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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The People's Choice?
McCain Is Not Popular in Arizona
American Patrol Report Comment -- August 26   
    John McCain captured the Republican nomination for Senate in Arizona with 56.2% of the vote. He got 120,508 more votes than his closest rival, J.D. Hayworth. He spent $20 million to demonize his opponent – or $166 per swing vote.
    There are 1,119,389 registered Republicans in Arizona. Seventy five percent of them did not go to the polls to vote for John McCain on primary election day.
    McCain outspent Hayworth by 10 to 1. He is the senior senator from Arizona. The media love him, yet it took a Normandy-type assault to defeat what many called a weak candidate.
    Gov. Jan Brewer garnered 82% of the vote and yet she spent hardly anything.
    John McCain is not popular in Arizona. It took a massive $20 million salvo aimed at Hayworth and a complete retreat from his amnesty and open-borders positions to save him. He had better stay there if he wants to avoid a "McCain Mutiny" in the fall election.

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner      sc           
Illegal alien responsible for fatal hit-and-run never deported, arrested twice more 
In 2005, Mexican national, Celso Campo-Duartes was arrested after he ran over an elderly man in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The man eventually died from his injuries. -- The 83-year-old man was getting his mail when he was hit. After the accident, he spent the next few months in a hospital bed where he died... [See Crime Watch]

Reno Gazette-Journal    
Judge sentences Mexican illegal alien to 20 years in Reno baby-shaking incident  
During 30 seconds of violent shaking, Gerardo Espinosa condemned his infant girl to a life of misery, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Dan Greco in describing her massive and permanent brain injuries and loss of vision and hearing. -- Baby Areli Rubi is now just a broken shell of a body, he said... [See Crime Watch]

WSMV-TV -- Nashville   
Illegal Mexican alien accused of raping 8-year-old girl   
An [illegal alien] is accused of raping an 8-year-old girl in Murfreesboro. -- Channel 4's news partners at the Daily News Journal reported that Mario Perez was arrested Monday at his apartment located along Northfield Boulevard. -- Police and the Department of Children's Services started investigating after allegations were made against Perez... [More of Obama's pet fiends]

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix     
Witch Hunt Update: Feds demand Arpaio cooperate with investigation   
The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday demanded that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office agree to cooperate by the end of the week with its civil-rights probe, according to a letter obtained by The Republic. -- The letter from a chief in the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division laid out a list of records that must be produced... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Outrageous!: Foreign leader to march L.A. for illegal alien amnesty 
Alvaro Colom, President of Guatemala, will travel to the United States on Friday (8/27/10) to participate in a march in Los Angeles to demand an "integral migratory reform" [read: amnesty]. -- The Social Communications Secretary of the Presidency, Ronaldo Robles, stated that... [More meddling by foreigners]

Glens Falls (NY) Post-Star    
Illegal alien sought in attack on trooper   
State Police are investigating whether the migrant farm worker accused of injuring a state trooper has had help in evading a police dragnet that stretched further south on Wednesday. -- Dozens of State Police officers continue to saturate the South Cambridge area Wednesday as the search for Abel Jimenez-Nuno, the illegal [alien.... criminal] who allegedly dragged a state trooper with a pickup truck, enters a sixth day... [See Crime Watch]

Jeff Dunetz -- Big Government       
AFL-CIO joins Marxist / progressive get out the vote alliance   
On the national level it seems as if the Unions have changed priorities. No longer is their primary objective to protect the rights of their own rank and file, their objectives has moved into politics and selling the progressive and/or Marxist agenda. Hence their support of many of the Administrations policies such as Obamacare...

The Money Times    
Mexican actress accused of marrying fraudulently to become US citizen   
Mexican soap opera star Fernanda Romero is back in the headlines. The sultry beauty, who faces accusation of fraudulently marrying a California man to get legal residency in the United States, is expected to stand trial on immigration-fraud charges this week...

KGTV -- San Diego    
Discredited radical Left Wing smear artists go after Brian Bilbray   
Solana Beach, Calif. -- Local Rep. Brian Bilbray is counting on his tough stand on illegal immigration to earn him another term in Congress, but some of his detractors said he will do anything to win, including working with an alleged hate group to push his anti-[illegal] immigration agenda... [The notorious smear artists at the SPLC are making these baseless charges]

USA Today    
Here's Your "Change": Cutbacks force police to curtail calls for some crimes   
Budget cuts are forcing police around the country to stop responding to fraud, burglary and theft calls as officers focus limited resources on violent crime. -- Cutbacks in such places as Oakland, Tulsa and Norton, Mass. have forced police to tell residents to file their own reports — online or in writing — for break-ins and other lesser crimes...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner    
Pro-lifers targeted by Attorney General Holder   
With terrorists lurking throughout the nation, illegal aliens preying on American citizens, and government corruption a daily occurrence, the U.S. Department of Justice is embroiled in a legal battle against a pro-life advocate in Florida. -- Liberty Counsel, a public-interest group affiliated with Liberty University, has agreed to represent Mary Susan Pine...

Ted Nugent -- Human Events  
Pigs of waste    
Senators John McCain and Tom Coburn just released a report on more insane and wasteful blow torching by Fedzilla (the federal bureaucracy) of our tax dollars on things we don't need or want and only someone mentally deranged would allow...

Seventy-two bodies found at Mexican ranch   
Mexican marines found 72 bodies at a remote ranch near the U.S. border, the navy said on Wednesday, the biggest single haul of bodies in an increasingly violent drug war. -- Marines found the 58 men and 14 women on Tuesday at the ranch outside a town near the Gulf of Mexico in Tamaulipas state...

Allan Wall -- VDare.com     
Miss Mexico crowned as Miss Universe and guess what... she's white!   
In case you hadn't heard, the 2010 Miss Universe pageant has been held (at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas). -- The winner is Miss Mexico -- Jimena Navarrete. Congratulations, Miss Navarrette! -- If you look at a few photos of the Mexican Miss Universe it's obvious that this young lady is white...

Tom McLaughlin     
America in retreat   
America is losing ground, literally and figuratively. For decades, I've taught young people how the United States was born - and how it expanded to the configuration on the maps I use to teach - the lower forty-eight with Alaska and Hawaii scrunched in alongside. The maps don't indicate how tenuous our hold on the territory within that familiar shape is becoming, but it's getting weaker... [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

Rob Sanchez -- VDare.com    
Outsourcing, H 1B and the coming E-passport security scandal   
A passport is the ultimate breeder document for almost everything that requires identification. Security is obviously critical. The U.S. government, along with most countries in the world, has embarked on programs to design a new generation of passports with "smart card" technology...

Your World with Neil Cavuto -- Fox News     
Obama Regime Chicanery: Back door amnesty for invaders?
Department of Homeland Security dismissing thousands of deportation cases against illegal aliens... [This segment aired on August 25] [See Napolitano Watch - Morton Watch - Obama Watch - Amnesty Watch]

New Mexico Independent     
King, Chandler tangle over driver's licenses for illegal aliens   
New Mexico should create two types of drivers' licenses – one for American citizens and another for non-citizens, Attorney General Gary King said Wednesday. -- New Mexico is one of three states in the U.S. to issue driver's licenses to [illegal aliens], a status so controversial that...

Mexican investigators trying to identify 72 bodies found near border   
Mexican investigators have asked diplomats from El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador and Brazil to help identify the bodies of 72 presumed migrants discovered at a ranch in northeast Mexico. -- The nationalities of the deceased have not yet been confirmed, according to a statement... [Related Reuters video / Related AP video]

Abby Wisse Schachter -- New York Post     
There's a simple solution to the border dilemma and California knows what it is 
The Los Angeles Times wonders why it is that deaths of [illegal aliens] on the border between Mexico and Arizona may hit record numbers this year . It seems that more people than expected have tried to get into the United States via Pima County, which has unwelcoming terrain and has been experiencing record hot temperatures this summer...

Greeley (Colo.) Gazette         sc  
Dissension in the ranks; Republicans split between Maes, Tancredo   
During the primary elections Republican voters rejected establishment candidates and chose Dan Maes, a candidate with no political experience, however, it now appears that some in the party are having second thoughts about their choice... [See Tancredo for Governor]

Associated Press     
Woman with Mexican flag, man run onto field at Petco Park in immigration protest 
San Diego -- A woman with a Mexican flag and a man ran onto the field at Petco Park while the Arizona Diamondbacks were batting against the San Diego Padres in the third inning Wednesday night. -- The two apparently were protesting Arizona's immigration law. Both were quickly apprehended by security and led off the field...

KOLD-TV -- Tucson     
Judge dismisses 1 challenge to new immigration law   
Phoenix -- A federal judge on Tuesday dismissed one of the seven lawsuits that seek to overturn Arizona's new immigration law. -- U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton says the lawsuit by Washington-based researcher Roberto Frisancho didn't allege an injury that was concrete and not based on speculation...

Roy Beck -- Numbers USA     
True immigration reformers had great showing on election day   
We saw some exciting results in the primary elections yesterday as many candidates won who had pledged to support all 12 of NumbersUSA's top immigration priorities. -- The chances are going up with every Primary election for a much-improved Congress in terms of sensible immigration policy and reduced numbers...

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix     
Sheriff: Teen sexually abused by neighbor, threatened with deportation
Casa Grande, Az. -- Authorities in Pinal County are asking for the public's help to catch a man accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl in her home earlier this year. -- Authorities say the suspect threatened to call immigration if the victim told them what happened...

Andrew Mellon -- Breitbart     
The naivete of the American public and Barack Obama   
...If you are Barack Obama, your plans are working perfectly. You are driving the economy into the ground, fueling turmoil in the Middle East, weakening our nuclear defenses and supporting the enemies of civilization, while lining the pockets of your constituency and pushing us towards such great crises that a society already addicted to government may be forced to its knees... [See "Hope & Change" Watch]

Fox News     
Sheriff Joe's lawyers meet with Obama's henchmen in attempt to avoid showdown
Controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Justice Department may have averted a legal showdown in federal court, possibly finding common ground during a meeting in Washington on Tuesday. -- The Justice Department has been threatening to sue the controversial Maricopa County sheriff over what officials describe as his refusal to cooperate with an investigation into alleged civil rights violations... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

CNS News         
Grassroots concern over legalizing invaders   
A group of conservative organizations announced they have written a letter to President Barack Obama in opposition to his administration's alleged plan to legalize significant numbers of [illegal aliens] without an act of Congress. -- The idea was outlined in a Homeland Security Department memo addressed to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services... [See Amnesty Watch - AG Watch - Obama Watch]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Dallas elementary school released child to stranger... illegal alien   
On Tuesday, 5-year-old Edwin Villarreal was allowed to leave Maplelawn Elementary School with Robert Paniagua, 40, though the man was not related to the child, nor, as it turned out, had he ever even met the little boy. When Villarreal's mother arrived to pick up her son, panic set in and police began looking for the boy...

Dagger News Service     
Delegate McDonough: Obama should sue Maryland   
From the office of Del. Pat McDonough: President Obama's lawsuit against Arizona is directed at the wrong state. The allegation that Arizona's new immigration law is in conflict with federal authorities is completely wrong. The Supreme Court and other federal Appellate courts have ruled consistently that unless state law actually conflicts with federal law, there is no preemption...

Douglas (Arizona) Dispatch    
Brewer coasts in primary    
Gov. Jan Brewer coasted to an easy victory Tuesday in her primary race. -- The incumbent easily outpaced Matt Jette, the last active Republican in the race. Buz Mills, who suspended his campaign but remained an official candidate, also trailed far behind...

Greta Van Susteren -- Fox News       
Are feckless Feds giving back door amnesty to invaders?   
Are the feds giving backdoor amnesty to illegal [aliens.... criminals] in Texas or just being smart in setting priorities? Immigration attorney Raed Gonzalez went On The Record last night to help shed light on this story... [Warning: Includes mealy-mouthed immigration lawyer pushing amnesty] [See Obama Watch and AG Watch]

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement     
Mexican removed from U.S. 8 times charged with immigration violation    
Pittsburgh -- A citizen of Mexico has been indicted by a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on a criminal charge of violating federal immigration laws. On August 17, the one count indictment was announced and named Victor Manuel Gonzalez Martinez, a.k.a Victor Gonzalez, 28, of Mexico as the sole defendant...

Powell (Wyoming) Tribune     
Illegal alien imprisoned for 2008 Powell rape    
A suspected illegal [alien.... criminal] has been sentenced to 15 to 18 years in the Wyoming prison system for raping a woman in Powell nearly two years ago. -- Fabian Ruiz-Estrada, 27, had been tied to the rape through DNA evidence more than a year after it occurred. -- On Wednesday, District Court Judge Steven Cranfill accepted a plea agreement and found Ruiz-Estrada guilty... [More of Obama's pet fiends]

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