended Columbia University [New York]. -- Dr. Manning has hired a team of investigators to comb over every bit of available evidence to validate his declaration. -- Manning's investigators conclusively state that:... [More on the phony in the White House]

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas     
Murder of illegal alien likely linked to organized crime   
...An off-duty police officer found Gilberto Rosales Aguilar's body northwest of Mission [Texas] Friday. Investigators say the 33-year-old is an illegal [alien] from Guadalajara. -- We're told Aguilar was bound and shot execution-style. Investigators identified him using his fingerprints...

Joseph Farah -- WorldNetDaily.com     
Obama acknowledges his problem   
Barack Obama has a problem, and he finally acknowledged it last week at the National Prayer Breakfast. -- His problem? -- Not only is he about to lose a friendly Congress this year, he also doesn't have a prayer to be re-elected in 2012. -- Why? -- Because half the country now suspects he may not even be constitutionally eligible to serve in office...

New York Times    
Open-borders RINO McCain takes on GOP foe by tilting right   
Phoenix -- J. D. Hayworth is a large man, and to compensate for his indulgences, he hits the elliptical trainer every morning at 4, zipping along to an incongruous soundtrack of Elvis Costello, Frank Sinatra and old advertising jingles. -- Until recently, he would then repair to a local radio station, where he would spend the better part of the day denouncing, in no particular order, illegal [aliens]...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Trial begins for illegal alien accused of killing Colorado toddler and two others    
Illegal alien Francis Hernandez is on trial this week in Arapahoe County District Court for an automobile crash that resulted in the deaths of three people, including a 3-year-old boy. -- Francis Hernandez, faces a total of 19 charges, including vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an accident involving death, and child abuse resulting in death... [See Crime Watch]

Hispanic News     
Lawless Mexico now narco country   
For months, the leaders of Tancitaro [Mich., Mex.] had held firm against the drug lords battling for control of this central Mexican town. -- Then one morning, after months of threats and violence from the traffickers, they finally surrendered. -- Before dawn, gunmen kidnapped the elderly fathers of the town administrator and the secretary of the City Council...

Associated Press      
Here's Your "Change": Ohio fiscal year tax revenue off by nearly $100M   
Ohio's tax coffers are nearly $100 million lighter than officials had expected by this point in the fiscal year, largely due to a January income tax shortfall. -- Gov. Ted Strickland and his budget chief say one bad month does not make for a trend and note that tax collections were roughly on target...

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