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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emergency Feature
No DREAM Act until Border is Secured!
Glenn Spencer -- December 17   
    It has now been confirmed that Rick Oltman's report that U.S. Border Patrol Brian Terry agent who was murdered three days ago, was given "bean-bag rounds" for his weapon is true.
    The American Patrol Report has just learned that the order came from Tucson Sector Chief Manjarez, before he was removed from the job. According to a well-informed former agent, Terry may have been able to save his life had he been issued real ammunition.
    It is an outrage that our government would have such little regard for our border patrol that they would put their lives at risk because of Political Correctness.
    It is also an outrage that the Senate of the United States would even consider giving amnesty to one illegal alien so long as our government allows millions to flood across our border.
    We must stop the Dream act! Click here to go to NumbersUSA and follow their lead!

Steve Watson -- Prison Planet -- Austin, Texas     
TSA too busy groping, perving, playing God to notice guns and bombs
TSA agents at a Houston airport failed to stop an Iranian-American with a loaded handgun passing through security and boarding a plane, yet they did stop a woman directly behind him who was carrying liquids in her hand luggage. -- Businessman Farid Seif relates his story to ABC News, noting that he only realised he had forgotten to remove a loaded snub nose "baby" Glock pistol from his bag...

McAllen (Texas) Monitor     
Sheriff: Illegal alien on the run after allegedly killing home invader    
An illegal [alien] remains missing after he allegedly killed a man in a gunfight during a home invasion Wednesday night. -- Mission police continue to investigate the homicide reported about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday when an unidentified man arrived at Mission Medical Center with a gunshot wound to his arm, police said... [See Crime Watch]

El Paso Times     
Customs officer indicted on charges of smuggling illegals   
A federal grand jury this week indicted a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer on charges of smuggling undocumented immigrants and accepting bribes. -- Officials with the U.S. Attorney's Office of the Western District of Texas said Ricardo Manuel Cordero, 48, has been charged with conspiracy to commit alien smuggling...

Laurie Roberts -- Arizona Republic -- Phoenix    
Border not close to secure enough   
It's been nearly eight months since Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appeared before Congress, touting the progress in border security since her arrival in Washington. -- "I've ridden that border," she told the Senate Judiciary Committee. "I've flown it. I've driven it. I know that border, I think, as well as anyone, and I will tell you it is as secure now as it has ever been." -- Which is, of course, precisely the problem...

Doug Bronson -- Canada Free Press -- Toronto     
Should Arizona consider sovereignty in regards to illegal immigration?   
Our administration, both Democrat and some Republicans, but mainly the far-left and "progressives" do have a problem with the word "illegal" in regards to the subject of immigration. -- Although the states along the border are feeling its effects far greater than the rest of the country, we all know the cost of this exodus to the American taxpayer is staggering...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     sc      
Jim Webb's vote for DREAM Act (amnesty) will spell his defeat in 2012   
The so-called DREAM Act was defeated today in the U.S. Senate, when the bill's supporters failed to gain the needed 60 votes for cloture. The vote was a win for Americans in two ways... it means no amnesty or taxpayer-subsidized college educations for millions of illegal aliens, and it allowed each of us to see where our Senator's loyalty actually lies...

Middletown (Ohio) Journal     
Illegal alien accused of raping a 13-year-old    
A suspected illegal [alien] is in the Middletown City Jail facing three counts of rape for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl. -- Eduardo Nunez-rios, 19, of Sarasota Street in Liberty Twp., is being held on a $75,000 bond after being accused of raping the Lemon Twp. girl... [More of Obama's pet fiends]

All Headline News    
Obama bemoans failure of DREAM Act amnesty   
President Barack Obama on Saturday expressed disappointment over the Senate rejecting the DREAM Act, calling it "an incredibly disappointing vote," as the vote denies an opportunity for children brought to the U.S. illegally a chance at residency if they attend college or serve in the military...

Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, Calif.     
Coe reacts to the failure of the DREAM Act amnesty   
...Barbara Coe, head of the Huntington Beach-based California Coalition for Immigration Reform and a longtime opponent of illegal immigration, said she was "delirious with joy." -- "This would have been an absolute disaster if it had been passed," she said. "In reality, while they said it was got the children, it was a full-blown amnesty nationwide, including those with known criminal records."

CorrectionsOne.com       sc    
Consolidation effort sends detainees to Georgia   
Atlanta -- Hundreds of suspected illegal [aliens] will be transferred to a Georgia jail to join thousands already facing deportation in this state amid a nationwide crackdown on illegal immigration, federal officials confirmed Wednesday. -- By Jan. 1, the government will transfer an estimated 100 female detainees from an Alabama jail to one in Ocilla...

Atlanta Journal-Constitution     
Democrats, Republicans split on approaches to illegal immigration   
Democratic and Republican state lawmakers staked out different positions in the debate over illegal immigration Thursday, as a special committee studying ways to crack down on the problem met for the third and perhaps final time before the Legislature convenes...

Nogales (Arizona) International    
Deadly shooting is a 'wake-up call' to many    
Some locals are scared, others are not, but many agree that the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry was a wake-up call. -- Terry, who joined the Border Patrol three years ago, died in the hills of Rio Rico's Peck Canyon when a shoot out ensued between agents and an alleged group of border bandits Tuesday night...

Nogales (Arizona) International     
Agent Brian Terry was a military, police veteran   
Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry, killed by suspected border bandits Tuesday near Rio Rico, had a long history of military and law enforcement service. -- Terry, a Detroit native, served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps before being honorably discharged in 1994, the Border Patrol said Wednesday... [See Big Sis Watch - Obama Watch]

Washington's Blog     
Should Hank Paulson be in jail?   
Leading bank analyst Chris Whalen has raised the question of whether criminal charges should be brought against former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. -- Any discussion of whether Paulson committed unlawful actions as Treasury Secretary needs to start with Tarp. -- As the New York Times wrote last year.... [See Obama Watch]

Tom Tancredo -- WorldNetDaily.com    
Bean bags vs. AK-47s   
...Border Patrol Agent Terry and the BORTAC team were under standing orders to always use ("non-lethal") bean-bag rounds first before using live ammunition. When the smugglers heard the first rounds, they returned fire with real bullets, and Agent Terry was killed in that exchange. Real bullets outperform bean bags every time...

Associated Press     
Texas DPS urges holiday travelers to avoid Mexico   
Austin -- The Texas Department of Public Safety is warning Texans to avoid traveling to Mexico during the holidays. -- DPS Director Steven C. McCraw says Mexican drug cartel-related violence continues in northern Mexico border cities as well as in popular tourist towns, such as Acapulco and Monterrey...

KGNS-TV -- Laredo, Texas   
Nuevo Laredo prison break   
It's being called one of the biggest prison breaches in Mexico, and it's right across our border. More than 140 prisoners have reportedly broken out of a prison in Nuevo Laredo. -- According to media outlets, the prison break happened in the early hours of the morning, where about 148 inmates escaped...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner     
Ten most corrupt politicians of 2010   
It's that time of the year when numerous organizations and news outlets publish or announce their "Best of..." or "Worst of..." or "Most important of..." or "Most popular of..." lists. Not to be outdone by the so-called elite media, below is a list from an industrious public-interest group whose sole mission is to investigate and prosecute government corruption wherever it is discovered.

USA Today     
Napolitano confirms gang killed border agent in battle   
An elite Border Patrol squad was pursuing a gang that preyed on drug smugglers when agent Brian Terry was shot and killed Tuesday night, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday. -- "They were seeking to apprehend what's called a 'rip crew,' which is a name given to a crew that it is organized to seek to rip off people..."

Kimberly Dvorak -- The Examiner    
DREAM Act dies a quiet death in the lame duck   
On a rare Saturday lame duck session the Senate voted to kill the DREAM Act- ending Democrats bid to give tuition breaks and amnesty to children of [illegal aliens]. -- The vote this morning fell short of the 60 votes required (55-41) and witnessed Democrat defections...

American Patrol Report     
DREAM Act amnesty scheme fails 55/41   
Click here to see how they voted. [Related story] [See The Dustin Inman Society Blog]

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner     
Feds bust sprawling Richmond-based fake document ring    
Federal investigators have uncovered numerous "document production cells" which churned out countless counterfeited green cards, Social Security cards and other documents for illegal aliens across the country. -- The indictment alleges that the ring was based in Richmond and sold the fake documents in Manassas and the Norfolk / Virginia Beach area... [See Crime Watch]

The Intel Hub     
25 signs that the coming financial collapse is now closer then ever   
The financial collapse that so many of us have been anticipating is seemingly closer then ever. Over the past several weeks, there have been a host of ominous signs for the U.S. economy. Yields on U.S. Treasuries have moved up rapidly and Moody's is publicly warning that it may have to cut the rating on U.S. government debt soon. Mortgage rates are also moving up aggressively... [See Hope and Change Watch]

Allan Wall -- VDare.com     
Mexican hypocrisy    
Mexico is a racially stratified society, in which the higher you climb the socioeconomic ladder, the whiter the Mexicans tend to be. -- In Mexican beauty pageants, it's the Euro-Mexican women who win. -- Diversity is Strength!... But Not for Mexican Beauty Queens! This year's Miss Universe was Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, who is white...

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