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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Measure Border Progress
Dream testimony before today's border subcommittee
American Patrol Report -- February 26   
 Subcommittee Hearing: What Does a Secure Border Look Like?
GAOs Gambler: "American Border Patrol has come up with a way to measure progress on the border. I hope you can take a look at it." (We wish)
    Subcommittee Chairman Candice Miller (R-MI) on the hearing: "In recent years the Department of Homeland Security has defined progress in securing our border in terms of resources put in the field – how many agents, miles of fence, or technology we have deployed. While those are important, success in securing the border must be defined by real and measurable benchmarks. This brings up important questions for the officials at the Department: What does a secure border look like? How do we use the resources at our disposal to get there? And finally what is the best way to measure progress?"
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report
    Rebecca Gambler of the GAO will be a witness at today's hearing of the subcommittee on border security.
    On Jan. 28 Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol personally handed a copy of his plan to solve the border problem to Gambler.
    He also gave her documentation on the IDENTISEIS system (AKA Sonic Barrier) -- a system to count how many people cross the border illegally.
    We can only dream that Gambler will tell Miller about the plan and the technology that can measure progress on the border.
Note: The hearing starts at 10 AM Eastern -- watch it!
Special Note: Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol watched this hearing. He says the members of this congressional subcommittee are clueless.
 Latest Report from Secure Border Intel
Updated February 26 -- 218 Bodies

KNXV-TV -- Phoenix     
Gov. Brewer 'appalled' after illegals released by Obama regime 
Phoenix -- Gov. Jan Brewer says she's "appalled" about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security releasing illegal [aliens] a week before mandatory budget cuts across the government. -- Gillian Christensen, a spokeswoman with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said ICE has reviewed "several hundred cases" of [illegal aiens] being held in jails around the country and released them in the last week...

KRGV-TV -- Weslaco, Texas        
Record stash house bust in Brownsville   
A Brownsville stash house busted Monday may be one of the largest in recent years, officials said. -- Police and Border Patrol agents arrested 90 illegal [aliens] in and near the home in the Alton Gloor Blvd. area. -- Most of the [illegal aiens] were arrested inside the house. Some fled but were later apprehended, officials said.

KSAV-TV -- Phoenix    
Arrest made over Arpaio death threats posted on Facebook   
Phoenix -- A Scottsdale man has been arrested on charges accusing him of threatening to kill Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. -- The Sheriff's Office says 42-year-old Ignacio Carbajal was arrested at his home Monday evening after he allegedly posted internet comments saying he planned to kill Arpaio. -- According to the Sheriff's Office, Carbajal told deputies that he wanted to kill Arpaio because of Arpaio's stance against illegal immigration...

KGBT-TV -- Harlingen, Texas     
Jail break at Mexican prison across the border from Roma   
Authorities are on a alert following a jail break south of the border in Miguel Aleman, a city just across the border from Roma. -- It all happened at the CEDES state prison in Miguel Aleman around 1:40 a.m. Tuesday. -- The Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office confirmed the jail break in a statement released early Tuesday afternoon. -- Investigators reported that several vehicles carrying 15 armed [gunmen] arrived at the door...

The Dustin Inman Society -- Marietta, Ga.  
Bumper sticker to fight RubiObamAmnesty! REMEMBER 1986!   
Free bumper sticker with a $15 donation to help us fight amnesty-again. -- We need funding help to stop amnesty. Again. Get several! Send them to your U.S. Senators and your U.S. House Representatives! - I did! -- We just got shipment in and have plenty of stickers. They are high-quality, 7" X 3-3/4" and made of quality all-weather vinyl. A real eye-catcher...

Gabriella Morrongiello -- Young America' Foundation     
Oregon's "tuition equity" bill holds a hidden agenda   
The quickest way to befriend a child is to hand them candy. Want to assure a permanent life-long supporter of liberal policies? Hand out government subsidized programs. That's exactly the motive behind the "Tuition Equity" bill that has been adopted in many states and is now coming before the newly left-winged majority legislature of Oregon. -- What so many fail to ask when advocating government handouts such as...

EFE -- Madrid    
Usual suspects launch mobilization for illegal alien amnesty   
Chicago -- Families separated by deportations and pro-[illegal alien] activists on Monday here launched a national mobilization effort that will include visits to 90 cities to tell their stories and demand immigration reform. -- Organizers predict that in the coming weeks the group will grow to some 500 people participating in seven regional bus tours that will travel some 20,000 miles to visit 100 congressional districts...

Talking Points Memo
How Arizona's Jan Brewer could be an amnesty bellwether   
As the face of her state's crackdown on illegal immigration, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is never far removed from the issue whether she wants to be or not. But she could prove an important test case for Republican efforts led by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to sell conservatives on the Senate's proposal for immigration reform tied to new border security measures...

KSAZ-TV -- Phoenix     
Pot worth nearly $1M found in abandoned SUV   
Nearly $1 million worth of marijuana was found in an abandoned sport utility vehicle on Sunday. -- Border Patrol agents at the Casa Grande station responded to a citizen's tip about the Chevrolet Suburban, which was loaded with a 1,800 pounds of pot. -- The total value of the drugs is $915,000. -- According to authorities, a records check revealed that the 2004 Suburban was reported stolen in Avondale...

Ronald W. Mortensen -- CIS.org     
Norquist and Rubio: Relegating the GOP to permanent minority status    
Grover Norquist and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) appear to be trying their best to use immigration policy to relegate the Republican Party to permanent minority status. -- Democrats must be jumping with joy as Norquist and Rubio repeat over and over again: "Hispanics are the future of the Party. Hispanics are the future of the Party. Hispanics are the future of the Party" --- in spite of clear evidence that most Hispanics are now, and will continue to be, Democrats...

David North -- CIS.org    
"Binational dialogue on Mexican migrants" likely to be abused   
People in the immigration field are well aware that visa abusers present an enormous challenge. -- The release of "Binational Dialogue on Mexican Migrants" at a briefing on Capitol Hill today reminds me of the problems created by "study abusers" who will surely twist this report to advance the interests of the mas migration forces. -- The document itself, if it resembles its summary, contains some interesting information...

Gabriella Morrongiello -- Young America' Foundation     
Oregon's "tuition equity" bill holds a hidden agenda   
The quickest way to befriend a child is to hand them candy. Want to assure a permanent life-long supporter of liberal policies? Hand out government subsidized programs. That's exactly the motive behind the "Tuition Equity" bill that has been adopted in many states and is now coming before the newly left-winged majority legislature of Oregon. -- What so many fail to ask when advocating government handouts such as...

Jaime Sarrio -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution     
Cobb advocate shaped illegal-worker plan   
Cobb commissioners will vote tonight on a controversial law aimed at stopping the hiring of illegal immigrants. But it's not just the proposal that's causing a stir --- it's the man who penned it. -- D.A. King is a Cobb resident and anti-illegal immigration advocate known for his in-your-face antics and relentless focus on the issue. He has influenced immigration enforcement at the state and local levels through his blog... [Related video]

John Mills -- AL.com     
Amnesty proposals would hurt poor, middle class Americans   
Immigration reform harms poor and middle class American citizens. A major issue with illegal aliens is their taking of jobs at lower wages than Americans accept. -- So how does legitimizing these foreigners improve the wages and income of the poor and middle-class? The simplest of concepts from economics is the law of supply and demand. -- The current number of unemployed is 11 million, which is in close alignment with...

Los Angeles Times    
Obamacare may threaten California's safety net   
Millions of uninsured Californians will gain medical coverage under the national healthcare overhaul beginning in January, but Guadalupe Luna won't be one of them. -- Luna, an [illegal alien] and tamale vendor in Los Angeles, doesn't qualify. So she will continue going to the clinic where she has received free care for more than 20 years: Los Angeles County's Hudson Comprehensive Health Center...

KAAL-TV -- Austin, Minn.   
Illegal aliens released in "budget crunch"   
The Associated Press has learned that federal immigration authorities have released a number of detainees around the country to save money. -- Gillian Christensen, spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington D.C., said Monday that field offices have been directed to review their numbers of detained immigrants to ensure the jail populations stay within budgeted resources...

Highland (Calif.) News     
Reconquista Navarro rears his head... again   
Scholars, policymakers and community organizers from across the country will convene at UC Riverside for an all-day summit on immigration reform on Saturday, March 16. -- Organized by UCR AIR --- the student-led Alliance for Immigration Reform --- and Armando Navarro, UCR professor of ethnic studies, the summit will hear from scholars who study immigration policy, legislators who create policy, and representatives of labor, human rights and immigrant groups who work with [illegal alien] communities....

Atlanta Journal-Constitution   
Georgia won't appeal decision against immigration law   
The long-running legal battle over controversial part of Georgia's sweeping immigration law is over, at least for now. --The Georgia Attorney General's office confirmed Monday the state will not appeal a federal court's decision against the part of the law that would punish people who knowingly transport or harbor illegal [aliens] while committing other crimes...

Fox News    
Al Queda still thriving inide U.S.   
Fox News video report of February 26. Catherine Herridge reports from Washington, D.C.

W.D. Reasoner -- CIS.org    
Through a glass darkly   
You know those eyeglasses you can buy --- called Transitions lenses, I think --- that are crystal clear as long as you're in a fairly shady place, but get progressively darker with increasing light until they're sunglasses in bright daylight? That's what I think of when I consider the Obama administration's track record on transparency, contrary to what is promised on the White House website...

David North -- CIS.org    
There Must Be a Blue Moon Shining: DOJ unit actually helps citizens!    
A small bit of the Justice Department --- the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration-Related Unfair Employment Practices (OSC) --- has, totally out of character, actually moved to discourage employment bias against U.S. citizens! -- This entity usually spends its energies beating up on employers who are a little too vigorous in their efforts not to hire illegal aliens, but this time it has issued a press release saying...

Washington Times     
White House raises terror threat, warns illegals could flood borders   
The Obama administration on Monday warned the nation to expect an increase in illegal immigration if the automatic budget cuts go into effect Friday --- the latest caution from a White House determined to raise the heat on congressional Republicans. -- President Obama has framed the choice as one between higher taxes or lower security, bolstered by Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano's warning Monday that...

Associated Press    
Belgian businessman murdered in Mexican resort city   
A Belgian citizen shot to death in the Pacific resort of Acapulco near the site of the Mexican Open tennis tournament was a resident businessman working for a transnational firm, local prosecutors in Mexico said Sunday. -- Saturday's killing was the second violent attack involving foreigners in Acapulco in less than three weeks. On Feb. 4, a band of masked gunmen invaded a beachfront home and raped six visiting Spanish women.

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