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Thursday, July 7, 2011

10,000 Americans Send a Message...
Feature Photo
Ray Sweeny helps hang 10,000 American flags near the Arizona / Mexico border on Sunday. The flags spell out "Secure Our Border" with each flag having a personal message or name attached. Volunteers traveled from Phoenix to help in the assembly at American Border Patrol headquarters. (Melissa Marshall -- Herald / Review)
Sierra Vista (Arizona) Herald / Review -- July 7  
Border group shows patriotism with flags
    Bisbee -- American Border Patrol, the non-governmental border watch group, displayed nearly 10,000 flags along the U.S.-Mexico border in Cochise County over the July 4 holiday weekend.
    Volunteers helped complete the banner, which states "SECURE THE BORDER." Each letter is filled with American flags sent in by citizens, with a note attached. -- See photo of sign

D.A. King -- The Social Contract        sc         
In remembrance of the great Terry Anderson   
Terry Anderson is gone. -- Truly the embodiment of a "great American," the irreplaceable and unforgettable warrior against illegal immigration -- who had broadcast nearly 500 Sunday-night radio shows from ground zero of America's uncontrolled immigration crisis -- died in Los Angeles, July 7, 2010... [PDF Version] [Related links]

Howard Portnoy -- The Examiner       
Will "Fast and Furious" be Eric Holder's Waterloo?   
From his gratuitous remarks on the U.S. being a "nation of cowards" to his misguided efforts to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian court near Ground Zero to his inexplicable dismissal of charges of voter intimidation against New Black Panther party members, Attorney General Eric Holder has long been skating on thin ice...

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers         
Latest NAFBPO update from south of the border   
According to the information provided yesterday by Darrell Issa, chairman of the legislative committee examining the scope of Operation Fast and Furious, by which the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) allowed delivery of thousands of high-powered weapons to Mexican cartels, besides officials at different levels of the agency aforementioned... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

John Cook -- Gawker.com        
White House staffers got a raise last year, and you didn't   
The White House released its annual salary report last week, and as usual, it's nice to work for Barack Obama: Most staffers who were there for more than a year got a salary bump. A bigger one than you did. -- The last time we checked in on White House salaries, we found that an astonishing 75% of continuing staffers got raises from 2009 to 2010 -- a huge number given the fact that...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection         
U.S. Border Patrol weekly blotter   
Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal alien from Mexico near Naco, Arizona. During processing, the subject admitted to being a member of the Sureño 13 gang. Records checks revealed the subject had been previously removed from the United States...

Coming Up
July 20
Tommy's Bistro -- Casa Grande, Arizona -- 6:30 PM
Kickoff Dinner for SB 1406

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner        
Arpaio will have illegal alien chain gangs at MLB All-Star game   
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced that he will use a chain gang comprised of illegal alien DUI offenders to pick up trash around Phoenix's Chase Field during this weekend's All-Star game. -- Sheriff Arpaio just updated his Facebook status, saying...

Associated Press       
Life sentence in U.S. border agent's death    
A Mexican man was sentenced to life in prison Friday for striking and killing a U.S. Border Patrol agent with a drug-laden Hummer as the officer laid spike strips in an attempt to puncture the vehicle's tires. -- Jesus Navarro testified during his two-week trial that he didn't drive the vehicle that hit the agent at California's Imperial Sand Dunes in January 2008...

David DeGraw -- AmpedStatus.com       
The "War on Terror" is a $6 trillion racket   
When Obama launched his re-election propaganda campaign to trick the American public into thinking that he intends to end the Af-Pak War, he said that the "War on Terror" has cost $1 trillion over the past decade. While that is a staggering amount of money, he was being deceitful once again...

Associated Press       
Connecticut begins illegal alien in-state tuition   
This will be the first year that illegal immigrant Maria Praeli can consider going to college full-time. -- While that once seemed impossible to afford, the 18-year-old high school student can qualify for in-state tuition at Connecticut's public universities under a new law...

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner        
'Constitution 2020": A blueprint for tyranny   
Yesterday's article focused on the threat to the Constitution posed by progressives who have launched a new initiative entitled, 'The Constitution in 2020.' A new book by the same name, along with its companion website, Constitution2020.org., contains the progressive vision for the future of the U.S. Constitution in matters related to individual rights, citizenship, the southern border...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner        
Gov. Bobby Jindal signs E-verify bills into law   
On Thursday, Gov. Bobby Jindal's office announced that he has signed into law two bills designed to prevent businesses in Louisiana from hiring illegal aliens, and provides for punishments if they violate the law. -- Gov. Jindal signed: 1.) House Bill 342 was sponsored by Rep. John Bel Edwards (D-Amite), and requires private contractors seeking business with a state or local government to use the federal worker verification system known as E-Verify...

North County Times -- Escondido, Calif.        
2,200 pounds of pot seized at sea   
San Clemente, Calif. -- Authorities seized a total of 2,200 pounds of marijuana and two smuggling boats in two separate incidents off coastal waters last week, according to the San Diego Maritime Unified Command. -- On Thursday, a commercial commuter pilot reported a suspicious boat near San Clemente Island...

Peter Gadiel -- Family Security Matters        sc       
The Fourth of July, a day for barbecues and - global warming?   
Ah, the Fourth of July holiday! It has passed for this year, but the joys of it remain in our memories: burgers & steaks on the barbecue, the NY Times op-ed page, Harvard scholars, global warming. What more could one ask for to complete the day? -- The connection to the Fourth of July of Harvard scholars... [See: 'Green' crowd links haboobs to 'climate change' & The UN's Climate of Desperation]

Washington Times      
More federal agencies implicated in gun-trafficking controversy   
Washington -- The embattled head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has told congressional investigators that the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration kept his agency "in the dark" about their dealings with Mexican drug cartel figures linked to a controversial gun-trafficking investigation... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

Gina Miller -- Dakota Voice       
Obama should get out of Texas' business   
There really is no end to Barack Obama's outrageous behavior. The list of truly atrocious edicts and unconstitutional actions of his administration and the last Democrat Congress is stunning. -- From illegitimate auto industry "bailouts," to the extra-congressional appointment of radical "czars" answerable only to Obama, to the undoubtedly unconstitutional socialized medicine legislation...

Linette Lopez -- Business Insider       
The New World Order: Why the entire economy is about to change 
In a new report, Societe Generale argues that we're at the end of a cycle that began in 1980. The note is titled grandly: "A new world order, When demand overtakes supply." -- At the end of the 1970s the industrialized world went looking for cheap labor and found it in Asia... [See Obama Watch]

Washington Times        
ATF chief: Higher-ups at Justice blocked response to Congress   
The Justice Department blocked senior ATF leaders from cooperating with Congress in its investigation of the "Fast and Furious" weapons operation, ordering them not to respond to questions and taking full control of replying to briefing and document requests, the agency's top boss told congressional investigators... [See Obama Watch]

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner        
Outrage: Obama asks Supremes to stop execution of vicious killer
In a political maneuver following the receipt of the Mexican government's "written orders," President Barack Obama asked U.S. Supreme Court justices to halt the execution of an illegal [alien] convicted of bludgeoning, raping and murdering a teenage girl because it would do "irreparable harm" to U.S. interests abroad...

AWR Hawkins -- Big Government       
Which Was Worse: Watergate or Operation 'Fast and Furious'?   
After The Washington Post broke the news of the Watergate break-ins in 1972, the Nixon administration circled the wagons. And in 1997 – a full 25 years after the fact – Katherine Graham, who was with The Post in 1972, vividly recalled how "Nixon began making threats of economic retaliation against the paper."

Economic Collapse Blog        
The sovereign debt crisis is never going to end until there is a major global financial collapse   
In the past, there certainly have been governments that have gotten into trouble with debt, but what we are experiencing now is the first truly global sovereign debt crisis. There has never been a time in recorded history when virtually all of the governments of the world were drowning in debt all at the same time...

Real Clear Politics        
Pat Buchanan: Overextended U.S. empire is coming down   
"The United States is strategically overextended worldwide. What are we doing borrowing money from Japan to defend Japan. Borrow money from Europe to defend Europe. Borrow money from the Persian Gulf to defend the Persian Gulf. This country is over extended. It is an empire and the empire is coming down," Pat Buchanan said on "Morning Joe" today...

American Bar Association        
Insanity: Illegal alien wants to practice law in California   
In what could be the first such case in the United States, a California State Bar panel is set to decide whether to deny an applicant a law license solely on the basis of his [illegal] status. -- Sergio Garcia was brought to this country from Mexico when he was 17 months old by his parents, the Daily Journal (sub. req.) reports in a lengthy article...

Christian Science Monitor       
Junk Mexican trucks unleashed on U.S. highways after 15 years   
The United States and Mexico on Wednesday signed an agreement aimed at resolving a cross-border trucking dispute. The longstanding disagreement had come to symbolize growing resistance, especially in the US Congress, to free-trade provisions with America's southern neighbor...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner        
CBP officer who worked for drug cartel sentenced to prison 
On Wednesday, former U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspector, Luis Enrique Ramirez, 39, was sentenced to 17 years in prison. He pleaded guilty in March to bribery, cocaine distribution and conspiracy charges. -- According to prosecutors, between August 2005 and January 2009, Ramirez took $500,000 in bribes to allow illegal aliens and cocaine into the U.S. from Mexico...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner        
Illegal alien fugitive alters fingerprints to avoid detection
Yesterday, Freddie Davila was arraigned in Federal Court in Boston, on charges for re-entry after deportation and is currently awaiting sentencing. -- Davila was arrested on June 9, by Customs and Border Protection Officers from the port of Boston Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team outbound division, when it was discovered that Davila had altered his fingerprints to avoid arrest...

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