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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fractured Illegal Immigration State
Break-up of California?
New York Times -- July 12
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California Counties Talk of Cutting Ties to State
    Riverside -- Natives here have long called this area the Inland Empire, a grand title for a stretch of cities about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Now, a few political leaders are hoping this empire will lead a movement to break off from the State of California.
    Frustrated by a state government he calls "completely dysfunctional" and "totally unresponsive," a conservative Republican county supervisor is pushing a proposal for roughly a dozen counties in the eastern and southern parts of the nation's third-largest state --- conspicuously not including the heavily Democratic city of Los Angeles --- to form a new state to be called South California.
    "We have businesses leaving all the time, and we're just driving down a cliff to become a third-world economy," said the supervisor, Jeff Stone, who once ran for the Legislature. "Anyone you ask has a horror story. At some point we have to decide enough is enough and deal with it in a radically new way." [...]
    Mr. Stone's list of complaints is long — too much money spent on state prisons, too much power for public unions, too many regulations and not enough of a crackdown on illegal immigration. It seems clear that he has struck a nerve in some quarters; he said that his office has been inundated with thousands of e-mails, letters and phone calls supporting his call for secession.
Red Dot
Related: Mario Obledo, co-founder of MALDEF: "California is going to be a Hispanic State and anyone who doesn't' like it should leave."
Red DotCNN: California companies fleeing the Golden State [Also see: Cal Meltdown Watch]

Michelle Malkin        
Document Drop: ICE faces heat over Tampa gunwalking allegations 
On Monday, I noted brewing questions about a Fast & Furious-like gunwalker operation out of Tampa, Florida, that allegedly put weapons in the hands of MS-13 gangsters in Honduras. -- House Republicans are turning up the heat on several agencies. -- Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-09), a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, sent a letter yesterday...

Seattle Weekly         
More whining, hand-wringing over S-Comm   
Patricia Flores is a lifelong resident of Yakima County and a leader of the area's Latino community. On the surface, she's exactly the type of person who should support Immigration and Customs Enforcement's new "Secure Communities" program, which seeks to deport undocumented immigrants who pose "serious threats to public safety."

Expat Forum         
Most Americans want less immigration, poll shows    
The majority of Americans think that immigration should be reduced but over half believe that welcoming overseas workers is good for the country, the latest Gallup poll shows. -- The polling organization has looked at the issue of immigration in the United States over many decades and the views of people have not changed much...

Prison Planet -- Austin, Texas         
Mom arrested after refusing TSA molestation of daughter 
Andrea Fornella Abbott of Clarksville, Tennessee, was arrested by Nashville airport authorities after she refused to let the TSA fondle her daughter. -- Abbott said she did not want her daughter to be "touched inappropriately" or have her "crotch grabbed," according to a police report... [See Big Brother Watch - Big Sis Watch - Obama Watch - Police State Watch]

Fox News Latino        
National Council of The Race says Obama needs to pander more 
President Barack Obama has a job to do convincing Hispanics if he hopes to win their vote in 2012, because he has not kept his promise of immigration reform, the leader of the National Council of La Raza, Janet Murguia, said Tuesday. -- "Many in our community are disillusioned about the promise they heard at our conference three years ago, where the president promised to make reform [aka amnesty] a priority," Murguia told Efe...

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner      sc       
Stealth Amnesty: GOP attempts to hinder Obama's illegal alien agenda 
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) yesterday introduced the Hinder the Administration's Legalization Temptation (HALT) Act (H.R. 2497), legislation to prevent the Obama administration from abusing its authority to grant massive administrative amnesty to illegal [aliens]...

JWF -- Human Events         
Change: Obama now less popular than Ahmadinejad in Arab world   
Two and a half years into his failed presidency and Barack Obama has already hit rock bottom, and taken America's image down with him. Looks like that Muslim outreach, endless speeches and pandering to the Arab world has really reaped dividends...

Coming Up
July 20
Tommy's Bistro -- Casa Grande, Arizona -- 6:30 PM
Kickoff Dinner for SB 1406

Joseph Farah -- WorldNetDaily.com         
Has America gone stark, raving bonkers?   
Some days I watch the news and conclude America has gone stark, raving bonkers. -- This is one of those days. -- For years, WND has chronicled the way Chinese goods imported into the U.S. are almost universally poisonous, unsafe, flawed, dangerous, malfunctioning junk. In fact, we shouldn't even use the term "goods" in talking about Chinese products...

Albuquerque Journal         
Claim: Zetas Smuggling Arms to Mexico Through El Paso, Columbus
The violent Mexican drug organization known as Los Zetas may be smuggling military-grade weapons into Mexico through El Paso and Columbus, N.M., to arm itself against rival drug cartels and possibly to disrupt Mexico’s 2012 elections, longtime border observers told the El Paso Times...

End of the American Dream        
How globalism has destroyed our jobs, businesses and national wealth  
As most Americans stand around waiting for the U.S. economy to return to "normal", there is a never ending parade of jobs, businesses and wealth heading out of the United States. The jobs and businesses that are leaving are gone for good and will not be coming back. This is causing unemployment to soar and government debt to skyrocket but our politicians are doing nothing about it...

Los Angeles Times        
Santa Ana man deported in connection with 1982 Guatemala massacre
Nearly 30 years after the massacre of dozens of men, women and children during Guatemala's civil war, a Santa Ana maintenance worker who was allegedly a member of the elite military unit that carried out the killings was deported and turned over to authorities in that country to face charges...

David Kupelian -- WorldNetDaily.com         
Obama the extortionist   
...Barack Obama and his administration's propaganda ministry (formerly known as the "mainstream media") constantly repeat the mantra that failure to raise the debt ceiling will result in "default." It's no longer a question to them; "default" is presented as a given in their dishonest little universe. As the Washington Post leads off in its latest story...

Aaron Goldstein -- The American Spectator         
Our prickly president   
Has the Anointed One disrobed before our very eyes? -- The presidency of Barack Hussein Obama might very well have begun its sharp and steep descent towards its nadir last week with his ill-advised press conference which alienated his normally steadfast allies in the liberal media...

The Hill -- Washington         
Republicans want records from DoJ about botched gun operation 
Republican lawmakers have requested correspondence records, including emails and handwritten notes, from a dozen senior Justice Department officials who may have been involved in a controversial gun-tracking operation. -- The Hill has obtained a letter sent from Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Darrell Issa to Attorney General Eric Holder this week... [See Obama Watch]

Jim Kouri, CPP -- The Examiner         
HUD continues funding of ACORN, probe reveals    
While President Barack Obama threatens the elderly with interruption of receiving Social Security checks in August due to the debt ceiling issue, his administration is giving taxpayer's money to groups such as the corrupt ACORN and racist La Raza...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner         
Balkanization: National Spanish Spelling Bee held in New Mexico 
On Saturday, Evelyn Juarez, a seventh-grader from Santa Cruz, New Mexico, won the first annual National Spanish Spelling Bee. -- "Bizantinismo," which means excess luxury, was the word upon which Juarez who attends Carlos F. Vigil Middle School clinched the first-ever title...

Ryan Mauro -- Right Side News -- Kennesaw, Ga.      
Hezbollah sets up shop in Mexico   
A Tucson Police Department memo from September 2010 has been leaked onto the Internet by hackers, and it warns that Hezbollah has set up shop in Mexico. The terrorist group has linked up with the Mexican drug lords, and is even said to have a large arms stockpile in the country. Terrorist groups are looking at the raging drug war in Mexico as an opportunity to further their deadly ambitions...

Fox News via Tom Tancredo       
Mexico on alert   
Mexicans riot in border cities, demanding the Mexican Army get out, leaving the Cartels in charge. -- UPDATE: See Spencer's warning

Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal        
Miffed Hispanics staging hunger strike over immigration law   
...Immigration activist D.A. King said he found the- protest "a hoot." -- "But I am slightly puzzled why (Pellegrino) himself is apparently not participating in the hunger strike," King said. -- King said he is grateful for the three for showing mainstream American how extreme they are. -- "The list of demands in their little press release includes every loony leftist cliche I can think of..."

Redlands (Calif.) Daily Facts        
Seven arrogant illegals busted at protest   
San Bernardino -- Chanting "undocumented and unafraid," seven illegal [aliens] were arrested Tuesday afternoon for blocking traffic and disobeying police orders during a protest against immigration policies. -- About 125 people yelled and held signs for three hours on the sidewalks by San Bernardino Valley College...

Infowars -- Austin, Texas         
McConnell proposes handing over over of purse to Obama   
Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has proposed a drastic solution to the administration's insistence that the debt ceiling be raised against the wishes of many lawmakers, by handing over the power of the purse, an authority clearly invested in Congress according to the US Constitution, to Barack Obama's White House...

Laredo (Texas) Sun         
Couple is arrested with 15 illegal aliens   
The case report indicated that immigration officers arrested Brenda Mariscal and Canuto Rodriguez, residents of Mission, Texas. -- Both were sent to the county jail on federal charges of violation of immigration laws. -- Officers found that both were harboring 15 illegal [aliens]...

USA Today        
ATF agent calls gun-tracking program a 'disaster'  
Three federal gun agents told a House committee Wednesday that dozens of gun traffickers suspected of working for Mexican drug cartels were "allowed to walk free" during an investigative operation that allowed hundreds of guns to fall into the hands of cartel enforcers and other criminals along the southwest border... [See Obama Watch & AG Watch]

Associated Press        
ATF to require gun buyer information on border   
In an effort to stem the illicit flow of weapons into Mexico, the Justice Department announced Monday that all gun shops in four Southwest border states will be required to alert the federal government to frequent buyers of high-powered rifles. -- The new policy comes amid criticism of a flawed federal probe... [See Obama Watch - AG Watch - Gun Grabbers]

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