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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

The Trashing of John Marshall High
Letter to Gov. Davis ---
Two weeks ago I visited my old high school in Los Angeles for a homecoming and football game under lights, lights that don't exist there, but were provided by a television company who shoot their episodes at that beautiful old school and wished to do something nice for us. I spent the better part of a day there and observed these illegal citizens you embrace so cynically. Let me tell you about these swine you would put before our own citizens:

The school, once condemned to destruction because of its lacking modern seismic construction features, was saved by a gathering of loyal neighborhood citizens who wanted to preserve its gothic structure. It was updated and saved -- for what? To be defiled and filthied and ruined and graffitied by a bunch of unappreciative invaders from a scumbag nation that respects nothing in this country. (continued)

Average Marshall student scored in bottom 24th percentile. (See Stanford test scores - Take note that of the 2,687 students involved, only one was tested in geometry.)

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Fox News
Potential INS Whistleblower Fired
A border patrol veteran has been fired, most likely because he wanted to testify before Congress about his experiences.-- The agent, who has asked not to be identified, was given his walking papers on Oct. 10 and will be out of a job 30 days from that date. -- Rep. Tom Tancredo said that the agent had been fired from his job because he had been asked to testify last week before the House's Immigration Reform Caucus...
San Diego Union-Tribune
Not-so-well documented
Hundreds of Mexican citizens have rushed to the Mexican Consulate's office in downtown San Diego in recent weeks to renew their passports and comply with yet another requirement to cross into the United States. -- The rush has been fueled by a recent overhaul of the U.S. border-crossing card system, which -- among other things -- required Mexicans to replace their old border-crossing cards with new laser visas by Sept. 30.

Washington Post
For Many in Mexico, Bribes a Way of Life
...In police corruption, Transparency International this year rated Mexico 19th out of 23 countries surveyed and 51st out of 91 countries surveyed on overall corruption.

From A California Police Officer
Illegal aliens to get Calif. driver's licenses?
I am still working on getting police officers to arrest illegal aliens - if we can't do it in the current climate, we never will.....maybe you could pass the following letter on to your troops so that they might start hitting their legislators with the same repeated messages ...Local cops to arrest illegals...and here's how to do it :....
Flow of Mexican migrants, drugs slowed by attacks
Almost overnight, the ripple effects of the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States eased an enduring problem along the U.S.-Mexican border: the vast flow of drugs and migrants northward. -- Scrambling to protect the country from new attacks, U.S. agencies radically tightened security on the 3,200- kilometre Mexican border. -- Inspectors began stopping every vehicle, questioning drivers and searching wares.
Update - Detroit Free Press
Michigan will get more funding for troops at border
In a last-minute deal announced Wednesday morning, the Department of Defense agreed to continue funding Michigan National Guard members stationed at the state's border crossings with Canada for another month. -- Without the funding, the soldiers would have left their posts at midnight today. -- The extension averts, at least temporarily, the prospect of dramatically longer delays at Michigan's crossings into Canada.

Canadian Press
Senate to urge common front
U.S. calls for a North American security perimeter will grow louder today with the introduction of a bill in the Senate urging the Bush administration to negotiate a common strategy with Canada to deter terrorism. -- The White House has already directed several of its key departments to do exactly that. -- Canada has resisted the notion of a common continental security zone as an impingement on its sovereignty.
Editorial - Cleveland Plain Dealer
U.S. carries hospitality too far
Of the 19 hijackers who killed thousands of Americans on Sept. 11, some had en tered the United States legally, or illegally overstayed their visas, or illegally sneaked in. A few were on "watch lists" of people to be denied entry. The precise numbers in each category have varied in the weeks since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. But the imprecise numbers add up to this: The INS has not kept proper track of the immigrants...

James R. Edwards Jr. / National Review
High-Tech Antiterrorism
President Bush has announced that his administration now will tighten up a loose immigration system, naming a Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force. The government will track foreign students, strengthen visa-application requirements, and step up deportation of likely foreign terrorists. These are steps in the right direction. -- We know that at least 19 foreign terrorists could enter and live in the United States and....
N.Y. Times (Free Registration)
U.S. Suspends Afghan Refugee Resettlement
Once, if you were an Afghan refugee leaving the camps along the Pakistani border for resettlement, you were probably headed for the U.S. -- But that stopped after September 11. -- Like many other countries the U.S. has suspended participation in the U.N. program to find homes for the thousands of families fleeing decades of war and three years of famine in Afghanistan.

Miami Herald
INS targets Arabs, activists say
U.S. INS officials are delaying the release of Arab nationals in detention in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, immigration advocates complained Tuesday. -- Cheryl Little, executive director of Miami- based Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, said at least 24 Arab nationals -- most of them Iraqis -- remain in INS custody at the Krome Service Processing Center in west Miami- Dade even if no specific evidence has surfaced linking them to the attacks.
Las Vegas Sun
With law in limbo, many illegals will have to leave U.S.
The law, called 245-I, earlier had the backing of the Bush administration and observers thought Congress would reinstate it in the first week of September. -- Ramirez is among thousands of illegal immigrants in the Las Vegas area who could benefit from the law. It would allow illegal immigrants to apply for residency, the step below citizenship, if they are married to a U.S. resident or citizen or if they have a job offer.

From La Canada-Flintridge
The United Way and illegal aliens
I work for the largest employer in the San Gabriel Valley in California. Every year at this time there is a push to solicit contributions from employees via payroll deductions for United Way of Greater L.A. This organization claims that they are "a trusted community leader and expert in knowing where contributions will do the most good."

L.A. Times Website Ad
What gives with Miller Lite beer?

L.A. Times
Tighter borders make political asylum elusive goal
...Goldberg says the tightening of national borders by developed countries to control illegal economic migrants has affected prospective asylum-seekers, who often arrive in the flow of general migrants. She says the refugee agency works hard to persuade governments to make sure that would-be refugees have a chance to state their cases and are not just summarily deported.
Arizona Daily Star
Suspect arrested in '91 slaying
Authorities on Monday arrested a 30-year-old man in connection with a drug-related slaying committed 10 years ago. -- Victor Cordoba Andalon was arrested as he tried to cross into the United States at the Nogales port of entry about 5 p.m., said Deputy Nicole Feldt, a spokeswoman for the Pima County Sheriff's Department. -- A warrant for Andalon's arrest had been issued shortly after the body of Kenneth Francis Huemmer was found...

Arizona Daily Star
Illegal alien flood still vexes Cochise residents
Cochise County residents and elected representatives expressed frustration and anger during a meeting in Douglas with a panel of state legislators Tuesday on illegal immigration. -- And while U.S. Border Patrol Assistant Sector Chief Ed Pyeatt pointed to a 64 percent drop in arrests from the previous year, some residents called for more law enforcement and deployment of the National Guard...
San Francisco Chronicle
IDs open new doors to illegals
The line at San Francisco's Mexican Consulate spilled out the door yesterday and snaked all the way down the block. Hundreds of men and women, hands in pockets to ward off the rain and cold, patiently waited to be allowed inside. -- It's been like this for several weeks now, since word started spreading through the Mexican community in the Bay Area that the consulate is handing out identification cards, no questions asked. Most applicants want the ID to help them visit home for Christmas..

Detroit Free Press
As funding vanishes, so will border guards
Michigan National Guard troops will be forced to withdraw from their posts at international border crossings by midnight unless government officials can find the $8,100 a day needed to keep them there. -- Federal funding for the troops is set to expire today, but area officials were working Tuesday to find a fresh source of money from Washington. The cutbacks could dramatically delay traffic at the border between the United States and Canada.
FBI seeks 6 men carrying nuclear, pipeline details
As the nation again stands on high alert, the FBI is searching for six men stopped by police in the Midwest last weekend but released - even though they had photographs and descriptions of a nuclear power plant in Florida and the Trans- Alaska pipeline, a senior law- enforcement official said yesterday. -- An administration official said the urgent terrorism alert sounded Monday by John Ashcroft... -- [Reader calls for the removal of incompetent INS Commissioner.]

AZ Republic (Free Registration)
America's openness could undercut push to tighten borders
The White House initiative to tighten America's immigration policies is likely to hasten the use of sophisticated new technologies, prod wary agencies into sharing more intelligence and, ultimately, add security to the nation's porous borders. -- But even President Bush's sweeping proposals to track terrorist suspects will have limited impact as long as the U.S. remains a nation that is open...
Terror-state students welcome
Foreign nationals from countries that support terrorist activity will still be allowed to enter the U.S. with student and vocational visas under President Bush's plan to tighten immigration laws. -- Bush's proposal, outlined in more detail yesterday, calls for no changes in the existing visa policies other than to step up efforts to track foreign students to make sure they actually attend the schools they name on visa applications.

Orlando Sentinel
Who speaks for Hispanics?
The Hispanic community today is at an intriguing crossroads. There are more than 300,000 Hispanics in Central Florida, which is enough to make people sit up and take notice. But the community itself is like a giant bear in hibernation. -- Thousands of people come out in droves for festivals, such as Sunday's Festival Calle Orange in downtown Orlando. (Reader comment: Why don't they just try being Americans, and don't worry about their "Hispanic voice?")
Washington Post
Mexico Finds Drug Abuse Is Now Its Problem, Too
...Mexico used to think that people like Arellano were an American nightmare. By Mexico's reckoning, Americans were the ones using the drugs, and their insatiable demand was the reason that violent cartels -- which continue to conduct daily assassinations on the border -- existed here. Places like Tijuana, where people didn't even use drugs, were suffering because cokeheads from Malibu to Maine couldn't get enough, it was said. [Reader note]

The News - Mexico City
Mexico, U.S. gov'ts criticized on border issues
Washington -- Bureaucrats in Washington and Mexico City are too often disconnected from communities along the U.S.-Mexico border and are generally unwilling to implement risk management policies - such as intelligence sharing - that could catch terrorists and smugglers before they cross the border, a group of migration experts said Tuesday.
Mexico to penalize those with false travel documentation
Salvadoran officials announced yesterday that citizens should avoid traveling to the United States with false documentation as Mexico will penalize offenders. -- Lucas Aguilar, Salvadoran Consul in Tapachula, Chiapas, told reporters Mexican immigration officials will hand out fines of between one and five hundred dollars to those caught with false documentation.

AZ Republic (Free Registration)
Panel gets an earful at border
Bring in the Marines. Or at least take the Arizona National Guard out of airports and put them up against the border fence. -- Whatever military might it takes, angry residents want to stop the flow of illegal migrants through this formerly quaint, quiet border town now considered the premier crossing point along the U.S.-Mexican border. -- The state's first legislative immigration committee is on a three-day, three- city tour of border towns to get a firsthand account of just how bad the damage is.
The News - Mexico City
Mexican organizations complain about Afghan bombing
A diverse coalition of more than 20 non-governmental organizations on Tuesday launched an anti-war campaign against the U.S.-led bombings in Afghanistan and in protest of the Mexican government's support of the so-called "war against terrorism." -- "The bombings are an immoral act, they are an illegal act, and if our government listens to the Mexican people, it has to condemn it," said Father Concha, of the Fray Francisco de Vitoria Human Rights Center.

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