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Sunday, April 29, 2012

DHS IG Discovers UAV Problem
Maybe he didn't want to know
Chicago Tribune -- April 28 
Predator drones have yet to prove their worth on border
The nine unmanned aircraft are expensive to operate but their results are unimpressive, critics say. But one official says the criticism is shortsighted.
~~~ /// ~~~
    Corpus Christi, Texas -- The drug runners call it "el mosco," the mosquito, and one recent evening on the southern tip of Texas, a Predator B drone armed with cameras buzzed softly over the beach on South Padre Island and headed inland.
    ...The mixed results highlight a glaring problem for Homeland Security officials who have spent six years and more than $250 million building the nation's largest fleet of domestic surveillance drones: The nine Predators that help police America's borders have yet to prove very useful in stopping contraband or illegal immigrants.
    The border drones require an hour of maintenance for every hour they fly, cost more to operate than anticipated, and are frequently grounded by rain or other bad weather, according to a draft audit of the program last month by the Homeland Security Department's inspector general.
    Last year, the unmanned fleet flew barely half the number of flight hours that Customs and Border Protection had scheduled on the northern or southern borders, or over the Caribbean, according to the audit.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
We have been pointing out problems with the Predator for years and only now does the DHS IG take notice.
    It's like Chief Justice Roberts said: "...It seems to me the federal government just doesn't want to know who is here illegally."

Associated Press    
Subversive Obama regime may not detain likely illegals at traffic stops 
Immigration officials say they will no longer immediately detain suspected illegal [aliens] who are arrested only on minor traffic violations and have no criminal history. -- [ICE] spokeswoman Barbara Gonzalez said Friday that immigration agents will now consider detaining people arrested on minor traffic offenses - provided they have no criminal history... [as if sneaking into the country isn't a crime]...

Media buzz as US confirms Russian troops to train on American soil  
The US has confirmed that Russian troops will carry out joint anti-terror drills on American soil in May. Reports of the unprecedented initiative had triggered hysteria in American public debate, with claims of the US fraternizing with "the enemy." -- The US has confirmed that Russian troops will carry out joint anti-terror drills on American soil in May. Reports of the unprecedented initiative had triggered hysteria...

Joe Weisenthal -- Business Insider   
Obama, the austerity president  
One of the things that comes up every time we get a GDP report is that government, far from being the main driver of the economy, is actually a big drag on the economy. -- Yesterday's initial Q1 report confirmed that government spending cuts were a big drag (though at least the private sector is picking up the baton). -- To appreciate the extent of the austerity under Obama, check out this chart from Naufall Sanaullah...

Infowars Special Report            sc    
Arizona open Border Crisis and the Battle for States Rights  
Infowars.com travels to Arizona with Patrick Henningsen for a special report investigating the open border crisis and Arizona's battle for states rights against a federal government who is suing the state over the controversial SB 1070 law, a case currently being heard in the US Supreme Court. -- In an exclusive interview with Arizona State Representative Carl Seel (R), inside details are revealed...

Investor's Business Daily    
How Obama shares his 'anti-anglo' father's dreams  
...The man sitting in the Oval Office views the Anglo-American alliance through the same anti-colonial lens as his late father and their shared hero --- Frantz Fanon --- who argued that America and Britain were great oppressors. -- From 1920 to 1963, Britain colonized Kenya and, according to Obama, mistreated his grandfather in the process. His father, moreover, was briefly jailed during the emergency declared by the British...

Associated Press   
New Mexico gov.'s grandfather was U.S. citizen  
Ever since taking office last year as the nation's first Hispanic female governor, New Mexico's Susana Martinez found her family tree scrutinized over whether her Mexican-born paternal grandfather was an illegal immigrant. -- Documents obtained by The Associated Press, however, show that he was lawfully admitted to the U.S. as a permanent resident in 1918...

Press Release    
Reconquistas at Derechos Humanos are at it again  
The Tucson May 1st Coalition invites the communities of Arizona and the entire country to join together on Tuesday, May 1st as we celebrate international workers' day and pledge to continue to fight against the serious attacks to our civil liberties and human rights – to our own humanity. We make a call for resistance in our collective struggle for justice for all people. -- The Tucson community has consistently fought against the federal government's use of Arizona...

M. Ray Perryman -- OA Online   
Texas doesn't see dwindling immigration trend  
A recent study from the Pew Hispanic Center indicates that net migration from Mexico has fallen to zero and may actually be negative. In other words, more people are leaving the United States and going to Mexico than are entering from our neighbor to the south. The data are somewhat difficult to obtain (since much of the immigration consists of undocumented persons), but if net migration is truly approaching zero or less...

Army Sgt. Robert A. DeMitry (Ret.) -- News-Leader -- Springfield, Mo.    
New World Order is Obama's goal  
Why the liberals want to destroy the Constitution: This single document created the framework for the greatest nation in the world and responsible for more than 224 years of freedom, liberty and prosperity. Yet many liberals see it as an obstacle to the New World Order. -- In spite of the evidence, many on the left actually believe that America would be much better if government dictated every aspect of our lives...

Zero Hedge    
Should we kill the politicians before they kill us?  
"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers." William Shakespeare, Henry the Sixth -- That was four hundred years ago, long before lawyers would come to hold most elected offices. 41% of the current congress are lawyers, six times the rate of the general population. The greatest concentration of lawyers is in Washington, D.C., and that is turning out to be a very bad thing...

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