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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Does a Secure Border Look Like?
Not Like This!
Feature Photo
Glenn Spencer, American Border Patrol -- February 19  
     A week from today the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security will hold a hearing. The subject of the hearing is What Does a Secure Border Look Like?
    I'm not sure what a secure border looks like -- maybe cattle grazing -- but I know how to measure it.
For sure, it doesn't look like the border south of Tucson where Customs and Border Protection people chase about 1,000 people across 30,000 square miles of desert -- every day and night.
    This subcommittee needs witnesses who know what is happening on the border and will tell the truth – not a bunch of bureaucrats who will mouth the administration's line.
    I would welcome an invitation -- but Miller would probably fear an uprising organized by the SPLC were she to do so. (That's why they smear people like me -- to shut us up.)
    Maybe Chairman Miller could find the courage of Arizona State Senator Allen and go ahead and invite me anyway.

Forty percent of illegal aliens here on expired visas   
An estimated 40 percent of illegal [aliens] in the United States arrived here with an authorized visa, which could pose a problem for Congress and the White House as they grapple with immigration reform issues. -- Though there are no official figures on how many people in the U.S. have expired visas, The Wall Street Journal reports, the most commonly cited figures are 4 million to 5 million people...

My Fox Phoenix    
Sentencing set for man in killing of border agent   
A June 10 sentencing date has been set for a Mexican man who pleaded guilty in the 2010 killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent whose death revealed the botched "Fast and Furious" gun-smuggling investigation. --Manuel Osorio-Arellanes is only the person to have pleaded guilty in Agent Brian Terry's death. -- 2 of the five men accused in Terry's killing are in custody, while three others remain fugitives...

Jason Howerton -- The Blaze    
Mexico wants a list of U.S. gun owners near the border    
Mexican lawmakers will ask the U.S. Senate to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in border states, which includes California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Mexico says it will make it easier to trace guns used in violent attacks. -- The measure was reportedly approved on January 9 by Mexico's Permanent Commission, a government entity that meets when Mexico's Senate and the Chamber of Deputies is in recess....

The Blaze     
Obama the puppetmaster? One left-leaning Web site says yes   
"President Barack Obama is a master at limiting, shaping and manipulating media coverage of himself and his White House." -- If anyone asked you where those remarks came from, you'd likely say it was some conservative news outlet or blog. You might even say it was the rant of a Republican pundit. -- But you would be wrong on all levels...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.  
Bumper sticker to fight RubiObamAmnesty! REMEMBER 1986!   
Free bumper sticker with a $15 donation to help us fight amnesty-again. -- We need funding help to stop amnesty. Again. Get several! Send them to your U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representatives! - I did! -- We just got shipment in and have plenty of stickers. They are high-quality, 7" X 3-3/4" and made of quality all-weather vinyl. A real eye-catcher...

Michael W. Cutler -- Right Side News     
Amnesty: "Bordering on a national security nightmare"   
In the wake of the recent elections, immigration has risen to the top of the list of newsworthy stories --- in part pushed to that position of significance by statements made by key members of Congress and the President that "Pathways to Citizenship" must be provided to what they claim is a population of 11 million illegal aliens. -- Some politicians, particularly those from the Republican Party, are being stampeded to act irrationally...

Los Angeles Times     
California's budget windfall could end soon, officials say   
The surge of revenue that showed up unexpectedly in state coffers last month may well be offset by a revenue dip in coming months, according to Gov. Jerry Brown's administration. -- The surprise money has been the source of much speculation in the Capitol. Unanticipated tax receipts filled state coffers with more than $5 billion beyond initial projections for January --- more tax dollars than are allocated to the entire state...

UFW sued by family farming co. for defamation   
Gerawan Farming is a family-owned farming operation based in Fresno, California. They've been in business for decades, becoming a successful and highly-staffed enterprise. Their wages are extraordinarily high; they haven't had any problems with the state employment agencies. They even have a program to train their employees in English in partnership with Fresno Pacific University. They offer employees the ability to...

KWES-TV -- Midland, Texas     
Border Patrol - Fighting the unseen enemy -- Part I  
The Big Bend, one of the most challenging terrain border areas to patrol. There, the Department of Homeland Security must be on their toes at all times to combat those who smuggle drugs and [aliens] north. NewsWest 9 traveled to the border area to witness first hand on how they do it. -- It's early morning and the skies are clearing up from the night before. Intel has just arrived to... [See Part II Here]

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas        
Mexican poachers nabbed by Coast Guard in Texas   
The U.S. Coast Guard seized hundreds of pounds of fish from 2 small Mexican fishing boats near Boca Chica Beach. Crews found 300 pounds of red snapper, several sharks and other fish. -- A U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter spotted the Mexican boats in U.S. waters Friday. A chase led Coast Guard authorities to a second boat fishing illegally...

Miami Herald   PDF Links Included
Obama's amnesty scheme frays nerves  
President Obama's administration drafted legislation this month that could give [illegal aliens] a pathway to citizenship in eight years, require employers to check workers' immigration status and increase penalties for those who break immigration law. -- The ideas appear in three separate draft bills, obtained Monday by The Miami Herald, that closely resemble many of the reforms advanced in 2011 by Obama...

Gailann Jarocki -- The Examiner    
Cross-border drug tunnel in Nogales shut down (Photos) 
ICE reported on last Wednesday that Nogales, Arizona Tunnel Task Force shut down a just completed, cross-border drug smuggling tunnel and seized more than 1,200 pounds of marijuana. In a multi-agency effort a surveillance was conducted in Nogales, around noon last Wednesday, when they observed a van in a parking lot at the south end of Nelson Avenue. The van was approached after observing suspicious activities... [Related]

Bruce Thornton -- FrontPageMag.com     
Half-truths, delusions, and immigration   
The White House has leaked immigration legislation it's preparing in case Congress fails to craft its own. According to USA Today, 11 million illegal aliens could apply for a "Lawful Prospective Immigrant" visa and after 8 years could get a green card. Criminals would be excluded --- unless they served less than a year for their crime, or were convicted of 3 different crimes resulting in 90 days in jail...

Mark Krikorian -- National Review     
Obama's amnesty bill = Rubio's amnesty bill   
Over the weekend, the White House leaked parts of a proposed amnesty bill to USA Today's Alan Gomez. Obama's chief of staff, Denis McDonough, described the proposed bill as a backup plan in case the Senate doesn't act. Unlike the Schumer/Rubio amnesty plan, the administration bill contains no enforcement "triggers" that would have to be met before the amnestied illegals could move from green card lite to...

Patrick J. Buchanan -- VDare.com     
Who killed the middle class?   
It is our generation's task, then, to reignite the true engine of America's economic grow that's rising, thriving middle class. -- So said Barack Obama in his State of the Union. -- And for one of his ideas to reignite that engine, Republicans applauded. -- "And tonight, I am announcing that we will launch talks on a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union..."

Peter Brimelow -- VDare.com     
Six points to remember about the 2013 "amnesty war"   
It seems to generally agreed that if "comprehensive immigration reform" a.k.a. amnesty does not go through by the summer, it will not go through at all--itself evidence of how politically precarious the thing is. Until then, the pressure will be intense and immigration patriots will need coolness under fire. Six points to remember... 1] We've been here before --- several times...

Fox Nation    
Pelosi says drone strikes on Americans can stay secret  
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the White House doesn't necessarily have to confess to killing American citizens by unarmed drones. -- It all depends on the situation, she said in reply to a Huffington Post reporter who asked if President Obama's administration should acknowledge when it targets a U.S. citizen in a drone strike, the Washington Examiner reported...

Tucson Weekly   
Border Patrol arrests, releases pro-illegal immigration agitator   
Tucson -- ... Tucson attorney Isabel Garcia confirmed that she visited Ochoa last night at the BP facility off Golf Links Road and he was doing well. She also shared that she was unsure when he would be released and was concerned it wouldn't be until tomorrow. Because of the President's Day holiday, Garcia though Ochoa would not be able to go before the federal magistrate until tomorrow morning on charges of interfering with a federal officer...

D.A. King -- Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal     
Opposition to IMAGE offers lessons on commissioners   
"Sec. 2-143. Contractors, protecting jobs for eligible workers, bidding requirements and reducing unemployment." -- Official caption outlining the purpose of Cobb's pending IMAGE-for-contractors' ordinance. --The three Cobb Commissioners saying "no" to the Cobb IMAGE ordinance should all be thanked for showing us their true character and integrity level.

Rick Jensen -- Salem (Ore.) Statesman-Journal     
Amnesty only encourages more illegal immigration   
"No amnesty!" -- Good luck with that. -- "Secure the border!" -- Yeah, that, too. -- Why not? Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas describes the problem with unenforced illegal immigration laws to Politico's Ginger Gibson: "The crush of illegals have bankrupted local governments, shut down hospitals, overwhelmed schools and crashed local economies, hurting largely Hispanic citizens."

Anthony Martin -- The Examiner     
McCain to betray conservatives on gun rights   
U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the presidential nominee of the Republican Party in 2008, is set to betray conservatives yet again. This will not be the first time McCain has supported measures that fly in the face of every known conservative principle that has defined the movement from the beginning. -- Perhaps his most famous piece of legislation, McCain-Feingold, was a direct attack on the First Amendment and free speech...

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