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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Virtual Truth
If you can't measure it, you can't improve it
American Border Patrol -- March 1 
Feature Image
Photo by American Border Patrol

The Virtual Fence Debacle  
    In 2006 the Department of Homeland Security announced plans for the Strategic Border Initiative, including the construction of a "virtual fence" (SBInet) along the U.S-Mexico border. In July of 2006, Glenn Spencer said: "Nowhere does SBI spell out a goal that can be measured."  
    Today the Washington Times exposes the management debacle that was SBInet.
    "Since February 2007, according to a review of federal records by The Washington Times, GAO has been telling Congress and Homeland Security that its high-tech border protection system needed better oversight and accountability, and that it lacked realistic measures of cost, timing and benefits." [...]
    GAO was on this right from the start," Mr. Stana said of SBInet, which was launched in 2006. "The first problem was the government never came up with detailed requirements for the system; they never talked to the Border Patrol." [...]
    "Glenn Spencer, president of the American Border Patrol, a private organization that uses airplanes and high-tech equipment to monitor the U.S.-Mexico border, said the virtual fence failed because Homeland Security "did not set measurable goals for the system." "Boeing didn't really know what to build and [Homeland Security] had no way of knowing if it was working or not," said Mr. Spencer, whose board includes two former Border Patrol chiefs. "The axiom reads: If you cant measure it, you cant improve it."
    It turns out Spencer was right all along.

Federation for American Immigration Reform       sc            
Latest FAIR Legislative Update   
The nation's top civil rights prosecutor last week blatantly misrepresented FBI crime statistics by claiming that hate crimes against Latinos are on the rise. [Fmr. CASA de Maryland lackey] Thomas Perez, who took over the Justice Department's civil rights unit for the Obama Administration, said last Wednesday, "The data and my own experience is that hate crimes are on the rise: Hate crimes against every group are on the rise."

No finish in sight for 'virtual' border fence   
A multibillion-dollar "virtual fence" along the southwestern border promised for completion in 2009 to protect the U.S. from terrorists, violent drug smugglers and a flood of illegal immigrants is a long way from becoming a reality, with government officials unable to say when, how or whether it will ever be completed... [Depend on American Border Patrol to tell you what's really happening with this fence.]

Center for Immigration Studies        
Latest news headlines from CIS   
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told senators it is a national security concern that people from countries with ties to terrorism could 'potentially' gain entry into the United States by crossing the country's southern border. -- But according to the Department of Homeland Security's own reports, thousands of people...

Associated Press     
Pro-amnesty forces gird for battle   
A coalition of pro-immigration groups is preparing for a renewed congressional battle over reform legislation [aka amnesty] -- and this time they have money to spend. -- A reform bill was blocked in 2007 by Senate Republicans opposed to legalizing the status of the nation's roughly 11 million [illegal aliens]... [See Amnesty Watch]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Michoacán Governor Leonel Godoy Rangel foresees a "grand success" if negotiations succeed in opening the "super highway" connecting Central America, Mexico, the US and Canada. Speaking from the first round of meetings in Laredo, Texas, Godoy said, "Laredo is the port of entry to the US..." [See NWO Treason Watch]

Washington Times     
American reliance on government at all-time high   
The so-called "Great Recession" has left Americans depending on the government dole like never before. -- Without record levels of welfare, unemployment and other government benefits as well as tax cuts last year, the income of U.S. households would have plunged by an astonishing $723 billion...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix     
Illegal alien "Chandler rapist" guilty, gets 168½ years in prison   
A 39-year-old Valley man who authorities say stalked and raped six young girls in Chandler on Monday agreed to a prison sentence of 168½ years as part of a plea agreement. -- Santana Batiz-Aceves [a twice-deported invader], dubbed the "Chandler Rapist," was charged with 47 counts, including child molestation... [More "family values"]

Alan Caruba -- Family Security Matters     
Stop Al Gore before he lies again and again and again   
The New York Times once again is Al Gore's "enabler," publishing a February 28th opinion editorial, "We Can't Wish Away Climate Change," despite the mounting evidence that global warming was and is a complete fabrication. -- In November 2009, the Telegraph, a British newspaper, carried a story, "Al Gore could become world's first carbon billionaire..."

Seattle Times     
Supreme Court to scrutinize state, local gun laws   
State and local gun laws are in the cross hairs as the Supreme Court prepares for a historic oral argument Tuesday. -- The conservative majority that struck down Washington, D.C.'s handgun ban in 2008 appears poised to stretch the Second Amendment further. The session Tuesday will let justices test-fire arguments... [See Gun Grabber Watch]

American Border Patrol       
Photos of the day   
Glenn Spencer seen landing American Border Patrol's Challenger II Light Sport Aircraft and Bisbee Airport this morning. Aircraft is equipped for High Definition Aerial surveillance...

Yuma Sun     
Proposal would ban illegal alien students    
Phoenix -- State lawmakers voted Wednesday to force public schools to count how many students are in this country illegally, the first step toward challenging federal law which requires schools to educate all, legal and otherwise. -- Officially, Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said SB 1097, approved on a 5-2 margin by the Senate Committee on Education Accountability and Reform...

Janet Napolitano -- Arizona Republic -- Washington     
More nonsense out of Napolitano   
Just over a year ago, I left a job that I loved here in Arizona to continue my work on issues that are critical to the future of our country as secretary of Homeland Security. As any Arizonan will tell you, many of our nation's most pressing security issues can be found in the challenges along our southwestern border... [See Napolitano Watch]

Adam Murdock      
Olympic fanfare reigns as our precious freedoms are lost    
...In the United States, we are heading down the same road. We are permitting ourselves to become entranced by filthy lucre that has been obtained by irrational spending and debt financing. Like the people of Greece, we have been seduced by the prospect of obtaining endless goods without having to pay for them or work for them... [See Obama Watch]

Associated Press      sc      
6 suspected drug smugglers caught after 3 hour desert trek   
Wellton, Az. -- Border Patrol agents arrested six suspected smugglers and seized several bundles of marijuana Saturday morning in a desolate desert area of southwestern Arizona. -- Federal authorities detected and illegal entry of six people approximately 30 miles west of the Lukeville Port of Entry, south of Ajo, and tracked the group for nearly three hours across the harsh desert terrain... [See Crime Watch]

Friends Of Ours Blog     
Weekly gang round-up   
Several reports about gang activities around the United States....

Infowars -- Austin, Texas       
Obama and the Patriot Act: "Yes we can" kill the Bill of Rights   
Obama waited until Saturday night to renew the Bill of Rights busting Patriot Act. It was set to expire today. Both the Senate and the House signed off on the extension last week. So called "privacy protections" were dumped when Senate Democrats failed to raise a 60-vote supermajority to pass them...

Gwinnett Daily Post -- Lawrenceville, Ga.     
Bill would require businesses to participate in E-Verify program    
In an economy where jobs are hard to find, state Rep. Bobby Reese wants to make sure the ones that are available aren't taken by illegal immigrants. Reese, who is running for Congress, recently filed House Bill 1259, known as The Georgia Employer and Worker Protection Act of 2010...

Brownsville Herald     
More than 70 South Texas illegals arrested during ICE operation   
McAllen -- U.S. customs officials arrested more than 70 illegal immigrants in South Texas last week during an operation targeting foreign nationals with violent criminal histories -- the largest such undertaking ever carried out by the agency in the state... [See Crime Watch]

Deseret News -- Salt Lake City     
Senate panel backs E-Verify bill   
A proposal to require all Utah businesses to verify employees' legal right to work has earned approval from a Senate committee, but a criminal penalty attached to the mandate will likely be stripped away before it goes before the full Senate...

Salt Lake Tribune     
State agencies ignoring new immigration law   
Eight months after Utah required governmental entities to verify their employees are legally able to work in the United States, the law is being widely ignored. -- The failure of many counties, municipalities, school districts and other governmental bodies to comply has sparked an outcry from lawmakers...

Denver Post     
Parents of toddler killed in Aurora car crash file lawsuit   
Looking for anyone and everyone with deep pockets to sue is nothing new for lawyers and plaintiffs. -- That certainly appears to be the strategy of the parents of the 3-year-old boy killed in an accident at an Aurora ice cream shop on South Havana Street in 2008. The parents are suing many who came into contact with Francis Hernandez, an illegal [alien] found guilty of causing the crash...

Associated Press    
Here's Your "Change": Kansas tax collections decline by 27 percent for February  
The Department of Revenue reported Friday that Kansas collected $71 million less in tax revenues than expected this month, leading one lawmaker to call for additional cuts to the current state budget. -- Gov. Mark Parkinson called the numbers bad, and his spokesman, Seth Bundy, said the governor would outline a plan... [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

Allison Weir -- Counterpunch    
All in the family   
Is the New York Times run by the Israeli Military? -- Americans, whose elected representatives give Israel uniquely gargantuan sums of our tax money (a situation also not covered by the media), want and need all the facts, not just those that Israel's family members decree reportable...

El Paso Times     
Another Outrage: Laser, investors' visas allow many to live, work in El Paso   
They are not your typical undocumented immigrants. -- Thousands of middle-class Mexican citizens, under the guise of being commuters or visitors, may be manipulating the U.S. immigration system to escape the violence of Juárez. -- More than 4,600 murders occurred in Juárez in 2008 and 2009, and the fallout is apparent in the city's decay...

Associated Press     
Drug gangs taking over US public lands   
Sequoia Nat'l Forest, Calif. -- Not far from Yosemite's waterfalls and in the middle of California's redwood forests, Mexican drug gangs are quietly commandeering U.S. public land to grow millions of marijuana plants and using smuggled immigrants to cultivate them. -- Pot has been grown on public lands for decades, but Mexican traffickers have taken it to a whole new level...

San Bernardino County (Calif.) Sun    
Open-borders crowd forms group to pressure Obama on amnesty   
Frustrated by the lack of progress on immigration reform [read: amnesty], area Latino Democrats are forming a new group to pressure the Obama Administration to take action on the issue. -- Latino Democratic politicians and community activists who voted for President Barack Obama say...

Brenda Walker -- VDare.com     
"They keep coming" 2010   
Despite dubious statistics to the contrary, you don't have to look far to see that illegal Mexicans are still piling into this country by any means available. -- Today's lesson in Mexo-scamology comes from Juarez residents "relocating" to safer El Paso with clever gimmicks. Of course the American border city won't keep its low number of murders...

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