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~~~ FLAG DAY ~~~
     Tuesday, June 14, 2011     

Open Borders -- Trampled America
Misguided Policies
Feature Photo
This fire would not have happened had the border been secure. (Sierra Vista Herald Photo)
Deseret News Editorial -- June 13  
Protecting the border
    Our guess is if more average Americans understood the realities of patrolling the border between Arizona and Mexico, they would find it as absurd as the $2.9 million a jury awarded a woman in the 1990s because she spilled hot coffee from McDonald's on herself. The coffee case led to debates over reforms to the legal system. What is happening at the border ought to lead to real action, beginning with Congress passing a resolution sponsored by Rep. Rob Bishop, R-Utah.
    What is happening is this: The border fence, which has proven effective in reducing illegal crossings, cannot extend along environmentally sensitive federal lands. In large sections of land near Mexico, border patrol agents are not allowed to drive their vehicles through sensitive areas. In one spot, the concern is that they might disrupt the natural environment for the endangered desert pupfish. That spot is part of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument west of Tucson.
    The trouble is, the people smuggling drugs and humans across the border have no regard for the sensitivity of those lands. They are aware, however, that high-minded rules on the U.S. side provide them a great opportunity they are happy to exploit. They have no concerns about sensitive lands or environmental degradation. [...]
    The need to secure the border is the one aspect of the immigration debate that enjoys widespread agreement. The least the federal government can do is get it right.

Associated Press       sc 
Open-borders agitator Reza sues Sen. Russell Pearce   
An [illegal] immigration activist has filed a lawsuit in federal court over his removal from the grounds of the state Capitol in February. -- Salvador Reza of Phoenix claims state Senate President Russell Pearce violated his First Amendment rights by denying him access to Senate buildings...

Dallas Morning News     
ICE leads North Texas gang roundup, nabs 67    
Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities announced Tuesday the results of a major gang roundup that appears to have been centered on Arlington and Fort Worth, although there were arrests in the Dallas area as well. -- Here are the stats on where the 67 arrests occurred over the past few days...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
Saltillo, Coah., Mex. -- The sadness fills the air with the smell of death. The bodies piled in the morgue waiting patiently for a loved one to give them a loving burial. -- For the vast majority of the thousands of bodies, a result of the criminal violence that exists today, the dramatic fate will be the mass graves, no flowers, no coffin, no tears...

The Oklahoman    
State high court upholds Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigration bill   
The state Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a lower court's decision that determined virtually all of the state's anti-illegal immigration law is constitutional. -- "It is not the place of the Supreme Court or any court to concern itself with a statute's propriety, desirability, wisdom or its practicality as a working proposition," the 25-page ruling states...

American Border Patrol     
Fire explodes  
The Monument Fire -- most likely caused by Mexican smugglers -- has exploded in Ash Canyon. The canyon has been evacuated and the Arizona Highway 92 was closed minutes after Glenn Spencer took this photo.   

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Law-abiding Americans should not visit states defying federal immigration law 
Last week, Gov. Duval Patrick (D-MA) became the latest governor to announce that his state would not participate in the federal program which identifies illegal aliens in local jails, known as Secure Communities. -- After initially voicing support for Secure Communities, Gov. Patrick held a series of town hall across Massachusetts...

Associated Press    
Georgia asks judge to dismiss suit over immigration law   
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and other state officials named in a federal lawsuit that seeks to block the state's law cracking down on illegal immigration have asked a judge to dismiss the suit. -- The state on Tuesday filed the motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed earlier this month by civil liberties groups. The civil liberties groups want a judge to declare Georgia's law unconstitutional and also to block it from being enforced...

American Border Patrol    
Coronado Fire update - 1:05 PM   
Winds are playing havoc with the fire at the Coronado National Monument. This morning winds were light out of the west. Then they picked up and started blowing like mad out of the south. --This makes fighting this fire – no doubt started by Mexican smugglers -- very difficult to control.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram    
Texas cops oppose anti-sanctuary city bill   
Texas' largest law enforcement agencies joined forces with Hispanic leaders Monday in opposing a so-called sanctuary cities bill that supporters say is a needed tool against illegal immigration. -- The emotion-charged bill, which Gov. Rick Rick Perry has designated as a top priority, would let law officers ask about immigration status when they arrest or detain someone...

Jackson (Miss.) Sun    
Feds looking into illegal workers at bridge repair in Knoxville   
The Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement is taking the lead of an investigation into two fatal worker accidents at a Knoxville bridge project to determine whether the contractor knowingly hired illegal [aliens]. -- According to state documents obtained by The Knoxville News Sentinel, an illegal [alien] had a role in the first fatal accident...

Katie Pavlich -- Townhall.com   
Obama Regime may be held in contempt of Congress   
Presidential administration officials have been held in contempt only 12 times since Watergate in the 1970s, but number 13 may be on its way. Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to supply the House Oversight Committee with requested documents surrounding Operation Fast and Furious, the lethal and botched operation... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

American Border Patrol   
Coronado Fire action   
American Border Patrol took this photo of a giant helicopter making a water drop on the Coronado Fire near Sierra Vista, Arizona. The water was dropped on the side of a mountain just north of the Montezuma Trail in the Coronado National Monument...

CBS News    
'Gunwalker' subpoena dispute escalates   
Today, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing to explore whether Congress has the right to hold the Justice Department in contempt in the so-called ATF "gunwalker" investigation. -- Experts indicated the Justice Department should probably be more forthcoming when responding to the document requests from Congress... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

Baltimore Sun    
Baltimore City Council wants to keep criminal illegals from being deported   
The Baltimore City Council tonight voted to adopt a resolution condemning a federal program that is key to President Obama's strategy to toughen enforcement of immigration laws, joining a chorus of other states and law enforcement agencies across the country in rebuffing the initiative...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner   
James Bond meets Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Brits' new crime fighting agency   
The United Kingdom this week unveiled its own version of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation which the Home Office named the National Crime Agency (NCA). However, when viewing the U.K.'s new agency, it's more like Her Majesty's Secret Service Agent James Bond teaming up with Arizona's controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio...

Houston Chronicle    
Narco gangster reveals the underworld   
The elderly are killed. Young women are raped. And able-bodied men are given hammers, machetes and sticks and forced to fight to the death. -- In one of the most chilling revelations yet about the violence in Mexico, a drug cartel-connected trafficker claims fellow gangsters have kidnapped highway bus passengers and forced them into gladiatorlike fights to groom fresh assassins...

Grace Wyler -- Activist Post   
Mexican drug cartels are a national security issue   
The U.S. and Mexico have categorically rejected a recent report from the high-profile Global Commission on Drugs, which claims that the U.S.-led war on drugs is a colossal -- and costly -- failure. -- The report -- signed by world leaders including former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz and former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana -- argues that...

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix   
MCSO arrests 6 illegals in North Valley   
The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Human Smuggling Unit arrested six [illegal aliens] Monday in the North Valley, the Maricopa County Sheriff's office said. -- Sgt. Jesse Spurgin, a spokesman for the sheriff's office, said the [illegal aliens] agreed to pay up to $2,000 to enter the U.S...

Washington Watcher -- VDare.com    
American jobs for American workers -- no compromise on E-Verify!   
With unemployment over 9% and 8 million illegal aliens in the workforce, no politician can even say the word "jobs" with a straight face unless they deal with the illegal immigration problem. The best tool to fight illegals: E-Verify. -- Currently, employees need to file an I-9 form for every employee, providing documents to ensure both their identity and citizenship or work authorization...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner    
Under Obama, the states are going broke housing illegal alien prisoners   
he Denver Post recently reported that foreign nationals are the fastest growing demographic of Colorado's prison population. Executive director of the Colorado Department of Corrections, Tom Clements, says that the number of ICE issued detainers throughout the Colorado prison system "have more than doubled in 10 years from 680 to 1,500."

American Border Patrol      
Photo of the day   
Wolf is American Border Patrol's biggest German Shepherd. He is the leader of the 7-member pack. -- Many of the Shepherds have been injured by wild Javelina, including Wolf....

Houston Chronicle    
After debate, Texas Senate panel OKs 'sanctuary cities' bill  
..."If you want to know why we can't pass legislation in Texas it's because we have 37, no 36 Hispanics in the Legislature. So, that's part of our problem and we need to change those numbers," said Rebecca Forest, a co-founder of Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas. "We need to do something about that in fact." [Related item]

Swing states face immigration fight   
The legislative war on undocumented immigrants is likely to move soon from deeply conservative South and Southwest to traditional swing states, said the attorney who helped write the restrictive Arizona and Alabama immigration laws. -- Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is widely seen as the nation's pre-eminent lawyer working on behalf of those seeking to crack down on illegal immigration, predicted...

San Antonio Express-News    
Hearing, rallies on sanctuary cities bill draw crowds  
From the testimony of a Houston police officer's widow to allegations of racism, a day-long legislative committee hearing Monday on a bill banning "sanctuary cities" brought the national immigration debate back to the Texas Capitol. -- The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation on Monday approved a bill that would ban cities from prohibiting police officers from inquiring about the immigration status...

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