Mexican Sham ID FAQ
...also applies to similar bogus IDs issued by Guatemala, etc.
Only criminals need these ridiculous, unverifiable cards.

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Red Dot Citizens protesting sham Mexican ID acceptance attacked in
Anaheim on December 8, 2001, cops sit idly by and do nothing.

Do You Remember September 11, 2001?
Believe it or Not.......
Red DotPennsylvania, Delaware, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah and New Mexico accept the phony Mexican identification card for the issuance of driver's licenses. ( - 6/17/03) AP Internal Use Only
Red DotAlso, according to FAIR , 13 states currently allow illegal aliens to obtain driver's licenses: Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and West Virginia (North Carolina stopped issuing licenses to illegals in 2006). AP Internal Use Only
Red DotStatement of Marti Dinerstein - Fellow, Center for Immigration Studies
The Issuance, Acceptance and Reliability Of Consular Identification Cards
Testimony prepared for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims -- June 19, 2003
Red DotHR1950 House Vote Roll Call (to restrict sham ID acceptance) (July 15, 2003)AP Internal Use Only 
Red DotFBI criticizes ridiculous Mexican sham ID cards (June 26, 2003)AP Internal Use Only 
Red DotThe Matricular Consular Card: A Step on the Slippery Slope to Merger with Mexico (Diana Hull, Ph.D.)
Red DotCAIR members ask for investigation into use of bogus Mexican IDs (December, 2002)
Red DotInfo on the unverifiable sham ID from the corrupt Mexican government.
Red DotNote: It's easy enough for anyone to go out and buy forged identity documents on the street and use those docs to get a sham ID from the corrupt Mexican government. They never check the validity of the documents presented, so we hear.
Red DotFAIR: The Mexican Matricula Consular Should Not Be Accepted for Official Purposes
Red DotFederal authorities warn that Mexican sham IDs are not reliable (Denver Post, October 10, 2002)
Red DotAbout so-called 'high security' sham IDs, which supposedly feature a digital photograph, holographic letters and a magnetic band with machine-readable data.
Red DotMexican ID cards? More like Mexican cop killer cards
Red DotAiding and abetting illegal aliens is a crime
Red DotRep. Tom Tancredo on these sham ID cards: 'We have two sets of immigration laws; one established by the federal government, and one established by the banks.'  (Peter Boyles Show, KHOW, Denver - December 30, 2002) -- Tancredo, like many other Americans, wants acceptance of these phony cards stopped.
Red DotBorder Patrol: Matricula Card Worthless as ID, Could Benefit Terrorists, Criminals  AP Internal Use Only

Q. Why should I get a Mexican ID?
A. Criminal Friendly Cities like Los Angeles that recognize the ID, will make life easier for you if you carry the ID.

MexiSHAM ID Card

 Sham Mexican ID card.

Spoof sham ID found on the internet

Q. What are the advantages of having a Mexican ID?
A. A Mexican ID can be used in lieu of a driver's license to access a wide range of public services in the City and County of Los Angeles.

Q. Do I have to be a Mexican to get a Mexican ID?
A. No, you only have to present a forged Mexican Birth Certificate to the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.

Q. What if I am an Anglo Criminal. Can I still get a Mexican ID?
A. Technically, yes. But unlike our local authorities, the Mexican Government profiles. The Consulate might get suspicious if you have blond hair and blue eyes.

Q. Many Mexicans like myself were born in a small village where most of the newborn didn't even obtain birth certificates.
A. Not to worry. Use a forged birth certificate which you can obtain for $25.00 on Alvarado Blvd in the Mac Arthur Park section of L.A. The Mexican Consulate does not verify the information on the birth certificate. But even if they did, they are no better at verifying birth certificates than the L.A. City Council.

Q. What if I get stopped for going through a red light. Will I be deported?
A. No. Upon presenting your Mexican ID, the LAPD officer who stops you, will know that you are illegally in the country, otherwise you wouldn't need the Mexican ID in the first place. Deporting you would defeat the purpose of the ID. You will only get a ticket.

Q. Will I have to pay the ticket?
A. No. You won't have to pay the ticket because it will be too much trouble to track you down. But to be on the safe side, you should have several false Mexican IDs to show on different occasions to confuse your identity. None of your IDs should have the correct address or contact information. LAPD officers will not be able to do a "make" on you to verify any information you give them. Remember, once an LAPD officer gives you a ticket, he's done and you are on your way.

Q. What if I am a fugitive and get stopped for going through a red light in a car that I just stole. Will I go to jail?
A. No. When you present your Mexican ID to the LAPD officer, he will have no way of knowing that you are a serial killer or that you just stole the car you were stopped in. The worst that will happen is that the car you just stole will be impounded and the officer will tell you that you will have to walk home. But you won't have to walk home if you steal another car.

Q. If I am an American Citizen or legal resident who has a valid ID such as a driver's license, is there an advantage to also obtaining a Mexican ID?
A. Yes. There is a big advantage for criminals to use a Mexican ID instead of a valid California driver's license. If you are stopped by an LAPD officer for an infraction, he won't know that you are a criminal if you show a Mexican ID. That's why it is a good idea to leave your California driver's license home.

Q. Why would the Mexican Consulate issue a Mexican ID if I already have a valid California ID?
A. The Mexican government recognizes dual citizenship. If you or your mother are from Mexico, they will be happy to provide you with a supplemental Mexican ID. But just to stay on the safe side, don't tell them that you are an American Citizen or Legal Resident.

Q. What happens if the Mexican Consulate figures out that I am trying to obtain a Mexican ID with a false birth certificate?
A. Nothing. But they won't let you have the ID.

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Latest News on Sham Foreign ID cards
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Chad Groening -- One News Now -- May 11, 2012
Sham Mexican ID cards OK'd by Oregon governor   
An immigration reform activist says it's outrageous that the governor of Oregon has authorized the police to accept Mexican government-issued ID cards as valid in the state. -- Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber has announced in a letter that state police officers will accept the Matricula Consular, or "Consular Registration", cards in lieu of a valid driver's license to verify people's identities...

Rick Oltman of The Immigration Tea Party -- The Examiner -- October 25, 2011  
Sonoma County recognizes bogus Mexican ID cards   
Sonoma County California just added to its status as a Sanctuary County. To reduce their "immigration related duties" the Sonoma Co. Sheriff's Department and the Santa Rosa Police will join other law enforcement agencies in the county and the state in accepting the bogus Mexican ID card, the Matricula Consular... [More from Rick Oltman]

Santa Rosa (Calif.) Press Democrat -- October 23, 2011   
Sonoma County set to accept sham Mexican IDs   
Local law enforcement officials are expected to announce today a countywide policy of accepting Mexican consular ID cards as a valid form of identification. -- Such a move would could keep some illegal [aliens] from landing in jail, where they most likely would be flagged by federal immigration officials. Police officers in California have the authority to arrest drivers who cannot provide valid identification...

Fox News -- June 1, 2011   
Illegals fret as Arizona rejects bogus Matricula Consular IDs   
Arizona will no longer recognize photo-ID cards issued by foreign consulates beginning July 20. The state legislature passed the bill as part of a package of illegal-immigration measures. -- Although some failed to win support, the photo-ID card bill did pass and is about to become law...

Associated Press -- May 21, 2011   
ACLU asks court to block Indiana immigration law   
Indianapolis --The ACLU of Indiana is attempting to block a new law aimed at cracking down on illegal [aliens]. -- The ACLU filed Wednesday in in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis seeking to block the state's new E-Verify law. It would expand the reasons police can arrest [illegal aliens] and make the use of identification cards issued by foreign consulates illegal...

KMSB-TV -- Tucson -- April 19, 2011    
Arizona House OKs bill on sham consular cards    
Phoenix -- A bill approved by the Arizona House would prohibit state officials from accepting consular identification cards issued by any foreign government as a valid form of identification. -- The measure passed 31-29, with one lawmaker not voting. -- Those that oppose the bill say though the measure has nothing to do with a person's immigration status...

Associated Press -- March 29, 2011     
North Carolina House votes to ban sham Mexican ID acceptance   
An identification card issued by the Mexican consulate would no longer be considered acceptable ID to prove residency in North Carolina to get government services in legislation tentatively approved in the House. -- The measure given initial approval Tuesday brought passionate arguments over illegal immigration and the growing Hispanic population in the state's workforce...

Charlotte (NC) Observer -- March 23, 2011    
State House panel OKs restricting Mexican sham ID use  
Raleigh -- Photo identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate would no longer be considered valid ID to prove North Carolina residency for state services in legislation going to the House floor. -- A judiciary committee agreed Wednesday to remove those cards from a list of documents that can be used to establish residency to get a driver's license...

WXII-TV -- March 16, 2011     
Legislator wants use of sham Mexican ID cards stopped
A North Carolina legislator wants state and local governments to stop using identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate as a valid ID, saying the trustworthiness of the cards is questionable. -- A House judiciary subcommittee debated Wednesday but did not vote on a measure to remove those cards from a list of reliable documents to establish residency to get a driver's license...

Daily Northwestern -- Evanston, Ind. -- January 31, 2011     
Outrageous!: Evanston helps illegal aliens get sham Mexican IDs   
In partnership with the city of Evanston, a mobile unit of the Chicago Mexican Consulate set up shop in the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Ave., from Thursday to Saturday to provide members of the local Mexican [illegal alien] community with a form of identification... [See Mickey Mouse Mexican IDs]

NBC17-TV -- Raleigh, NC -- November 16, 2010     
Absurd!: Durham approves resolution to recognize sham Mexican IDs   
Durham City leaders entered the national debate on immigration by officially recognizing a form of identification currently issued by the Mexican consulate to Mexican nationals living in the U.S. -- The city council voted Tuesday on a resolution prompted by the Bill of Rights Defense Committee to allow Matricula Consular card holders to present it as a valid proof of identification within the city... [Related item]

Lincoln Tribune -- Lincolnton, NC -- November 13, 2010    
Durham: A haven for illegal aliens   
The city of Durham is set to take action that would give illegal [aliens] a free pass when required to identity themselves to government officials. While the rest of the country rightfully is concerned about identity fraud and making sure illegal [aliens] don't receive improper benefits, Durham wants to go in the opposite direction...

Michael Cutler -- News Blaze -- November 12, 2010     
Mexican sham ID a perfect breeder doc for establishing a false identity?   
I was just sent the news report that was posted online recently by the ABC-affiliated station in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, WTVD. -- The news report discusses the debate now being conducted by the Durham City Council as to whether or not to allow the Matricula Consular cards issued by the government of Mexico...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- November 12, 2010    
North Carolina town now plans to accept bogus Mexican IDs   
If the Durham, North Carolina city council follows through with their plan to accept the controversial Mexican Matricula Consular cards as a legal form of identification. The government of Mexico through its consulates, distributes the cards throughout the United States, mostly to those living in the country illegally...

WTVD-TV -- Raleigh-Durham, NC -- November 11, 2010     
Plan to accept bogus Mexican ID cards draws fire   
Durham, NC -- Durham's city council is getting an earful over a controversial plan to allow Mexican immigrants to use a special Mexican ID card for Mexican citizens living outside Mexico. -- If approved, Durham would be the first city in the country to accept the Matricula Consular. It's an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices...

The Durham (NC) News -- November 6, 2010     
Durham considers accepting bogus Matricula cards as valid ID    
Is an official Mexican ID official enough for Durham? The City Council will decide Nov. 15. -- Members sounded ready to approve the Matricula Consular as a valid ID at a Thursday work session, but the council deferred formal action until its next regular meeting at the request of Councilman Howard Clement...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- September 26, 2010    
Beware North Carolina... Mexico is sending illegal alien drivers your way   
On Saturday, the staff of the Mexican Consulate in Raleigh came to Charlotte's Concord High School to sign up thousands of Mexican nationals for Matricula Consular cards and passports. -- While Mexican officials made the ridiculous claim that they are distributing the documents so that the illegal aliens can safely return home...

Dave Gibson -- The Examiner -- June 7, 2010     
Bush is responsible for spread of fake Mexican IDs   
The recent announcement by the Mexican government to distribute their Matricular Consular cards to Mexican nationals in this country illegally, from an office on California's Catalina island has brought an angry response from citizens and legislators alike. -- Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) told Washington Times' reporter Sara Carter...

California Catholic Daily -- June 7, 2010     
"Cut the hypocrisy"   
U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher lashed out at the Catholic Church last week after confronting a diplomat from Mexico at St. Catherine of Alexandria parish in Avalon on Catalina Island. Rohrabacher was upset by the position taken by several California prelates on the problem of illegal immigration, telling the Torrance Daily Breeze that foreign governments and organizations like the Church...

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher -- The Hill -- Washington -- June 4, 2010     
Mexican overreach in Calif. highlights an unsustainable approach to immigration 
Since the signing of the tough new immigration enforcement law in Arizona, which I support, the issue of illegal immigration has once again jettisoned to the forefront of national political discussion. The Obama administration's reaction to Arizona's efforts to get an untenable situation under control, has been disappointingly predictable... [See Meddling Mexicans]

Sara A. Carter -- Washington Examiner -- June 4, 2010     
Mexican plan to distribute sham IDs to illegals in California draws fire   
Mexican officials and a California congressman engaged in a verbal battle Thursday over whether it was appropriate for Mexico to set up a consular office on Catalina Island to issue ID cards to illegal [aliens.... criminals]. -- Ricardo Alday [Mexican Gov't. spokeshole] denied that issuing the "matricular" cards to [illegal aliens] in California... posed a security risk to the United States...

Los Angeles Times -- June 4, 2010    
Rohrabacher flies to Avalon, slams Mexican consulate for aiding illegals   
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach) flew by helicopter to Santa Catalina Island on Thursday to personally condemn an effort by the Mexican consulate to offer identification cards to [illegal aliens.... criminals] there. -- Rohrabacher began his visit with a private, 90-minute breakfast meeting attended by Santa Catalina Island Co. officials...

Sara A. Carter -- Washington Examiner -- June 3, 2010     
Outrageous!: Mexico opens California office to provide ID for illegals   
The Mexican government is opening a satellite consular office on Catalina Island -- a small resort off the California coast with a history of drug smuggling and human trafficking -- to provide the island's illegal Mexican [aliens.... criminals] with [sham] identification cards, The Washington Examiner has learned...

American Patrol Report -- May 29, 2010    
The sham Mexican ID card and Arizona's immigration law  
See attached flyers [One / Two]. These Spanish language flyers are being distributed by the Mexican consulate offices in Arizona.-- It is amusing that it lists the Matricula Consular card as important ID to carry with you. That card is given to ANY Mexican citizen regardless of immigration status, legal or illegal. Since a legal Mexican immigrant has a Resident Alien ID card (green card) and does not need the Matricula Consular card, Arizona police know that if someone has ONLY that card and no other ID, they are 99% likely to be illegal.

National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers -- July 8, 2009        
Today's NAFBPO update from south of the border   
The Mexican consulate in Chicago issues the most immigrant documents of all Mexican consulates worldwide. According to a press release by the consulate, 101,469 documents were issued in the first half of 2009, of which 50,552 were passports and 42,092 were "matriculas consulares"...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- June 14, 2009     
'Mickey Mouse' sham Mexican IDs present problems   
A recent legal review concluded a Mexican identification card issued to more than 231,000 people in the Valley fails to meet Arizona traffic law, leaving some immigrant motorists arrested during routine stops. -- Drivers who solely present the Mexican matricula consular card in lieu of a driver's license...

Arizona Republic -- Phoenix -- June 5, 2009     
Arizona cops may stop accepting Mickey Mouse Mexican IDs   
A recent legal review revealed a Mexican identification card issued to more than 231,000 people in the Valley fails to meet Arizona traffic law, leaving some [illegal alien.... criminal] motorists subject to arrest during routine stops. -- While the Mexican government billed the matricula consular card as a secure document for U.S. transplants, police agencies said the card is invalid...

Californians for Population Stabilization -- March 4, 2009       
Lawmaker wants notaries to accept sham Mexican IDs  
State Senator Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, and Assemblyman Juan Arambula, D-Fresno, have introduced legislation that would allow notaries in California to accept Matricula Consular cards as valid identification.... 

Orange County Register -- Santa Ana, Calif. -- March 3, 2009  
Lawmaker wants notaries to accept 'Mickey Mouse' Mexican IDs   
Mexican citizens living in California could use a controversial identification card issued by the Mexican government for business transactions under legislation introduced by Orange County State Sen. Lou Correa. -- The Santa Ana Democrat's proposal, Senate Bill 461, would allow notaries in California to accept Matricula Consular cards as valid identification... -- February 15, 2009  
Fed-up teller quits bank over sham Mexican IDs   
A personal banker in Arlington, Va., is quitting his job after Chevy Chase Bank, one of the largest and best-known banks in the Washington, D.C., region, announced it will begin accepting consular cards from customers who many suspect are illegal aliens...

Victorville (Calif.) Daily Press -- January 6, 2008   
Schwarzenegger "bank" scheme sparks controversy   
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is launching a campaign to help Californians without checking or savings accounts, but it allows use of controversial Mexican Matricula cards, which according to the FBI, have facilitated illegal immigration...

Californians for Population Stabilization -- January 5, 2008     
Sham Mexican ID alert!   
Schwarzenegger's "Bank on California" program to accept Matricula Consular ID cards from illegal aliens. -- Governor Schwarzenegger has launched a program called "Bank on California" to open bank accounts for low-income people, but it also allows usage of the consular ID cards...

Asbury Park (New Jersey) Press -- November 9, 2008   
Mexican Consulate helps invading job thieves in Lakewood   
Several hundred Mexican immigrants turned out at Christ United Methodist Church today to get new or renewed passports and consular identification cards, called matricula consular, from consulate officials who came here from New York City. ~Visit

The Oklahoman -- October 26, 2008 
Mexican government doles out 'Mickey Mouse' sham IDs in Oklahoma   
...Andres Chao, Mexican consul in Little Rock, said many local Hispanic immigrants have trouble getting state-issued IDs, because they do not have their birth certificates or other documents. -- Matriculas, while not recognized as official IDs by the state, are useful for opening bank accounts and proving identity, he said. ~Visit

KCSG-TV -- St. George, Utah -- August 17, 2008  
Mexicans dole out sham IDs to illegals in St. George   
Hundreds of Mexicans living in the area were given the chance to get some very important documentation Saturday. For some, its an opportunity they've waited years for. -- Two dozen consulate workers and volunteers helped over 400 people Saturday obtain passports, Mexican ID cards, and other important paperwork... ~Visit

Bye bye Jose!
Lafayette (Louisiana) Advertiser -- November 16, 2007
Permit to issue sham Mexican ID cards revoked
The Mexican Consulate's trip to Lafayette this weekend to issue a controversial identification card to Mexican nationals may not happen because local officials have revoked the consulate's permit to operate in a Lafayette government facility. -- City Parish-President Joey Durel along with U.S. Senator David Vitter...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente -- March 1, 2007
Bank of America just tip of iceberg
Dozens of major United States banking institutions led by Bank of America are implementing a nationwide amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants by accepting as valid identification Mexico's matricula consular cards, which are just a "laminated piece of paper," critics of the plan have charged.AP Internal Use Only

Bye bye Jose!
Fort Worth Star-Telegram -- October 6, 2006
Use of Mickey Mouse Mexican ID for licenses unlikely
San Antonio -- Law enforcement officials told Hispanic state legislators Thursday that a new federal law will probably dash efforts to make a Mexican ID card acceptable for a Texas driver's license application. -- In recent years, the legislators tried unsuccessfully to pass bills that would make matricular cards issued by Mexican consulates...AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
WIFR -- Freeport, Illinois -- September 22, 2006
Mobile Mexican invasion station coming to Belvidere
A traveling Mexican consulate is in Belvidere this weekend. The workers give a state recognized form of documentation to Mexican citizens who live in the stateline. It doesn't matter how they got here, they just have to prove they're Mexican and live in Illinois. -- "A lot of people out here they need the Matricula..." AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Ventura County Star -- September 12, 2006
Invaders use sham Mexican IDs to "gain stability"
Moments after Jorge Perez Lopez stepped out of Oxnard's Mexican Consulate with his freshly minted matricula identification card, he plopped it down at a Bank of America booth set up outside the building and got an account and a stack of new checks. -- Lopez was also planning to use his card to get a cell phone...AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
Orlando Sentinel -- September 3, 2006
Need a Mickey Mouse Mexican ID? Get in line.....
In growing numbers, [illegal aliens... criminals] from Central and North Florida line up outside the Orlando office of the Mexican Consulate in the middle of the night, hoping for a shot at getting the IDs they need to cash paychecks [invaders are prohibited by law from working in the U.S.], rent an apartment or get insurance...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Pahrump Valley (Nevada) Times -- August 17, 2006
Wells Fargo targeted by Pahrump Minutemen
The Pahrump contingent of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps plans to stage a protest rally Friday at the Wells Fargo branch bank at the corner of Highway 160 and Wilson Road. -- The reason for picking on Wells Fargo is because of the bank's policy of accepting consular registry cards...AP Internal Use Only

Laughable Mexican ID
Associated Press
Corrupt Mexican gov't doles out sham IDs in public school
Fairfield, Vt. -- Mexico's government helped several dozen of its citizens who working at dairy farms in Franklin County get documents they need to identify themselves while they're in the United States. -- Officials from Mexico's consulate in Boston spent several hours in the gymnasium of the Fairfield center School...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Richmond Times-Dispatch -- July 30, 2006
Mexicans dole out unreliable Mickey Mouse IDs in Virginia
The Mexican Consulate has set up shop this weekend in South Richmond, where it is expecting to issue about 600 documents. -- One of the documents being issued to Mexican nationals who stop by the temporary office at Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church is the controversial consular identification, or matricula consular...AP Internal Use Only

Osama bin Lopez
Belville (Illinois) News-Democrat -- July 17, 2006
Invaders line up for bogus Mexican IDs
Fairmont City, Ill. -- The need for a photo identification card drove hundreds of Mexican nationals [illegal aliens... criminals] to appear at the Holy Rosary School Gym Saturday. -- The Mexican Consulate of Indianapolis visited Saturday to hand out an estimated 600 passports and [worthless] matricula consular identification cards.

Pandering Presidente
Sarasota Herald-Tribune -- July 16, 2006
Mexicans dole out Mickey Mouse IDs in Florida
Bradenton, Fla. -- Gabriela Ruiz came to Bradenton with her sister and parents Friday night to make sure they snared a good spot in line. By dawn on Saturday, the crowd had swelled, and tempers flared. -- More than a thousand [illegal aliens... criminals] lined up for a chance to get an identification card from the Mexican Consulate. AP Internal Use Only

George Bush
San Francisco Sentinel -- June 28, 2006
Supervisors approve Matricula Consular Resolution
The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously approved this afternoon the Matricula Consular Resolution introduced by Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval and co-sponsored by Supervisors Mirkarimi, McGoldrick, Daly and Peskins. -- The Matricula Consular Resolutions urges California Congressional Delegation...AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Associated Press -- May 24, 2006
Hundreds of invaders hit consulate for Mickey Mouse IDs
East Chicago, Ind. -- A temporary consulate distributed hundreds of new passports and identification cards to mostly [illegal alien... criminal] Mexicans, allowing then to obtain official papers ­ even if issued by a foreign government. -- Mexico's Chicago Consulate established the temporary consulate over three days last week...AP Internal Use Only

George Bush
Torrance Daily Breeze -- May 14, 2006
The magic card (Mexico's fraud-ridden ID)
Each weekend Pablo, a stolid, second-generation Mexican immigrant, stands near the colorful southeastern corner of Los Angeles' MacArthur Park whispering "IDs" at pedestrians as they saunter past. --- His hottest seller is fraudulent copies of the matricula consular, a simple picture ID issued by Mexican embassies to citizens outside Mexico.AP Internal Use Only

Pandering Presidente
Bryan-College Station (Texas) Eagle - May 7, 2006
Mexican gov't doles out hundreds of bogus IDs
Hundreds of people line up and fill out applications for matricula consular cards at Santa Teresa Church in Bryan on Saturday. -- The Mexican identification card is an official photo I.D. recognized by local police as a valid form of identification and is also accepted by many banks...AP Internal Use Only

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