Zamarripa (L) rants as fellow reconquista Pedro Marin (R) observes
Zamarripa Watch
Who Supports Sam Zamarripa, Reconquista Georgia State Senator?

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..and stay out!
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- April 5, 2006
Zamarripa to bow out of politics
State Sen. Sam Zamarripa, an Atlanta Democrat who became the first Hispanic elected to Georgia Senate in 2002, announced Wednesday that he will not seek re-election this year. -- Zamarripa said that he has decided to bow out of politics for the time being to focus his energy on spurring economic development...AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam Watch
Gwinnett Daily Post Editorial -- March 23, 2006
Advocates for illegals can't get story straight
The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds, especially Latino liberals. When the debate centered around driver's licenses for illegal aliens, I said illegal immigration is a problem best addressed by the federal government, and that states would not fix the problem by issuing licenses to illegals. I was told that the statement was a cop-out... AP Internal Use Only

Chip Rogers
Chip Rogers
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- March 22, 2006
House recasts bill on illegals
The state Legislature's most ambitious attempt to confront illegal immigration got a significant overhaul Tuesday as the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act lumbered through the lawmaking process en route to a final showdown later this week on the House floor. [SamZam does his usual shuck- and- jive over this bill.]AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam Watch
D.A. King -- The Dustin Inman Society -- February 11, 2006
Open letter about reconquista 'Sam-Zam' Zamarripa
...Citing section 1-4.3 of the Rules of the Georgia State Senate dealing with conflict of interest, I am hereby requesting that the senator from the 36th district, Sam Zamarripa, be prohibited from voting on any pending or future legislation regarding illegal immigration in the current legislative session...AP Internal Use Only

Arrogant Invader Tantrum
File Photo -- University of Georgia -- January 13, 2006
Hispanics march to protect education (for invaders)
...Organizers are calling the event "Sonemos Juntos," or "dream together," and said the primary purpose is to inform people about proposed legislation that could deny illegal immigrants public education. --- The event will culminate with numerous speakers at Athens City Hall, including state Sen. Sam Zamarripa, who will further discuss the controversial legislation.AP Internal Use Only

This Stinks
Sam Zam Watch
D. A. King -- -- December 30, 2005
Announcing The First Annual VDARE.COM Zamarripa Award
What do you call an American elected official who sits on the national board of MALDEF, and is founding partner of a bank that was making mortgage loans to illegal aliens before making mortgage loans to illegal aliens was cool? -- What would you call him if he agitated for his illegal alien bank customers from his elected position...AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- December 2, 2005
Reconquista nuisance 'Sam-Zam' up to no good again
Two Democratic state senators introduced immigration legislation on Thursday to counter a bill filed earlier this year by one of their Republican colleagues, setting up what is expected to be one of the biggest fights of the 2006 General Assembly. -- Sen. Tim Golden and Sen. Sam Zamarripa co-sponsored a bill...AP Internal Use Only

Rumor Mill
Rumor Mill
American Patrol -- November 30, 2005
Georgia reconquista is up to something
We have received information indicating that Georgia State Senator Sam Zamarripa will be introducing some sort of anti-invader legislation as early as tomorrow. This is certainly out of character for this guy. Stay tuned.AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam Watch
Gwinnett Daily Post -- November 20, 2005
Illegals on agenda for U.S., Georgia
..."We can't control the border, but we can do something to make sure Georgia is not a destination for illegal immigrants,'' said Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson. "We don't want to be a magnet.'' -- But Sen. Sam Zamarripa, [invasion profiteer/cheerleader and] one of three Hispanic members of the legislature, disagrees with the mindset...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D. A. King
Dustin Inman Society -- November 7, 2005
Zamarripa, cocunuts, racism and American heroes
While enduring a "Town Hall Meeting" Friday night that was staged - and I do mean staged - here in Cobb County by Georgia state senator Sam Zamarripa's propaganda machine ­ the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials [GALEO] - I couldn't help but think about a friend of ours in Idaho. -- I listened to a former Atlanta Mexican Consul General who continues to find ways to profit from the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D. A. King -- August 6, 2005
Latino media to the rescue...again!
Here in Georgiafornia our efforts at public education on the organized crime that advances our colonization have been ignored by the MSM once again. -- Late last month, we staged a second protest at Georgia State Senator [and national board member of MALDEF] $am Zammarpia's mortgage loans -to illegal aliens operation...AP Internal Use Only

Coming Up
July 23, 2005

The American Resistance -- Atlanta, Georgia
Rally at United Americas Bank

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam Watch
Atlanta Latino - 6/23/05  [See 'English' link in upper right corner]
'Sam Zam' involved in suspicious 'no habla' cable TV outlet
Georgia TeVe the new channel for Hispanic viewers isn't just a dream come true, but a smart investment intended to draw the general community and advertisers to Georgia's first local TV station for Latinos. -- Georgia TeVe will be aired 24 hours a day on Comcast's channel 150.AP Internal Use Only

Jimmy Herchek -- March 7, 2005
Georgians: Calls needed in support of HR-256
Pro-illegal state legislators [namely ethnic pimps Zamarripa and Marin] acting as the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO a big name for a 3 member organization) are trying to mount a public relations effort to influence Governor Sonny Perdue and Georgia state legislators to derail proposed laws to ban public services to illegal aliens... AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D.A. King -- March 5, 2005
Latino Media To The Rescue!
Thanks to the constantly almost-accurate bilingual newspaper here in Atlanta, Atlanta Latino, for its coverage of TAR's recent protest of a local bank that is making mortgage loans to illegal aliens. [Bank is scene of an anti-immigration protest/ Banco, escenario de protesta anti-inmigrante, By/Por Mario Guevara]...AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Latino  [See 'English' link in upper right corner] - 3/4/05
Bank is scene of an anti-[illegal] immigration protest
The anti-immigration [read: anti-unlawful invasion] onslaught, which is targeting Latinos in particular, is escalating in Georgia. -- One of Georgia's anti-[illegal] immigration organizations held a peaceful demonstration last Saturday outside Banco Unido, a local bank owned by a group of Hispanic investors [including ethnic pimp Sen. Sam Zamarripa]. AP Internal Use Only

Photo Album
The American Resistance Foundation -- February 26, 2005
Photos from today's rally at Sam Zamarippa's invader bank
Rally was held in Atlanta earlier today [click here for details] - [Find out about Zamarippa]

February 23, 2005
Protest Coming Up February 26, 2005 -- Atlanta, Georgia
The American Resistance Foundation [T.A.R.] and concerned American citizens will rally in front of the United Americas Bank, 3789 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, at 10:00 AM Saturday, 26 February 2005 [illegal alien aiding and abetting state senator Sam Zamarripa is deeply involved with this sleazy bank]. The rally is the first of an ongoing effort to draw public and media attention to the bank's practice of making mortgage loans...

D. A. King
D.A. King
February 10, 2005
Enforce the law to stem flow of illegal aliens

In Mexico, before a citizen is allowed to vote, he must present his federal voter ID - which also serves as the defacto national ID card there. To obtain that ID, he must prove his citizenship, with a certified birth certificate, and provide detailed proof of residence. -- On that card is the bearer's fingerprint, photograph and a tamper-proof holographic image...AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam Watch
Atlanta Latino  [See 'English' link in upper right corner] - 2/10/05
Nut-job Zamarripa off on another one of his pro-invader crusades
Anti-immigration [illegal immigration] sentiment is on the rise on the national level as well as the local level, said Democratic State Sen. Sam Zamarripa at last Monday's meeting of the Coordinating Council of Latino Community Leaders at the Interactive College of Technology in Chamblee. -- "We've lost the battle on the local level," said Zamarripa...AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D.A. King
Latino USA Sound File  RealAudio-RealVideo -- October 14, 2004
"Sam Zam", D.A. King chat on public radio
Latino USA's Maria Hinojosa speaks with Atlanta State Senator Sam Zamarripa, and D.A. King, a columnist and self-described 'immigration crime fighter' about Latino immigration in the American south. -- Make sure to watch 'CNN Presents' this coming Sunday for more.... click here for details. [This sound file is 6 minutes, 55 seconds long]

Georgia Miscreant
Sam Zam Watch -- August 27, 2004  
Reconquista Zamarripa chats about his nutty license bill
Listen to audio of remarks made to the Georgia senate by Georgia state state senator Sam Zamarripa on April 17, 2003: While withdrawing his amendment to SB 191 - an amendment that would have allowed illegal aliens to obtain a Georgia driver's license - state senator Zamarripa explained that illegal aliens were driving the trucks of his fellow state senators, and that he would continue to try to offer similar legislation. AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Creep
Sam Zam Watch
Atlanta Journal Constitution -- June 22, 2004
'Sam Zam', compadre Pedro Marin fined for ethics violations
The State Ethics Commission on Monday fined two lawmakers for violating campaign laws... -- In unanimous votes, the board fined state Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta) $3,000 for exceeding campaign donation limits and state Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth) $150 for failing to disclose his membership in an organization. -- The commission action came in response to complaints filed against the lawmakers by James Herchek of Lawrenceville...AP Internal Use Only

Woe Be Me!!!
Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner] -- June 3, 2004
Latinos fret Tom Price's run for U.S. Congress
Former Sen. Tom Price, who has a history of promoting efforts to limit services to undocumented residents and increase deportation, has launched his bid for U.S. Congress. And he's using immigration reform as a part of his platform. -- In early May he announced his endorsement by Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. [Sam Zam must have his undies in a bunch over this]AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Creep
Sam Zam Watch
Letter to GA State Sen. Sam Zamarripa -- April 5, 2004
Zamarripa is a dangerous anti-American menace
...Once again Mr. Zamarripa, you are the one who is anti-America and a danger to this country!  Take a good look in the mirror and see who is really destroying this nation!  We are losing jobs, our jails are overflowing, diseases are increasing, our schools are under funded and overcrowded,  our taxes grow higher, our highways are more and more congested, our border cities look like Tijuana...AP Internal Use Only

Propaganda Mill
SamZam Watch
American Patrol Feature Item -- April 4, 2004
Lying Reconquista Zamarripa Attacks American Patrol
Zamarripa: "What you have before you ­ I wanted to share this with you ­ is what is called the Zamarripa Watch. This is a site that is dedicated to following my activities here in the Senate and it has been here for more than a year. It is propagated by a group that originates, not in Georgia, but originates in Idaho. And the name of that group is the American Border Patrol. AP Internal Use Only

SamZam Watch
Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- March 24, 2004  [Unworthy of Posting on Home Page]
SamZam advocating for foreigners, scofflaws again... (as usual)
..."Immigrants are looking for connectivity," said state Rep. Sam Zamarripa, one of three Latinos in the state Legislature. "If you leave a country and you have love of that country, then clearly you want to see it aligned with the United States." Although pocketbook issues heavily influence choices, U.S. foreign policy, trade and immigration issues get more consideration among immigrant voters than they do in mainstream America. [This clown is unable to differentiate between immigrants and illegals. Pathetic.] AP Internal Use Only

D.A. King - - March 23, 2004
A Letter of Thanks from Georgia (Includes Zamarripa Rant Link)
...The folks at do a great job of posting articles pertaining to the ongoing invasion and colonization of our republic. We don't think that [Ga. Sen. Sam] Zamarippa approves of their gathering information concerning his actions here in Georgia. We hope that you will click on "Zamarippa Watch" to see just what the Senator is so upset about... AP Internal Use Only

The Zamarripa Two-Step of March 19, 2004
Sam Zamarripa's inaccurate, nonsensical tantrum can be viewed on the Georgia Public Television record here [CLICK HERE]. Find the March, 2004 calendar and click on 19. The shameless rant begins at 2:00 on the counter at the top of the Real Video frame. There is a slide to fast forward to 2:00 hours. The rant lasts about 7 minutes. 'Sam Zam' fails to explain why he thinks granting driver's licenses to invaders is a good idea, but instead seems more concerned about the fact that a group outside of Georgia, namely American Patrol, is tracking his every move. Giving illegals valid docs in any state is a threat to U.S. citizens in every state. 'Sam Zam' just doesn't get it.

News from the State of  Georgia
Jimmy Herchek -- March 18, 2004
Georgia Legislative Alert!
Just like last session when Sam Zamarripa tried to sneakily attach a driver' s licenses for illegals law as a hidden amendment to a bill, he's up to the same tricks this year as the Legislature faced a mountain of proposed legislation on its cross-over day yesterday...

D.A. King -- -- March 18, 2004
An Urgent Plea from 'Georgiafornia'! -- TODAY ONLY
Unless something is done in a different way here, soon, the difference between present day California and the state of Georgia where these words are being typed is only a matter of time. Some guess ten years. -- Others ignore the possibility, in fear of seeming "hurtful".... AP Internal Use Only

D. A. King
D.A. King -- March 14, 2004
A Note from Georgia
...State Representative Marin, state Senator Zamarippa and their willing accomplices know that the possession of a driver's license in today's America is custody of the "key to the kingdom". With that document, one can obtain all manner of privileges and benefits to which citizens and legal residents are entitled - including the right to purchase a gun, board an airplane, gain further access to American social services - and registering to vote... AP Internal Use Only

Fifth Column Activities
Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- 2/8/04
Georgia reconquistas push breeder docs for invaders... again
...Jerry González, executive director of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, asked Lunsford to support a resolution that [Sam] Zamarripa and [Pedro] Marin are writing for the president's proposed immigration policy. --- At a gathering to support the undocumented community's efforts to gain driver's licenses, Rep. Barbara Mobley announced that she is filing a new driver's license bill... AP Internal Use Only

Georgia Creep
Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- 10/27/03
Reconquista Senator demands 'dignity and respect' for lawbreakers
On Oct. 16 during the monthly Mexican American Business Chamber breakfast in Atlanta, Sen. Sam Zamarripa [shown at left] criticized the attitude of certain legislators and anti-immigrant groups that do not approve of granting driver's licenses to undocumented individuals [criminals]. --"The DL is nothing but a permit to drive," said Zamarripa [a blatant lie, something this apparently racist clown is used to]. AP Internal Use Only

No Licenses for Illegal Alien Criminals
Licenses Get People
Aboard Airplanes
Athens (Georgia) Banner-Herald -- September 28, 2003
Reconquista lawmakers fighting to reward invaders again
While driving to work one morning in 2001, an Athens woman [read: invader] was stopped by a police officer [and] soon found herself in jail. --And-- [T]he Athens-area Hispanic Concerns Committee last week held a public forum on the issue featuring state Sen. Sam Zamarripa and state Rep. Pedro Marin, both of whom have sponsored legislation to make it easier for undocumented immigrants [criminals] to obtain licenses. AP Internal Use Only

D A King
D.A. King
Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal -- July 31, 2003
A republic if we can keep it
...A quote from closer to home from Georgia state Sen. Sam Zamarippa in 2000: "Your song may be, 'We Shall Overcome.' Our song is 'We shall overwhelm.'" -- Zamarippa was explaining how the Hispanic lobby would handle resistance to Hispanic "influence" in our region. He advocates giving illegal aliens drivers' licenses "because they are here" and "they are going to drive anyway." So much for Mr. Franklin's nation of law, aye, Mr. Zamarippa? AP Internal Use Only

May 28, 2003
Benefits for unlawful intruders in Georgia

Georgia state Sen. Sam Zamarripa tries to convince MSNBC's Joe Scarborough that giving cheap tuition to hordes of foreign invaders is somehow a good thing. Show aired on May 28.

Access North Georgia  -- April 18, 2003
Invader license bill fails: Zamarripa snivels, blames Republicans
Atlanta - The state Senate reversed a bill Thursday that would allow driver's license privileges in Georgia for undocumented workers [criminals]. -- The bill had been a top priority of the state's rapidly growing Hispanic community and Georgia's first Hispanic senator. -- "Unless we treat the Hispanic community well, we cannot grow as a state,'' says Sen. Sam Zamarripa.  AP Internal Use Only

Jimmy Herchek -- Lawrenceville, Georgia  -- April 17, 2003
No Georgia driver's licenses for invaders.... at least for now
Instead of facing the disgrace of overwhelming defeat, Sam Zamarripa withdrew his amendment during floor debate tonight on House Bill 191. The proposal to grant driver's licenses to illegals is dead, at least for a while, in Georgia. -- Special thanks to American Patrol and all the great Americans who follow immigration matters at your site who made telephone calls and wrote messages to our Georgia Senators. They received an overwhelming response which could not be ignored. Thank You!!!

Gainesville (Georgia) Times Editorial  -- April 17, 2003 -- BILL TO BE RECONSIDERED TODAY  
Georgia shouldn't give legal driver's licenses to illegals
Not so fast, Sen. Zamarripa. -- You and the 36 other senators who voted with you Monday need to understand who is eligible to receive privileges granted to U.S. citizens and legal residents. -- Sen. Sam Zamarripa, D-Atlanta, resurrected a defeated bill that would allow illegal immigrants to become legal drivers and furtively inserted it into another one. The Senate approved the gussied-up bill 37-18, but it's not a victory yet.  AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution  -- April 16, 2003  
Senators seek review of Georgia bill on illegals' licenses
The Senate could reverse itself Thursday and deny driver's license privileges...for illegal immigrants. -- Republican state senators are planning to ask for reconsideration of a bill that passed Monday. That measure had been amended to include language that would grant driver's licenses to immigrants from the "free trade area of the Americas," the 33 Western Hemisphere nations negotiating a trade agreement. (Reconquista Sam) Zamarripa said the Republicans are preparing to act "against the Hispanic community in Georgia." (Just the criminals, Sam)  AP Internal Use Only

Access North Georgia  -- April 15, 2003  
Homeland Insecurity: Georgia senate approves licenses for foreign invaders
A measure that would allow undocumented workers [criminals] to obtain a state-issued driver's license passed the Georgia Senate on Monday. -- The legislation's sponsor and Georgia's first Hispanic senator, Sen. Sam Zamarripa, D-Atlanta, said there is an enormous population of immigrants [he means illegal aliens] living, working and driving in the state. The bill would ensure they are legally licensed, understand the rules of the road and carry auto insurance [a lie].   AP Internal Use Only

April 15, 2003  
Lobbying Against Illegal Alien Licenses in Georgia Needed

The Georgia Senate passed a bill with amendments by Democrat Sen. Sam Zamarripa which effectively resurrects House Bill 578 -- a proposal to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants from Latin America. (Unconstitutional, but why enforce the Constitution?) A vote to reconsider will be held Thursday, April 17th.....

Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner]  -- April 10, 2003  
Georgia house votes against driver's licenses for invaders
...While touring the state last week, Gov. Perdue told Atlanta Latino what he thought of [Rep. Pedro] Marín and Zamarripa's bill. -- "First of all I don't agree with the legislation being connected to the FTAA," he said. "I respect our Latin American neighbors and support bringing the FTAA to Atlanta." If residents are here legally, he said, they should be able to drive, but not if they are undocumented." [Call and ask the Governor not to sign any legislation which contains a provision to give licenses to illegals - 404-656-1776]   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- April 8, 2003  
More on defeat of Georgia illegal alien license bill
...Rep. Pedro Marin and Sen. Sam Zamarripa each have proposed bills that would grant restricted driving licenses to all people -- regardless of citizenship status -- from countries that are part of the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Atlanta is competing to land the headquarters of the Free Trade Area of the Americas [most likely unconstitutional]. -- Marin said he would ask the House today to reconsider its vote.   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- April 7, 2003  
Scofflaw driver's license bill comes up today
A proposal that would give many illegal immigrants in Georgia some driving privileges is scheduled to be debated in the Legislature today. --- Rep. Pedro Marin and Sen. Sam Zamarripa have each proposed bills that would grant restricted driver's licenses to all people -- regardless of citizenship status -- from countries participating in [an intrernational] trade pact... [This is not only absurd, but most likely unconstitutional]   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Latino [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- POLL ON PAGE -- April 3, 2003  
Invaders demand Georgia driver's licenses
...It is immigrants like Eduardo Vásquez [he's not an 'immigrant'] who would benefit from a bill proposed by state Sen. Sam Zamarripa, jointly filed in the House by his colleague, Rep. Pedro Marín. The bill, titled the Economic Development and Public Safety Act, looks at the economic impact of undocumented immigrants [criminals], who provide the labor for much of the state's construction industry [illegals are prohibited by law from working in the U.S.]..... [The September 11 killers also had licenses] [Remember this poll?]   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Latino  [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- March 28, 2003  
Georgia illegal alien driver's licenses and arrogant Zamarripa
(Scroll down) -- Tuesday, Rep. Pedro Marin's driver's license bill, House Bill 278, overcame its first hurdle and moved closer to a possible vote. --- Sen. Sam Zamarripa commented on the proposals. -- "We won't accept the restricted driver's license," he said. "But we can accept it as a foundation."   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Latino Editorial  [Click on 'English' link in upper right corner of page] -- March 27, 2003  
'Law abiding' foreign invaders demand privileges, 'dignity'
...Georgians love hiring Latinos -- documented or not. It's no secret that many employers seek them out, regardless of their immigration status [it is illegal to hire invaders]. -- But as much as Georgians praise Latino workers, many bristle at the idea of giving them a license to drive to work [illegals are prohibited from working in the U.S.] . A driver's license, many say, is the "key to the kingdom." It is used in this country to prove identity in many common activities: boarding planes, opening a bank account, even voting....   AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - March 23, 2003  
Latinos say state rep. isn't pro-invader enough -- Zamarripa whines
...The Hispanic media, in editorials and articles, has blasted [freshman state representative David] Casas for not being pro-Latino enough. The Lilburn Republican has drawn the ire of some who say he's on the wrong side of the issues. Especially where it concerns undocumented workers [criminals]. -- Casas doesn't support granting Georgia driver's licenses to undocumented workers. He also doesn't want the children of those immigrants to receive HOPE college scholarships. -- Sen. Zamarripa has been highly critical of what they call Casas's lack of a "Latino agenda." --- "Do we have to throw David Casas' mom in jail before he'll stand up?"  AP Internal Use Only

Watch - AP Posted March 12, 2003 
Scofflaw driver's license advocates unite
Atlanta -- Sen. Sam Zamarripa's driver's license bill was read on the Senate floor, and Rep. Pedro Marín's identical bill was read on the House floor. Known as The Economic Development and Public Safety Act, the bill is not just about driver's licenses. -- The bill ties the issue to the state's economic interest in trying to win the Secretariat of the Free Trade Area of the Americas.  AP Internal Use Only

Watch -- AP Posted February 23, 2003 
Driver's License Confusion
The House and Senate have each added another driver's license bill, bringing the total number of bills on the issue to seven. -- "There is a lot of confusion," said Sen. Sam Zamarripa. "And I'm going to add to that confusion, but mine is going to be the lightning-rod bill." -- He said Rep. Pedro Marín will file a duplicate bill in the House this week that grants licenses to documented and undocumented residents.

Letter to
the Editor
Gwinnett Daily Post (Published) -- February 19, 2003 
Sam Zamarripa as hero a bad choice for GDP
...If you do your homework, you will find that not even three years ago in 2000, [Sam] Zamarippa declared to retiring executive director of the Atlanta Urban League, "Your song may be, 'We shall overcome,'... "Our song is, 'We shall overwhelm.'" Overwhelm is exactly what Mexico is doing to the United States in a calculated, concentrated manner while Americans work and live asleep at the wheel.  AP Internal Use Only

Gwinnett Daily Post (Georgia) -- February 11, 2003 
Politician, lawmaker spar over Mexican Center's ties
A politician is calling for the resignation of state Rep. Pedro Marin, one of the state's first Hispanic lawmakers, because Marin works for a nonprofit. -- Jimmy Herchek issued a press release Monday calling state Rep. Pedro Marin, an agent of the Mexican government. -- Herchek's accusation stemmed from Marin's sponsorship of a bill which, if passed, would grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants who have obtained a Matricula Consular. -- Marin said he is working with Sen. Sam Zamarripa, a fellow Latino lawmaker, on another version of that bill...  AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- February 7, 2003 
Georgia legal visitor driver's license glitch is solved
The state Department of Motor Vehicle Safety will begin later this month granting driver's licenses to visa holders caught in a bureaucratic tangle since the beginning of the year. -- The Legislature passed a law last year requiring Georgia residents to present a Social Security number when applying for a driver's license. The law was designed to track parents who owed back child support payments. -- [This hopefully torpedoes Sam Zamarripa's proposed legislation that perhaps would benefit illegals]  AP Internal Use Only

Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- February 3, 2003 
Legal immigrant drivers stalled without SS card
While public debate simmers over driver's licenses for illegal immigrants, some legal immigrants in Georgia are quietly losing driving privileges. -- State lawmakers passed a law last year requiring as of Jan. 1 a Social Security number for anyone to apply for a Georgia driver's license. --- Sen. Sam Zamarripa (D-Atlanta) said Friday he will introduce a bill that would recognize driver's licenses from other nations as a valid form of identification when applying for a Georgia license. [How does this assure that the driver knows U.S. driving rules? How long would it take for the corrupt Mexican Government to start selling licenses to illegals at their numerous consulates?]  AP Internal Use Only

We Get
February 2, 2003 
Re: Georgia gets it's own invader-cheerleading legislator
Sam Zamarripa is already throwing around the "R" word! Amazingly, he defeated a Black woman to represent a Senate district that is 63 percent Black. Apparently, anyone who resists his agenda is going to be called racist (presumably, even if they are black!)

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