August 18, 2003

McClintock Would Send Prop. 187 Back to Courts
Popular California Statute May Become Law After All

Gray Davis kept Proposition 187
away from the U.S. Supreme Court.
McClintock Bares Knuckles on Terry Anderson Show
Glendale, Calif. - August 17 -- Partial transcript
McClintock: "In 1994 I was campaigning up and down this state for Proposition 187."
Anderson: "A smooth move."
McClintock: "I was running radio advertisements urging people to vote for Proposition 187 and as governor I am fully pledged to bring all of the powers of that office for the enforcement of our immigration laws, starting with getting Proposition 187 a fair day in court."
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Michelle Malkin - Fox News - August 18 -- "A lot of immigration grass roots reformers are holding their breath to see if Schwarzenegger is more than just a whim on this issue. We need somebody in California who articulates a very clear and detailed philosophy about where they stand on illegal immigration. And they've got to show differences with Cruz Bustamante who's an open borders poster boy."  Watch

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