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According to an AJC article on Jan. 15th, [2003], well-wishers gave a warm send-off to Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta) the night before he became the first Hispanic elected to the Georgia Senate. The new lawmaker emphasized his election was more about the Latino community than about himself.

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Re: Reconquista Sam Zamarripa

American Patrol UseSam Zamarripa is already throwing around the "R" word! Amazingly, he defeated a Black woman to represent a Senate district that is 63 percent Black. Apparently, anyone who resists his agenda is going to be called racist (presumably, even if they are black!)

*In a March 6, 2000 article by Atlanta Journal-Constitution business columnist Maria Saporta, Zamarripa is quoted as saying to Lyndon Wade, the retiring executive director of the Atlanta Urban League, "Your song may be, 'We shall overcome,'..."Our song is, 'We shall overwhelm.'".

"I don't know what will get done, but when we walk into the room it will change the conversation," said Zamarripa. "This is for the people who are not here --- the people working in the chicken factories, in textiles and in construction who still don't have driver's licenses."

Noteworthy Zamarripa financial supporters include Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial board member Jay Bookman and actress Jane Fonda. His Senate District 36 straddles downtown Atlanta on both sides of Interstates 20 and 85. It includes Atlanta's central business district, the historically black Atlanta University center, Turner Field, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. historic district, with no known poultry or textile plants.

If money talks, it's friends who may use illegal immigrants as cheap labor that Zamarripa primarily converses with. He and many of his largest financial supporters are partners in a Chamblee shopping center called Plaza del Sol. Sam will do well in Georgia politics. Partners keep his pockets full while he champions for desired yet downtrodden illegal laborers. Viva!!!

The Plaza del Sol Limited Partnership includes some of metro Atlanta's most prominent Latinos and a Korean-American among its members. Sam Zamarripa's partners are:

· Norberto Sanchez, president and chief executive of the Norsan Group, a company that includes restaurants and meat distribution enterprises. Hispanic Magazine listed Norsan as the sixth-largest Hispanic-owned company in Georgia.

· Chuck Schmandt, the architect of the project and its construction supervisor, has remodeled several shopping centers in metro Atlanta, including the Chamblee Commercial Center.

· Chang Bin Yim, owner of Dalton's Textile Rubber and Chemical Company. He owns several other businesses in Georgia and Asia. He moved to Dalton after a brief sojourn in Los Angeles. He bought the old iron works building that's the site of Plaza Del Sol.

· Salvador Diaz-Verson, chairman of the United Americas Bank and a former president and chief investment officer for AFLAC Inc, which was founded by his brother-in-law John B. Amos.

· Lou Sobh, chief executive officer Lou Sobh Automotive, a company that had $257 million in revenue last year.

· Eddie Martinez, an investor in the United Americas Bank. He owned a BMW dealership in Macon and currently lives in Florida. He moved from Cuba to Venezuela in the 1960s and to Macon in the 1990s. He also owns a cattle ranch in Venezuela.

· Victoria Chacon, publisher of "La Vision de Georgia," the first Spanish-language daily newspaper in the state.

· Jorge Forment, president, United Americas Bank.

· Rudy Beserra, vice president for Latin Affairs for Coca-Cola. He is a board member of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, (NALEO) and League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

· Rey Pascual, partner in the law firm of Kilpatrick Stockton. He was part of Gov. Roy Barnes' trade mission to Mexico. Pascual is a board member of the United Americas Bank.

· Roger Huggins, the contractor on the Plaza del Sol project. He is the president of the Georgia Branch of the Associated General Contractors.

(Partners Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution 07/17/02)

If you wish to carry on a conversation with Senator Sam Zamarripa about who he truly represents, he can be reached at (404) 877-0066 or (404) 463-8054 or szammri@legis.state.ga

Have conversations with your elected officials. Illegal immigration is an issue that will drown out our great American Nation soon if nothing is done. Demand that your elected officials protect and defend this Nation as they so swore to do.

Jimmy Herchek

(AmPat Posted 2/2/03)

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