Sunday, October 15, 2000

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 American Patrol Meeting - Suffolk County, NY
Suffolk Residents Protest Illegal Immigrants and Day Laborers
Help fight another amnesty
Farmingville, NY - Drunk Illegal Alien Driver Kills Local Mom
About the anti-American Ford Foundation
Chicago: Take a stand, supporters of amnesty urge Bush, Gore

1986 Amnesty *Increased* Illegal Immigration
Call Congress Toll Free - No More Amnesties!
Farmingville, New York - A Town Under Siege
Over 612,000 Illegals Caught in Tucson Sector Alone - FY 2000
Long Island (formerly Sachem) Quality of Life Organization
Cardinal Mahony's Close Ties to Labor
Geyer Exposes INS's Robert Bach, Ford Foundation Lackey
Sacramento: Labor, Religious Groups Support Amnesty for Illegals
El Cenizo, Texas - Spanish is Official Language
MEChA Leader Runs for Mayor of Los Angeles
Day Laborer Nightmares in Georgia
Commie Evelina Alarcon | Alarcon Fights fights for Chavez holiday
Pope calls for continental unity and migrant rights in Mexico
Common-Market Plan for N. America Gains Currency (Vicente Fox)
Local Police Can Arrest Illegal Aliens
Georgia Coalition for Immigration Reform
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Amnesty urged for illegal workers [aliens]

Immigrants and church and labor leaders held an enthusiastic rally at the state Capitol on Saturday to plead for amnesty for undocumented workers [illegal aliens]. Advocates for the illegal immigrants [aliens] said the unauthorized workers need amnesty to become productive members of American society. They fear that the iimmigrants [illegal aliens] are being exploited by their employers and law enforcement, such as the U.S. INS. "There's a hammer held over the heads of the undocumented workers [illegal aliens]," said the president of the Denver Area Labor Federation.

Commentary - Charley Reese

Victims' competition such a game

I have often wondered, but never discovered, what internal organs and skin color have to do with qualifications for public-service positions. As you, no doubt, know, feminists are always clamoring for women to be appointed to this or that, Latinos want their people appointed to this or that, ditto blacks, Asian-Americans and, for all I know, Eskimos and Tibetans. Whatever happened to the idea that there is only one human race and that we are members of it? Whatever happened to the idea that there are only two categories of residents within the United States -- citizens and non-citizens?

Guest Column

Ethnic Chameleons

It's interesting how some Chicano activists, a relatively small but vocal and militant portion of Mexican immigrants and their descendants, will camouflage their ethnic identity in order to make their ridiculous claims look "reasonable". They will call themselves "Hispanics" in order to claim whatever territorial and cultural "heritage" was left of former Spanish Empire. For instance, they will claim their "rights" to California based on past Spaniards' presence in this state and Mexico's well known pretenses to Spanish succession. These claims are equally "justified" as claims of Ukrainians to Latvia on the basis that Ukrainians are speaking (a version of) Russian, and Latvia used to be under Soviet occupation.

San Jose, Calif.

Statue Aggravates Mexicans

A decade after the city stashed a statue of a Mexican War figure in a warehouse because it was too controversial, the monument is about to resurface in a park -- and once again is evoking cries of racism. The statue depicts Thomas Fallon planting what was believed to be the first American flag in San Jose, during the Mexican War in 1846. ''The statue is an insult to our ancestors, people who were lynched here,'' said Pascual Mendivil, a member of a small activist group called Pueblo Unido. ''It's like a red flag to racists out there that it's open season on Mexicans.'' Members of Pueblo Unido want the statue melted down and recast as something representing several ethnic groups.

Mexican Open-Border President-Elect

Common-Market Plan for N. America Gains Currency

There was scoffing at first, but the proposal by Mexico's president-elect, Vicente Fox, to open the borders and adopt the U.S. dollar throughout North America is getting increasingly serious attention. Fox's ideas have sparked new thought among many in the United States--from economists and demographers to local government officials and business executives -- about concepts that had been considered largely unthinkable. In the process, some long-held assumptions about a more open border -- for example, that it would send a wave of Mexican migrants northward and turn some American cities into refugee encampments -- are being challenged.

We Get E-Mail

Re: Protesters in Austin, Waco call for legislation granting asylum

Bringing children to protests and demonstrations seems very characteristic of illegal immigration supporters. It shows a huge gap between our culture and theirs. We give our children as much protection as we possibly can, keeping them away from violence, politics, and other less fabulous aspects of adult life. They use their children as chips in their socio-political game with obvious disregard of these children safety.


Death threats to victim cited

Luis Valenzuela, who was slain last Monday night along with his pregnant girlfriend, received death threats during a trial last year, a Tucson police detective said. In April and May 1999, Valenzuela, an admitted drug dealer, testified against two Mexican men he claimed had kidnapped, robbed and assaulted him. Tucson police considered the defendants, both illegal aliens from Santa Ana, Sonora, highly dangerous. Juries acquitted defendants Reyes Vasquez Villagrana and Rene Villagrana Salazar, members of a Mexican family that Tucson police considered dangerous, of all crimes related to Valenzuela. It goes on and on.......


Protesters Seek Amnesty for Undocumented Immigrants [Illegal Aliens]

About 250 mostly Latino demonstrators gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial yesterday seeking permanent residency for thousands of undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] across the country, reports the Washington Post. Holding banners and chanting in Spanish and English, the protesters came from Chicago, Texas and Washington state, part of a national mobilization by a coalition of community groups and unions with membership in 20 states. Organizers want a general amnesty, among other things.

San Jose Mercury News

Established Latinos more likely to support curbing immigration

Latino voters agree with most Americans that the government needs to crack down on illegal immigration. But Latinos -- like other voters -- rank immigration policy among their lowest priorities -- 11th among a list of 12 issues facing the nation. The Mercury News poll found that 43 percent of Latinos nationwide think the government is not doing enough to stop illegal immigration. Another 30 percent were satisfied with current border-control efforts, while 16 percent criticized those efforts as excessive.

Letters to the L.A. Times

Re: Pat Buchanan's Television Ad

Re: "Buchanan Immigration Ad Met With Quick Criticism," Oct. 10: I thought the Buchanan Reform Party "meatball ad" [a man chokes on a meatball after hearing on a news broadcast that English is no longer America's official language; he calls 911 and passes out while listening to a menu of language options] was right on the money. And... Kowtow to the divide-and-conquer approach of the Democrats and Republicans? No way. We are not hyphenated Americans, speaking dozens of historical languages. We are American Americans, and we speak English. And vote for those who support it. Keep it in mind, politicians.

Digital Missouri

Latina Columnist: Spanish not 'foreign language'

Americans wrongly spotlight problems caused by Hispanic immigration instead of embracing the vital cultural changes they are bringing, Juan Gonzalez, a co-host of Pacifica Radio's "Democracy Now," said at a speech Friday at MU. Latino immigration and the history of the United States are wedded together, he said. "We are all Americans of the New World, and our most dangerous enemies are not each other but the great wall of ignorance between us," Gonzalez said. His speech at MU's Hulston Hall closed Columbia's first Hispanic Heritage Month. In the U.S., the Hispanic population has increased 39 percent in the last nine years.

VCT Has Been Warning America About This For Years.......

Rabid Reconquista Jose Angel Gutierrez: 'They [illegals] want to have a voice' (He wants to create 'Aztlan')

How does an old-school Chicano militant retool himself to operate in a society devoid of large-scale protests, boycotts and third- party political takeovers? If you are Jose Angel Gutierrez, who founded La Raza Unida Party in 1970 and became one of the chief ideologues of the Chicano Movement, you don't become an assimilation-oriented "Hispanic." Gutierrez is allying himself with recent Mexican immigrants who he says are culturally and demographically reclaiming parts of the United States that Chicanos call Aztlan.

Illegal Aliens in Texas

Protesters in Austin, Waco call for legislation granting asylum

Hundreds marched here and at the state Capitol on Saturday to protest what they call unfair treatment of Mexican immigrants. In the crowd of about 100 in downtown Waco, one woman pushed her 1-year-old son in a stroller while carrying a sign: "No judge, no jury, no daddy." She said her husband of two years was deported in February and barred from returning to the United States for 20 years. She said she was shocked because she is a lifelong American. "His [citizenship] papers were not in order, but we were going to work on it," said the woman, who identified herself only as Rose, saying her husband's case could be jeopardized if officials knew she participated in the march.

Narco State Next Door

Smugglers finding new ways to transport goods across border

In the past few months, border officials say, they have happened across what they call remarkable and professional smuggling attempts. Agents working at the Sarita checkpoint in August, for example, found that the axle and transfer case of a 4-wheel-drive vehicle had been hollowed out and filled with cocaine. In September, agents at the same checkpoint found narcotics in the auxiliary battery of a 1997 Chevy Tahoe. "The whole inside was gutted out and full of cocaine," said Ramiro De Anda, a supervisory agent with the McAllen Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol. Many of the jobs are not the work of mom-and-pop smuggling operations, officials said. Professional shops and businesses across Mexico and Texas aid trafficking organizations by installing hidden compartments in tractor trailers and passenger vehicles, officials said.

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