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Rotten B*st*rds
FAIR Report Nails the Southern Poverty Law Center
American Patrol Report -- September 12
    The Federation for American Immigration Reform has produced an excellent report on the Southern Poverty Law Center . It is required reading for all fair-minded people.
    The report includes the following:
Note to Journalists
Professional journalists are understandably wary about attempts to use them to attack opponents or otherwise disseminate misinformation. Because of the media's unique ability to reach so many people, the Society of Professional Journalists has established a Code of Ethics to protect members of the media from those sorts of abuse. Below are several principles that should be considered when journalists are confronted with allegations about FAIR.
1. Test the accuracy of the information --(each paragraph number is followed by a discussion of the topic heading.)
2. Diligently seek out subjects to respond to allegations
3. Always question sources' motives
4. Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting.
Applying the test
    We wonder if USA Today would have printed SPLC's claim that ABP "abused" migrants had it followed the Code of Ethics. The same applies to CNN's Paula Zahn when she reported that "he (Spencer) chases anyone who looks Mexican."

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